What Could I Claim For A Zero Hours Contract Staff Accident At Work?

Zero Hour Contract Staff Accident At Work Claim

Zero Hour Contract Staff Accident At Work Claims Guide

If you have been injured in a zero hour contract staff accident at work, you may be confused about whether or not you can claim compensation. This guide will walk you through the steps involved in making a personal injury at work claim.

We will illustrate how the eligibility criteria for claiming if you are working a zero hours contract are not different than if you are a full-time employee, and we will examine how personal injury compensation is calculated in successful accident at work claims.

Additionally, we will describe the kinds of evidence you might need to support your case and how our solicitors could help you gather said evidence. We will also examine examples of workplace accidents.

Finally, we will describe the ways our solicitors may be able to help you with your case, as well as the benefits of No Win No Fee agreements.

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What Could I Claim For A Zero Hours Contract Staff Accident  Work?

Should your personal injury claim for a zero hour contract staff accident at work be successful, you would be compensated under two heads of claim. These are known as general damages and special damages.

General damages aim to compensate the injured party for the pain and suffering caused to them by their injury. Our solicitors use the Judicial College Guidelines alongside the results of an independent medical assessment to calculate the worth of claims.

However, the figures in these guidelines are not a guarantee, as each personal injury case is unique.

Injury Severity Guideline compensation bracket Notes
Arm injuries Severe injuries (a) £96,160 to £130,930 The person is only little better off than if they had lost the arm due to very serious injuries.
Arm injuries Less severe injury (c) £19,200 to £39,170 There will have been significant disabilities but a substantial degree of recovery will take place.
Back injuries Severe (i) £91,090 to £160,980 Incomplete paralysis, impaired bowel function and severe pain will result from the most severe back injuries.
Back injuries Moderate (ii) £12,510 to £27,760 This bracket covers many frequently encountered injuries to the back, such as back ache and soft tissue injuries.
Wrist injuries Severe £47,620 to £59,860 These injuries result in complete loss of function of the wrist.
Wrist injuries Minor £3,530 to £4,740 Minor undisplaced fractures or soft tissue injuries that may need plaster or a bandage for several weeks with a recovery made in 1 year.
Neck Injuries Severe (iii) £45,470 to £55,990 Fractures or dislocations or severe damage to soft tissues.
Neck Injuries Minor (i) £4,350 to £7,890 Genereally soft tissue injuries where a recovery happens within one to two years
Injuries to the elbow Less severe injuries (b) £15,650 to £32,010 Such injuries cause impairment of function but no major surgery or disability.
Injuries to the elbow Moderate or minor (c) (ii) Up to £12,590 Minor fractures, tennis elbow, and laceration injuries that take 12-18 months to heal.

How Special Damages Are Calculated

Special damages aim to compensate you for any out-of-pocket costs incurred due to your injury. It should return you to the financial state you inhabited before you were injured.

Special damages can compensate for:

  • The cost of travelling to and from medical appointments
  • Costs of current and future care
  • Current and future loss of earnings
  • The costs of medical care.

It is important that you keep any documentation you have to prove that you spent this money, e.g. bus tickets and medical bills.

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Criteria To Claim For A Zero Hours Contract Staff Accident At Work

As a zero hour contract worker, you are entitled to the same duty of care as any other worker. If you are injured in an accident at work and want to start a claim, you must meet three criteria. You must prove that you were owed a duty of care, that duty of care was breached, and that this breach caused your injury.

An employer has a duty of care to do everything reasonably practicable to keep their employees safe at work. They could achieve this by carrying out regular safety checks in the workplace, providing employees with proper PPE and training, and responding to reports of risks efficiently.

The duty of care is outlined in the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

If your employer fails to carry out any of these tasks, and you are injured as a result, this is known as negligence and could give you grounds for a personal injury claim.

To find out more about the criteria to claim, contact one of our advisors using the contact information above.

Time Limits To Claim For A Zero Hour Contract Staff Accident At Work

The Limitation Act 1980 sets the time limits on beginning personal injury claims. Generally, you will have three years from the day you were injured to start a claim.

There are some notable exceptions to these limitations. The time limit is paused indefinitely if you are mentally incapable of pursuing your own claim. A litigation friend can pursue a claim on your behalf. If you regain mental capacity and no claim has been made on your behalf, the three years will commence on the day you regain capacity.

If you are under eighteen at the time of your accident at work, you will not be able to begin a claim until your eighteenth birthday. However, a litigation friend can claim on your behalf while the time limit is suspended.

Contact one of our advisors using the information above to learn more about time limits.

What Evidence Could Help You Claim For An Accident At Work?

When making a zero hour contract staff accident at work claim, you will need to collect supporting evidence.

You could collect evidence by:

  • Requesting CCTV footage of your accident.
  • Recording the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident.
  • Keeping a diary of your treatment and symptoms. This can illustrate your mental and physical state after you were injured.
  • Seeking medical advice and requesting copies of your records.
  • Taking photos of the accident and your injury.

Knowing where to find evidence can be difficult and overwhelming. Our accident-at-work solicitors have years of experience collecting evidence to support personal injury cases. They could help you find the evidence you need with ease.

To find out if you would be eligible to work with one of our solicitors, contact one of our advisors using the details above.

Examples Of Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are common. In 2022, according to the Health and Safety Executive, the governing body for health and safety in the workplace, the Labour Force Survey reported that 565,000 employees sustained a non-fatal injury in the workplace.

Below are some examples of workplace accidents and how they could be caused by employer negligence and unsafe workplace practices:

  • If an employer fails to respond to reports of potential hazards such as spills or leaks, this could cause slip, trip and fall accidents.
  • If an employer fails to regularly maintain work vehicles, they could malfunction or fail, causing severe injuries to employees operating the machinery and those around them.

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Why Contact Accident Claims UK If Injured In The Workplace?

If you have decided to make a zero hour contract staff accident at work claim after being injured at work, why not call our advisors to have your case assessed in a free consultation that carries no obligation to use our services? Should you have a valid personal injury claim, you could be connected with one of our specialist accident at work solicitors.

If you are eligible, they can offer you a type of No Win No Fee agreement called a Conditional Fee agreement. Typically, under the terms of this agreement, you will not owe your solicitor any upfront payment to enlist their services, nor will you be obliged to pay them as your case is ongoing.

If your case does not succeed, you will not owe them any payment for the work they did for you. If it does succeed, you will only owe them a small percentage deducted from your compensation. This success fee is controlled by The Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013, meaning you will not be overcharged.

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