Farm Animal Injury And Attack Compensation Claims

By Lewis Hendrix. Last Updated 2nd August 2023. Welcome to our guide to claiming for injuries caused by dangerous livestock, Below, we explain who could claim for injuries from farm animals, explain what animal related injuries and causes are common, and discuss how we could help you claim for injuries inflicted by animals.

Injuries caused by dangerous livestock – could I claim?

Cow looking with a stern gaze at a person

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), forestry, fishing and agriculture is the riskiest industry to work in. Farm work which involves working with animals can be particularly risky. This is because animals can be unpredictable in their behaviour. Sometimes, a farm animal attack can take place, leading to a farm animal injury. For example, an animal could bite a farmworker. Therefore, farms need to take health and safety precautions to protect their workers.

Farm Animal Attack Injury Claims

Have you suffered animal-related injuries at work because of an incident that was caused by another party? Then you may be eligible to make an animal attack injury claim. Accident Claims UK can help you understand how to make a compensation claim for your injuries. We could connect you with a skilled personal injury lawyer to handle your farm injury claim. Our lawyers have experience handling compensation claims for an accident at work, so your claim will be in safe hands.

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  6. Farm Animal Injuries Caused By Bull And Cow Attacks
  7. Other Types Of Farming And Farm Animal Injury Claims
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A Guide To Farm Animal Injury Claims

Farming is a relatively dangerous profession. The Labour Force Survey recognises that the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector has a higher-than-average rate of self-reported injury than the average rate across all industries.

According to 2020-21 statistics, 12,000 workers sustain non-fatal injuries in the field of forestry, fishing and agriculture every year. What’s more, 34 workers of forestry, fishing and agriculture were killed at work in 2020/2.

What causes workplace accidents?

We offer insight below into the common causes of work injuries across all industries below.

Graph of non-fatal injuries by employees across all work sectors as reported by employers

Causes of farming injuries can include vehicle accidents, defective farming machinery accidents and incidents when farm animals attack. Under certain circumstances, animals can also injure visitors to a farm.

Employers owe their employees a duty of care. Similarly, farms owe a duty of care to members of the public that visit their premises. Therefore, farmers must take health and safety precautions to protect employees’ health and that of visitors. This includes protecting individuals from farm animal injuries or a farm animal attack.

Claiming for injuries caused by dangerous livestock

For example, farmers may keep dangerous livestock secured in an animal pen or train their employees in correct livestock handling techniques. If an animal injury occurs because an employer acted negligently, the injured person may be eligible to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

In this guide, we will look at how animal injuries and livestock attacks take place. And we will look at what responsibility farmers have to protect employees and visitors from accidents. What’s more, we will also explain when you could claim personal injury compensation for injuries caused by an animal attack.

To see if you can begin your animal injury claim, contact Accident Claims UK today. We could connect you with a knowledgeable personal injury solicitor if we can see that you have a favourable claim.

What Is A Farm Animal Injury Or Attack?

A farm animal injury is when a farm animal attacks a human causing bodily harm. A farm animal injury can happen if a person is bitten by an animal, experiences a cow attack or is kicked by a horse, for example. The injuries caused can range from minor to moderate to severe.

A farm animal attack can happen if an individual is attacked by livestock, such as cows, sheep or pigs. Or a working animal such as a horse or a dog can attack a person, leading to a farming injury.

These groups of people are amongst those at risk of injuries:

  • Farmworkers that may come into contact with animals every day are at risk of animal attacks.
  • Furthermore, farms sometimes open their premises up to the public to make additional revenue. So visitors to a farm can also be at risk.
  • In addition, members of the public sometimes have access to farmers fields where livestock may be grazing.
  • If farm animals stray onto public highways, they can cause a road traffic accident, injuring road users.

Should you be protected from injuries caused by dangerous livestock?

According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, employers have a duty of care towards their employees. This means that they are responsible for providing their employees with a safe and hygienic environment in which to work.

Similarly, the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 states that those in control of a space that’s accessible to the public have a duty of care towards anyone who uses their premises. Therefore, farmers must take adequate precautions to protect employees, visitors and others from animal attacks.

Types Of Livestock Injuries And Accidents

Different types of farm animal accidents can take place. Let’s look at some examples in more detail.

  • An animal can bite a farmworker or a farm visitor.
  • A horse can kick a person or throw a rider off its back.
  • Herds of cows can trample a walker.
  • Bulls can charge at a person.
  • Farm animals can stray onto the road, potentially causing road traffic accidents.

Animals may attack people if they feel threatened or believe that people are threatening their young. Therefore farmers must take necessary precautions to protect employees and the public from animals and dangerous livestock. For example, they may keep dangerous livestock such as cows and bulls in a secure pen or field and having adequate warning signs. Similarly, farmers should provide their employees with adequate animal or livestock handling training and protective equipment to avoid injury. This can help prevent a farm animal attack.

Can farmers be held liable for injuries caused by dangerous livestock?

Farmers can be held liable for animal bites and farm animal injuries if they failed to take adequate precautions to prevent the accident. This is because farmers have a duty of care to protect the public. Consequently, if poor health and safety measures caused you to be attacked by a farm animal, you may be eligible to claim farm accident compensation.

However, not every farm animal accident will be the result of a farmer’s negligence. If, for example, you continued into a field despite warnings signs and were attacked by an animal, the farmer may not be liable for your injuries. You’d need to be sure that the injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence.

We will now look at how farm animal accidents can take place in more detail below.

Road Traffic Accidents Caused By Livestock And Farm Animals

Farm animals can cause road traffic accidents if they stray onto the road. This is because a car may swerve to avoid them. Consequently, the vehicle may come off the road and collide with another vehicle or a static object. Or a vehicle may stop suddenly to avoid hitting an animal that has ran onto the road. As a result, the following vehicle may collide into the leading vehicle’s rear end. This can cause whiplash injuries.

Livestock should be kept in a secure area. This is to prevent the animals from straying onto the road. What’s more, warning signs should be in spots where animals are likely to cross a road.

What happens if a farmer failed to take health and safety precautions, causing a road traffic accident? If you’re injured because a farm animal escaped and caused an accident, then you may be eligible to claim personal injury compensation. Call Accident Claims UK’s helpline to enquire about claiming compensation for a road traffic accident.

Attacks By Horses And Similar Animals

Horses at riding schools or on farms are generally tame, intelligent animals. However, if not properly cared for or controlled, they can be dangerous. A horse can kick a person with its back legs, which can cause broken bone injuries. Similarly, horses can bite, sometimes causing a deep wound that can become infected.

Horses may kick or bite if they feel threatened or agitated. Many people who work with horses have a strong bond with the animals. This means that the handler can understand if the horse is distressed. However, if a horse is about to attack an untrained worker or visitor, they may not spot the signs.

Therefore, to prevent injuries, a trained person could supervise an untrained employee handling a horse. Similarly, if the farm also operates as an attraction, members of the public should only meet the horse if the animal has a handler or if there are other adequate safety measures, such as fencing.

Farm Animal Injuries Caused By Bull And Cow Attacks

Despite their docile appearance, cows can actually be dangerous livestock. Between 2015-16 to 2019-20 the Health and Safety Executive investigated 142 cow attack accidents. 22 of these cow attacks resulted in death.

Source URL:

A cow or a bull may attack members of the public walking in a farmer’s field. Similarly, accidents involving cows put farmworkers at risk of injury from a farm animal attack.

How can cow attacks be avoided?

Firstly, walkers can follow The Countryside Code and make sure they do not agitate cows or bulls. Dog walkers also have a responsibility to keep their dogs on the lead and under control. The HSE has advised not to put cattle and their calves in fields that the public has access to. What’s more, farmers should provide their employees with adequate livestock handling training.

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When could a farmer be held liable for a cow attack?

Farmers could be held liable for injuries from a cow attack if they didn’t take reasonable measures to protect the employee or visitor’s safety. For example:

  • Members of the public had access to a field with mother cows and calves or a bull, despite the farmer’s awareness of the aggressive temperament of the animals.
  • A farmer neglects to supply their employees with the correct training.

Do you believe you are owed compensation for injuries caused by a cow or livestock attack that wasn’t your fault? Then contact Accident Claims UK today for your free legal consultation. We could connect you with skilled personal injury solicitors to start working on your claim.

Other Types Of Farming And Farm Animal Injury Claims

As we have mentioned, farming is a hazardous industry to work in. Visitors can also be at risk of a farm animal attack. Here are some other examples of farming accidents that can happen if proper health and safety measures are not upheld.

  1. Farm machinery accidents. Farming equipment should be checked regularly and properly maintained. Failure to do so can result in farming machinery accidents, such as farmworkers being cut by a blade.
  2. Exposure to hazardous substances. Farmworkers often work with hazardous chemicals such as pesticides. These chemicals can be harmful to farmworkers and visitors. Therefore, employees must be given the correct personal protective equipment (if necessary) and training.
  3. Falls from a height. A farmworker can fall from a ladder or a hayloft if these have not been properly maintained. This can cause serious injuries.
  4. Being struck by a falling object. Objects such as heavy farming equipment can fall and strike a farmworker if they are not stored correctly. This can cause serious head and neck injuries.
  5. Slip, trip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can be caused by wet or slippery substances being on the floor. Likewise, slip and fall accidents can be caused by broken flooring or equipment not being put away properly.
  6. Farm animal attack from pets. Farm cats can be helpful in keeping rodents at bay and farm dogs can alert the farmer to dangers. However, if they’re not properly cared for or secured if members of the public are around, they could attack and injure visitors.
  7. Zoonoses. Farm animals can carry varying diseases that can also affect people. These diseases are called zoonoses. Control measures should be introduced to prevent them from spreading or causing illness to workers or visitors.

What Should I Do If I Suffered A Farm Animal Injury?

You may be eligible to claim farming accident compensation if you have experienced a farm animal injury that wasn’t your fault. You can collect evidence at the scene of the accident to support your claim. However, go to the hospital if you are seriously injured. It is important to prioritise your safety.

You can do the following to collect evidence to support your animal attack injury claim:

  • Photograph your injuries, including a date stamp.
  • And photograph the hazard that caused the injury.
  • Ask for any video or CCTV footage that shows the accident occurring.
  • Speak to eyewitnesses and take down their names and contact details. These individuals may be able to give a witness statement to support you at a later date.
  • Keep receipts relating to any purchases that you make relating to your injuries, such as medication. The receipts can be used as evidence to support your case.

Accident Claims UK can help you understand how to make a farm animal injury claim. We could connect you with a skilled personal injury lawyer if you have a solid claim.

Time Limit For Claiming For Injuries Caused By A Farm Animal

The time limit to start an animal attack claim, as with any type of personal injury claim, is outlined in the Limitation Act 1980. Generally, this is three years from the date you were injured.

However, in some circumstances, different limitations may apply to farm animal injury and attack compensation claims. For example:

  • If the injured party is under 18 years of age, the limitation period is frozen until their 18th birthday. From this date, they will then have until their 21st birthday to take action.
  • Should an adult lack the mental capacity required to make their own claim, the time limit is permanently frozen unless they regain this mental capacity. In this case, the three-year time limit will reinstate from the date of recovery.

In both cases where the time limit is frozen, a court-appointed litigation friend could make a claim on their behalf. A litigation friend should be someone who will act in the best interest of the claimant, such as a solicitor or legal guardian, for example.

To see whether you may have an eligible claim, you can contact our advisors today. They could also inform you whether you are within the limitation period.

Farm Animal Injury Compensation Calculator

You may be wondering how much compensation you can get for injuries caused by a farm accident that wasn’t your fault. How much compensation you could receive depends on the severity of your injuries. You can use the table below to estimate how much farm animal attack compensation you may be owed.

Severity Injury Type Comments On This Injury Settlement Bracket
Less severe Brain damage Compensation settlements may be based upon how severe the injury is as well as the severity of lingering symptoms. £14,380 – £40,410
Minor Head or brain injury There should not be any injury beyond minimal brain damage. The award will still be based on how serious the symptoms are and for how long they last. Up to £11,980
Injuries affecting sight (f) Eye injury The person will have suffered what is a serious loss of sight in one eye, but which is not total. The other eye should be unaffected by this injury. £22,230 – £36,960
Chest injury (d) Chest injury A simple chest injury. This could include penetrating wounds which do cause some level of permanent injury. The person affected should not experience any long-term effects on lung function. £11,820 – £16,860
Moderate (i) Neck injury Dislocations or fractures of the neck. There may be severe and immediate symptoms. Treatment options could include a spinal fusion in the future. £23,460 – £36,120
Moderate (i) Back injury Back injuries in this bracket include a very wide range of different back injuries. Examples of injuries could include a compression or crush injury which leaves the victim with constant pain. The person may also experience or be left with conditions such as osteoarthritis. £26,050 – £36,390
Moderate Shoulder injury A frozen shoulder or a similar injury which limits shoulder movement and which also causes persistent discomfort. £7,410 – £11,980
Moderate (i) Hip or pelvis injury Significant injuries to the pelvis or the hips. £24,950 – £36,770
Arm injuries (d) Simple Fractures of the Forearm This bracket only included simple breaks of the forearm. £6,190 – £18,020
Less severe Elbow injury This includes elbow injuries which restrict the function and the movement of the elbow joint. This should not cause the person significant disability and should not need major surgical treatment. £14,690 – £30,050
Less severe (c) Wrist injury Such injuries are limited to the less severe degrees. Those affected will still have some degree of permanent disability. They could experience pain and stiffness in the arm. £11,820 – £22,990

The compensation amounts included in the table above are based on guidelines from the Judicial College. Legal professionals may use these guidelines to help them when valuing your injuries.

How much compensation you receive may vary, depending on your individual circumstances. We have not included special damages compensation payouts in this table. However, for a free, accurate estimate of what you could claim, why not reach out to our advisors?

Special Damages Awarded For Farm Animal Attack Injury Claims

You could be awarded up to two heads of claim if your farm injury compensation claim is successful. These are general damages and special damages. We will now explain what this means.

General Damages

A general damages payout is to compensate you for the physical and psychological effects of your injuries.

Special Damages

A special damages payout is to reimburse you for any expenses incurred because of your injuries. Special damages can include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Care expenses
  • Mobility equipment expenses (if the injury is severe enough to necessitate this)
  • Home adaptation expenses (if the injury is severe enough to necessitate this)
  • Reimbursement for loss of earnings if you took unpaid leave to recover, for example

No Win No Fee Animal Injury Claims

Our solicitors offer our clients the option of a No Win No Fee agreement. Under such an agreement, you wouldn’t have to pay upfront solicitor fees. What’s more, with a No Win No Fee agreement, you would only pay the solicitor their fee if you win your claim.

Your solicitor would take a success fee after a successful case. It’s a small percentage of the compensation. What’s more, this fee is capped by law.

If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be charged any solicitor fees. You can enjoy the following other advantages if you make a No Win No Fee claim:

  • The success fee is only taken after the compensation comes through, so you’re not left out-of-pocket.
  • There is no ongoing solicitor’s fee to pay, making No Win No Fee the more affordable way to fund a solicitor’s services for many clients.

To see if you can begin your No Win No Fee claim for an animal bite or injury, call Accident Claims UK today.

Why Choose Us For Your Farm Animal Injury Claim?

Trust Accident Claims UK to help you if you were bitten by an animal or experienced a farm animal attack that wasn’t your fault. What can Accident Claims UK offer you?

  • The services of a dedicated personal injury solicitor with experience.
  • A free valuation of your claim with no obligation to proceed with our services.
  • And what’s more, you will have the option to fund your solicitor under a No Win No Fee agreement.

Start Your Claim

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Thank you for reading our guide on how to claim for a farm animal attack injury that wasn’t your fault.