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Accident claims solicitors Harlow

Accident claims solicitors Harlow

By Brett Williams. Last updated 25th August 2021. If you have been injured or are suffering from a workplace illness that was caused by another person and which could have been avoided, you may be wondering if you could make an accident claim in Harlow? In this guide, we look at how accident claims solicitors in Harlow could help victims of accidents that were not their fault to claim compensation.

Accident claims could take many forms, from slips trips and falls in a public place to medical negligence, traffic accidents in Harlow and accidents in the workplace. In any of these cases, personal injury solicitors in Harlow could help. The specific way in which your accident took place is not as important to making a personal injury claim as you being able to show that another person who owed you a duty of care was responsible for the accident taking place.

In this guide to accident claims in Harlow, we explain what accident claims solicitors are and what services they could provide to claimants. We also look at some of the circumstances for which successful accident claims could be made.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Harlow?

Before we look at some of the circumstances in which an accident claim solicitor could help you, we shall first look at what they are. Accident claim solicitors are also commonly known as personal injury solicitors. They are legal professionals who work in the area of personal injury law helping people to get compensation if they have been caused harm by another person through negligence or even criminal attacks. Accident claims solicitors covering Harlow are any solicitors who are able to help claimants in this area. They are not necessarily based in the local area. As we shall see later, a solicitors location is often not important to your claim.

When helping you to claim compensation your accident claims solicitor will aim to secure compensation that best returns you to a similar circumstance as you would have been in had the accident not happened and had you not been harmed. Of course, compensation can only go so far and can’t make up for a disability. What it can do is mitigate the financial effects of your accidents and resultant injuries. Remember, whilst our team are not based in this area we could cover accident claims in Harlow.

Work Accident And Injury Claims

If you have been injured in the workplace because correct health and safety procedures were not being followed you could have grounds to make a work accident injury claim. Personal injury claims for accidents at work could be made if your employer or colleague was responsible for the accident in which you were harmed. In some instances, it is even possible to make a work accident injury claim if you were partially responsible for the accident. An example of where you may be able to do so is if your injuries were made worse due to faulty machinery. Personal injury claims for accidents at work could be made if your accident did not cause a new injury, but made an existing one much worse.

Employers have a duty of care to make sure that you are safe in the workplace and can safely carry out your duties. This means that they should,

  • Provide proper training.
  • Provide the correct PPE.
  • Carry out risk assessments and mitigate health and safety risks.

If your employer failed to keep you safe at work, talk to our accident claims solicitors covering Harlow today and see if you could make a claim.

Reported Injuries And Accidents At Work In Harlow

In the table below we look at the number of people who have been injured in the workplace for the years 2013/14 to 2017/18. We should note that not all injuries may have been reported in this way and these figures do not show how many work accidents were the fault of the employer.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Harlow 83 212 0

RIDDOR source figures are available at this Health and Safety Executive page.

Claim For Accidents In A Public Place

From the gym to a public park and the streets to a shop, accidents and injuries in a public place could happen almost anywhere. Whilst you should be able to go about your day without risk of injury, if the owners or those operating public spaces have not properly maintained them or addressed risks, people could be injured.

Public places are simply any spaces in which you can go as a member of the public. This could be your gym, a shopping centre, a council operated park or library or simply walking down the street. Even if you do not know who owned or was responsible for operating the place in which you were injured, it is worth contacting our panel of accident claims solicitors to find out if you could make a personal injury claim.

Claims For Road Traffic Accidents In Harlow

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in Harlow you could have grounds to make a personal injury claim if it was not your fault against the other driver, or responsible party. No matter whether you sustained minor or serious injuries there may be grounds to claim compensation and our panel of accident claims solicitors could review your case to see if they could help you.

The circumstances in which traffic accidents in Harlow may occur could vary greatly. They may include

  • Car accidents.
  • Bus, coach or taxi accidents.
  • Cyclist or motorbike accidents.
  • Accidents injuring passengers or pedestrians.

A common injury resulting from road traffic accidents in Harlow or elsewhere in the UK could be whiplash. You can find out more about whiplash accident claims in this guide.

We recommend contacting a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible after your accident. This is firstly because you have three years in which to make your claim (accident claim time limits can vary) and because insurance companies sometimes try to offer lower settlements to claimants before they have seen a solicitor.

Claim For Slip Trip Fall Accidents

Our accident claims solicitors could help you to make a slip trip fall compensation claim for accidents caused in a variety of different ways and for all manor of different injuries sustained as long as a third party who owed you a duty of care are responsible for what happened. Your injuries may be minor or much more severe and could include broken bones, damaged ligaments, soft tissue injuries and sprains or strains. Injuries caused by slipping over could take a long time to recover from and during this time you may not be able to work, or have to take on reduced duties. You may also find that other areas of your personal life are affected by such injuries.

If your accident was caused because the right safety precautions have not been taken, our accident claims solicitors could help you to make a slip trip fall compensation claim. Examples of reasons for which you may be able to claim include,

  • Accidents caused by broken or damaged paving.
  • Accidents caused by damaged flooring.
  • Slips caused by unmarked spillages.
  • Accidents caused by defective stairs or handrails.

Slips and falls are one of the most common forms of accidents and injuries in a public place. See how you could claim compensation in this guide.

Claim For Clinical And Medical Negligence

Do you need to make a medical negligence claim? Clinical negligence and medical negligence are terms that are used to describe circumstances in which a medical professional has failed to meet their duty of care to a patient. Crucially to a claim it needs to be shown that this failure lead to an illness or injury or that it worsened an existing condition.

You could make a medical negligence claim for harm caused by a doctor misdiagnosing your illness when they would have been expected to get it correct, if they provided the wrong treatment which caused ill effects, or if surgical mistakes are made causing avoidable injuries, among other circumstances. Some of the types of claims our panel of clinical and medical negligence solicitors could help with are,

  • Cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis.
  • Negligent mistakes in dental care.
  • Negligence by a GP.
  • Cosmetic surgery negligence.

There are more instances in which you could be harmed by negligent medical care and for which our panel of clinical and medical negligence solicitors could help you to claim for.

Claim For A Criminal Injury

Accident claims solicitors in Harlow or those who cover the area don’t just cover personal injury claims caused by negligence. They may also be able to help you claim compensation if harmed due to being the victim of a criminal injury or witnessing a family member be injured in an assault. Depending on the crime which affected you there may be different compensation options open to you.

If the offender has been convicted (or even if they have not), you could be eligible to claim for a criminal injury suffered. Your claim could compensate you for injuries, suffering and pain, losses to your income, medical and care expenses as well as other financial losses.

Please note: in order to claim for a criminal injury you will need to have reported the crime (and be issued with a crime number) as well as have details of your injuries and other losses. The applicable accident claims time limit is also generally two years.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Harlow

No win no fee solicitors are those which work under conditional fee agreements or no win no fee agreements. This means that when you make a claim with them you will not have to pay any upfront legal fees. You will then only need to pay for your solicitor in the event that you win your claim.

Contact The Accident Claims UK Team

There are several ways in which you could get in contact with our accident claims solicitors.

You can phone our team 0800 073 8801 and discuss your case with us.
You can email our team at Office@AccidentClaims.co.uk.
You could fill in the form at the top right of this page to request a call back from our team.

Accident claims solicitors in Harlow versus nationwide law firms

At the time an accident happens, you might not automatically think that you’re entitled to compensation. However, once you sit down and think about the incident later on and how it’s affected you, you may decide to seek legal representation. We hope that throughout this guide, we’ve shown that there’s no reason to only include accident claims solicitors in Harlow in your search. In fact, by limiting your search to local law firms, you may miss out on finding a more experienced personal injury lawyer who has handled cases just like yours recently.

Our team of solicitors are all registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority but rather than you having to visit our offices, they deal with your claim online, over the phone and by email. That makes our claims process efficient, but your solicitor will still do all they can to try and make sure you receive the highest level of compensation possible.

If you are taken on as a client, we’ll appoint a solicitor to your case. They will start by discussing your case in more detail to try and make sure that they don’t miss anything out of your claim. After that, they’ll work to secure evidence that proves what happened and who was to blame. To help prove the extent of your injuries, you will need an independent medical assessment though. This is nothing to worry about and your solicitor will book a local appointment so you won’t need to travel too far.

When everything is in hand, your solicitor will send the claim to the defendant’s legal team or insurers. So that you aren’t overwhelmed by technical legal terms, your solicitor will take control of all communication from this point. If queries or objections are received, your solicitor will attempt to counter them and supply further evidence if needed. Throughout this negotiation period, you’ll receive updates from your solicitor and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that arise.

Importantly, we don’t usually accept the first offer that’s made to settle cases. If your solicitor believes an offer undervalues the amount of suffering you’ve endured, they’ll go back and fight hard for more. To learn more about our accident claims solicitors covering Harlow and how they could help you, please get in touch today.

Accident Claim Frequently Asked Questions

Below we look at some of the most common questions which our panel of solicitors and accident claims team are asked.

Q: How Could An Accident Claim Solicitor Help Me?

Personal injury solicitors can help you in a number of ways from conducting your claim to gathering evidence and helping to get your injuries assessed by a doctor. To learn just how an accident compensation claim solicitor or personal injury lawyer could help you, talk to our team.

Q: Does It Matter If My Solicitor Is Not In My Area?

The simplest answer to this question is that it does not matter whether you are using ‘solicitors near me’ or accident claims solicitors covering Harlow. Whilst you may feel that there are benefits to making your claim with a local solicitor, accident claims solicitors covering Harlow could assist you in making a claim just as easily as those who are based in the area.

The only part of your claim which could need to be carried out in your area could be your medical examination. We shall see in the next section how this could be organised for you.

Q: What Are Accident Claim Medicals?

A medical is a chance for an independent doctor to fully assess how you have been injured. The exam may highlight other ways in which you have been harmed and could recommend any additional testing or treatment which may be necessary. The medical professional will produce a report which is used as evidence of how you have been injured. This is subsequently used in personal injury calculators to estimate how much compensation you are owed.

Q: Where May My Medical Take Place?

As crucial to your case as medical evidence could be, we also understand that you may not be able to travel for a long distance to see a doctor for a medical assessment. This is why we also work with a panel of doctors who could carry out your medical assessment.

Doctors covering this area include.

Sajive Bansal
Harlow Occupational Health Service Ltd,
Edinburgh Place,
CM20 2DJ

Masroor Ahmad
1st Call Osteopaths,
219 Bramley Road,
N14 4UY

Please note that your assessment may be carried out by another doctor or at a different location.

Local Information For Accident Claims In Harlow

Above, this guide has included information on how accident claims solicitors covering Harlow could help you. Whilst through the guide we have linked to different resources which could be helpful, below we also include further useful resources for those affected by injuries and accidents in Harlow.

How To Control Risks At Work – This guide from the HSE looks at ways to control, minimise or mitigate risks in the workplace.

Harlow Council Insurance Claims – Details of how and when people could make claims against the council’s insurance. We recommend using a personal injury solicitor to do so.

Report An Incident On The Road To Essex Police – How to report incidents, such as accidents on the road, to the Essex Police Force.

Chelmsford County Court – A small number of personal injury claims may need to go to court. Details of the local county court are found here.

Thanks for reading our guide on how personal injury solicitors in Harlow or accident claims solicitors in Harlow could help you seek compensation. For free advice on our nationwide claims service, please speak to us today.