Building Site Accident Claims – A Guide To Claiming Compensation

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 14th October 2021. Welcome to our guide on building site accident compensation which shows you how to make building site accident claims.

There are many different types of accidents that can happen on a building site. This includes falling from a height and slips, trips and falls, as well as machinery-related injuries and accidents due to insufficient training. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about such claims.

No matter what has happened, if you have been involved in an accident on a building site in London or anywhere else in the UK and it was not your fault, we can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

At Accident Claims UK, we have helped many people to get the construction/building site accident compensation they deserve for a breach of duty of care that led to a construction site injury. Will you be next?

You can reach us any hour of the day, any day of the week, on 0800 073 8801. But first, read on to discover everything you need to know about No Win No Fee building accident claims, as you may find the information you are looking for!

Building site accident compensation claims

Accident on a building site

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  1. A guide to claiming for an injury or accident on a building site?
  2. Construction industry injury and safety statistics
  3. Who is liable for safety on a building or construction site?
  4. What steps should you take after an injury on a building site?
  5. Claims for accidents at work on a building site
  6. Accident and injuries on a building site as a member of the public
  7. Common accidents and injuries on building sites
  8. How to start your personal injury claim?
  9. Building site compensation calculator – Updated October 2021
  10. Building and construction injury case studies
  11. No win no fee claims for accidents or injuries on a building site
  12. Why use Accident Claims UK to make a personal injury claim?
  13. Contact us today to start your building site accident claims
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A guide to claiming for an injury or accident on a building site

There is no denying that building sites are one of the more dangerous working environments. This does not mean that you simply need to accept that your health and safety are at risk when stepping onto a construction site.

Nowadays, there are a number of different rules and regulations that are in place to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. This does not only relate to the legislation that is in place for workplaces on a whole, but there are specific laws for the constructions sector in particular.

If your employer has broken these rules, you could be able to make a claim for building site accident compensation. After all, all employers – irrespective of the industry they operate in – have a legal responsibility to provide a place that is safe and healthy for all of their workers. Failure to do this should rightly result in compensation.

With that in mind, in this guide you will find all of the information you need should you wish to make a claim for a building site injury you have sustained. This includes some interesting statistics, for example, the construction industry accident frequency rate, as well as useful advice on how to go about making such a claim such as what evidence to support your claim you’d need, and how to find personal injury solicitors to help you.

You will also be able to find out the typical payout amount for these fights, the steps you need to take following building site and construction site accidents at work, and much more.

Construction industry injury and safety statistics

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics on construction fatalities between 2019-2020 sourced through RIDDOR, 40 workers suffered fatal injuries. 

As you can see from the graphs from 2016-2017, this is an increase. However, HSE points out that it is a similar number to the yearly average of 37 fatalities for 2015-2016 to 2019-2020.

Nevertheless, the number of fatalities is concerning and highlights the importance of safety on construction sites.

Construction fatalities statistics

Source –

To learn more about building site compensation claims, please keep reading.

Who is liable for safety on a building or construction site?

One of the most important factors of any type of case is determining who is responsible. In some cases, there will be a number of different people that are deemed to blame. This is because there are a number of different people that are responsible for the health and safety of a building site. This includes anyone from the site manager and the constructions regulations coordinator to the designer and the construction company itself.

In order to determine who is to blame, it depends on where you go injured and how it happened. Here are some examples that will help you to see how different individuals can be held responsible based on the ins and outs of what happened.

  • The site manager could be deemed negligent if they did not fully act upon the guidelines they were given by the client.
  • Negligence could fall on the shoulders of the construction regulations coordinator if they have not told the client about all of the vital health and safety standards.
  • The designer could be held negligent if he or she ignored the client’s advice with regards to health and safety standards.
  • If the constructions regulations coordinator provided the client, i.e. the construction firm, with advice, and this was ignored or overlooked, the client could be deemed to blame.

If you’ve had an accident on a building site and it wasn’t clear who was liable for your health and safety, get in touch with our team for free advice.

What steps should you take after an injury on a building site?

If you have been involved in an accident at work while on a building site, there are a number of important steps that you need to take. These are as follows:

  • Get witness statements from anyone that witnessed the accident. This will help you to confirm what has happened to you.
  • Find evidence to show that the incident occurred because of negligence. For example, if your employer has failed to provide the correct training or carry out the required risk assessments, this could show negligence on their behalf.
  • Finally, make sure you have the evidence required to support the severity of your injury. You will typically need to contact your doctor for all of your medical records.

Following these steps can boost the prospects of success in building site accident claims. If you’re unsure what to do, our team can offer you free legal advice and support. Simply call them on the number at the top of this page.

Claims for accidents at work on a building site

Have you been involved in an accident while working on a building site? If so, you need to show that your employer is to blame for the accident at work and your injuries.

In accordance with the law, all employers have a legal duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Not only this, but there are further regulations in place that are specific to the construction sector since it is deemed one of the more dangerous working environments.

There are a number of different ways this could be the case. Here are some examples:

  • Failing to provide you with sufficient training.
  • Failing to maintain equipment and machinery properly.
  • Allowing you to use faulty equipment.
  • Refusing to give you regular breaks.
  • Unsafe working practices.
  • Allowing someone into the workplace that poses a threat to your safety.
  • Failing to conduct risk assessments.
  • Failing to act on the findings of risk assessments.

No matter whether the incident you have been involved in is on the list or not, we can help you recover building site accident compensation. Simply call our personal injury claims team to learn how.

Accident and injuries on a building site as a member of the public

If you have been injured as a member of the public while on a building site, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are not applicable to you. Nevertheless, you can still make a claim for building site accident compensation.

It simply means that the type of claim you will make is a bit different. This is because you will need to launch a private injury case against the occupier. This is something you do not need to worry about, though, as we can sort this out for you. This claim falls under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, i.e. the property’s occupier has a responsibility to make certain you are safe while on their premises.

While this Act doesn’t cover actions that are unexpected or purposefully dangerous, it does demand that the boundaries of the site are clearly defined and displayed. It also demands that steps are taken to make certain there is not easy access to the site for unauthorised visitors.

For more free legal advice on making such claims, please contact our friendly team of specialists today.

Common accidents and injuries on building sites

There are many different injuries and accidents that can happen on a building site. This includes the following:

  • This can easily happen when working in harsh weather conditions or when being forced to work without adequate breaks.
  • Equipment malfunctions. If machinery has not been maintained correctly or the individual using it has not received the correct training, accidents can happen.
  • Vehicle accidents.
  • Falling materials. Such incidents can cause severe neck or head injuries, especially as they tend to be caused by workers dropping heavy equipment.
  • Slips, trips and falls. There is no denying that this is by far the most common cause of injury on a building site. Injuries differ dramatically in terms of severity.

The way in which you harmed yourself may not be listed here, and your accident on a building site may have very different circumstances. Don’t worry if so—you may still be entitled to building sites accident compensation. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

How to start your personal injury claim?

A lot of people expect the personal injury claim process to be difficult, but this is not the case, especially when you choose Accident Claims UK to launch your claim. We provide professional support and free legal advice. So, how do you go about making a case for building site accident compensation?

  • Gather as much evidence as possible. This includes getting a hold of your medical reports, taking photographs of the scene and your injuries if they are visible, getting the contact details of any witnesses, and reporting the incident to your employer.
  • Contact us at Accident Claims UK. We will provide you with a free consultation. This is a good opportunity for you to ask any queries you may have, and we will do the same thing too. This is so we can thoroughly understand what has happened, enabling us to assist you in the best possible manner.
  • One of our solicitors will then guide you through the claim process. They will be there for you every step of the way.

Building site compensation calculator – Updated July 2021

There are many different things you will be able to claim for if you have suffered an injury at work. This includes both the physical and psychological damage, as well as loss of income and any other out of pocket expenses you have experienced. We have also helped a lot of people launch claims for fatal construction accidents when they have lost a loved one.

Irrespective of the type of claim you are launching, you will probably want to know how much money you are going to receive. Firstly, it is vital to stress that we can only ever give you a rough estimate. This is because all claims are handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure fair amounts are awarded.

In the table below, you will be able to get a better understanding of the typical payout amount for injuries that are commonly related to construction site accidents. This should give you an understanding of the sort of figure you could be looking at.

Injury sufferedHow severe was the injury?Typical payout amount
Head injuryMinor - severeUp to £379,100
Face injuryMinor - severeUp to £34,480
Ear injuryMinor - severeUp to £132,040
Eye injuryMinor - severeUp to £379,100
Back injuryMinor - severeUp to £151,070
Neck injuryMinor - severeUp to £139,210
Shoulder injuryMinor - severeUp to £45,070
Arm injuryMinor - severeUp to £122,860
Elbow injuryMinor - severeUp to £51,460
Hand injuryMinor - severeUp to £189,110
Wrist injuryMinor - severeUp to £56,180
Finger injuryMinor - severeUp to Up to £34,480
Leg injuryMinor - severeUp to £264,650
Knee injuryMinor - severeUp to £90,290
Ankle injuryMinor - severeUp to £65,420
Foot injuryMinor - severeUp to £189,110
Toe injuryMinor - severeUp to £52,620

Hopefully, the table above has given you a better understanding of the typical accident at work compensation amounts. However, please do not worry if you cannot find the injury you have sustained in the table above – you can still make a claim.

To find out more about what can be factored into building site accident claims, all you need to do is give us a call for more information about this.

Building and construction injury case studies

There have been a number of accidents on building sites over the years, and we can enlighten you on numerous case studies to back this up. This case study is a real example of a successful workplace accident claim someone made for an accident that happened to them on a building site. It regards an individual who made a claim back in 2006.

This happened when the person in question slipped on a construction site due to a loose brick. The employee claimed that the lack of proper lighting was to blame for the incident. As per the Health and Safety Executive, this meant that the employer was in breach of the health and safety legislation in place in the UK, and as a consequence, the company in question was deemed liable for the construction site accident that occurred.

The person who was injured experienced a shattered kneecap, a right wrist sprain, and a fracture to their left wrist. The claimant was awarded £55,000.

This is just one example of the many conduction accidents that have happened in the UK. It shows, though, that no matter what has happened to you, or how severe your injuries are, you can make a claim if you were injured on a building site and your employer or someone else is to blame.

For more advice on building site accident compensation claims, please get in touch.

No win no fee claims for accidents or injuries on a building site

One of the main features of our service is that we will handle any claim for a site accident on a No Win, No Fee basis. If you have never required any sort of legal service before, you may be unfamiliar with the No Win, No Fee approach. This is a payment structure whereby legal fees are only required of building site accident claims that are successful.

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and your solicitor makes a claim for you, they will receive a percentage of the payout for their service. This will be a percentage that you have both agreed on beforehand.

If construction site accident compensation is not secured, you do not need to pay a penny. This makes certain that you will never be out of pocket if you make a claim.

Not only do you get the financial security that comes with this sort of legal service, but also you can be certain that your solicitor will be working as hard as possible to secure the maximum payout amount because this type of service holds them accountable. This is not always the case if you merely work with a solicitor that charges per hour as the accountability is not quite as prevalent and it may lead to not enough care and attention being given to the finer details of your case.

Why use Accident Claims UK to make a personal injury claim?

Needless to say, there are many different legal firms in the UK. However, when you launch a claim for a building site accident, you need to make sure you have the very best law firm by your side. After all, you do not get a second chance to make a claim for compensation, so you cannot afford to cut corners or take any risks. This is something you do not need to worry about with Accident Claims UK. We have years of experience when it comes to building site compensation claims, and an excellent reputation and track record to back it up.

When you contact us, we will always provide you with free legal advice and the best solicitor for your case. This will be a specialist solicitor that has up to 30 years of experience. Unlike a lot of other claim companies, we genuinely care about all of our customers and we put your needs first.

Contact us today to start building site accident claims

The only thing left to do now is to contact Accident Claims UK so that you can start the process of getting the personal injury compensation you deserve. Our team of advisors are incredibly friendly, understanding, and professional. They all have years of experience and will be more than happy to assist you in any manner possible. Not only are we happy to answer any query, big or small, but all of our legal advice is provided free of charge and there is no obligation to continue with our service.

There are a number of different ways that you can make contact with us. The most popular option is to call our legal helpline on 0800 073 8801. This line is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so you can call at any time that is convenient for you. If you would prefer, you can request a call back via our website and we will contact you on the number provided as soon as possible.

In addition to this, you can also reach us via live chat or you can send an email to This email is manned on weekdays and we aim to respond within three hours from Monday to Friday. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you the justice that you deserve for your site accident today.

Useful links Relating To Building Site Accident Claims

You’ve reached the final section of our guide to building site accident compensation claims. In this final part, we’ll supply you with some links to other guides you may find useful, as well as answering some frequently asked questions about having an accident on a building site.

Accident At Work Claim Compensation Amounts

Find out how much you can claim for an accident at work.

GB accident at work information

This link takes you to a publication on the amount and type of fatal injury statistics which has been provided by the UK Government’s HSE.

What symptoms might you have?

This is the link for the NHS symptom checker. This can assist those that have sustained an injury and are experiencing symptoms, which they would like further information about.

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Building Site Accident Claims Compensation FAQs

How is pain and suffering compensation calculated?

Pain and suffering compensation is calculated by using medical evidence. An independent medical expert produces an assessment of your injuries, which your solicitor would then use to value your injuries.  

What is the most common accident on a construction site?

According to HSE, falls from a height are the most common non-fatal accidents at construction sites.

How much is injury compensation?

Injury compensation increases with the severity of the injury. Speak to our advisors for a calculation of your accident compensation.

Construction/ Building Site injury statistics

If you are wondering how common a building site accident or injury could be, let us show you the statistics from the HSE’s statistics for this. In 2020, it was reported that 81,000 construction industry workers were suffering from a new or longstanding incident of work-related ill health. Musculoskeletal disorders accounted for a staggering 57% of these workers, while stress, depression and anxiety took up a further 26%. It is worth mentioning that if you’re pursuing a claim for a construction site accident or illness, you could claim for psychological injuries as well as physical ones.

building site accident statistics graph

How many site accident musculoskeletal disorders were there in 2020?

We mentioned above that the rate of work-related musculoskeletal disorders was high in the construction industry, but how many actual workers could this relate to? According to the HSE’s report, there were estimated to be 46,000 construction workers suffering from such a disorder. You can see how this compares to other industries by taking a look at the below graph.

As you can see, only agriculture, fishing and forestry have a higher incidence of such disorders, making it a risk that employers in this industry must take very seriously.

What causes most building site accident claims?

According to the same statistics, falls from a height make up 47% of construction injuries reported in 2020. You can see how this measures up against other causes below:

building site accident statistics graph 2

No matter what the cause of your construction site accident or illness, if your employer failed to protect you from work-related ill health or injury, you could hold them liable for your illness or injury. Why not call us for a free assessment to see if you could claim.

Do I need a lawyer to make building site accident claims?

It isn’t a legal requirement for you to have a lawyer on your side when you make building site accident claims. However, most claimants prefer to have legal support when making such claims. A lawyer could have the knowledge and experience to build a strong case against a liable party, and they could negotiate for the maximum compensation settlement possible for your case. However, choosing your solicitor with care could significantly impact your case. Therefore, you should carefully investigate the solicitors and law firms you’re considering using, to make sure that they are appropriate for your needs for. Initially, you might want to check that they are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and that they could take your claim on a no win no fee basis. Further to this, you might want to look into their background, to see what their success rate is like and whether they have handled claims like yours before.

Do I need to use a local lawyer to make building site accident claims?

While once it may have been preferable to choose a solicitor that was based in your local area, these days there is no requirement for you to use a lawyer that is based in your home town. You could have the choice of any solicitor or law firm in the UK open to you, as much of the claims process could be dealt with by digital means, such as e-mail and video call.

Thank you for reading our guide about what to do if you have an accident on a building site. This building site accident claims guide should have given you some idea of whether you could claim.