£4m Compensation For A Spinal Injury In A Road Accident Abroad – Settlement Amounts Case Study

Accident Claims UK deals with many cases where clients have received spinal injuries and can help you if you’re considering making a personal injury claim.  We are using the following spinal injuries case study to demonstrate how even in a particularly difficult scenario personal injury solicitors were able to secure a record compensation payout for a boy injured in a foreign country.

Spinal injury compensation

Spinal injury compensation

In this case study we look at how compensation was won for a 4 year old boy who suffered severe spinal injuries as a rear seat passenger involved in a collision while in a car while travelling in Spain. Unfortunately the boy also has ongoing urological issues which can be attributed to the accident. The personal injury solicitor involved in the case had to fight the other driver’s insurance company on a number of occasions in court and secure interim payments to help the boy’s parents cover his medical care and adaptations to his family home.

Due to the severe spinal injuries involved the boy’s life will have been changed forever and as such the adults acting on his behalf had to ensure the settlement included all future issues the boy may face as well as the initial pain and suffering caused by the car crash abroad. At the end of the case after a significant period of time had passed from the initial spinal injuries happening, the settlement accepted was £4 million.

If the family of the little boy that suffered the severe spinal injuries had simply claimed through the insurance company there is little doubt that the payment would’ve been very much lower in comparison, if any payment had been paid at all. Spinal injuries caused in a car accident on a package holiday can be very difficult to deal with due to different regulations in different countries which is where a specialist personal injury claims solicitor, like those at Accident Claims UK, can help.

Road Traffic Accidents On Holiday

Having an accident on holiday isn’t a rare occurrence and the British Consulate, according to a recent report has intervened in many cases. The number of people injured seriously who went on to make a holiday accident claim is probably far higher than the consulate report suggests as it’s likely that not every person involved informs them. More significant cases, like spinal injuries, probably do get flagged by authorities to the consulate and anyone suffering spinal injuries in a road traffic accident on holiday is likely to need support for specialist transport when the time comes to return home.

According to Citizens Advice UK if you are involved in a holiday accident (not just one that involves spinal injuries) then you should:

  • As always, exchange insurance details with the other driver
  • Take notes of what happened and try to photograph or video the scene of the incident.
  • If you have dashcam footage, then ensure it is secured. In the case of any spinal injuries compensation claim proving blame is made much easier with such evidence.
  • Don’t apologise or admit any liability for the road traffic accident.
  • If there were any witnesses, try to obtain their contact details.

Following a car accident seek treatment, in the case of spinal injuries or suspected spinal injuries, do not move the injured party if it is safe to leave them where they are. Spinal injuries can be made much worse if the person is moved without a neck brace or spinal board and should really be left to those that are trained and know what they are doing unless absolutely necessary.

As soon as it is practical to do so, contact your own insurance company and explain what has happened. Provide them with the details of any injuries suffered such as spinal injuries or even if you only suspect you may have whiplash, and details of the people involved.

Details Of The Child’s Spinal Cord Injury

The family of the child with the spinal injuries in this case had to make adaptations to the home (including fitting a wet-room and a lift) to accommodate him following the car accident in Spain suggesting the spinal injuries were severe, long term and life-changing. It is likely at this time that the spinal injuries will lead to a lifetime in a wheelchair.

In general terms, not specifically to this case, spinal injuries can have different levels of severity. Some spinal injuries will heal over time and some spinal injuries are permanent and life changing. These are:

  • Spinal bruising (also known as contusions): these spinal injuries can heal in full over a period of time.
  • Partial tears of the spinal cord.
  • Complete tears of the spinal cord (these spinal injuries are also known as a transection)

When loss of feeling is caused by spinal injuries it can be classified a:

a) complete – meaning loss of all function, feeling and sensation below the injury or

b) incomplete – the less serious of the spinal injuries as some feeling and function remains following the accident.

Complete tears of the spinal cord are the worst of the spinal injuries one might suffer as it can lead to paralysis of the legs, waist or complete upper body depending on where on the spine the damage has occurred. Spinal injuries can unfortunately lead to a claimant being bed ridden for life or having to use a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

How Solicitors Helped The Claimant Get Compensation For Their Injuries?

Because the case of the little boy with spinal injuries went on for so long (over 9 years) the personal injury solicitors had to fight to reach a settlement. The foreign lawyers contested every claim that the solicitors made for the boy’s spinal injuries and went to court every time a request for payment was made.

In Spain and Europe, when a driver’s insurance is inadequate there is a scheme to claim compensation for the spinal injuries (in this case) but due to the severity of the spinal injuries that scheme did not offer enough cover so the personal injury solicitors had to work hard and not give up, which it would’ve been easy to do, to win a fair settlement for their clients severe spinal injuries.

How Did The Case Progress And What Interim Payments Were Made?

The case went on over a long period of 9 and a half years and in that time the family had to cover the cost of care, rehabilitation and changes to the child’s home. The personal injury solicitors took the foreign insurance company to court each time to win interim payments. These payments are to cover the cost of each aspect of the child’s care for his spinal injuries and the solicitors were successful each time in in obtaining these interim payments which kind of proves how important expert solicitors are in these cases.

When the case was finally settled an amount of £4 million was agreed to compensate the boy for his spinal injuries obtained during his accident abroad.

No Win No Fee Child Spinal Injury Claims

If you want to claim, for yourself or on behalf of your child, for spinal injuries that happened in an accident on holiday or at home, in a car accident, at work, or simply from just walking down the street and falling over, then you may be worried about the cost of the legal fees, especially if the case takes a long time like this one did.

While a case for spinal injuries compensation doesn’t always take as long we understand the financial burden of making a claim which is why we offer a no win, no fee service. This means there is no upfront payment, no ongoing hourly fees and you only pay if we successfully claim compensation on your behalf (and the amount you’ll pay is always agreed up front and at the time of your initial consultation)

Begin Your Road Traffic Accident Abroad Claim Today

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated the importance of a personal injury solicitor when making a claim for spinal injuries in road traffic accidents and hopefully the fact that we offer a no win no fee service puts your mind at ease regarding any perceived financial burden of making a spinal injury claim.

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