A Guide To Easyjet Package Holiday Accident Claims – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury On A Easyjet Holiday?

Check if you are eligible to seek compensation from the airline and package holiday operator if you were the victim of an accident on an Easyjet package holiday.

Whether you are booking your annual week in the sun or a quick get away, the last thing you expect is to be hurt or to become sick because your holiday provider failed to look after you properly. However, for some people, their trip abroad will sadly be spoiled by either an accident which causes them to be hurt, or an illness caused by food-borne illnesses, or similar illnesses.

When making a claim against your package holiday provider, there are several grounds upon which you can base your claim.

  • You can seek damages if you were hurt because of negligence or the action of your holiday company, or their service providers.
  • You can seek damages if you contracted some form of illness due to action or inaction of you holiday company.
  • You could also seek damages if your holiday did not match what had been advertised to you.

In addition to seeking damages through a personal injury claim, you may also be able to claim against any travel insurance you have, and could qualify for a refund from the service provider.

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A Guide To Compensation Claims For An Accident On An Easyjet Package Holiday

The purpose of this guide is to provide all the information you need to make a compensation claim against Easyjet for an injury or illness which they were responsible for. Before we look at the different ways holidaymakers can come to harm, and how we can help them, we need to set out the criteria your holiday needs to meet to bring this type of claim against a company such as Easyjet.

What is a package holiday

From a legal perspective, a package holiday is one in which you have booked at least two of the following elements of a holiday at the same time and with the same provider.

  1. Flights, international train services such as Eurostar, or other transport.
  2. Accommodation, including an overnight stay of more than 24 hours.
  3. Additional services which may include entertainment, leisure packages, or food.

If you booked the parts of your claim separately, you will not be eligible to make a claim under the package holiday regulations. However, this does not mean a claim can not be brought against the responsible party.

Common Accidents People Have On Holiday

Package holiday claims EasyjetLater in this article we will look at some of the different ways you could be hurt whilst on your hotels premises. Here we shall look at what are, from our research and experience, the most frequent ways accidents can happen whilst on holiday outside of the UK. Our experience tells us that these may be;

  • People being hurt whilst participating in any organised sports, whilst on excursions, or when participating in leisure activities.
  • Vehicle accidents involving a vehicle rented as part of your package, or whilst on a hotel transfer journey.
  • Sickness such as food poisoning, those acquired from a swimming pool, or even bed bug bite injuries.

Common Ways People Are Injured On Holiday

As we have seen that there are certain ways in which people may more commonly be harmed, there are also types of injury which our team will more often see people make claims for when harmed on a package holiday. Those whilst we see more often include,

  • Whiplash is a very common injury which people will suffer when involved in car or other vehicle crashes.
  • Soft tissue injuries such as a twisted ankle.
  • Electric shocks and electrical burns from defective equipment in a hotel room.
  • Broken bones, such as a broken leg.
  • Gastrointestinal illnesses

There are many other forms of injury which people sustain whilst they abroad on holiday, which we can help you to seek compensation for.

What Responsibility Does A Holiday Company Have To Keep You Safe?

Holidaymakers are entitled to expect a certain level of service from their holiday company and their agents. They are also protected under specific pieces of legislation in the UK. When you pay for your holiday, you are entering into a contract with the company in question. In this case, that is Easyjet. This contract places an obligation on the company in question to keep you safe and free from harm whilst on their holiday. These obligations are set out in the Package Holiday And Tour Regulations of 1992.

For you as a customer, this means that if this contract has been breached, or if they failed to keep you free from harm, you can seek damages for said harm caused. We should also note that not every type of accident you could be involved in whilst on holiday may be the responsibility of your holiday company. To find out if your circumstances do qualify you to seek damages, please talk to our team today.

How Long Do I Have To Start A Claim?

We are often asked how long people have in which to make a personal injury claim for an accident which has happened whilst on holiday abroad. If, as in the case we are looking at through this article, you were hurt whilst on a holiday booked via Easyjet as a complete package, you will have the same three year period as all claims made in the UK are subject to. This period of time before which the claim becomes time barred begins either when you were hurt, or when an illness or an injury is connected with a specific incident. As long as the defendant in your claim is a UK based company (even if the service provider abroad is not), you have this three year period to make a claim.

Claim For Injuries And Accidents Which Happened In Your Hotel

When on holiday your hotel, and the room especially, should feel like your home away from home. It should be a safe place where you can relax and unwind in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Your room should also be a place where you can safely leave your possessions whilst out for the day. For some holiday makers each year, this will not be the case. As your hotel and their grounds may cover several different environments, as well as a multitude of facilities, there are a variety of circumstances in which they can occur. The most common of which are;

  • Accident or injury sustained in or around leisure facilities, such as swimming pools. If maintenance of such equipment is not kept up, it may break and cause the user (if equipment) or those in such area, such as spaces around a swimming pool, to be hurt.
  • People can fall over in a variety of different circumstances, and can leave you with many different types of injury. In most instances the harm will only be mild, but they can cause serious head injuries.
  • Hotel guests can be burned either in their room or other parts of a hotel. In a restaurant, cafe, or bar you could be burned by beverages or foods which are served at too high a temperature, or by things being spilled on people. A broken shower in a hotel room might also cause scalds by dispensing extremely hot or boiling water.
  • Illnesses such as food poisoning can happen in your hotel. We have included a more detailed look at these later in this article.
  • Assaults and criminal injuries can happen in your hotel and if the holiday company in concern was responsible for this happening, you could seek damages against them.
  • You can also be hurt in your hotel due to fixtures or furniture breaking when in use. A banister may collapse and cause you to fall down stairs.

You can find out more about such action in our hotel claims guide.

Road Traffic And Car Accidents When On A Package Holiday

Whilst most of us would prefer not to think about it, accidents (such as car crashes) can happen on the road whilst you are on holiday. If you were travelling in a vehicle on a trip booked as part of your package holiday with Easyjet, they may be liable for any injuries sustained. The incident could have happened whilst you were travelling in a pre-booked airport transfer, or even on an airport bus. As long as the trip in question was booked at the same time as, and part of, your holiday package, you can seek damages against the relevant holiday company.

We may also be able to assist you to make a claim in the event that you were travelling in a private vehicle, or on public transport which was not booked as a part of your holiday package. In such an event, the liable party will be the other driver and the claim would be brought against them, or their insurance provider.

Find out more in our holiday accident claims guide.

Can I Claim For Food Poisoning On Holiday?

This category of claim might include food poisoning from foods or beverages you consumed from your hotel (or which were provided to you by a related service), or from exposure to contaminated waters in a swimming pool. If you think you currently have food poisoning, this guide from the National Health Service (NHS) has a checklist you can view to see if your symptoms fit.

Whilst the general advice is not to see a doctor if you have suspected food poisoning, we recommend that you do. This is so that your condition can be diagnosed, and to create an official record with the doctor of your illness. In most instances you won’t require any specific treatment from a doctor.

What to do if you have food poisoning

  • As soon as you can, you should try and drink plenty of fluids. This helps to stop you becoming dehydrated.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Once you are able to, begin trying to eat in small amounts, with light or bland foods.
  • Elderly or vulnerable people could also benefit from taking an oral rehydration solution. You can purchase this in most pharmacies.

What Do I Need To Do To Begin My Claim

To start any personal injury claim you need to make sure that you have completed a few simple steps. These are;

  1. That you reported and recorded the accident with or to the relevant parties. This may have been to the hotel or service provider involved and to Easyjet, following their accident reporting procedure.
  2. That you sought treatment from a doctor, hospital or appropriate medical practice, and that you have kept a record of this.
  3. That, if possible, you took photographic evidence of the cause of your accident, and your initial injury.

To help you to ensure that give your solicitor the right information it also helps to write down (as soon as possible after the event) everything you can remember about the incident in question. Later you might forget a certain detail, which could be vital to your claim. After completing these steps, you just need to give us a call.

What Could I Be Eligible To Claim Compensation For?

When you claim compensation, whether for injuries sustained whilst abroad on holiday or for a car crash here in the UK, there are multiple costs, expenses, and forms of damages your final award will take account of.

The bulk of what you finally receive will often be damages for the harm you experienced. This could be for an illness or an injury. Next, you could also seek what are called special damages. This can be made up of any of the following:

Medical bills and expenses

The cost of any treatment you needed to visit a private practitioner can be claimed for. For example, dental care often requires you to pay for it. Such costs, as well as the cost of medicine prescribed to you, and even the cost of getting to and from such appointments can be sought.

Care in the home

Following your injury you may find you need help or care around the home. This may be whilst you are recuperating, or over the longer term. You can seek damages for the cost of employing a carer, care visitor, or for the income lost by a partner or relative who takes time off to provide your care.

Other financial impacts

Your accident may have had other financial impacts on you. If you took time of work you may have lost income of benefits. You could have had to buy adaptable equipment for use around the home, such as additional stair rails. You may even have had to pay for emergency repatriation to the UK. All of these costs can be sought from the party liable.

Example Compensation Calculator For Injuries Caused By An Accident On An Easyjet Package Holiday

A quick search online will often produce a plethora of different personal injury claim calculators, all claiming to be able to tell you exactly what your sickness or harm suffered is worth. Before looking at some examples of potential settlements people can be awarded, we should clearly state; any figures provided are illustrative. Until you have discussed the harm you suffered, and what any long term effects will be, we can not say how much your individual claim may be worth.

In this table, we look at examples of injuries people may experience when on holiday and show how much such injuries may be valued at in terms of compensation settlements. Each type of injury has an attached degree of harm, and a valuation range for the settlement.

Injury (by type or body part) Severity Damages awarded (max/ min) Comments on the injury
Back Minor Up to £10,970 Minor forms of injury to the soft tissues which do not have any lasting or permanent consequence.
Back Moderate £10,970 – £34,000 This level of injury will heal over time. May include damage to the soft tissues.
Back Severe £34,000 – £141,150 Will include serious injuries up to a fractured back. There will be a serious and lasting effect on the victim.
Leg(s) Minor Up to £10,380 There will be no permanent effects of this type of injury.
Leg(s) Moderate £24,340 – £34,370 Will include more serious soft tissue injuries.
Leg(s) Severe £84,400 – £119,210 Severe forms of injury causing permanent symptoms and effects such as a loss of use of the leg.
Income lost Earnings £10,000 – £400,000 This is calculated from your current salary and projected salary or wages lost.
Income lost Benefits £5,000 – £500,000 This is based on your current income and what you are projected to lose in the future.
Suffering and pain N/A £1,000 – £200,000 Payments based on actual suffering and pain.
Mental anguish Various £3,550 Paid when there is a genuine expectation of experiencing the end of the victims life.
Costs of a funeral Various £3,000 – £10,000 An award may be higher than the upper limit.

If we have not included an injury similar to yours you need not worry. These are just examples of claims we have handled in the past. Remember, you may also receive a special damages as outlined above.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accident On An Easyjet Package Holiday

If you have been hurt or become sick whilst on holiday you need to use a holiday claims lawyer who you can trust to help you get the compensation you are owed. The last thing you want to do is to make a large payment to a solicitor and then recieve little in services or communication, ending up without a settlement. We are a service you can put your trust in.

By offering to take your claim on through a no win no fee agreement, we place you in a much better position. You don’t need to pay us anything to begin the process, nor will you need to make any payments for services whilst the claim is being undertaken. In fact, under such a no win no fee agreement you will not need to pay any money at all till the end of the claims process. At which time, if we have not secured you compensation, you will not need to pay us a penny. If we have done so, the fee you pay will have been agreed in advance between you (the claimant) and the lawyer working on your case.

Why You Should You Choose Our Winning Team?

When it comes to seeking damages claimants have a very wide range of options to choose from in terms of whose service to use. So, why work with us? We think that our package of a comprehensive service, the option to book you a medical assessment close to you and the support of our team is enough to put us head and shoulders above the rest. Remember, our team will do everything we can to get your the best possible damages settlement.

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