A Guide To Costa Coffee Accident Claims – How To Claim Compensation?

If you have been involved in an accident at Costa Coffee that was not your fault, which resulted in you becoming injured or ill, you could be entitled to make a Costa Coffee accident claim for compensation.

costa coffee accident claims

Costa Coffee accident claims

Costa Coffee is among the UK’s largest and most popular and fastest growing coffee shop chains. At the time of writing, there are 2121 branches of Costa Coffee across the UK, which serve over 4 million customers a week. As well as serving coffee, the branch serves other hot beverage, cold beverages, baked goods and light lunches. It has branches where customers eat in, drive through branches, concessions in larger shops, airports and train stations. Under the Health and Safety Act of 1974 businesses like Costa Coffee have a legal duty of care to protect their employees and customers from suffering illnesses and injuries on their premises. This means taking stock of hazards and putting control measures in place to prevent them from causing unnecessary accidents. Common accidents in coffee shops, which can happen in Costa can include slip, trip, and fall accidents, or being burnt by a hot drink in Costa Coffee. Customers can also contract food poisoning by eating ill-prepared or undercooked food.

Costa Coffee injuries and accidents can happen to staff members and customers alike. Some of the most frequent accidents and injuries are caused by slipping on a wet floor, being burned by either hot beverages or heated food, experiencing a burn from an appliance, or contracting food poisoning from poorly prepared foods or drinks If you were an employee or customer who was involved in an accident that was caused by Costa not taking necessary precautions, they could be held liable for your injuries in the law courts and may be ordered to pay you compensation.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Costa Coffee Injury

Branches of Costa Coffee are run by franchise owners and operators. This means that either an individual person (or group or people) or small to medium-sized business buys the right to purchase and run a branded branch of Costa Coffee. Most franchises are purchased and operated through a lease for twenty-years and the lessee is responsible for maintaining the business. With this lessee takes responsibility for the health and safety of people who use their establishments including staff and customers. This means if an individual is harmed in a branch of Costa Coffee due to unsafe practises being implemented accident claims for Costa Coffee injury compensation will be brought against the owners of the franchise, not against the wider Costa Coffee company or brand itself.

What hazards can cause a Costa Coffee accident to happen? Broken railings, furniture, broken or uneven floors and spills which are not cleaned up can all contribute to accidents happened, as can beverages being prepared at too hot a temperature and served without an insulating sleeve, or food being ill prepared. Coffee shops can also be busy laces and be rushing, or overcrowding can also contribute to accidents. It is important then for coffee shop owners to take time to conduct regular risk assessments and implement control measures for different hazards such as repairing uneven or broken floors, mopping up and signposting spills on the floor, providing significant staff training or ensuring that beverages and food are prepared to proper standards. If these control measures are neglected and as a result, an accident takes place resulting in an injury or illness, the owner could be liable for these injuries and have to pay compensation.

Have you been involved in an accident that was not your fault in a branch of Costa Coffee? If so, call Accident Claims UK for your complementary initial telephone consultation. One of our friendly advisors will let you know if you have a legitimate claim, estimate how much your Costa Coffee Accident Claim could be worth and we will provide you with a top personal injury solicitor to handle your case. Call us for free today.

Health And Safety Regulations For Coffee Shops

In accordance with The Liability Act of 1957, business owners are required to remove or put control measures in place to minimise the risk of hazzards. Coffee shops such as Costa Coffee have a responsibility to take the following actions to protect their customers and employees from unnecessary accidents:

  • Ensuring that spills are cleaned up immediately
  • Using wet floor signs after the floor has been mopped
  • Ensuring that broken furniture, equipment or floors are fixed immediately
  • Providing staff with adequate training, so they don’t hurt themselves or others
  • Purchasing food and beverage ingredients from reputable suppliers
  • Ensuring that food and beverage are prepared to according to correct hygiene standards

If Costa Coffee or another coffee shop neglects to remove or control a potential hazard which then leads to an avoidable accident, resulting in a staff member or a customer becoming injured or ill, they would be liable for compensation.

Which Are The Most Common Accidents And Injuries In Costa Coffee?

There are some common accidents that happen at coffee shops which can result in patrons or staff suffering an injury in a cafe. If you have suffered any of the accidents below, you could be legally entitled to make a Costa Coffee accident compensation claim.

Here are some common Costa Coffee accidents:

  • Slip, trip and fall coffee shop accidents: Some common slip, trip, and fall accidents that happen in coffee shops are caused by wet flooring, recently mopped floors not being signposted, broken furniture or railings falling away beneath a customer’s weight or broken toilets.
  • Burns: Customers can be burnt by a hot drink in Costa Coffee if they are a hot drink such as tea, which doesn’t have a protective sleeve. This can cause the customer to drop the drink on themselves or someone else, causing them to be burned by the hot beverage at Costa Coffee.
  • Food poisoning: Food being passed its sell-by date, milk and other dairy products not being refrigerated properly, or food being incorrectly cooked can result in customers contracting food poisoning.

Clients often ask us “What should I do if I am injured in a cafe in the UK?” If you are injured in a Costa Coffee or another cafe, in an accident that was not your fault we advise you to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you claim compensation.

Am I Eligible To Make A Costa Coffee Accident Or Injury Claim?

Lots of our clients ask us if they qualify to make a Costa Coffee accident claim. The answer is that if the branch owners or managers neglected to follow sensible health and safety regulations, which caused an accident at Costa Coffee resulting in you becoming ill or injured then the owner may be liable for your Costa Coffee accident. If another party was fully or partially responsible for the accident you suffered at Costa Coffee then this might complicate your personal injury claim, as this may be a case of contributory negligence. We recommend you seek Accident Claims UK’s advice by calling for your free legal consultation today.

A Hot Beverage Burnt Me In Costa Coffee, Can I Claim Compensation?

As we have stated, you could claim personal injury compensation if you were burned due to a hot drink (or other liquid) being spilled on you in Costa Coffee and can show that the accident was not your fault. Drinks companies are legally obliged to serve hot drinks appropriately. For example, tea or hotter types of coffee need to be served in an insulated cup with a protective sleeve around it. If the drink is served in the wrong sort of cup, the customer can drop it in shock, spilling the drink and burning themselves and others. A recent example of this happened in 2016 when a customer’s legs were scalded in a Costa Coffee drive through.

If you suffer a burn injury caused by a hot drink in Costa Coffee (or anywhere else), take the following steps:

  • Remove clothing covering the burned area. If there is any clothing that has become burned onto the burned area of the skin, seek the help of a doctor immediately.
  • Rinse the affected area using cool, but not cold, water.
  • Wrap in a clean plastic film or if no film is available a plastic bag.
  • Wrap the injured person in a blanket.
  • If necessary, take painkillers.

If the burn is more serious, for example, if the skin has become whitened or charred, or is larger than your hand, seek immediate medical treatment. This NHS guide to burns and scalds has more information on how to deal with these sorts of injuries. It is important to seek medical treatment, before starting a Costa Coffee accident claim.

I Was Burnt By Cooked Food In Costa Coffee, Can I Claim Compensation?

Burns caused by hot food are sadly common accidents in coffee shops and restaurants. If food is served hotter than is deemed safe then the customer may suffer burns to the inside of their mouth, tongue, and throat, which are difficult to treat. Staff in a coffee shop or restaurant kitchens also run the risk of being burned when preparing food if proper precautions are not followed. For example in the kitchens of a fast food restaurant in Manchester, a floor was mopped but not properly signposted. A cook slipped, grabbed a fryer to prevent himself from falling and poured 35 litres of hot oil on himself. The restaurant in question was fined over £16,000. In addition, the restaurant owner was then ordered to improve the measures he took to protect his staff.

Clients often come to us saying “I got hurt in a cafe” or “I got hurt in a restaurant” asking if they can claim compensation for their burns. Whether you were visiting as a customer or working as a member of staff you can claim compensation for your injuries if they were a result of the establishment’s negligence. Call Accident Claims UK today for advice on reporting an accident in a cafe or restaurant and to be provided with an excellent Costa Coffee injury claims lawyer to help you claim for compensation.

Claiming For Slips, Trips, And Falls In A Costa Coffee

Have you suffered a slip, trip and fall coffee shop accident in Costa Coffee? You could be entitled to claim compensation for your injury if it was caused by negligence on behalf of the establishment. We have an excellent track record of winning slip and fall compensation amounts for our clients.

As we have stated, coffee shop owners have a legal responsibility to remove hazards which could cause their customers or staff to suffer a slip, trip or fall immediately. This includes hazards such as spills on the floor, broken or damaged flooring, or faulty furniture. If these hazards are not immediately seen to and cause a slip, trip or fall, the owner can be held liable for any resulting injuries that the victim suffers. For example, a woman received £4,000 in 2015 in compensation for her injuries after she slipped on a wet toilet floor in the branch of a Costa Coffee, caused by a leaking tap that the owner had failed to fix.

If you have suffered a slip, trip or fall in a coffee shop accident in Costa Coffee or elsewhere, you could be entitled to claim a slip and fall compensation amount. Call Accident Claim UK, to speak to a friendly advisor about making a Costa Coffee accident claim for accidents involving slips, trips, and falls.

Claiming For Food Poisoning In Costa Coffee

Common injuries and accidents which can take place in coffee shops include contracting food poisoning in a coffee shop. If you had an accident at a coffee shop resulting in you contracting food poisoning, you have the right to claim personal injury compensation. As we have already established, customers can contract food poisoning if they eat food that has not been purchased from a reputable source, consume dairy products that have not been properly refrigerated, food that is passed its use by date, or food that has not been prepared using safe or hygienic methods. Why do coffee shop accidents like food poisoning take place? Coffee shops like Costa are known for being busy places. Employees may accidentally misplace milk, or wrongly prepare food if they are rushed during busy periods. Managers can avoid food poisoning related injuries and contamination by training staff properly incorrect food and drink hygiene standards and ensure there are enough staff to cover busy periods.

If you have experienced food poisoning at Costa Coffee you could make a Costa Coffee accident claim for compensation. If you’ve had an accident in a coffee shop involving food poisoning or any other illness or injury in a cafe call Accident Claims UK today to speak to an advisor and see how much you could claim today.

Costa Coffee Accident And Injury Compensation Calculator

Were you injured in a cafe such as Costa Coffee, in an accident that was not your fault? Then you could potentially claim tens of thousands of pounds in Costa Coffee injury compensation. Clients often ask us “What should I do if i am injured in a cafe, in the UK?” If you have had an injury in a coffee shop, like Costa Coffee then trust Accident Claims UK to help you make a Costa Coffee accident compensation claim. Your Costa Coffee Accident Claim could be worth tens of thousands of pounds, so it’s well worth pursuing compensation for your injuries.

Use our coffee shop accident claims compensation calculator to estimate how much compensation you could be awarded. The table below will estimate how much your claim could be worth, based on average amounts for injuries like yours.

Injury type and severitySettlement bandFurther notes
Mild foot injuryUp to £10,450Minor to mild injuries such as lacerations or cuts. Could also include minor fractures. Higher settlements will account for any long-term effects.
Moderate food injury£10,450 to £19,000There are more severe than the category above. May also involve more complicated injuries with longer-term issues.
Serious foot injuries£19,000 to £29,800There may be longer-term pain and injuries with future complications.
Severe foot injury£31,900to £53,200More severe than previous categories and there is likely to be lasting pain which is considerable.
Moderate/ mild knee injury£11,275 to £19,000There may be future complications and even surgery. There will probably be a good deal of pain.
Severe knee injury£19,00 to £73,125More serious than previous categories and there will be longer-term damage as well as pain. There could be mobility or functional issues with the knee.
Moderate leg Injury£21 100 to £29 800Injuries may limit the function of the leg and surgery may be needed down the line. Quality of life will be affected.
Severe leg Injury£73 150 to £103 250There may be complicated medical procedures required following this type of injury.
Mild head Injury£1675 £9700Mild levels of trauma to the head without leaving any brain damage. No long-term issues should be present.
Moderate head Injuries£32 725 to £166 500There could be some brain injuries and impaired function.

Please be aware that the compensation amounts in the Costa Coffee accident claims compensation calculator are automatically generated amounts, which do not take your personal circumstances into account. For a more accurate estimation of how much Costa Coffee injury compensation you could be awarded, please call us today for your free legal consultation. We will estimate what your personal injury claim is worth and will provide you with an excellent Costa Coffee injury claims lawyer to handle your claim.

No Win No Fee Costa Coffee Compensation Claims

Do you need to make a Costa Coffee accident compensation claim? If you have been injured at an accident at a Costa Coffee branch which was not your fault, you could make a Costa Coffee accident compensation claim. Accident Claims UK offers its customers its clients the opportunity to make a no win no fee claim for compensation. Hiring a no win no fee solicitor means that your solicitor will offer you a condition fee arrangement (CFA) that means that you will only have to pay your fee if you win your compensation claim. For many people, this is a more affordable option as there are no upfront or ongoing fees to pay. Instead, your fee will come out of your final compensation settlement, meaning that there is no financial risk to you when making your personal injury claim, making the overall process of making a no win no fee claim less stressful. Call Accident Claims UK to find an excellent no win no fee solicitor to help you win your compensation claim.

Why Choose Accident Claims UK To Make Your Costa Coffee Accident Claim?

Have you been injured in Costa Coffee in an accident that wasn’t your fault? After reporting your accident in a coffee shop or restaurant you need to hire a personal injury solicitor to help you claim Costa Coffee injury compensation. Accident Claims UK is a trusted personal injury solicitor’s firm that specialises in helping clients who have been injured in establishments like coffee shops claim the compensation that they are entitled to. Our solicitors work tirelessly to win their clients the maximum amount of compensation that they can claim for them. Many of our solicitors have decades of experience helping claimants just like you, so you’re bound to be in good hands.

Contact Accident Claims UK Today

Clients often ask us “What should I do if I am injured in Costa?” After seeking appropriate medical treatment we recommend that you hire a Costa Coffee injury claims lawyer to help you claim the Costa Coffee injury compensation you are entitled to. Call Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801 for your free legal consultation. One of our friendly advisors will determine whether or not you have a legitimate compensation claim to make and if you do have a valid case for compensation, they will estimate how much you can claim and provide you with a solicitor, who will proceed with your personal injury claim today. Call today to see what your Costa Coffee accident claim is worth. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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