Accident Claims Solicitors Grays – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Grays Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 13th September 2021. Welcome to this accident claims solicitors covering Grays guide. This explains what claims personal injury solicitors covering Grays could assist with.

Accident claims solicitors Grays

Accident claims solicitors Grays

If you or a loved one have been injured or have become sick due to an accident in Grays, Essex which was caused by another person, business, local authority, road user etc you may be entitled to claim compensation and you may want to use an accident claim solicitor.

Our panel of accident claims solicitors and personal injury lawyers have many years of experience in successfully helping people to claim compensation. Many of the accident claims that we handle are done so through no win no fee agreements. This means that claimants can start a claim regardless of their financial situation.

To find out more about different types of accidents in Grays which could happen and for which you could make a compensation claim for please read our guide below. Our team are then on hand to help you begin your claim with a simple phone call.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Grays?

The first question which we shall answer is what an accident claims solicitor covering Grays is and what they do. When we talk about accident claims solicitor, we are referring to those who conduct personal injury claims. They may also be called personal injury solicitors. By saying that they cover claims in Grays, we simply mean that whilst not based in the local area, they could handle claims there.

If you have been victim to a personal injury in Grays, you could make a personal injury claim against the person responsible. Whilst there are exceptions, most claims need to be started within the accident claims time limit of three years. This time limit could start at the point at which you were injured, or at the point you discovered your injury.

To discuss what happened to you or a loved one and to check your eligibility to claim, please contact our team. You could also see examples of how much you could be able to claim for some injuries in this example personal injury claims calculator.

Grays Medical Negligence Claims

Let us start by defining what medical negligence is. Often known as clinical negligence or medical malpractice, the term describes circumstances in which someone has suffered illness or injury as a result of a medical professional not correctly carrying out their role. Such harm may be caused by an overall lack of care and treatment or diagnosis not reaching standards which reasonably should be expected of that professional.

Grays medical negligence claims could happen if there is a fall in the service that is presented to a patient causing them to suffer unnecessarily. Claims could also be made irrespective of whether the provider/ professional operates as part of the NHS or private sector.

In order to make such a compensation claim you need to have been harmed. This could be by suffering a new injury, contracting an illness or by having an existing illness made worse because of delays to treatment.

This type of claim can sometimes be more complicated to carry out due to the burden of proof required. A medical practitioners career could be severely impacted and so there is a high degree of evidence required to make a claim. This however should not deter you from making your claim.

You could find out more about whether you could make a Grays medical negligence claim by contacting us. If our free initial consultation reveals that you could be eligible for compensation, we could connect you with specialist solicitors, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and registered in England and Wales to assist with a claim.

Falls, Trips, Slips Accidents

As we shall see when we look at accidents in the workplace, falls, trips and slips accidents are one of the most common ways in which people suffer non-fatal injuries at work. According to bodies such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, they are also one of the most common ways in which people are harmed in general, not just at work.

You could possibly make a slip and fall accident claim if you have been injured in the following circumstances:

  • Trips and falls caused by potholes in the road (when crossing the road).
  • Trips and falls caused by broken pavements.
  • Accidents caused by damaged flooring in a shop, restaurant or other public space.
  • Slips in supermarkets or restaurants caused by spillages.
  • Hazards in the workplace which have not been addressed.

Whilst you may wish to find out straight away how much is a slip and fall accident worth, it is difficult for us to say without assessing the level of injury you sustained and the financial effect that this has had upon you.

This guide to making a slip and fall accident claim includes a personal injury claims calculator where you could get an idea of what your payout could be.

Compensation After A Work Accident In Grays

Accidents in the workplace are more common than you may think. In fact, 693,000 workers sustained a non fatal injury according to the Labour Force Survey 2019/20, these were self reporting injuries. There were also 65,427 non-fatal injuries reported in the same period reported by employers. Statistics are available here from the Health and Safety Executive. The causes are shown below:

accident claims solicitors Grays statistics graph

The five most common types of accident in the workplace are,

  • Slips or falls – 29% of injuries.
  • Carrying, handling and lifting – 19% of injuries.
  • Strikes by moving objects – 11% of injuries.
  • Falling from a height – 9% of injuries.
  • Workplace violence – 8% of injuries.

Remember, our accident claim solicitors could help you to claim compensation after a work accident in this area, or anywhere else in the country.

Thurrock Injury At Work Statistics

If you are claiming compensation after an accident at work in this area it may be interesting to see how many other reported instances of injuries at work there are in this area, as well as to look at national statistics.

According to additional statistics from the HSE (source) we can also see other accident at work and health and safety statistics for Great Britain. For example, in 2019/2020 we can see that,

  • There are 1.6 million people in GB who have a workplace illness.
  • That 142 worker killed at work in 2020/21

Next you can find a table where we have taken data from the RIDDOR (source) for the number of those injured at work in Thurrock. This is the larger reporting area within which Grays sits.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuries Total - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries

Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Claims In Grays, Essex

Road traffic collision and car accident claims could be made in different circumstances and for different reasons. Such claims could be made by the driver of a vehicle, a passenger, pedestrian or those riding bicycles and motorbikes.

Traffic accident compensation claims could be made for any of the following types of injury;

  • Whiplash injuries.
  • Injuries to a child.
  • Injuries caused by seat belts.
  • Injuries caused by airbags.

There are lots of different ways in which a road traffic accident could be caused, but as long as another person was either fully or partially responsible for the accident taking place, you could be able to make an accident claim for any harm suffered. When making road traffic accident claims for injury compensation, you could receive special damages to cover loss of earnings for example. All claims are different, and a compensation calculator could not give you an accurate idea of how much you’d receive. However, we could give you some insight over the phone.

Criminal Injuries And Victim Of Crime Compensation

Unlike the other circumstances which we look at in this guide, the injuries sustained here are caused by the deliberate action of another person, such as through an assault. Whilst we have grouped these under ‘accident claims’ there may well be nothing accidental about you having been assaulted or abused.

Examples of criminal injury claims may include those for,

  • Assaults.
  • Recent or historical abuse.
  • Sexual abuse.

If you have been injured as the victim of a crime you should be aware that you have a shorter time in which to claim compensation, whilst the standard accident claims time limit sits at three years, you only have two years in which to claim compensation. There are exceptions for historical abuse and possibly other circumstances.

Accidents In A Public Place

Accidents in public places could occur in many different places, different ways and at different times. In fact, they could happen almost anywhere where you as a member of the public could go. We have listed some of the common forms of accidents in a public places here. If the circumstances in which your accident happened is not listed do not worry. These are just some examples of when you could be able to make a claim. As long as third part negligence caused your accident, we may be able to help you claim.

  • Accidents in the workplace.
  • An accident in a shop, supermarket or a restaurant.
  • Accidents and injuries at school.
  • Accidents and injuries in a public park or public play area.
  • Accidents as a pedestrian, such as trips and falls on the street.

At the time of your accident we recommend that you report it to the relevant parties and if possible make sure that it is recorded in their accident report log.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Grays, Essex

No win no fee solicitors help claimants through what is technically called a conditional fee agreement. This agreement is made between the solicitor and claimant. The main benefit of this agreement is to remove any worries about needing to pay the solicitor any up front fees.

There is less risk to you as a claimant because you will only be required to pay your solicitors fees in the event of a win. You won’t have to pay your solicitor for any incurred costs if you don’t win your claim. There are also no hidden charges and everything will be clearly explained to you before you agree to starting a claim with your accident claim solicitor.

Find out more about how you could benefit from claiming accident compensation with a no win no fee solicitor by contacting our team.

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Whether you need to talk to our team of personal injury solicitors about your claim, or wish to learn more about how an accident claims solicitor covering Grays could help you, our friendly team are on hand.

You can reach our team by phone, email or using the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

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Our team are on hand 24 hours a day to help you start a personal injury claim so talk to us today.

Personal Injury Claims FAQs

Now that you know some of the different circumstances in which you could claim compensation as well as how to fund your claim and get in contact with us, we will now look at some of the questions which people may frequently ask of accident claim solicitors.

Q: Am I Eligible To Make An Accident Claim?

A: Along with questions around how to fund a claim, this is perhaps one of the most common questions we are asked. If you have been harmed or have been caused an illness due to the actions of a negligent third party, be they your employer, another driver on the road or a doctor, you maybe able to claim compensation for the harm caused to you.

Q: Should I Find A Solicitor Near Me?

A: It is reasonable to think that the best way to make a claim is through a law firm in Grays, such as solicitors in Grays town centre. Taking a quick look we can see that people often search for ‘solicitors near me’ or ‘solicitors in my area’. Most claims will not require you to meet in person with the accident claims solicitor handling your case, so they could be located anywhere in the country.

Q: Will A Doctor Check My Injury Or Illness?

A: Having a medical checkup with a doctor or appropriate medical specialist is an important part of the process of making a personal injury claim. Your accident claim will generally require medical evidence to illustrate how you have been harmed (through illness or injury). The medical report will highlight this. It could also show how long your recovery could take as well whether you will be left with any permanent effects, such as a disability.

Q: Where Do You Work With Doctors In My Area?

A: In order to make sure that we do have sufficient medical evidence for your accident claim, our panel of accident claims solicitors use a panel of medical experts who could conduct your checkup.

In the Grays area, we could work with the following experts among others,

Soran Saeed
K.T.B Prescribed Pilates & Physiotherapy,
1st Floor Westgate House,
Spital Street,

Mohammed Ahmad
KTB Pilates and Therapy,
1st Floor Westgate House,
Spital Street

Salman Baig
KTB Physiotherapy,
Westgate House,
Spital Street,

We should note that your checkup up could be carried out by a different doctor or at a different location.

How do I know whether I’m choosing the right accident claims solicitors covering Grays?

Choosing a solicitor for your claim could be a tricky decision to make. After all, finding the right personal injury solicitors covering Grays could significantly impact your claim. The solicitor or law firm you choose would be putting together the case against the liable party, and they would need to work hard to ensure it was as strong as possible. In addition to this, your solicitor would be the person that is negotiating for the maximum compensation possible for your case. Therefore, as well as checking if they are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and that they are registered in England and Wales, you might also want to check a little deeper into their history and the service they provide. Questions you could ask could include how many years of experience they have, and whether they could offer you free legal advice alongside their legal services. You could also ask them would this advice be free, or would you have to pay for an initial consultation. Other things to check would be reviews left for them by previous claimants, and whether they work on a no win no basis. We would be delighted to answer any of these questions, or any other questions you could think of to give you Peace of Mind that we are well equipped to handle your claim.

Could accident claims solicitors covering Grays also help me with the data breach claim?

One claim that is becoming more common these days is a claim for a data protection breach. Lots of organisations these days hold, store and process our personal data. This makes them data controllers, and as such, they would have responsibilities under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Should they do something wrong and breach your personal data, this could cause you financial or non-financial harm. For example, you could suffer the loss of sleep, anxiety or depression because of a data breach. GDPR and the Data Protection Act could allow you to claim compensation for both material and non-material harm. No matter whether you have suffered identity fraud because of a data breach, whether someone has accessed your financial accounts and stolen money from you, or whether you have been psychologically harmed by a data breach, we could help you get the compensation you deserve. Why not call us for a free initial consultation.

Grays, Essex Local Resources

Whilst we have provided information on how accident claims solicitors covering Grays could help you, there may be other services, such as the police or courts who you need to contact. We have included details of these below. Those making accident claims in Grays may also benefit from the additional resources below.

Contacting The Essex Police
If you have been involved in an accident on the road, such as a car accident, causing injury you should report this to the police. Do so using the contact info above.

Romford County Court
Whilst only a small number of cases may go to court, if your claim in Grays does do so it may be heard at Romford County Court.

Thurrock Council
This is the local authority responsible for public facilities and spaces, such as pavements, in Grays. You may need to contact them in the event that an accident was caused by their negligence.

Local Authority And Council Accident Claims
If a local authority, such as a council, is responsible for your accident, find out if and when you could make a personal injury claim in this guide.

Now you know more about accident claims solicitors covering Grays, you should hopefully be able to find personal injury solicitors for Grays claims.