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By Cat Swift. Last Updated 22nd August 2023. Welcome to our guide on slip, trip and fall solicitors.

Our guide provides essential advice on how to claim when you are injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident that wasn’t your fault. This applies to workplace accidents and incidents in public areas such as car parks and supermarkets. In short, the guide covers this type of accident no matter where it occurs. We explain how experienced slip, trip or fall solicitors can represent you once your claim is assessed. Once this is achieved, the solicitor could act on your behalf on a No Win No Fee basis. We offer advice on when a slip, trip or fall claim is valid, and who could be held liable for the injuries you suffered.

Slip trip or fall solicitors slip trip and fall solicitors

The guide provides an idea of the level of compensation you could be awarded for slip and fall injuries. Furthermore, we explain how personal injury compensation is awarded in general damages and special damages.

Please continue reading our guide to seeking slip, trip, or fall compensation to find out more. Alternatively, please call one of our friendly advisers to discuss a No Win No Fee personal injury claim on 0800 073 8801. All calls are free of charge and treated with the utmost discretion.

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A Guide To Claiming With Slip, Trip Or Fall Solicitors

Being injured in a slip, trip or fall accident may prevent you from going to work while you recover. Your injuries may only be minor but you may suffer more serious symptoms, for example, if you fall from a height and land heavily. Our guide offers advice on claiming compensation if you are injured in a slip, trip and fall accident caused by someone else.

We provide essential information on the laws and legislation that cover your safety at work or when you are in a public place such as a shop, restaurant or pub. The guide also offers an idea of the level of general damages you could be awarded. Furthermore, we provide information on how special damages can be included in a slip, trip and fall injury claim.

We explain how slip, trip and fall solicitors represent claimants on a No Win No Fee basis. Lastly, the guide provides valuable advice on how you too could benefit from having a No Win No Fee lawyer act on your behalf.

A member of our team can answer your questions by offering you free legal advice in a no-obligation consultation, free of charge.

What Is A Slip, Trip Or Fall?

You can injure yourself in a number of ways when you slip, trip or fall. You may slip on a wet surface which, as a result, leads to some kind of injury. Another scenario is when you trip over an obstacle that has been negligently placed there. The result could be you fall and suffer an injury due to negligence on the part of somebody else.

Other ways you can be injured when you fall are when a:

  • Broken rail gives way
  • Unmaintained ramp collapses
  • Damaged paving slab is raised too high above the pavement

When you are injured in a slip, trip and fall accident due to negligence of a third party, once yo’uve sought medical treatment, personal injury lawyers could assist you when claiming personal injury compensation.

What Are Slip, Trip Or Fall Solicitors?

Slip, trip or fall solicitors are legal experts specialising in handling injuries you sustain in this type of accident. A solicitor can assess your case to see whether you have a strong claim and that your injury was caused due to negligence. Once this is achieved, the solicitor could offer to act on your behalf on a No Win No Fee basis.

An expert adviser is waiting to take your call, so please get in touch today.

Types Of Claim Handled By Slip, Trip Or Fall Solicitors

No Win No Fee solicitors should have the necessary legal experience to handle slip, trip and fall injury claims as detailed in the following paragraphs.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accidents At Work

Your employer has a duty under law to protect your health and safety. So, if you slip, trip or fall due to their negligence (such as knowingly supplying you with a faulty ladder), you could claim.

It’s important to note that if you were partially responsible for your injuries, you could still claim but it may affect your compensation. If you were fully at fault for your own injuries (such as by acting recklessly despite your employer’s cautions and objections), you may not be able to make an accident at work claim.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accidents In Shops

Shop owners have a legal duty to ensure they take reasonable steps to keep you safe from harm. This includes preventing you from being injured on their premises in a slip, trip, and fall accident due to their negligence. Employers could take steps to prevent such accidents from occurring:

  • Wet floors should be clearly signposted.
  • Walkways/aisles should be kept clear of hazards where possible.
  • Spillages should be cleaned promptly.
  • Lighting should be adequate.
  • Ramps, railings, and steps should be safe if visitors are expected to use them or signposted if they’re hazardous.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accidents In Public Places

Local councils and authorities have a duty to ensure your safety when using their premises or land. Responsibilities can include checking:

  • Pavements are correctly and routinely maintained.
  • Roads are maintained and fixed if they’re made aware of hazards (such as potholes).
  • Premises are safe to use (such as libraries).

When paving stones are not replaced or repaired, or walkways are damaged, you could slip, trip and fall. Should you fall on a busy road or street, the consequences can be fatal.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accidents In Restaurants And Pubs

Restaurants, as well as pubs, should make sure you are safe when you visit their premises. The following could be done to prevent you from injuring yourself in a slip, trip, or fall accident:

  • Spillages should be cleaned up as quickly as possible.
  • All wet areas should be clearly signposted if not yet dry.
  • Lighting should be adequate.
  • Ramps, railings, and steps should be safe if visitors are expected to use them or signposted if they’re hazardous.
  • Corridors should be clearly lit.
  • Washrooms should be kept clean.

An expert adviser can answer any questions you have regarding an accident in which you are injured, so please give us a call today. If you have a valid, formidable claim, they may be able to put you in touch with slip, trip or fall solicitors. Our personal injury solicitors all work under No Win No Fee terms.

Types Of Injuries Caused By A Slip, Trip Or Fall

You can suffer different types of injury in a slip, trip and fall accident. Some may be more severe than others. Possible injuries include:

  • Head injuries you sustain when falling from height. You may suffer a concussion, but you could also sustain an extremely serious head injury. The damage may be debilitating, life-changing or may prove fatal.
  • Fractures to the hips are also injuries that can be caused by a slip, trip and fall. An injury of this nature can require surgery and extensive aftercare and rehabilitation.
  • Spinal cord and back injuries could occur when you slip and fall. It can result in fractured vertebrae or you could suffer a herniated or slipped disc, limiting your mobility. Spinal cord injuries may result in permanent paralysis as well as sensory and neurological impairments.
  • Shoulder injuries could occur in a slip, trip and fall accident. You may have suffered a dislocated shoulder or a ‘brachial plexus injury’, causing you tremendous pain and requiring surgery.
  • Fractures and sprains are other injuries that could be sustained in a slip, trip, and fall accident. You may have twisted your knee or ankle, which negatively impacts your mobility. Should you fall heavily, you may suffer a fracture to one or more bones

A member of our team is ready to take your call and to answer the questions you have regarding compensation for an injury, so please contact an expert adviser today.

Public Space And Workplace Health And Safety Laws

Employers are legally obliged to protect the health of people in their workplace. Occupiers (those in control of places accessible to the public) also have a duty of care to ensure that the general public is not put in avoidable danger on their premises.

As such, there are laws and legislation in place. For employers, the main legislation we look at is the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Under this law, employers are obliged to ensure (as reasonably as possible) that the workplace is safe for employees to use.

Other legislation for employers includes:

The legislation that those in control of land, premises or property accessible to the public should adhere to is:

  • Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957: Anywhere accessible to the public should be safe for visitors. Hazards, for example, if they can’t be removed, should be reduced by clear, visible, warning signage.

To avoid accidents involving slips, trips and falls from happening, employers or occupiers could:

  • Carry out routine risk assessments.
  • Ensure the correct cleaning routine is set in place.
  • Ensure flooring is suitable for the purpose.
  • Clean up spillages promptly.
  • When made aware of a hazard, appropriately reduce or remove the hazard as soon as reasonably possible.

One of our expert advisers can answer any questions you have, so please call today for free legal advice on claiming compensation for a slip, trip and fall injury.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accident Statistics

Accidents involving a slip, trip, and fall in the UK could be more common than you may think. This type of incident could occur anywhere, whether you are in a supermarket, at work, or in the park.

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of non-fatal injuries suffered by workers (as reported by employers under RIDDOR) stood at 65,427, with 29% of these being due to a slip, trip or fall accidents. This was the most common accident to cause non-fatal injuries in the workplace. Falls from a height accounted for 8%.

slip trip and fall solicitors statistics graph

An expert is here to answer your questions regarding a slip, trip and fall injury, so please get in touch today.

Calculating Compensation Claims

The compensation payouts in the table below are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). No Win No Fee lawyers and courts use the JCG to calculate how much an injury could worth in general damages. General damages are awarded for the pain, loss of amenity, and physical and mental suffering you are caused.

(The table does not include any special damages, which we cover in the paragraph below.)

Injury Details Amount awarded in general damages
Foot Amputation of One Foot £83,960 to £109,650
Foot Severe: Fractures of both heels or feet and significant restriction of mobility. £41,970 to £70,030
Foot Moderate: Injuries such as displaced metatarsal fractures that cause permanent deformity and ongoing symptoms. £13,740 to £24,990
Foot Modest: Injuries including simple metatarsal fractures and puncture wounds. Up to £13,740
Toe Severe: For example, crush injuries causing the amputation of one or two toes (but not the great toe). £13,740 to £21,070
Toe Serious: Injuries to the great toe or crush and multiple fractures of two or more toes. £9,600 to £13,740
Injuries to the Elbow Moderate or Minor Injury Up to £12,590
Leg Simple Fractures to Tibia or Fibula or Soft Tissue Injuries Up to
Scarring A number of noticeable scars from lacerations, or one disfiguring scar on the leg(s), arm(s), hand(s), back or chest. £9,110 to £30,090
Skeletal Injuries Multiple Fractures of Facial Bones £10,640 to £23,130

No Win No Fee solicitors can assist you in calculating the value of slip, trip or fall injury claim. A member of our team is here to take your call.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Special Damages Awards

The above figures represent what you could claim for physical and psychological injury. You could also claim compensation for the financial losses and expenses you’ve endured due to your injuries. This compensation is known as special damages. In short, you could include the following in a personal injury claim if you have evidence:

  • Travel expenses to cover the amount you paid out to go for treatments, therapies, rehabilitation, as well as the money you paid out to get to solicitor appointments. Parking fees can also be claimed back in special damages
  • Medical expenses you incurred as a result of your injuries. This includes the cost of prescriptions.
  • Care costs if you require assistance around the home while you recover, no matter who looks after you (i.e. family members or paid carers).
  • Loss of earnings if you did not get your usual wages when you were off work recovering.
  • Loss of future income if you cannot work again because of the injuries you suffered.

An expert is ready to answer any questions you have regarding special damages, so please get in touch today for free legal advice.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Claims With No Win No Fee Solicitors

There are many benefits to making a slip and fall injury claim with the help of a solicitor. For example, a solicitor can talk to people who witnessed your fall and take their statements as evidence. They can also break down complex legal jargon and explain the claims process in more detail.

Our solicitors help claimants from all over the UK. This means that you aren’t limited to working with a solicitor local to you. Our solicitors also work on a No Win No Fee basis by offering Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs). Under this kind of arrangement, you aren’t required to pay any upfront or ongoing fees to your solicitor for their work. Also, if your claim doesn’t succeed, then you won’t pay anything for their services.

If your claim succeeds and you receive compensation, your solicitor will take a success fee. This fee is taken as a small percentage, though this percentage is legislatively capped. This helps to make sure that you keep the larger share of your compensation.

Our advisors can offer more information on slip, trip, and fall claims. When you get in touch, they can offer a free evaluation of your claim. This means that they can answer any questions that you have and can help you identify whether or not your claim is valid. Then, they may be able to connect you with one of our expert solicitors. To get started:

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Thank you for reading our guide to slip, trip or fall solicitors. Our slip, trip and fall solicitors could assist you with your claim.