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Accident claims solicitors Paignton

Accident claims solicitors Paignton

By Brett Williams. Last updated 25th August 2021. Welcome to our guide on accident claims solicitors covering Paignton. If you’ve been involved in an accident in Paignton, then you may have suffered injuries ranging from something relatively minor to serious, life-changing injuries. If the incident that caused the injuries could have been avoided and was someone else’s fault, then you could be feeling not only the pain of the injury but frustrated that you have been harmed through no fault of your own. In some cases, you might even be feeling the pinch financially as well, especially if you’ve been unable to go to work and have lost out on wages. If you are considering making accident claims in Paignton our personal injury solicitors who can cover the Paignton area would be more than willing to help.

In this guide, we aim to provide all the answers to common questions about accident claims, such as what criteria must be met to allow you to make a personal injury claim and how our personal injury solicitors covering Paignton could assist, to offering accident claims advice on specific situations you may have found yourself in. Whether it’s a road accident in Paignton, a Paignton zoo accident, a fire in Paignton, an accident at work, medical negligence or criminal injury, accident claims solicitors covering Paignton could help you gain the settlement you deserve. If after reading our advice below, you’d like to go ahead with a claim, or you’d like us to clarify whether you’d be in a position to claim, then call 0800 073 8801 for free advice you could trust.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Paignton?

If you need legal advice on accident claims in Paignton then accident claims solicitors covering Paignton could be your first port of call. These legal professionals undergo years of education in law, and those that focus on personal injury law could have a lot of experience and deep knowledge of this field that they could bring to your claim.

The first thing we should clarify, however, is whether you are likely to have an accident claim. Personal injury claims generally require a few things to be true. Firstly, you must have suffered some sort of injury. This injury could be physical, or it could be mental. Secondly, the incident that caused the injury or illness would be someone else’s fault who owed you a duty of care. This could be because of their behaviour, such as a driver driving above the speed limit, or because of their negligence, such as an employer not providing the right PPE for a job you’re undertaking. Thirdly, your claim should be made within the accident claims time limit. This is usually 3 years from the incident date but could be shorter (for example a claim for criminal injury through the CICA carries a 2-year limit) or longer (illnesses that have come on over time, for example). If these statements are true in your case, then you could consider looking for accident claims solicitors covering Paignton to see if accident claim solicitors could help you with your case. If you’re not sure, then our expert advisors could clarify this if you get in touch with us.

Slip Trip Fall Compensation Claims

Depending on how severe your trip, slip or fall accident is, you could end up with a variety of injuries, from bruises and cuts to broken limbs and more. While slips and falls could be considered quite common, if they are someone else’s fault, then you could consider finding accident claims solicitors covering Paignton to help you make a personal injury claim. Because slips, falls and trips could happen in a number of different places, there could be a variety of liable parties for your claim. For example, if you fall in a hotel because of an unsafe balcony, then the hotel could be liable, or if you slipped at work on a spillage that was not signposted or cleared up quickly, then your employer could be seen as being to blame. If you’re not quite sure who your slip trip fall compensation claim would be against for a trip or fall accident, then calling our team should help to clarify the situation.

Road Traffic Accident In Paignton Claims

Accident claims solicitors covering Paignton could help with accident claims in Paignton for incidents that happen on the road. Every road user bears the responsibility to behave in a responsible manner while on the road, from the motorway to the public highway, and if someone has not taken this responsibility seriously, and has acted unsafely, causing you to suffer injuries, then you could consider making an accident claim for a road traffic accident in Paignton.

This applies not only to drivers. Pedestrians, passengers on buses, taxis and cars as well as motorcyclists and cyclists could all consider making a personal injury claim if they are injured – for example suffering whiplash – due to someone else’s unsafe use of the road. Your compensation award may include not only compensation for the physical and mental suffering caused by your injuries, but the monetary costs, such as lost income if you’ve been away from work, or adaptations you might have needed to your home to help you carry on with daily tasks while living with your injuries.

Accident At Work Compensation Cases

Workplace law requires any employer to look after the health and safety of their staff where possible while they are at work. They could do so in many different ways. If your job requires it, you may require training on how to do the job safely, while in other jobs you might be in need of protective gear to ensure you don’t get hurt. Your employer should carry out an assessment of the risks within the workplace and within any tasks you do as part of your job, and take care to lower such risks as much as reasonably possible. If they do not do so, there could be a chance you would be able to go ahead with a personal injury claim for your accident at work compensation case if you are injured due to your employer’s negligence.

Claims could be for accidents that happen as a one-off, such as a burn caused by exposed pipes in the workplace that were not made safe, or a back injury from lifting something heavy when you haven’t had training. Or, they could be made for a condition that has developed over time, such as industrial deafness, vibration white finger, RSI and more. You would have to prove that the risks of developing a condition were foreseeable and your employer did not take action to reduce those risks.

Statistics For Injuries At Work In Torbay

Below, you can view the statistics that surround workplace injuries in the Torbay area. These are taken from the HSE website, where you can find other statistics for other areas in the UK.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Torbay 130 294 0

Medical Malpractice Compensation

While you are in hospital, or being looked after in a care home, or receiving any kind of healthcare treatment, the people looking after you have a duty to care for you. If they are negligent, and it causes you to become more ill or suffer an injury, then you could make a medical negligence claim against them with the assistance of accident claims solicitors covering Paignton. Medical malpractice compensation claims could be made for a number of different reasons. These could include:

  • A surgical error leading to worsening of a condition or further surgery to correct.
  • Incorrect prescription is given which could make symptoms worse.
  • Birth injury due to poor supervision by a midwife.
  • Misdiagnosis by GP or hospital doctor causing the current condition to worsen.

If you feel your health has worsened directly because of an incident of negligence, then do not hesitate to call us to see if you could make accident claims in Paignton for medical negligence.

Criminal Injury Claims And Compensation For Assault Victims

Compensation claims with the help of solicitors in Paignton or our accident claims solicitors that cover Paignton could also be made if you suffer some sort of criminal injury. A criminal injury could be inflicted as a result of a violent targeted attack or may come about because you’ve been injured because of someone’s criminal behaviour in another way. It could be that you are compensated for both physical and emotional damage, and you could even claim as a witness to a violent assault if it caused you emotional harm. Criminal injury claims could have a shorter time frame for claiming if you are claiming through CICA. While the accident claims time limit for many personal injury claims is 3 years from the date of the incident, CICA claims usually have a limit of 2 years, so you may need to act more quickly to ensure you claim compensation as an assault victim.

Accident In A Public Place

Libraries, supermarkets, parks, pavements and shopping centres are all considered public places. If you were to be injured in one of these places through negligence of the owner, occupier or manager you maybe able to make a public liability claim. This could be the local authority for public parks and pavements, or it could be a restaurant owner, or another business owner depending on where you were when you were injured. Accident claims solicitors covering Paignton could help you claim for slips and falls in such places if it can be proven that the incident which caused the injury could have been avoided had the right health and safety procedures been followed.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Paignton

Working with a no win no fee solicitor on accident claims in Paignton could be a wise decision. Your personal injury lawyer, if working to this structure, could be directly impacted by the amount of accident compensation they’re able to get for you, as their fees are taken as a percentage of your eventual settlement. This naturally means that they would be working to gain you the maximum possible for your claim. In addition to this, you would not have to fund your claim upfront, and this could also reduce the financial risk to you.

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Ready to claim? Or do you have further questions about your potential accident claims in Paignton? Do you want to know more about the accident compensation guidelines, or would you like to know if a zoo accident in Paignton could lead to compensation? Either way, we would be happy to hear from you. We offer free, no-obligation advice to all callers, so simply dial 0800 073 8801 to gain clarification on whether you have a case, information about our services, or to be provided with accident claims solicitors covering Paignton to help with your case. If you’d prefer, you could always email us at or fill in the contact form to the right of this page. There’s also a chat advisor at the bottom of this page too.

How our accident claims solicitors covering Paignton could help you seek damages

At the point you’re injured in an accident that somebody else caused, finding personal injury solicitors in Paignton is likely to be the last thing on your mind. At some point, though, you may realise that your physical suffering and any financial losses deserve to be compensated. If that’s the case, we believe that as well as looking at local law firms, you should consider our nationwide service too. While it is true that you’ll find lawyers and solicitors in Hyde Road, Dendy Road and Churston Broadway, they might not all concentrate solely on accident claims in the way we do. By talking with our advisors, you might be connected with a more experienced injury claims specialist or one who has worked on a case just like yours recently.

Although our office might not be local to you, we can still help you claim. Our solicitors deal with your claim over the phone, by email and online. This means you won’t need to waste time travelling to appointments. Importantly, just as with any other law firm, we are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) which should give you some peace of mind.

After your case has been reviewed by an advisor, we’ll appoint a solicitor if we believe your case is strong enough. They’ll work for you on a No Win No Fee basis meaning the whole process will be less stressful. To start the ball rolling, the solicitor will discuss what happened in detail with you so they get all of the facts. They’ll then try to secure evidence such as hospital records, witness statements and photographs. Once everything has been collated, your claim will be sent to the defendant.

During the claims process, you won’t need to worry about complex questions as your solicitor will deal with all communication with the defendant’s representatives for you. However, you will be updated regularly and you will be able to ask questions where needed.

We like to point out that we won’t simply accept a compensation offer so that we can say we’ve won the case. If your solicitor believes an offer is too low, they’ll discuss it with you and then go back to request a settlement that better reflects the extent of your suffering.

If you’d like to know more about how our accident claims solicitors covering Paignton could help you, please speak to one of our advisors today.

Injury Claim FAQs

Below, you’ll find some answers to questions you might have about accident claims in Paignton.

Could I Claim Compensation?

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you could claim accident compensation, and it could make it easier than attempting to claim on your own. If you have had an accident and been injured, and it was someone else’s responsibility who has breached their duty of care towards you, and you were within the accident claims time limit, then you could contact accident claim solicitor to see if they could handle your case.

Do I Choose A Solicitor In My Local Area?

When searching for ‘solicitors near me’ you could be doing yourself a disservice, as you could be discounting numerous experienced professionals that could cover claims in your area, even if they are not necessarily based there. We offer our services nationwide, so we could be well placed to offer assistance with your personal injury claim.

Do Claimants Always Need To See A Doctor?

Using a personal injury compensation calculator is fine for an estimate of how much compensation you may be awarded. But calculating the overall settlement is not as straight forward as that. The medical report the independant doctor will provide will be used in a major way to calculate the pain and suffering caused a long with any financial aspects you may face. Seeing an independent medic is important, as the report they compile with all of your history, details of your injuries, and prognosis would be used when calculating your eventual settlement.

Could I Have A Medical Exam In My Area?

Medical appointments could be held in your area. We work with a panel of doctors based across the UK, so you could potentially see someone close by to where you live. This could include:

Jeremy Croft

Allerdale Farm House

Chillington Nr Kingsbridge



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Thank you for reading our guide about accident claims solicitors in Paignton. Our personal injury claims solicitors covering the Paignton area could help you claim on a No Win No Fee basis so why not call today to learn more?

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