How To Claim Compensation A Cyclist Hit By A Car Pulling Out From A Driveway?

cyclist hit by a car pulling out of a driveway

Cyclist hit by car

By Fern Easton. Last Updated 23rd February 2021. Welcome to our guide on claiming compensation if you were hit by a car pulling out of a driveway. If you are a cyclist who was hit by a car pulling out of a driveway and injured, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Drivers have a duty of care towards other road users, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. So if the accident was not your fault, the driver could be held legally liable for your injuries, and you could make a cyclist hit by a car claim for your injuries.

If you are a cyclist, who was hit by a car, what to do? Call Accident Claims UK to see if you are entitled to compensation. We are a well respected personal injury claims firm that can handle cycling accident claims for compensation. Our panel of solicitors have up to three decades of experience managing personal injury claims and will always fight to win you the maximum amount of compensation your claim could be worth.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation If Hit By Car Pulling Out Of A Driveway When Cycling

Cyclists are more vulnerable than drivers of cars or other motorised vehicles. This is because there is no outer shell to protect the cyclist if they suffer a collision with another vehicle, so sadly is a bike is hit by a car, the cyclist is more likely to be worse off.

A common way that a cyclist can be injured on the roads is being hit by a car reversing out of a driveway. According to the highway code, a motorist entering a road from a junction or a driveway is supposed to give way to the current flow of traffic. Therefore, a motorist reversing onto a road from a driveway should always check their back mirrors and look over their shoulder to ensure it is safe to pull out from a driveway. If the driver fails to do so and they hit a passing cyclist, the cyclist can be knocked off their bike and become injured as a result. Alternatively, to avoid a vehicle emerging from a driveway, a cyclist may swerve into another lane and be hit by a vehicle that is driving forward.

If you have been injured by a car pulling out of a driveway whilst riding your bike because of carelessness or negligence on the part of the driver, you could be entitled to claim compensation. In this guide, we will explain to cyclists hit by a car how to claim. We will also provide you with more information about how cyclist hit by a car accident can happen, what injuries cyclists can suffer and advice for keeping safe on the roads.

Remember, if you are suffering from cyclist hit by car injuries, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Call Accident Claims UK today, and if you have legitimate grounds to make a compensation claim, we will provide you with an excellent personal injury solicitor who will start working on your case today.

What Is This Type Of Cyclist And Car Accident?

A cycling accident can be any type of accident involving a bicycle that happens on the roads. According to the latest cycling accident statistics from ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), cycling accidents are a considerable problem in the United Kingdom. In 2019 there were 16,884 accidents on the road involving bicycles. 4,433 of the cyclists involved in these accidents were seriously injured or killed.

 AdultsChild Aged between 0 and 15Total*
Serious injuries3,8274624,333
Slight injuries10,5571,52212,451
Total number of injuries14,4741,99416,884

*This category includes casualties in which the victims’ age was not recorded

These sobering statistics also provide more insight into common reasons why cycling accidents happen in the United Kingdom. Three-quarters of cycling accidents happen at or near a junction. Around half of fatal cycling accidents happen on rural roads, but three-quarters of cycling accidents deemed serious or fatal happen in urban areas or built-up areas. These statistics also show that:

  • Three-quarters of fatal cycling incidents involve major head injuries
  • Men make up 80% of cyclist casualties
  • 80% of cycling incidents happen during the day
  • Three-quarters of cycling accidents happen at or near a road junction
  • Rural roads are where half of the fatal cycling accidents happen
  • Three-quarters of serious or fatal cycling incidents happen in built-up and urban areas

This article is focusing on cyclists that have been injured by a car emerging onto a road from a driveway. If you have been injured in any sort of cycling accident that was not your fault, our panel of personal injury lawyers can help you to claim compensation for a cycling injury. Can a cyclist claim against a car? Yes, if the accident was the fault of the person driving the car, you could claim compensation from their insurance provider.

What Injuries Could A Cyclist Sustain If Struck By A Car?

Here are some common injuries that a cyclist who was hit by a car could suffer.

  • Broken bones
  • Fractured bones
  • Serious head injuries
  • Concussions
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Strains, sprains or other soft tissue injuries
  • Severe bruising
  • Facial injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Back injuries, including whiplash
  • Psychological damage caused by the trauma of being hit by a car.

If you are able to get up after your cycling accident, get out of the road and onto the pavement immediately, to avoid being hit again. Then seek the appropriate medical treatment, calling an ambulance if necessary.

If you were a cyclist hit by a car pulling out of a driveway and are wondering how to spot the signs of serious injury following your accident, please read on. 

How to identify signs of serious injuries caused by a bicycle accident?

Signs of broken bones:

If you have a broken bone or fractured bone, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Excessive pain in this area,
  • Tenderness and swelling in the affected area,
  • Bruising as well as difficulty moving.

Signs of head injuries:

Signs of a serious head injury include;

  • A loss of consciousness,
  • A persistent and worsening headache,
  • Nausea and/or vomiting,
  • Liquid draining from the ears or nostrils,
  • Persistently falling asleep and not being able to wake up and convulsions and/or seizures.

Remember, 80% of cycling accident deaths are caused by serious head injuries, so if you or another person are showing signs of a serious head injury, call an ambulance right away.

I Was Hit By An Emerging Vehicle As A Cyclist, What Are My Rights?

Can you sue if you get hit by a car whilst on a bike? Yes. According to The Highway Code, vehicles emerging onto a road from a junction or driveway should give way to vehicles that are already travelling down that road. This means that a car pulling out of a driveway is at fault if they didn’t stop for a passing cyclist. Because drivers have a duty of care towards other road users, if they are judged to be at fault, you could make a claim for compensation if hit by a car pulling out of a driveway. You will be able to claim general damages for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity that your injuries have caused and special damages, which will reimburse you for any financial losses you have endured because of your accident.

Can a cyclist claim against a car? If you have been injured, contact Accident Claims UK today for your free bicycle accident consultation. If you have the right to make a bicycle accident compensation claim, we will provide you with an excellent personal injury lawyer to handle your case, who will start working on your claim right away.

Who Is At Fault In This Type Of Accident?

Sometimes an accident can happen, which is nobody’s fault; however, if a driver hits a cyclist as they are emerging out of a driveway, it is usually the fault of the driver. This is because the driver is supposed to give way to oncoming traffic, so not pull out if there is another vehicle on the road. What’s more, the law states that drivers must drive their vehicle with “due care and attention”. This means they are supposed to check their surroundings using their mirrors and a glance over their shoulders. Failing to do so means that they are at fault in the accident. A police investigation will usually determine where the fault lies and if the driver is liable for your injuries. If you’re a cyclist hit by a car pulling out of a driveway and are unsure about the steps you should take to claim, read on to find out all you need to know.

Steps To Take As A Cyclist Hit By A Car Pulling Out From A Driveway

If you’re unsure about the process of claiming compensation if you’ve been hit by a car pulling out of a driveway, then this section will be useful to you. If you are a cyclist hit by a car, what to do? Your safety and the safety of others should come first. First of all, if you are able to, get out of the road and onto the pavement to avoid being hit by another car or causing another accident. If you or anyone else is seriously or critically injured, call an ambulance right away. However, it is difficult to try to stay calm. You may be scared, suffering from shock or in a lot of pain, but staying calm will help you get through the ordeal. Try not to shout at the driver that hit you, even though it is hard not to, and you may be very angry that they put you in danger with their carelessness. However, under such difficult circumstances, conflicts can escalate easily. Staying calm will avoid further conflict and stress.

When you speak to the driver, don’t say anything that may suggest you are partially responsible such as “I’m sorry” or “That was my fault”. Although you may be very shaken up, the time, this may be taken as an admission of liability, in which case, you may not be able to make your claim. Similarly, if after the accident, you are given something to sign by the driver, their insurer or their lawyer, do not sign any documents or accept a compensation offer without first consulting your solicitor. This may be an attempt to dupe you into accepting responsibility for your injuries, so you will not be able to claim or accepting an offer of bicycle accident compensation that is too low. This is why it is important to appoint a personal injury solicitor to handle your claim because they will know what you are owed and be able to ensure that you are not short-changed.

If you are not seriously injured, you can do the following at the scene of your accident to collect evidence to support your compensation for a cycle injury claim:

  • Report your cyclist hit by a car accident to the police within 24 hours. This is a legal requirement and will also provide you with evidence to support your claim.
  • Take photographs of your injuries or any damage to your bike. Include a date stamp.
  • Speak to the driver and exchange names as well as contact details.
  • Note down the cars registration plate number, the make of the car and its colour.
  • If any passers-by witnessed the accident, take down their names and contact details. They may be able to provide a witness statement to support your claim at a later date.

If you’d like to know how much you could be owed as a cyclist hit by a car pulling out of a driveway, then continue reading. 

How Much Compensation Will I Get For My Bike Accident?

Many of our clients ask us, “How much compensation will I get for my bike accident?” Bicycle accident settlement amounts in the UK are based on the seriousness of the injuries the claimant has sustained. If you call Accident Claims UK, we can accurately estimate how much compensation you can claim. Alternatively, you can use our personal injury claims calculator to see if you can claim compensation. Although this calculator is not personalised to you and does not include any special damages you may be owed, it will give you a good ballpark figure of how much compensation you will get for your bike accident.

Category of injuryInjured body partCommentsPossible settlement (10% uplift)
Moderate to SevereShoulderAn injury such as a dislocation of the brachial plexus or a frozen shoulder, as well as other moderate injuries might be included here.£7,410 to £45,070
Moderate to SeverePelvis and / or HipsSevere pelvic or hip injuries are (at their most serious) as serious as the loss of a leg.£11,820 to £122,860
Less severe to SevereArmLess severe to severe forms of arm injury might be almost as serious as the loss of the arm.£18,020 to £122,860
ModerateComplex Regional Pain SyndromeComplex Regional Pain Syndrome presenting with a variety of different symptoms.£26,300 to
Minor to SevereNeckThis includes a very wide range of different injuries which could affect the neck and surrounding tissues.£2,300 to £139,210
Minor to ModerateElbowThe majority of injuries to the elbows do fall into the category (minor to moderate). Such injuries might include cuts and lacerations, tennis elbow or other injuries. Maximum of £11,820
Single CategoryMultiple Fractures of Facial BonesFacial fractures which cause injure and even deformity to the facial bones.£13,970 to
Moderate to SevereLegThe most severe leg injuries are still not as serious as amputations or losses of the limb which are delt with in a separate category.£26,050 to £127,530
ModerateBackVarious different injuries to parts of (or the whole of) the back.£11,730 to £36,390
Moderate to Very SevereAnkleA moderate to severe ankle injury could require serious and extensive treatment. There may also be a long period of recovery and treatment.£12,900 to £65,420

What Could I Claim For My Injuries?

If you make a successful bicycle-car accident insurance claim, your compensation package will be awarded in two parts. The first part will be general damages which will compensate you for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity that your injuries have caused. General damages are usually the largest part of your compensation claim. You will also be awarded special damages, which are reimbursement for any financial losses or expenses that you experienced as part of your accident.

Examples of special damages:

  • If your bike was damaged in a car accident, you could claim compensation to cover the cost of repairs or cover the cost of replacing your bike.
  • If you needed medical treatment after your accident, you could claim compensation to cover the cost of medicines, physiotherapy, operations or any other type of medical treatment you need.
  • In the unfortunate event that you became disabled as a result of your injuries, you can claim compensation to cover the cost of any mobility equipment, home adaptations or car adaptations that you may need.
  • If you require at-home care whilst recovering from your injuries, you could also claim compensation to cover these expenses.
  • If you had to take time off work because of your cycling injuries, you could be able to claim any income that you have lost. Your loss of income claim can include any salary payments or in-work benefits that you lost.

No Win No Fee Cyclist Claims Against Negligent Car Drivers

At Accident Claims UK, you will have the option to make a no win no fee claim for compensation for a cycling injury. This means that you will not have to pay your solicitors fee in the unlikely instance that you do not win your claim, so there is less financial risk involved for you. To learn more about making a no win no fee claim, call Accident Claims UK today.

Start Your Cycling Accident Claim Today

If you wish to make a cyclist hit by a car claim, trust Accident Claims UK today to find the right solicitor to handle your case. Our solicitors have up to 3 decades of experience handling cycling accident claims and will always push to win you the maximum amount of compensation you could be owed. Use our online claims form to contact us, or call us for your free personal injury claims consultation to get started. Your bicycle-car accident insurance claim could be worth a lot of money, so call us today to get started.

Cyclist compensation claims- FAQs 

How can injuries after accidents with cars pulling out of driveways be avoided?

It’s not always possible to prevent an accident before it occurs, particularly if the accident is someone else’s fault. We can’t force people to pay due care and attention on the road, but there are some things we can do to reduce the severity of the accident.

When cycling in the dark, you should always be sure to wear proper reflective clothing that makes you impossible to miss for drivers paying attention to the road. Because of the risk of head injuries associated with cycling accidents, you should always wear a helmet when cycling. It’s also good practice to slow down when you’re approaching hazards or corners which might make hazards difficult to see.

How much could I get if I was hit by a car reversing from a driveway?

The question “how much compensation could I receive for my accident” is a difficult one to answer without more details of the accident you were involved in and the injuries you’ve sustained. Your claim will be made up of general damages, which cover the pain and suffering that you’ve sustained because of your injuries, and special damages which cover any expenses you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. Because both these heads of claim can heavily depend on individual circumstances, it’s best to get in touch with us to chat about your claim if you’re interested in how much you could be owed.

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