Murrayfield Stadium Accident Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Personal Injury?

Murrayfield stadium accident claims guide

Murrayfield stadium accident claims guide

If you were involved in an accident at Murrayfield Stadium that was not your fault, then our panel of personal injury solicitors could help you make a personal injury claim against the stadium operators. This article will guide you through everything you need to know.

Murrayfield Stadium is the largest stadium in Scotland and the fifth largest stadium in the UK. It’s primarily used to host rugby matches, but it can also be used to host football matches and concerts.  , and the operators have a duty of care to ensure that their experience is safe and entails as little risk of harm as possible.

Read on for more information and remember that this guide is just an introduction. To find out more or to begin a claim, please use the contact details listed at the bottom of this page to reach our accident claims team.

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  1. A Guide To Claims For Accidents At Murrayfield Stadium
  2. What Is A Murrayfield Stadium Accident?
  3. Health And Safety Considerations For Sports Stadiums
  4. Steps To Take When Injured At A Sports Stadium
  5. Sports Stadium Accidents
  6. Rugby Stadium Accident At Work Claims
  7. Food Allergy And Related Illnesses
  8. Stadium Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents
  9. Broken Stadium Seat Accident Claims
  10. Accidents Caused By Disrepair
  11. Assaults And Criminal Injuries
  12. Spectator Injured By An Incident On The Pitch
  13. Personal Injury Claims Calculator 
  14. Special Damages A Sports Stadium Accident Claim Could Include
  15. No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At Murrayfield Stadium
  16. Why Make A Sports Stadium Accident Claim With Our Team?
  17. Start Your Claim For An Accident In Murrayfield Stadium
  18. Sports Stadium References

A Guide To Claims For Accidents At Murrayfield Stadium

This guide covers the basics on how and when a Murrayfield Stadium accident could entitle an injured party to claim compensation from a negligent third party.  We cover some of the different legal obligations that a stadium operator has towards the health and safety of its patrons and staff. The guide then details some of the circumstances in which an injury could potentially occur at Murrayfield Stadium.

Lastly, the guide covers information on how the process of making the personal injury claim works, and how compensation is calculated and whether you could be represented by a No Win No Fee solicitor.

What Is A Murrayfield Stadium Accident?

Certain types of accidents could happen at all sports stadiums, both inside and outside the ground itself, such as slips, trips and falls or being the victim of assault or violent behaviour . In the following sections, we will detail some of the more likely scenarios in which an accident could occur.

Health And Safety Considerations For Sports Stadiums

The operators of Murrayfield Stadium are bound by the laws set out in the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 and the Safety Of Sports Grounds Act 1975. These pieces of legislation mean that if a person has suffered harm in a stadium and it is found that the stadium did not meet health and safety standards or their duty of care to their staff or guests, they could be liable to pay compensation,

Steps To Take When Injured At A Sports Stadium

If you have been injured, then there are certain things you ought to do as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of making a successful personal injury claim. In cases of severe injuries you should, of course, seek medical attention first. If you’re able, here are some tips on gathering evidence to support your case:

  • Take photographs of the cause of the accident
  • Get the contact details of people in the area who witnessed the accident
  • Write down detailed notes of what you can remember about the incident
  • See a doctor if you have not done so already to ensure that there is a medical record of what happened
  • Report the incident to stadium staff
  • Get in touch with our accident claims team

There is a strict time limit that applies to making claims, so delaying could see you lose out.  Our advisers will tell you what you can do next and whether one of our panel of personal injury claims solicitors can help you.

Sports Stadium Accidents

Sports stadiums, especially large ones like Murrayfield Stadium, are big places with many different parts, some used exclusively by the fans, others used exclusively by players, team staff and ground staff. Some are indoors, such as the concourse area, others are outdoors such as the stands. There may well also be areas outside the stadium itself containing facilities such as parking or fan zones which the ground is responsible for. The accidents which will be discussed in this guide could happen anywhere in the different parts of a stadium’s property.

Rugby Stadium Accident At Work Claims

If you are working at Murrayfield Stadium then your personal health and safety is just as protected as the fans. Your employer must plan and implement health and safety measures to deal with all reasonably foreseeable  hazards in the workplace. This is a legal responsibility laid out under the Health And Safety At Work  Act 1974.

If you have been injured and you believe it was because your employer did not take steps to protect your health and safety, then you should call us to find out whether you could begin a claim for compensation.

You may also benefit from reading this guide to personal injury claims for accidents at work.

Food Allergy And Related Illnesses

A stadium will have plenty of food outlets where fans can get snacks and beverages before a match and at half time. The operators of these vendors, be it the stadium itself or outside companies, have a duty of care to ensure that all of their food and drink is safe for consumption. That means ensuring that food is stored and prepared in a hygienic manner and that food containing allergens is clearly labelled. Food and drink and the cutlery it is served with should be served at correct temperatures, too.

If you experienced food poisoning, an allergic reaction or a burn as a result of the negligence, then contact us to find out if you could make a personal injury claim.

You may also find it helpful to read through this guide to food allergy and food related illness claims.

Stadium Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents

Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common causes of injuries in workplaces. Yet despite how common they are, many incidents  are preventable. The owners of stadiums have a legal obligation to both their customers and staff to take steps to ensure that the risk of slips, trips and falls is reduced to as low a level as reasonably possible. If you suffer a slip, trip or fall and certain steps were not taken to prevent it from happening, then you could have grounds to file for compensation. Examples of the steps that a stadium needs to take to protect people from slips, trips and falls include:

  • Making sure floors are mopped when there have been items spilt on them
  • Making sure wet floors are marked out with a wet floor sign
  • Making sure that items left out on the floor, i.e. rubbish, wires and empty packaging, are cleared away
  • Ensuring that all floors in the stadium are maintained and that linoleum, floor panels, and carpets are in good condition
  • Ensuring that the area around the stadium is free of slipping and tripping hazards such as broken pavements and patches of ice

Why not call us if you’ve been hurt in a trip, slip or fall at Murrayfield Stadium to find out if you could make a claim.

You can also find more information on slip, trip and fall claims on this page here.

Broken Stadium Seat Accident Claims

Seats that are broken or faulty could cause accidents in a number of different ways that could result in serious injuries. Broken seats could present sharp edges which can lacerate. A chair that breaks while you are sitting on it could cause you to fall and hit your head or land painfully.

Stadiums are required to ensure, through regular checks, that all of the seats are in working order and safe to use. They could be liable if a spectator suffers an injury from a faulty chair on the basis that they should have spotted the issue and had the chair fixed or replaced prior to the event . If you have suffered an injury because your seat was faulty or unsafe, why not call our accident claims team? There is a chance that you could be entitled to compensation.

Accidents Caused By Disrepair

This could involve tripping over either inside the stadium or in car parks operated by the stadium due to the floor, tarmac or pavements being uneven or broken. It could involve falling down the stairs in the stadium because the steps were unsafe or because the handrails were unstable. It may involve tables and chairs in the stands, where a table could fall or collapse while you were sitting or leaning on it.

A lack of maintenance could lead to light fixtures being faulty, causing accidents due to a lack of lighting. Leaks could occur, for example, in the toilets, which could cause someone to have a slip or a fall.

If you have been hurt at Murrayfield Stadium in such circumstances, then you should call our advice team to find out if you have grounds to file a personal injury claim for compensation.

Assaults And Criminal Injuries

Although the frequent and large scale football hooliganism of the 1980s is no longer prevalent in modern sport there is still a small minority of individuals who attend sports games intent on causing trouble. You have an absolute right to go to a football match without having to worry about being the victim of violent criminal behaviour. Stadiums are required to have security features in place, such as CCTV cameras, security staff and fan segregation, to minimise the threat of fans clashing with each other.

While football stadiums cannot control the decisions of a minority who choose to behave violently, they do have a responsibility to implement security measures designed to keep people safe. Victims of crime can seek criminal injury compensation from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. You can learn more about how criminal injury compensation claims work here, and here.

Spectator Injured By An Incident On The Pitch

There is a slim chance that as a spectator during a football game you could be hurt as a result of something that occurs on the pitch, such as a ball sent flying into the stands. Or there is a chance that during a concert, the special effects or pyrotechnics might go wrong and cause injury to people in the audience. The likelihood of something like this occurring is slim, but it could happen. If it does, we can help you.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator

Calculating the amount of compensation that you would be entitled to is a key part of making a personal injury claim. No two personal injury claims are the same. Each injury and accident can cause different effects on a person’s health, ability to work, and their overall quality of life. The point of compensation is to repay the victim for what they have been through mentally and physically and to make up for what the accident has cost them financially.

In order to work out the precise value of your claim, it will be necessary for you to be examined by a medical expert. The expert will produce a report and his findings will be used to value your claim.  In the table below, you will see how the severity of injuries are classified and their value calculated under English law. Compensation amounts may be different under Scottish law. These figures do not represent the actual final amount that successful claimants would receive. To begin to find out what you would be entitled to, you would have to speak to our accident claims team.

Injury Injury Severity Compensation Amount Injury Description
Head Injury Moderate Brain Damage (i) £140,870 to £205,580 Moderate to severe issues with intellectually capacity, a significant possible personality change, speech and sensors are both effected with a chance of suffering epilepsy.
Head Injury Moderate Brain Damage (ii) £85,150 to £140,870 Moderate to modest intellectual capacity, there maybe slight ability to be able to work, but it may not be possible, the risk of epilepsy is not so great at above.
Neck Injuries Minor (i) £4,080 to £7,410 In these instances, a full recovery from the injury may be made within 1-2 years.
Neck Injuries Moderate (i) £23,460 to £36,120 These injuries may be fractures or dislocations requiring immediate medical attention. They leave markedly impaired function or vulnerability to further trauma, and limitation of activities.
Neck Injuries Severe (i) In the region of £139,210 Severe neck injuries are associated with permanent disablement.
Paraplegia Serious £205,580 to £266,740 An injury of this calibre is often expected to inflict a shorter life span, depression, limit mobility, and in some cases, a lack of sexual function.
Arm Injury Severe Injuries £90,250 to £122,860 Injuries which fall short of amputation but which are extremely serious and leave the injured person little better off than if the arm had been lost
Leg Injury Moderate (iv) £26,050 to £36,790 This bracket includes complicated or multiple fractures or severe crushing injuries, generally to a single limb.
Food Poisoning Serious (i) £8,950 to £18,020 A serious case of food poisoning is often expect to cause a serious upset stomach, which signs such as diarrhoea and nausea.
PTSD Less severe £3,710 to £7,680 Those who endure minor levels of PTSD are often expected to make a full recovery within the span of one to two years. However, they might endure symptoms such as sleep deprecation, anxiety, and depression.
PTSD Severe £56,180 to £94,470 Those who experience a severe level of PTSD are often expected to be left with life-long disabilities, minimal job prospects, physical ailments, and mental distress.

Special Damages A Sports Stadium Accident Claim Could Include

If an injury is significant then it can cost a lot financially. This can be through having to take time off work or sick leave, and in very serious cases, an injury can cause a permanent disability that could force you to change jobs or leave you unable to work. In order to treat symptoms and recover from injuries, it may be necessary to incur costs. Some treatments, such as cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy or mental health counselling may not be provided to you by the NHS and you would have to pay for them. If they were necessary for your recovery then the costs may be covered by your compensation. Travel expenses for trips to see your doctor or attend appointments can also be accounted for, even if they only cost a small amount of money.

Any expenses required in order to get by while incapacitated by an injury, or to adapt to life with an injury, such as hiring a carer or hiring someone to perform household tasks or having things like stairlifts and wheelchair ramps installed in the home, can be covered by compensation if they are deemed necessary. Make sure that you keep any and all documentation you have of your expenses.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At Murrayfield Stadium

All of our claimants have the opportunity to engage in a No Win, No Fee Agreement. This is designed to offer you the most financial protection possible. If your claim is unsuccessful, then you would not have to pay any of our fees. If you are successful, then we will deduct a success fee from the compensation you are awarded.

Why Make A Sports Stadium Accident Claim With Our Team?

When you make a personal injury claim, you will want to work with solicitors who you know to be qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals. You can get that by working with our panel of solicitors. They have been working on accident claims for many years and are wholly dedicated to winning their client’s compensation. They will show this hard work by keeping you regularly updated on your claim and being available to contact at any point throughout the process of your claim.

Start Your Claim For An Accident In Murrayfield Stadium

You can get more information by talking to our advisors or even start a claim right now by:

Sports Stadium References

Our general guide to personal injury claims for accidents and injuries at football stadiums.

Legislation of Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987

Legislation of the Football Spectators act 1989

HSE page on health and safety at football grounds.

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