Can I Claim For A Zebra Crossing Accident? How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Cat Troi. Last updated 1st June 2022. Welcome to our pedestrian crossing claims guide.

There is no denying that the United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s safest roads. Despite this, accidents can happen. If you have been injured while using a zebra crossing, there is a very high chance that you will eligible for compensation. There are many different reasons why an accident may occur at a zebra crossing. In most cases, a pedestrian is injured because of a driver failing to slow down and driving carelessly or not paying the correct amount of attention. However, there are also cases whereby the driver can end up getting hurt because a pedestrian has not used the crossing correctly or has rushed out onto the road, causing the driver to swerve in order to avoid the individual and ultimately crashing and hurting themselves. No matter what has happened, you can make a claim if the pedestrian crossing accident was not your fault.

pedestrian crossing claims

pedestrian crossing claims

At Accident Claims UK, we can help you to claim for your zebra crossing injury. We have many years of experience in the industry, and we have helped many people to claim for accidents ranging from being knocked down on a pedestrian crossing to crashing due to someone using a zebra crossing incorrectly. If you would like free legal advice about your zebra crossing injury, you can reach us at any time on 0800 073 8801. However, before you give us a call, make sure you read on to find out everything you need to know about such claims. You may find the answers you are searching for below.

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A Guide To Zebra Crossing Accidents

Welcome to our pedestrian crossing claims guide.

A zebra crossing is a part of the road that has been painted with wide white stripes, indicating that vehicles must stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road. If a vehicle has not stopped and you have been injured as a consequence, or any other type of accident has occurred at a zebra crossing, you may be eligible for compensation.

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about making a zebra crossing injury claim. We will inform you of how much compensation for being hit by a car you may be entitled to. You will also find information on the penalty for hitting a pedestrian on a zebra crossing, the personal injury claims time limit for such cases, how to go about making a claim and statistics regarding zebra crossing incidents. If you have not found the information you need by the time you finish reading our pedestrian crossing accident compensation claim guide, you will find our contact details at the end of the post, which you can use to get in touch with us to find out more.

Zebra Crossing Injury Statistics

Here are some statistics related to pedestrian crossing claims.

In the United Kingdom, we are lucky to have some of the safest roads across the globe. However, this does not mean that accidents do not occur. The most recent statistics we have available are those pertaining to the year ending in September 2016. These statistics indicate that there were 25,160 people who were either seriously injured or fatally injured on British roads throughout this period of time. In terms of the total number of casualties for all levels of severity, there were 182,560.

So, as you can see, despite the fact that our roads are safer than most around the world, there are still a significant number of accidents that happen per annum. If you have been run over on a zebra crossing or have suffered any other type of pedestrian crossing accident, please do not hesitate to give our friendly and helpful team a call for more assistance.

What Are the Most Common Pedestrian Injuries On A Crossing?

You may be wondering about the type of injuries and accidents that tend to occur at zebra crossings. At this point in our pedestrian crossing claims guide, we’ll look at these injuries in more detail.

Common types of accidents that take place:

  • Accidents due to cars failing to stop at a zebra crossing
  • Hitting someone on a zebra crossing because they have run out onto the road from the incorrect place
  • Pedestrian injured on a crossing due to careless driving / reckless driving
  • Pedestrian / driver injured due to poor maintenance of the zebra crossing

There are many different types of injuries that can be sustained due to such incidents too. This includes the following:

  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Arm injuries
  • Wrist injuries
  • … and much more!

Injuries differ in severity and there are many different factors that will be considered when determining the pedestrian hit by a car settlement you will receive. This not only includes the severity of your injury but also the symptoms you have experienced and the long-term prognosis for your injuries. The psychological impact and the effect that the injury has had on the rest of your life will be taken into account as well, for example, whether it has had an impact on your work or social life.

Establishing Liability For A Zebra Crossing Accident

Are you wondering how to establish liability for pedestrian crossing claims?

When it comes to making any type of pedestrian crossing accident claim, establishing liability is always the most important part. If you hit a pedestrian with your car, you may not necessarily be to blame for what happened. Of course, as the pedestrian has right of way, the driver is typically to blame. Nevertheless, there are some rare scenarios whereby the pedestrian could actually be at fault. Examples include the following:

  • The pedestrian did not look properly
  • The pedestrian did not just the path or speed of the vehicle correctly
  • The pedestrian was not using the crossing facility in the right manner, for example, he or she attempted to cross the road from the wrong point
  • The pedestrian had been impaired due to alcohol
  • The pedestrian had been impaired due to drugs
  • The pedestrian was in a hurry, or acting carelessly or recklessly
  • The pedestrian was wearing dark clothes at night

In such situations above, it is not always the case that the pedestrian is liable, but such scenarios can at least mean the driver is not to blame. The best thing to do is speak to one of our legal experts because they will be able to listen to the specifics about your case and give you an accurate reflection regarding who is liable and the strength of your claim.

Zebra Crossing Accidents Leading To Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that pedestrians can be liable for pedestrian crossing claims?

A lot of people want to know what would happen if they were to be involved in an accident at a zebra crossing and the pedestrian was being careless.

In most cases, the pedestrian is not to blame because they have right of way. But it is important to note that there can be some exceptions. If a pedestrian runs into the road at the last second and it was clear that the vehicle in question had no chance to stop, it may turn out that the pedestrian was liable because they ultimately caused the pedestrian crossing accident to happen. Moreover, if a pedestrian attempts to crossed the road several metres before the zebra crossing, this can result in them also being liable because they have not used the crossing correctly, and, therefore, the driver has not been given the required amount of time to slow down.

What Should You Do If You Have A Zebra Crossing Injury?

If you want to make pedestrian crossing claims, there are a number of steps to take to build a strong case. This includes the following:

  • Getting medical attention, no matter how minor or severe your injuries are.
  • Writing down everything that happened so you do not forget.
  • Reporting the incident to the police if there has been criminal activity and/or the crash is causing a danger to other traffic.
  • Taking photographs of the scene.
  • Getting the contact details of any witnesses.
  • Tracking all expenses that you have had to fund because of the injuries you have sustained.

Compensation Payouts In Zebra Crossing Claims

If you have been injured due to a vehicle failing to stop at a zebra crossing, you may wonder how much you could receive in compensation. Unfortunately, there is no set average payout for zebra crossing claims. Generally, compensation is awarded in relation to the unique circumstances surrounding each case, which can include:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How long your recovery will take
  • How the accident happened
  • Who was at fault
  • The cost of your treatment
  • Other financial costs – such as car repairs, loss of earnings, and specialist equipment

However, there are still some ways in which you can find a broad estimate of how much you could receive from zebra crossing claims. One way is by contacting a legal professional, who can check the 2022 edition of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to find the potential guideline compensation bracket assigned to your injuries.

The type of injury that has been sustainedTypical payout amountExtra notes about the injury
Minor Leg Injuries (iii)Up to £11,840
Soft tissue damage, sprains and very minor fractures.
Less Serious Leg Injuries (i)£17,960 to £27,760Such as fractures which will leave the leg immobile while they heal.
Moderate Leg Injuries (iv)£27,760 to £39,200Such as serious tendon damage, compound fractures and dislocation.
Serious Leg Injuries (iii)£39,200 to £54,830Such as serious or multiple fractures that will leave the leg immobile for the long-term.
Very Serious Leg Injuries (ii)£54,830 to £87,890Injuries that, once healed, will still have an affect on a persons mobility.
Severe Leg Injuries (i)£96,250 to £135,920Injuries that will permanently affect a person’s mobility, and cause ongoing pain and suffering.
Below Knee Amputation£97,980 to £132,990Loss of one leg below the knee.
Above Knee Amputation£104,830 to £137,470Loss of one leg above the knee.
Amputation of Both Legs (i)£240,790 to £282,010Full amputation of both legs.
Less Severe Arm Injuries£19,200 to £39,170Such as those that will limit use of the arm for the short-term but will heal eventually.
Severe Arm Injuries£96,160 to £130,930Such as those that will limit the use of the arm for the medium to long-term but will heal eventually.
Simple Arm Fractures£6,610 to £19,200Such as fractures to the short bones of the forearm.

Another way you could get an estimate of how much compensation you could receive is by getting in touch with our expert advisors. They will listen to your case and can provide a free estimate of how much you could receive in compensation when you make your claim.

No Win No Fee Zebra Crossing Injury Compensation Claims

One of the main features of our service is that when you make pedestrian crossing claims with us, it will also be on a No Win No Fee basis. When we say

, we actually mean it. There are no hidden fees or terms with us.

For those who are unaware regarding what this type of service actually entails, we will explain it for you. It’s really easy to understand and it benefits the claimant immensely. So, with a No Win No Fee service, you are only going to pay legal fees if your case is a successful one. This means that if we do not manage to secure you any compensation for your pedestrian crossing accident claim, you will not need to pay us a penny for our legal service.

What happens if we do secure a payout for you? Your personal injury solicitor will then receive a percentage of your compensation for their fees. This will be a percentage that both your lawyer and you have agreed on together and put in a contract. This also means that you do not need to make an upfront payment to get started, which gets rid of the barriers that are typically in the way when claiming. It means that anyone can claim no matter their financial situation.

There are also a number of knock-on benefits that are worth keeping in mind too. This includes the fact that your solicitor is accountable for the service that he or she provides because they only get paid if the claim is a success. This always leads to a much better service and it gives the personal injury victim great peace of mind too.

If you would like further information about making a claim in this way, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will explain it further.

Why Make Your Zebra Crossing Injury Claim With Accident Claims UK

When it comes to making pedestrian crossing claims, there is no denying that you have a number of different options to choose from in the United Kingdom. However, we promise that you will struggle to find better than Accident Claims UK. Why are we so confident? Well, there are a number of different benefits associated with making a personal injury claim with us, as you will discover below…

  • We have many years of experience in the industry – We have handled many claims over the years, and we can assign you a personal injury lawyer that has up to 30 years of specialist experience in the industry. You can be confident that the person working on your claim will have handled cases for zebra crossing accidents many times before.
  • We have a great track record – We also have an excellent success record in the industry and we have received a lot of positive feedback to back it up. You only need to look at the reviews that we have received from our clients to see that this is the case.
  • We put our clients first all of the time – Not only is this represented via our 100 per cent No Win, No Fee approach, but our service on the whole. We know that any type of zebra crossing accident can be traumatic and stressful. You already have a lot on your plate at the moment, and we do not want to add to it. This is why we aim to secure compensation in the most efficient and hassle-free manner. However, if you ever need us, we are always available.

The claims process for a pedestrian crossing accident

We are of the opinion that the claims process should be as easy as possible for our clients. If your pedestrian crossing accident is taken on by one of our solicitors, they’ll handle everything for you. At the start of your claim, your case will be reviewed thoroughly so that your injury solicitor knows exactly how your injuries have affected you.

Then they will:

  • Work hard to find the evidence required to corroborate your claim.
  • Arrange for you to have a medical assessment so that your injuries can be reviewed.
  • Submit your claim to the defendant’s insurer.
  • Explain any complex legal terminology that comes up and answer any queries you might have.
  • Update you regularly so you understand how your claim is progressing.
  • Work tirelessly to try and ensure any compensation paid for your pedestrian crossing accident is set at the highest level possible.

In addition to all of this, your solicitor will shield you so that you don’t need to deal directly with the defendant’s legal team. They will also try to use their legal expertise to counter any objections raised by the defendant. This is important because liability for the accident or the level of injury is often disputed.

If you would like to find out if one of our solicitors could help you to start a claim, please contact an advisor today.

Pedestrian Crossing Claims FAQs

Does insurance cover hitting a pedestrian?

Typically, yes but it’s worth checking your own policy to ensure you’re covered.

Do drivers have a duty of care?

Yes, under the highway code, all road users owe one another a duty of care.

How can negligence be determined?

If a third party broke their legal duty of care to you, whether that be another road user or the council responsible for maintaining the road, you could have grounds to make a claim if you suffered as a result.

How much could I claim?

It’s impossible to say without taking a closer look at the details of your case, as payouts vary from claim to claim.

How are claims valued?

Typically, the extent of the claimant’s suffering is used to determine the amount that they’re awarded in compensation. Therefore, the more severe your suffering, the more you’ll likely be entitled to.

Should I get a solicitor?

It’s not a legal requirement to have a solicitor handle your claim but acquiring one could increase your chances of securing the maximum compensation you deserve for your suffering.

Where can I find a solicitor?

Look no further than our team at Accident Claims to handle your claim! We work with a panel of personal injury solicitors that can start working on your case right away, putting their 30 years of experience in the claims process to use.

How can I contact Accident Claims?

Please see the next section for options on how to get in touch today.

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pedestrian crossing claims

pedestrian crossing claims

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