How To Calculate Compensation Amounts For A Personal Injury Claim?

By Martin James. Last Updated 11th February 2021. Welcome to our guide where we shall be discussing the claims process in greater detail. Throughout the course of this guide, you will find valuable information. You will also come to understand the personal injury claims calculator, how to kickstart your claim, and how our team could assist you.

One of the first and perhaps most important questions people ask when they are in the initial stages of taking legal action to seek personal injury compensation is how much their claim could be worth. Calculating a personal injury claim can seem complex, so it can help to find out more information about how compensation guidelines for personal injury claims are put together as well as further information about personal injury compensation levels for the type of injury that you have suffered. Calculating settlements is not always an easy or straightforward process, so it helps to read a guide such as this.

personal injury claims calculator

personal injury claims calculator

Whilst we will take you through the different types of claims, as well as award settlements below, the amount of compensation that you could be awarded will depend upon your individual circumstances. There are different factors which affect the amount of compensation you get, such as the cause of your accident, the severity of your injuries and the overall impact on your life.

As personal injury claim can be complicated, we always recommend talking to an experienced solicitor, such as those provided by Accident Claims, who can provide you with an assessment of your claim and how much compensation you could be entitled to. You can reach one by calling 0800 073 8801, sending an email to or by putting your contact details into our callback form.

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A guide to calculating a personal injury claim

Compensation claim amounts can vary as personal injury is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of different circumstances in which someone can suffer an injury. These could include car accident claims, accidents in the workplace or medical negligence. The typical payouts for personal injury claims also vary a lot between these as the nature and types of injury can be quite different.

Suffering an injury is never nice, but suffering it due to someone else’s actions can be all the more difficult. Getting some form of compensation can make your recovery as well as dealing with the injury and its effects easier to bear.

What Is A Personal Injury Claim?

A ‘personal injury claim’ is a broad term which describes compensation claims made when someone has been in injured in an accident which was not their fault, suffered a disease or illness or adverse mental health effects, due to the actions of a third party. As there are many different circumstances which can lead to personal injury, personal injury compensation levels can also vary significantly. Some of the most common forms of personal injury claims include:

Road traffic accidents: these can involve single or multiple vehicles, pedestrians and other motor vehicles, such as bikes.
Compensation calculator for an injury at work: workplace accidents can have serious consequences and may be complex to make.
Slips, trips, and falls: these can happen in a variety of different places and ways and are one of the most common forms of injuries in the UK. See our guide to slips, trips, and falls here.
Claims for accidents on holiday: these can be made for accidents which happened on your holidays such as food poisoning or other circumstances.

How A Personal Injury Claim Is Calculated

When calculating a personal injury claims’ value, solicitors and the courts will seek and award a settlement which is proportional to the severity of the injuries suffered. In practice, this means that compensation claim amounts are higher for more severe injuries than for more mild ones.

Your solicitor will base the amount of compensation they think you entitled to on two main factors. These are how severe your injury was and the overall impact it has had on your mental health, as well as your life in general.

Different Kinds Of Personal Injury Compensation

Below we look at some of the different circumstances in which a claimant may seek compensation, as well as the types of damages which are included in compensation guidelines for personal injury settlements your solicitor will refer to.

General Damages

General damages are the most typical payout for a personal injury. They are awarded for the pain and suffering caused by injuries which are a direct result of an accident, illness or medical negligence. They are known as general damages in England & Wales and Solatium in Scotland. Compensation claim amounts for general damages are awarded according to a set schedule with banding for different types of injuries as well as their severity. These amounts are set by the Judicial College in England and Wales and help all parties in a compensation claim to come to a reasonable agreement when calculating compensation claim payouts for injury or illness.

Below we have included information on some of the most common forms of personal injury claim in the UK, as well as the average amount of compensation which may be paid out for them.

If you have suffered any of these injuries, contact us today and we can advise you on seeking personal injury compensation, and how much your claim could be worth.

Compensation Amounts for Head Injuries

Head injuries should always be treated very seriously and if you have suffered one, you should seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Head injuries can place the brain at a high risk of injury or damage. The personal injury claims calculator takes into account the severity of the head injury. For instance, a minor head injury could be awarded between £2,070 and £11,980. More serious head injuries which include some degree of brain damage could result in settlements ranging upwards from £14,380. An upper limit for these claims is not set with settlements being based on how serious the effects of the brain damage are.

Compensation Amounts For Mental or Psychological Injury

The effect of a mental or psychological injury can be difficult to quantify. And using a compensation calculator for psychological injuries can be complicated. The settlement will be based on the degree of harm to the claimant, as well as whether the psychological injury is likely to be temporary or permanent. For temporary psychological harm, claimants could expect to receive between £1,440 and £5,500. For more serious psychological harm or that which is expected to be permanent, settlements could reach as much as £51,460.

Compensation Amounts for Injury to the shoulders

For the purposes of a personal injury claims calculator, Minor injuries and wounds could be awarded between £4,080 and £7,410 in compensation. A more serious injury to the shoulders could be awarded in excess of £42,680

Compensation Amounts for Back Injury

Back injuries can include soft tissue injuries as well as spinal damage and can range from the mild to the severe. They can be very painful and even debilitating and in serious cases could lead to reduced mobility or even paralysis in the most severe instances. A back injury or soft tissue injury compensation calculator will take into account the long-term prognosis for the claimants’ recovery. Compensation could start at £2,300 then raising from there.

Compensation Amounts for Injuries to the Arms, Hands or Wrists

Injuries and harm to the arms, wrists or hands can be complicated and difficult to assess the long-term likelihood of recovery as well as a degree of damage. Compensation claims payouts may range from £6,190 to £18,020 for less severe injuries, with awards for a disability paying between £36,770 to £56,180.

Compensation Amounts for leg injuries

Leg injuries can range from fairly simple and minor injuries from which there is likely to be a full recovery in a matter or weeks or months, minor injuries could see amounts of around £11,110 awarded. In cases where the injury has seriously permanently disabling effects, such as amputation, you could be awarded up to £264,650

Claims For Loss of Earning

If the accident or injury you suffered caused you to have to suffer a loss of earnings either due to time off work, reduced duties or ability to work or in another impacted your earnings and earning ability, you could claim compensation for this. Your solicitor will consult with a medical assessment to get an independent estimate of how long you could be in recovery and unable to work or work fully. The solicitor or law firm you are working with will then estimate from this what you should receive in compensation.

Expenses that are ‘Out of Pocket’

The personal injury compensation calculator used by the solicitors we can provide will also take into account any other ‘out of pocket’ expenses that you have experienced as a direct result of your injuries. This could include the cost of travel to medical treatment or solicitors meetings or additional living costs and adaptations to your home or lifestyle.

Services Compensation

Services compensation is awarded to meet or help with paying for current and future care costs. This could be to provide a carer to come in and provide care on a regular basis, supporting the claimant as well as their family. This type of compensation could be awarded to a family member who has become a primary caregiver.

Loss of Society

This category of compensation is paid to people who have suffered the loss of a close family member, i.e. where a spouse, parent or child has died due to an accident which was not their fault. The surviving relative may be able to seek compensation. The solicitor will use a personal injury compensation claims calculator to determine the amount which should be awarded.

Loss of Support

This type of compensation is paid out to surviving family members in similar circumstances to compensation for loss of society. Calculating a personal injury claim for loss of support involves calculating the value of the financial support the deceased provided to the remaining family members. If a parent passes away, their spouse or child could claim this type of compensation.

How Much Personal Injury Compensation Can I Claim?

As we have illustrated in the sections above, it is possible to estimate how much compensation you could be awarded for a range of different personal injury types, causes, and consequences. These claims could be for a variety of different accident claims such as workplace injury compensation, claims for a car accident or whiplash and other claims. In the compensation table below, we have set out compensation figures for a variety of different accident and injury types that you could be awarded in a claim.

Severe leg injury£90,320 to £127,530
Less serious leg injury£16,860 to £26,050
Severe knee njury£65,440 to £90,290
Moderate knee injury£13,920 to £24,580
Very severe knee injury£46,980 to £65,420
Moderate ankel injury£12,900 to £24,950
Serious achilles injury£23,460 to £28,240
Minor achilles injury£6,820 to £11,820
Amputation of one foot£78,800 to £102,890
Amputation of both feet£158,970 to £189,110

The figures in the above table are provided for illustrative purposes and are estimates. They should only be used as a guide and each individual type of personal injury claim will be different. How much compensation you are awarded may differ from these figures. To get an individual estimate, contact Accident Claim UK today.

How to Start a Personal Injury Claim

This is another of the common questions we are often asked around making a compensation claim. However, whilst many people worry about the process of making a personal injury claim, making a personal injury claim is easier than thought. No matter whether you are making what could be seen a relatively uncomplicated injury which is minor, or for a much more serious injury, you should always ensure that you work with an experienced solicitor or legal firm, such as the solicitors that we can provide.

Our personal injury claims calculator and personal injury claims service are designed to cater to all your needs. We work hard to ensure that you are happy with both your final settlement and the way in which your case is conducted. We also work hard to ensure that you always get the maximum level of compensation which can be shown.

After you choose a solicitor, they will need to ask you a variety of different questions to be able to establish what happened to cause your accident and injuries or illness. They will also ask you questions about who you know or think is responsible for the accident, injury or illness. At this stage, you will also be asked about the medical treatment you have sought. Any medical reports can be used as evidence in your claim. You may also be asked to participate in a new and independent medical exam.

These are the first steps in making your claim and are also some of the most important questions that your solicitor will ask you during the claims process.

Time Limitation Period for Personal Injury Claims

For most personal injury claims and claimants there are time-limits within which the case needs to be brought. In most compensation claims, there is a three-year time-limit to bring the claim. The three year period may start at the date of the accident or injury, or it could start from the date that you discovered that the injury or illness had happened. This is because some injuries or illnesses are cumulative, being built up over time, or may not immediately present noticeable symptoms.

If the claim is not stated within this three year period, it will become what is termed ‘time-barred’ or statute-barred. It should be noted that there are some exceptions to this. A person who has suffered brain damage and who is no longer able to make decisions for themselves may bring a claim at any time should they recover enough. Similarly, for those with a mental illness, the three year period will begin when they are clinically able to make their claim.

If a child has suffered an accident or illness, their parents are able to bring the claim on their behalf or leave the claim till the child turns 18. The child will then have three years running between their eighteenth and twenty-first birthdays in which to make their claim.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

If you have suffered any form of personal injury, disease or illness due to an accident or circumstances which were your fault, one of the biggest concerns you could have is the potential cost of taking legal action. In the past, taking legal action and getting the compensation that you are entitled to could be a costly process. However, thanks to the introduction of no win, no fee claims, this is no longer the case.

We are proud to offer our clients what is called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), or no win, no fee agreement. This is a special type of contract between a claimant and solicitor. In the simplest terms, this means that when you start your claim you will not have to make any upfront payments. Similarly, you also won’t have any costs to pay during your case. If your solicitor does secure a compensation settlement for you, their fees will be set out in the CFA contract. This will set out when and how they are paid. It will also state that in the event of the claim being unsuccessful, there will not be any costs to pay.

Before you agree to use the solicitor and sign a CFA contract with them, they will take you through the agreement and ensure that you fully understand everything in it.

Why You Should Select Us for Personal Injury Claim

If you are ready to make a personal injury claim for compensation, or if you need further information on our personal injury claims calculator, contact Accident Claims today. Our dedicated team is on hand to listen to the circumstances of your individual case before working with you to find the right no win, no fee solicitors or lawyers around the country to help process your claim.

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Personal injury claims calculator FAQ

How is personal injury compensation calculated?

A personal injury claim is calculated to find an amount that is proportional and representative of the amount of harm that you have suffered as a result of an accident. This is done by taking into account all of the different factors in the injury and the victim’s circumstances that influence how severely harmed they have been by the accident.

What is the average settlement for a personal injury?

It is hard to give a figure for how much compensation you could be entitled to, this will have to be done by considering the different circumstances and effects of the injury. You can see how this is done by looking at our personal injury claims calculator and speaking to our team of advisors.

What is the average payout for a head injury?

The amount you could receive depends on how severely you have been injured and how much it has affected your life. It could range from between £2,070 to £11,980.

Thank you for reading our guide on personal injury claims calculator and the claims process.