£4 Million Brain Damage Payout After A Road Traffic Accident – Case Study

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 3rd November 2021. Welcome to this case study covering personal injury claims payouts for brain damage.

Have you experienced brain damage, due to an accident that was not your fault? Whether you experienced brain damage due to a road traffic accident, accident at work, violent assault, or any other type of accident, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim for a large brain damage payout. Trust Accident Claims UK to represent you in claiming compensation after a brain injury.

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In this head injury compensation case study, we are going to look at the case of a young man, Mr M, who received a large brain damage payout after a road traffic accident. The car accident causing brain damage happened when he was 17 and his brain damage claim was finally settled six years later. The accident happened when Mr M was travelling in a car as a passenger, driven by his friend. His friend swerved to avoid a fox on the road and lost control of the car.

Car Crash Statistics For The UK

The British Government publishes statistics on road traffic accidents that happen in Great Britain each year. Unfortunately, while road accident deaths are lower in Great Britain compared to other European countries, road accident deaths have increased in recent years. For example, in 2016 road accident deaths in Great Britain increased by 4%, compared to the previous year. The total number of road accident deaths in Great Britain was 1,792. Compared to a decade earlier (2006), there were 44% fewer road accident deaths. In 2016 24,101 individuals were severely injured in a road traffic accident. This includes car accidents causing brain damage, like the accident and injury that Mr M suffered.

Serious Frontal Lobe Injury

After the accident Mr M was taken to hospital. He was diagnosed with multiple fractures to his leg, lacerations to his head and back and most seriously, a frontal lobe brain injury. At hospital, he was given immediate treatment for his injuries, then he spent three weeks at a specialist rehabilitation unit. Unfortunately both Mr M and his family felt that this treatment was not enough given the life changing severity of his injuries and a spokesperson for the family revealed that the victim felt “Let down by the system”. As a result of his frontal lobe brain injury, Mr M suffered multiple problems including: loss of memory, loss of organisation skills, an inability to concentrate, extreme fatigue and anger management issues. Unfortunately, he was not given any help or support going forward to manage these problems. Prior to his accident Mr M had been training to be an electrician and had also had a part time job in his local branch of Morrisons. After the accident, he had completed some of his college qualifications but was no longer able to work.

As a young man of just 17, Mr M’s injuries also greatly affected his family. In the words of his mother, the family “had to come to terms with the fact that they had lost their son as they knew him”. They were keen to get Mr M all the ongoing support he needed to cope with his brain damage injury.

Why are frontal lobe brain injuries so debilitating? The frontal lobe is responsible for many higher brain functions, and also carries many of the functions that give a person their individuality. This includes emotions and emotional expression, language processing and intelligence. Damage to the frontal lobe before a person’s mid twenties, because of a birth injury, horrendous accident (such as the car accident causing brain damage that Mr M suffered) or drug abuse, can cause the person to suffer from a developmental disability. Other symptoms of a frontal lobe damage brain injury can include: impaired language skills, impaired moral judgement, anger management problems, memory loss, erratic behaviour, dementia, declining intelligence, reduced motor skills and lack of spatial reasoning. As you can imagine, someone suffering from a serious frontal lobe injury will need continuous support and care to live a good quality of life.

How Did The Claimant’s Solicitors Handle The Claim

Contrary to popular opinion, claiming for a brain damage payout after a road traffic accident or claiming any other sort of personal injury compensation is not about getting as much money as you can for your own enjoyment, but compensating the person for their injuries and providing the injured person with the funds they need to get the medical treatment and care that they now require. Concerned about his condition, Mr M’s family were keen to get a brain damage payout to pay for the care and support Mr M was now in need of. They hired a personal injury solicitor’s firm, who assigned an expert personal injury solicitor to work on the case. The solicitor approached the insurer of the driver who caused Mr M’s accident and made it known that his client, the Claimant would be making a claim for a head injury compensation payout. The first thing the personal injury lawyer did for Mr M is secure interim payments to pay for him to be able to move into a specialist residential rehabilitation centre in Surrey.

How Long Did The Claim Take, And What Settlement Was The Claimant Awarded?

As the road traffic accident claim for a head injury compensation payout proceeded the Defendant’s insurer proved to be very cooperative and did not dispute liability, which meant that this personal injury claim was quicker to proceed than many. The claim was settled out of court and Mr M was paid £4 million for his brain damage payout after a road traffic accident. Although the brain damage payout of £4 million that Mr M received may seem very large, we have to remember that this large head injury compensation amount was awarded to compensate for the extreme severity of his injuries. As going forward Mr M would have to live in an assisted living facility, and would need ongoing support in his daily life, much of his head injury compensation payout was to pay for his ongoing assisted living expenses.

At Accident Claims UK, our clients often ask us “how much compensation do you get for a head injury?” – this really does depend on the severity of the head injury or brain damage that the Claimant has suffered. We have a head injury compensation calculator, which will calculate the average head injury compensation amount clients receive, depending on the type and severity of their injuries. See our head injury compensation payouts guide to use our head injury compensation calculator.

No Win No Fee Brain Damage Compensation Claims

At Accident Claims UK, we offer all of our clients who are looking to claim a brain damage payout after a road traffic accident the opportunity to make a no win no fee claim. No win no fee is formally known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which enables the client to go about claiming compensation after a brain injury without having to pay an upfront fee. Instead, your no win no fee solicitor will only charge you for their service if and when you win your compensation claim. For many of our clients, this is the more affordable option and as you won’t have to pay us a penny in the unlikely instance that you lose your claim, there is less financial risk to you.

To enquire about hiring a no win no fee solicitor to represent you in your claim for a brain damage payout, call Accident Claims UK today to speak to one of our friendly advisors today.

Begin Your Accident And Injury Brain Damage Claim Today And Get Personal Injury Claims Payouts For Brain Damage

Have you experienced a brain damage injury which was caused by an accident that was not your fault? Perhaps you wish to claim brain damage payout after a road traffic accident or other serious incident? We would love to help you make a brain damage claim for compensation. Call today for your free consultation. If you have legitimate grounds to head injury compensation payouts, one of our knowledgeable advisors will let you know how much your head injury claim is worth and will provide you with an excellent no win no fee solicitor to handle your claim. Call Accident Claims UK today, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

How common are car accidents leading to personal injury claims payouts for brain damage?

You might be unsurprised to learn that there were fewer people injured on UK roads in 2020 compared to the previous year. The coronavirus pandemic had a marked effect on traffic numbers, as there were four months of lockdowns during this. That led to there being fewer vehicles on the road at any given time, however cycling became a popular pastime. When it comes to road traffic accident casualties, you might be surprised to see that the figures are still significant despite the lockdowns. In fact, in 2020 there were still over 115,000 people who suffered an injury in the UK road traffic accidents. This was not restricted to motorists, however. You can see from the below chart the other types of road users that were affected by such injuries. While we do not have figures relating to how many of these suffered brain damage, it could be that some of them may have.

personal injury claims payouts for brain damage statistics graph

Could I receive personal injury claims payouts for brain damage suffered in a hit and run?

You may assume that you would not be able to get compensation settlements in the UK for brain damage caused by a hit and run. After all, if the driver of a vehicle that hit you has fled at the scene of the accident, they may not be traceable. However, your route to compensation may not be blocked by this. You could make a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau for compensation. Here at Accident Claims UK, we could help you make a claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau, and help you fight for the maximum personal injury compensation payouts possible for your injuries, and any ongoing costs associated with them.


How do I maximise personal injury compensation payouts for brain damage?

If you or a loved one has suffered brain damage in a road traffic accident, an accident at work, or because of medical negligence, making a claim for compensation could be vital in ensuring you have the financial support you need to get the treatment you need for your injuries. For example, when you make a claim for personal injury compensation, your award could include costs of medical care, care costs and more as special damages as well as the general damages you would receive for pain and suffering.

To maximise your chances of success, and to maximise your compensation settlement in the UK, you would need to provide sufficient evidence as to your medical condition as well as being able to prove that the accident happened, it was someone else’s fault and they could be held liable for your injuries. Some of the evidence that might be very important in your case is the medical evidence. You would need to have an examination with an independent medical specialist to confirm your condition and prognosis. They would write a detailed medical report, which solicitors could then use alongside the Judicial College Guidelines to arrive at an appropriate compensation payout for your claim. However, it is also vital to be able to evidence any costs or losses you’ve incurred due to your injuries. This could help you claim for loss of earnings, care costs and medical costs.

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Thank you for reading this case study relating to personal injury claims payouts for brain damage. If you are looking for a law firm to help you or a family member suffering a brain injury, long term pain, suffering or loss of amenity, or other types of injuries after an accident that wasn’t their fault, we could help you start a head and brain injury claim on a no win no fee basis.