Facial Scar Disfigurement Compensation Amounts Calculator – Find Out How To Claim?

By Fern Easton. Last Updated 12th February 2021. Welcome to our guide to facial scar compensation. Scarring is the sort of injury that can happen in a number of different scenarios, from road traffic accidents to coming into contact with hazardous substances. They are also a common result of malicious attacks. Any of these could leave you with a permanent scar injury.

Not only do scars tend to arise due to a painful incident, but also the emotional impact can be life-long. You can claim for both the psychological and physical damages when launching a facial scar injury claim with Accident Claims UK. We can help you to get the payout you deserve. You can reach our customer services team on 0800 073 8801 for more information. But before you do that, read on to discover everything you need to know about facial scar compensation.

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Your definitive guide to facial scar injury claims

In this guide, you will find out all of the information you need to know regarding making a facial scar injury claim. This guide aims to cover all of the questions we are asked about such cases, including everything from launching a claim to the payout amount. Some of the key questions we will answer are as follows:

  • What are the different types of incidents that can cause scarring? We will provide details on claiming for some of the most common causes.
  • How much is a scar worth in the UK?
  • What is the process involved when making a facial scarring compensation claim?
  • Statistics regarding facial scarring
  • Compensation awards for the likes of a permanent scar injury and injuries that could completely heal in time.

What is facial scarring?

Facial scarring can be the result of an accident or surgery, especially surgery that has gone wrong. The facial scars themselves do not tend to physically prevent someone from going about their daily life or working. However, it is the psychological and emotional impact that tends to be the most damaging, especially if it’s a permanent scar injury. This is very much taken into account when making a claim.

Facial scar statistics

In the table below, you can see research regarding the number of facial and body disfigurements and their causes.

permanent scar injury statistics

Permanent scar injury statistics

What are the top causes of facial scarring?

There are a number of different causes of facial scars. Such scar can occur due to a health condition, for example, eczema or cancer. However, in terms of an accident and the subsequent claim, some of the common causes are as follows:

  • Facial scarring due to medical negligence, for example, mistakes made during surgery
  • Facial scarring because of an assault, for example, stab wounds to the face or scarring due to an acid attack
  • Facial scarring that has happened due to being involved in a fire
  • Facial scarring because of being exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Facial scarring because of cosmetic treatments gone wrong
  • Facial scarring because of a road traffic accident

What are the consequences of facial scarring?

There are a number of different consequences that can occur due to facial scarring. This includes the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Dreams and flashbacks regarding the incident
  • Loss of job
  • Loss of family and loved ones in the traumatic event
  • Poor financial support
  • Depressed mood
  • Multiple surgeries
  • Loss of hope of recovery
  • Crying spells
  • Poor family and social support
  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Low self-esteem

A permanent scar injury that is visible and unsightly is more likely to lead to greater disruption to everyday life. All of these factors are considered when determining the facial scar compensation you will receive.

What kind of facial scar compensation claims can we help with?

In the paragraphs below, we are going to take a look at claiming temporary and permanent facial scar compensation for some of the most common accidents, including medical negligence and beauty salon negligence claims. However, please do not panic if you cannot find a section relating to your accident. You can make a claim no matter the scenario so long as you can prove someone else is to blame.

I suffered facial scarring due to medical negligence – can I claim?

There are a number of different ways medical negligence can cause facial scarring. This includes the following:

  • Utilising the incorrect type of stitches
  • Using the wrong equipment for making incisions
  • An excessive amount of skin removed during surgery
  • Performing surgery incorrectly

Any of these incidents could, if proven, give you just cause to make a permanent scar injury compensation claim.

If it’s proven that medical practitioner has caused your facial disfigurement, they could get their license revoked while you rightly get the payout you deserve for your emotional and physical pain and suffering.

I suffered facial scarring at the beauty salon, could I claim?

You can also make a claim if you have been injured due to an accident at a beauty salon. There are many different cases whereby facial scarring can arise due to beauty salon negligence. Examples include:

  • Skin treatments gone wrong
  • Harsh chemicals used during a treatment
  • Faulty or damaged equipment used
  • Defective products
  • Incompetent professionals
  • No patch test carried out

Facial scarring in car accidents – do I have a claim?

Facial scarring can also be a consequence of a road traffic accident. There are a number of different ways that a road traffic accident can happen. Some common examples include:

  • The other driver failing to judge your path correctly
  • Reckless driving
  • Poor road condition
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving while using a mobile phone

It does not matter whether you were a pedestrian, driver, or passenger, if you can show that someone else caused the road traffic accident you were involved in, you can make a claim. Call us today for more information regarding making a case for a permanent scar injury from a car accident.

Facial scar from fire – Can I claim?

As these accidents are so severe, they tend to demand a higher payout amount. After all, fire accidents rarely only scar the face. They tend to cause tissue and skin damage, as well. Most fire incidents happen because of one of the following two reasons:

  • Fire-related car injuries. This relates to accidents whereby a road traffic accident causes a car to become engulfed in flames. The person inside may suffer bad bodily and facial burn injuries.
  • Chemical exposure. Chemical exposure can have a horrific impact on the face and the body.

You will be able to launch a claim so long as you did not start the fire or were not responsible for the exposure of chemicals.

I obtained facial scarring when I was attacked – Could I claim?

When it comes to assaults, facial scarring is one of the common outcomes. Have you been the victim of a violent attack? If so, we can help you to launch a criminal injuries compensation facial scarring claim. Most attacks will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Animal attack. If a person commands their animal, usually a dog, to attack you, you can claim. You can also claim if the owner is aware their dog is vicious yet has taken no action to restrain it.
  • Physical attacks. This is any type of attack whereby an individual has purposely inflicted some form of harm on you.
  • Acid attacks. In the UK in the past six years, acid attacks have tripled. They cause severe facial disfigurement and scarring, as well as excessive psychological and emotional trauma.

The likes of acid attacks can leave a serious and permanent scar injury that may require specialist medical treatment to correct. The cost of such treatment can be factored into a claim. To learn more, call us today.

I obtained facial scarring in an accident at work – Do I claim?

We have also helped many claimants when it comes to claiming for stitches or scarring that has happened due to a workplace accident. As per the law, all employers need to make an effort to provide a safe and healthy working environment. This is in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, as well as industry-specific legislation.

Your employer has a duty to:

  • Control the utilisation of materials that are highly flammable or explosive, as well as chemical substances.
  • Protect anyone in the workplace, including the general public, against health and safety risks.
  • Secure the welfare, health and safety of all employees.

If your employer has failed to do this, you can launch your claim for facial scarring compensation. There are a variety of ways in which your employer can be at fault when it comes to workplace accidents. Here are some examples:

  • They have failed to do the necessary risk assessments to determine the health and safety risks in the workplace.
  • They have failed to inform you about any potential hazards and risks
  • They have failed to take action after the findings of the risk assessment
  • They have not given you sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as a face mask
  • They have not provided you with the right level of training for the job you are doing
  • They have allowed you to use defective equipment or machinery

A lot of people worry about making a claim against their employer because they fear that they will lose their job as a consequence. This is not something you should be moved to worry about, as all employers legally need to have insurance in place to cover such a scenario. If you were to lose your job, you would then be able to sue your employer for unfair dismissal.

How do you treat a scar on your face?

Being injured and sustaining a scar on your face can have a real effect on you psychologically. And as well as the impact it can have on you mentally, facial scarring can also be painful or itchy. In some cases, it might even restrict some movement in your face.

If your main concern regarding your scar is the effect that it has on your appearance, then using make-up to cover your scar could be a helpful course of action for you. The skin camouflage service offered by charity Changing Faces can be helpful if you live in England or Scotland. A specialist will be able to colour match your makeup for your skin and teach you how to apply it. Makeup that’s specifically designed to hide scarring can also be found in pharmacies.

If you’re interested in treating your facial scar rather than covering it, then you’ll usually be referred to a skin specialist known as a dermatologist. One treatment that will be available for you from a dermatologist or GP is silicone gels or sheets. These are placed over your scar for 12 hours a day over a period of at least 3 months. They can help soften and flatten a scar and they can also help if your scar is itchy.

Steroid injections can also be used to reduce the appearance of scarring by reducing swelling and flattening the scarred area. They’ll usually have to be repeated over several months if the results are promising.

Surgery is another option for reducing the impact a scar has on your quality of life. It can be used to reduce the appearance of a scar, such as a skin graft. Surgery can also be used to releasing tight scars that impede movement.

How will my facial scarring be assessed?

You’ll see a medical professional. This professional will then evaluate you for the physical and psychological impact, both now and in the future, and they will put together a report that will go towards your compensation case. This report is used to determine how much compensation you will receive. There are many different factors that are taken into account, including the impact the scarring has had on you emotionally, your ability to work, the impact on your social life, and whether or it is a permanent scar injury or a temporary one. It is important to recognise that the emotional trauma of facial scarring is something that is taken very seriously when launching a personal injury claim.

What kind of payments will make up a facial scarring injury payout?

When making a claim for facial scar compensation, the payout you will receive will be split into two parts. This is as follows:

  • General award for damages –The compensation you will be awarded for the suffering and/or pain you have been subject to. This not only relates to the physical pain from the accident itself but the emotional trauma too. It also relates to your future prognosis, and any physical or emotional trauma expected going forward.
  • Special award for damages – The compensation that should cover any of the costs you have faced because of the accident. Perhaps you have not been allowed or able to work and suffered a loss of income? Maybe you have had to hire someone to look after your children while you recover? You can claim for all of these expenses, but you will need proof, so hold onto any receipts and such.

How much compensation for facial scars will I get?

How much is a facial scar worth? How much compensation per stitch UK? I’ve used a compensation calculator, it has told me I would receive ‘x’ amount, is this correct? These are just some of the questions that we receive regarding payout amounts. Firstly, it is important to stress that the results from any online scar compensation calculator should be taken as a pinch of salt. These tools provide very, very rough estimates. The truth is that every case is handled on an individual basis, and so providing you with a 100 per cent accurate figure regarding the compensation you will receive is simply not possible. However, in the compensation table that you can find below, you can see the typical payout for injuries that relate to facial scarring. This should help you to get an understanding of the sort of level of compensation you are looking at.

Type of injurySeverity of Facial InjuryFacial Scarring Injury Common Payout BracketNotes
Facial scarring Trivial scarring£1,600 to £3,310This payout is for scarring that is not very noticeable at all.
Facial scarring Less significant scarring£3,710 to £12,900This payout is for cases whereby the scarring is only noticeable upon inspection.
Facial scarring Significant scarring£8,550 to £28,240This payout is for cases whereby scarring can be seen from a conversational distance.
Facial scarring Less severe£16,860 to £45,440This payout bracket ranges from cases of moderate to severe facial disfigurement.
Facial scarring Very severe£27,940 to £91,350This is the most severe type of scarring. Even after plastic surgery there will still be disfigurement.

If you were not able to view the injury that you obtained to your face in the table above, then do not be worried. You can still make a claim. Simply pick up the phone to us today to find out more about the facial scar compensation payout you are likely to get for your injuries.

Making no win no fee facial scarring compensation claims

One of the key features of our service is that every facial scarring injury claim we make is done so under a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means that if your case is not a success, you do not have to pay any legal fees. Should it be a success, a percentage of your compensation payout will be given to your solicitor for the legal service. This is a percentage you will have agreed on beforehand. It will have been drawn up in a contract. Not only does this protect you financially because you will not end up out of pocket, but it means that anyone can make a claim because there is no upfront payment.

To find out more about how to make a permanent scar injury compensation claim on a No Win No Fee basis, just give our personal injury claims team a call.

How we can assist with facial scarring claims

We know that there are many different legal firms in this country, but we promise that you will not find a better service than the one that we provide. We always strive to get you the maximum facial scar settlement amounts in the most efficient manner. We are aware that you are likely to be having an awful time of it at present, and we never want to make this worse with a stressful claiming process. We also have a great track record and years of experience. We will match you to a specialist solicitor that has handled cases like this before and has up to 30 years of experience.

Ready to start?

Should you feel you’re ready to make a claim for facial scar compensation, we are ready and waiting to help you do so. As mentioned, we have years of experience, and our customer services team is professional and friendly. Whether you want to know how much is a scar worth, how to claim for a scar on another part of your body, for example, claiming compensation for a scar on your arm, or you are simply ready to start the claim process, we can assist. There are a number of different ways you can get in touch with us. This includes ringing our 24-hour helpline 0800 073 8801. The line is open seven days per week. You can alternatively ask for a telephone call back via our homepage, use the live chat facility, or send an email to office@accidentclaims.co.uk and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Thank you for reading our guide on claiming facial scar compensation. Remember, if you’ve suffered a permanent scar injury through no fault of your own, our team is on hand to offer you all the free legal advice and support you need.