A Guide To Nando’s Accident, Injury, And Illness Claims – How To Claim Compensation?

How Much Compensation Can I Claim After An Accident Or Injury In Nando’s?

Have you suffered an injury as a result of a Nando’s accident? Whilst a lunch or evening out at a restaurant should be a treat to be enjoyed, they can sometimes result in an accident or injury. Statistics show that in the period for 2007/ 08 that as many as 4,000 restaurant workers were injured in a restaurant. Whilst there aren’t statistics available for customer injuries, our experience has shown that these are more common than people may think. No matter whether you were a member of staff or a paying customer if you have been hurt you could claim compensation for an accident at Nando’s.

What Is Nando’s?

Nando’s is one of the largest fast food restaurants operating in the UK. in 2016 the UK’s fast food market was worth £12 billion. Nando’s are a South African restaurant specialising in Peri Peri chicken and offering customers a ‘casual dining’ experience. The company operated 339 restaurants in the UK, with a total of 1,000 outlets globally.

Health and Safety

Nando’s Accident

Nando’s Accident

Any restaurant or establishment selling ready to eat food in the UK is required to provide a clean and safe environment for staff and customers. Health and safety legislation requires the restaurant operator to take all reasonable precautions to prevent hazards which could cause injury to customers and employees. However, these rules are not always followed or followed correctly and people can suffer an accident or injury, such as developing the signs of food poisoning. Other common types of injury can result from slips, trips, and falls caused by damaged flooring and furniture, bad lighting or slippery floors. If you have had an accident at Nando’s, the chain or franchise owner(s) may be at fault and liable for any injuries you have sustained.

There have been several high profile accidents in injuries reported in the UK’s press involving people being injured in accidents in Nando’s for a variety of reasons. In one instance a man suffered a minor head injury and other injuries as a result of a piece of the ceiling falling onto him.

Our guide below takes you through the different ways in which restaurant injuries can happen and what you should do if you have had an accident in a Nando’s branch. We also take you through the process of successfully making a compensation claim and provide estimates of how much various types of injury could be awarded in compensation.

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A Guide To Making A Nando’s Injury Claim

As we have briefly looked at, Nando’s are one of the most popular casual dining or fast food restaurant chains in the UK, even spawning its own noun. Around a third of the chain’s outlets are in the UK, making this a very important market for Nando’s. At the same time, having a large number of UK outlets also makes it more likely that some staff or customers could experience an injury and need to make a Nando’s accident claim.

Many chain restaurants and coffee shops in the UK are run and operated as franchises. Individual outlets or groups of branches may be run by a franchisee who has paid a fee to use and operate under the brand name, following brand specific guidelines.

Under the 1974 Health and Safety Act, the franchise operator is responsible for creating and operating a safe and hygienic environment for staff and customers. As a restaurant, Nando’s also has to comply with various hygiene and food safety requirements. If a member of staff, a customer, or a member of the public is injured or become ill because these standards are not being upheld, or the environment is not being maintained in the correct way, the victim could be entitled to make a claim against the restaurant operator.

What Are The Most Common Accident And Injuries In A Restaurant?

The first thing which should be noted about having an injury in a restaurant is that they can happen equally to staff and customers alike. Whilst there are some types of accident which may more commonly affect customers or staff, both groups can be at risk if proper procedures are not followed. Nando’s claims for compensation can be made by either group.

Casual dining and fast food restaurants can often be fraught environments with a lot going on. There will be a high level of customer turnover and staff will often be very busy, often having to rush to bring people their food as quickly as expected. However, this should not be taken as an excuse for cutting corners, negligence, or poor practice on the part of the restaurant. It is never acceptable for a restaurant to expose staff or customers to unnecessary risk and if they have done so, you could be able to make a compensation claim.

Below are some of the most common types of injury in a restaurant which can happen:

  • Slips, trips, and falls: according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, slips, trips, and falls are the most common accident in the workplace. In a Nando’s they could be caused by spills not being cleaned up straight away or wet floors which do not have a sign. They can also be caused by damaged or broken furniture or railings which break too easily. Falls can result in a plethora of injuries from head to back or limb injuries.
  • Burn injuries a Nando’s burn injury could be caused by food or beverages which are served too hot. Common examples of this are coffee’s being served too hot for the customer to hold and the customer (or someone else) being burnt by the liquid. A Nando’s burn injury could also be caused by food which is served too hot to be consumed safely. This could cause a burn injury to the customer if the eat it, or to the customer or member of staff if spilled on them. Burn injuries can also be caused by serving plates being too hot to touch or handle.
  • Food poisoning poorly prepared or poor quality foods and beverages can lead to cases of Nando’s food poisoning. Food could have been stored or prepared incorrectly or it could have become contaminated at some point in the preparation of a dish. As with other types of accidents, Nando’s food poisoning can affect customers or staff alike. Food which has been labeled or misrepresented by employees could also cause injury or illness to staff or customers. An example of this could be a person being served food containing an allergen they have notified staff they can not eat, such as nuts.
  • Maintenance issues premises which have not been maintained properly could cause accidents and injuries. The restaurant’s premises could include the restaurant space itself as well as external spaces such as a car park.

If you have had an accident in a Nando’s caused by any of these circumstances or any other caused by negligence on the part of Nando’s you could be entitled to make a Nando’s accident compensation claim.

Restaurant Health And Safety Information

Any business is required to carry out periodic risk assessments for health and safety of their premises. This means that they need to identify any potential risks which could affect staff or customers and take the appropriate steps to prevent or mitigate them. Restaurants, cafes, and eateries have to go through a more rigorous process than other businesses. Hazards can be very obvious, or they can subtle (such as steps which are not clearly marked). The Health and Safety Executive provides clear guidelines for restaurants or other businesses which are carrying out their first risk assessment. In many cases, health and safety boils down to common sense and you may well have already thought of a lot of things which could be highlighted. It is, however, important for a restaurant to create and develop a conscientious health and safety policy. If your accident at Nando’s was caused by a failure to follow health and safety policy, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Can I Claim Compensation For A Slip, Trip, Or Fall In Nando’s?

There are many circumstances which could lead to slip, trip and fall injuries at Nando’s. Some of the most common circumstances many include not cleaning floors properly. Food, drinks, or other liquids which have not been mopped up straight away, or which have not been clearly signposted. In a kitchen, oils and other liquids can be spilled by accident or contaminate the floor due to faulty cooking equipment. These types of spills can be very hazardous and dangerous. In kitchens and food preparation areas, as well as customer service areas, staff should be made to wear protective footwear or footwear which is appropriate to the environment. Whether in employee or customer areas, extra care and attention should be paid during busier periods as spills can sometimes go unnoticed.

Aside from this, slips, trips, and falls can be caused by flooring which has not been properly maintained. This can be true for both staff and customer areas alike. Fixtures, fittings, and furniture which are damaged or broken can also cause people to fall. A damaged chair or a railing which cannot support a reasonable amount of weight could give way and cause injuries.

Slip, trip, and fall Nando’s Injuries

Slips, trips, and falls can cause a variety of injuries to the head or back and serious cases may result in broken bones. When falling people can will often instinctively reach for the nearest object or surface to steady themselves. In a kitchen environment, this could be particularly hazardous with equipment such as extremely hot deep fat fryers and grills, or sharp equipment such as knives. These can often lead to much more serious secondary injuries. If you have suffered a slip, trip or fall injury at Nando’s due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Can I Claim For A Burn Injury In A Nando’s Restaurant?

Have you suffered an accident at Nando’s which led to your being burnt in some way? If so, you could be entitled to claim Nando’s injury compensation. As we have seen, restaurants’ need to regularly carry out health and safety assessments covering staff and customer areas. Part of this should be to identify potential causes of burn injuries and to negate these.

Perhaps the most common burn injury leading to a people making a claim against a restaurant are burns from food which is too hot. Any restaurant or cafe should ensure that staff know how to prepare food and beverages to the correct temperature. This means that food should be sufficiently heated, whilst not being hot enough to cause an injury. Food or drink which is too hot can cause people to drop them, leading to injuries. This is one of the most common Nando’s accident claims we help with. There have been several high profile cases in which a casual dining eaterie, fast food restaurant, or cafe served food or drinks which were too hot, causing injury to the customer.

Owners, operators, and managers of restaurants are required to control any potential burn injury hazard. Restaurants account for around a third of all burn injuries in the workplace. To prevent people being injured in a restaurant in this way, the following steps should be taken. Staff should have the correct training and personal protective equipment to safely carry out their work. Staff and customer areas should also be maintained to prevent slips, trips,and falls which can lead to burns as a secondary consequence. Kitchens should also be fitted with safety equipment such as grease capturing units which automatically dump the grease and fryers which lower food into the hot liquid automatically (and slowly) without splashing. Fryers should also be fitted with splash guards.

To find out how much compensation for an accident at Nando’s you could be entitled to, contact us today.

Can I Claim Compensation For Food Poisoning In Nando’s?

One of the first things which should be noted about instances of food poisoning is that there are different ways in which it can be caused and as such there are a variety of precautions which restaurants can take to prevent customers (or employees) from contracting food poisoning. To prevent food poisoning from Nando’s, and comply with the associated regulations, restaurants need to identify potential sources and signs of food poisoning and to take steps to eliminate these. Employees must report accidents in a Nando’s which could have been caused by or which could lead to food poisoning. Once reported, preventative action must be taken. Whether you are a customer or an employee, if you develop the signs of food poisoning from eating food in a Nando’s, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Your solicitor and relevant authorities will establish whether your illness was caused by improper practice or other negligence on the part of Nando’s.

Common symptoms of food poisoning from Nando’s or other restaurants

  • Sickness, vomiting and feeling nauseous.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Feeling stomach cramps.
  • High temperature and fever or chills.
  • Generally feeling unwell.

If you experienced any of these signs of food poisoning after eating at a restaurant, you could be eligible to seek Nando’s accident compensation.

Nando’s Restaurant Accident Compensation Calculator

If you are thinking about making a claim using a Nando’s injury claims lawyer, there are several components which can go towards making up your settlement award. Your Nando’s lawsuit settlement can be made up of a combination of the following constituents:

  • Medical costs: if you have incurred medical costs as a result of your illness or injury, such as having to pay for medication or treatment, you can claim for this. Medical costs may also include rehabilitative treatment, such as physiotherapy or even psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, or similar conditions.
  • Travel costs: have you had to make trips to the doctors, a hospital, or your solicitor as a result of your accident? If so, these costs can be claimed for as part of your settlement.
  • Lost income: injury and illness can often prevent people from working and thus earning income or accruing benefits. If you have been affected in this way, you can include this lost current and future income in your claim. Future income may be calculated from your current earnings or benefits.
  • Long-term care costs: you may need to be cared for over the long-term with regular home visits. If this is the case, these projected costs can be factored into your settlement.

Please note, there are other costs and expenses which may be able to be included in your Nando’s accident compensation claim. In the table below, we look at some of the most common types of injury and the amount of compensation your personal injury claim may be for.

Injury Amount Notes
Significant scarring and/ or facial disfigurement £13,650 – £22,875 Cosmetic effects may be left after treatment via plastic surgery. There will be permanent scarring.
Muild foot Injurires Up to £10,450 Injuries are temporary and will be recovered from.
Moderate foot injuries £10,450 – £19,000 Loss of function in one foot or both feet.
Severe foot injuries £31,900 – £53,200 Injury may result in one or both feet being amputated.
Moderate knee injuries Up to £19,900 Moderate but permanent injury to the knee(s).
Severe knee injuries £19,900 – £73,125 Up and including permanent loss of function in the knee(s).
Moderate leg injuries £21,100 – £29,800 omplete loss of function in one leg or both legs.
Severe leg injuries £73,150 to £103,250 Amputation of both legs.
Minor hand injuries £700 – £3,300 Inability to use a hand. Not permanent.
Moderate hand injuries £4,100 – £10,100 Reduced ability to use the hand or hands.
Severe hand injuries £22,050 – £47,050 May lead to complete amputation.

To get an accurate assessment of the value of your claim, talk to our team today.

No Win No Fee Nando’s Injury And Illness Claims

At Accident Claims UK we can provide you with excellent solicitors across the country who are experienced in securing the highest possible Nando’s lawsuit settlements. In the past making an accident at Nando’s claim, or any other sort of personal injury claim could be expensive and for many people, out of reach.

The development of no win, no fee services has changed this. Also known as conditional fee agreements, these types of contracts are a way for a solicitor to provide their services without having to charge upfront. The solicitor will assume all of the risks in the case and if they can not recover any compensation for you, they will not be paid. However, if they successfully pursue your claim, their fee can be deducted from your settlement. This means that you do not have not worry about legal costs before making a claim, taking the stress out of the process.

Why Choose Accident Claims UK For Your Nando’s Accident Claim?

People choose to work with us to answer questions such as “what to do if you are injured in Nando’s” our team has the experience and knowledge to help you get the compensation you deserve. We work with some of the best solicitors across the country and will always fight to get you the right amount of compensation.

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