Accident Claims Solicitors Bournemouth – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Bournemouth Area

Accident claims solicitors Bournemouth

Accident claims solicitors Bournemouth

Have you had an accident which was not your fault? Were you injured as a result of this? Are you looking for accident claims solicitors that can cover Bournemouth who could help you to claim compensation? If so Accident Claims UK could help you.

If you have have been injured in the workplace, been subjected to harmful medical malpractice, need to make a car accident claim or been harmed in lots of other circumstances through negligence of a third party then you may be eligible to pursue a claim for damages. We could even help you to claim compensation for an assault. In order for our team to be able to help you, you will need to be able to show that a third party who had a responsibility for your safety caused your preventable suffering through negligence.

Whilst our team is not located in Bournemouth, our accident claims solicitors offer a nationwide service and can help you to make Bournemouth accident claims. This guide looks at some of the most common circumstances for which people may need to make an accident claim and shows how we could help you. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us using the number above, or by clicking ‘contact us’.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Bournemouth?

The first question which you may have could be along the lines of ‘what are accident claims solicitors covering Bournemouth?‘ Accident claim solicitors are also more commonly known as personal injury solicitors. Through advancements in telecommunication there is no longer the need to use local solicitors as much of what needs to be done can be done so using email and telephone meaning solicitors can work remotely and do not have to be based in the area in which their client resides.

You can work with solicitors that cover your area as if they were based there, a solicitors location has no bearing on the outcome of your claim. Accident claim solicitors regardless of their location maybe able to handle Bournemouth accident claims.

Bournemouth Area Work Related Injuries Reported To RIDDOR

The UK has very high standards of health and safety in the workplace in regards to how workplace environments should be best managed and what personal protective equipment should be provided. Employees are protected by a combination of regulations, laws, guidelines and industry standards. However, accidents in the workplace do still happen. In fact in 2018/19, there were a total of 147 fatal workplace accidents in the UK. Also shows us that 69,208 injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR.

To help illustrate how many people were harmed at work in Bournemouth we have created and included this table. We have taken information available from the HSE to build this. You can download the PDF with data for the whole of the UK here.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuries 2018/19Total - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers 2018/19Fatal injuries

Work Related Accidents And Industrial Injuries

No matter your occupation, employer or working environment, the law states that all employees must be provided with a safe environment to work in, be trained in how to carry out their job safely and be provided with the right equipment to do so.

If you have been injured in an accident which was the fault of your employer and were harmed in any way, such as suffering an industrial injury, you could be able to make a personal injury claim with no win no fee solicitors covering Bournemouth. Being injured may mean that you are unable to work at all or unable to do so as normal. This could add to stresses and pressures caused by the injury itself. Instead of worrying about this, try and concentrate on your health and recovery. You could claim compensation for the injury itself as well as earnings lost as a result of it, the cost of treatments and even the cost of getting to and from medical appointments.

Car Accidents And Accidents On The Road

Every day across the UK there are multiple car and other types of road accidents. Some of these may result in no injuries whatsoever, whilst others may be fatal. If you are injured due to third party negligence on the road you may be entitled to make a road traffic accident claim. A car or other road traffic accident in Bournemouth could leave you with head, neck or back injuries, or those to other parts of your body. Such accidents can also often affect the driver, a passenger, or both parties. Road accident claims are not limited to those involving cars. You could have been travelling in a lorry, riding a motorbike or bicycle, be using public transport, or even crossing the road as a pedestrian.

Remember, you do not have to use ‘car accident solicitors near me’ when claiming if you do not want to. Rather, your priority should be to find someone with the expertise and a track record of successful car accident claims.

Violent Injuries And Assaults

You may not be aware, but if you have been harmed as a result of a violent crime, such as an assault or other form of attack you could be able to claim compensation. As the victim of an assault, you may find that you sustained physical injuries or that you were left with psychological trauma. You could have been attacked in the street and left with both physical injuries as well as psychological harm, such as PTSD. You could also claim compensation if you have been the victim of crimes such as sexual assault (both recent and historical instances).

A claim could be made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority CICA which was set up by the government to compensate victims of violence and violent assaults.

Slip & Fall Claims

What is a slip, trip, fall? These are some of the most common ways in which people are injured. They could happen in almost any environment and for many, many different reasons. Your accident may have happened whilst out shopping, when walking down the street, crossing the road, in a public park, at a leisure centre or swimming pool, or in any other environment. The key thing for your claim will be that your accident could have been avoided had a third party not been negligent. A swimming pool operator may have neglected to repair broken tiles by the pool, or a local authority may have neglected to fix broken paving slabs. Either of these acts of negligence could easily lead to someone tripping or falling over and being injured. Similarly, if a cafe or shop fails to clear up or mark out a spillage people could slip over.

For accident claims advice related to slips, trips and falls, contact an accident claim lawyer today for a free no obligation consultation.

Medical Malpractice

If you or if a member of your family has to have any form of medical care or clinical treatment, such as having an operation or being diagnosed by a doctor, you are placing a high degree of trust in that medical professional. The medical professional needs to meet the expected standards of care for you throughout the course of treatment/ or care you are in receipt of. This does not however mean that avoidable mistakes do not happen or that errors are not made. Medical negligence could occur if medical professionals breach their duty of care they owe to each and everyone of their patients and it could cause a patients health to suffer unnecessarily.

If you have suffered due to medical negligence talk to our team about what your next steps could be.

Claims If Injured In A Public Place

If you have been harmed whilst in a public place or experienced a personal injury as such and if you can show that you were not at fault, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Injuries could be caused by accidents that could happen at any time. You could have been walking in the street, spending time in the park, or browsing a shop when injured. The owner or operator of the public place, such as the local council or shop owner, owes you a duty of care to ensure your safety when in their space. If they neglect such a duty of care which results in an avoidable injury you may be able to pursue a claim for any harm that you have suffered.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Bournemouth

One of the most common reasons for people not pursuing a personal injury claim or which stops people making enquiries with an accident claim solicitor is the potential costs of making a claim. People can be put off by how much they think it could cost them to make an enquiry or for an accident claim solicitor to start working on their claim. However, this fear of the costs of seeking accident compensation shouldn’t put you off.

Firstly, making an enquiry with our team will not cost anything. You could pick up the phone and talk to us about your claim. If we do think that an accident claim solicitor could help you, we can recommend one of our specialists. The no win no fee solicitor will then be able to work on your case without charging you anything upfront. Our no win no fee solicitors covering Bournemouth will not charge you anything until the end of your case and that is only if it is a success. This means that you will pay them from your settlement. What’s more, if there is no compensation awarded there is nothing to pay the solicitor. It is that simple.

Filing A Claim For An Accident

To start a claim today for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, for an industrial injury, for those caused by a slip or fall or to make any other type of accident claim, contact our specialist team today. There are several ways in which you could get in touch with us.

By phoning on 0800 073 8801 you could discuss your options with our team. You could also request a callback from us by filling in the form above on this page. We can also be contacted by email at

Questions Frequently Asked By Claimants

Having read our guide so far you may feel that you are ready to start your claim. If you feel you still need to know more about filing a claim such as what steps may be involved or where a medical assessment could be carried out, you can find out more below. Here we look at some of the questions frequently asked of our accident claims solicitors.

How Could Your Team Help Me?

From ensuring that you get a thorough assessment of your injuries to assigning you one of our no win no fee solicitors covering your area and ensuring that all of the evidence related to your claim is properly collected, our team and our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you in many different ways.

Should I Claim With A Bournemouth Personal Injury Solicitor?

If you were injured in Bournemouth or work in the local area you may well think that the best way to make a claim is with accident claims solicitors in Bournemouth. However, this does not necessarily follow. In most instances a claimant and personal injury solicitor will not have to meet in person and correspondence will often be carried out through phone calls, email and the post. Generally there will not be a specific benefit to using a solicitor near you. Instead, choose an accident claims solicitor with the best qualifications to handle your case.

Are Medical Assessments Necessary?

Whether harmed by another persons violence (assault), through medical malpractice, or a public slip, a potentially important part of the process of making accident claims in Bournemouth is to have an accurate and impartial assessment of your injuries.

Your personal injury claim needs to show how your were harmed (what pain and suffering you experienced) and how you have been affected by this. A medical assessment carried out by an impartial professional could help to highlight how you have already been affected and how your health may be affected in the future.

Where Could My Medical Assessment Be Carried Out?

We work with a panel of doctors across the UK who could carry out your exam. These may include,

Matthew Moorhouse
348 Poole Road,
BH12 1AW

Amrik Singh
37 Keswick Road,
Boscombe Manor

Keith Best
Beechwood Avenue

Additional Details And References

This guide will have provided you with some initial information on how to make accident claims in Bournemouth and how our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you. We understand that you may still wish to know more or wish to contact local services so have included several resources below.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator – This calculator could show you how much an accident claim solicitor could help you to claim.

How Do I Report An Employee Accident? – This guide from the HSE could help an employer report accidents in the workplace.

How Do Criminal Injury Claims Work? – This guide looks at how and when you could claim compensation for acts of violence, such as an assault.

Report A Car Accident In Bournemouth – How to report a motor vehicle accident to Dorset Police.

Bournemouth And Poole Courts – Some car accident claims go to court. If your claim needs to, it may be heard here.

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