FAQ On Personal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have a question about personal injury claims or seeking compensation, chances are you can find the answers below. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are some of the most common we’re asked each week by prospective claimants.

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I Need To Pay For Medical Care Or Home Adaptations, Can I Get An Interim Payment?

In some cases, you could apply for an interim payment before your case is settled. This could be to cover the costs of medical care or changes to your home to help you cope with a disability caused by the accident.

Interim payments may be possible if the defendant has admitted liability for the accident and your injuries but an agreement has not yet been made about the compensation amount.

Does My Compensation Settlement Cover The Cost Of Prosthetics?

If you require a prosthetic limb because of your injuries, your compensation claim could cover the cost.

Generally, you will need to show how the prosthetic you are claiming for will be more beneficial than the one you’d receive free from the NHS.

Who Pays My Compensation?

In most cases, your compensation will be paid by the insurer of the defendant, or if the company is uninsured, by the individual themselves if they have the funds to compensate you.

Most businesses require the likes of public or employers’ liability insurance to cover them against accident claims.

What Happens If I Lose My Claim?

One of the benefits of No Win No Fee claims is that you won’t need to pay for your solicitor’s work if the claim is lost. If you choose to work with our solicitors, we won’t charge you any fees if your claim isn’t successful.

Do I Need To Work With A Local Solicitor?

Given advancements in communications and technology, you no longer need to work with local and high-street solicitors. You can choose to work with the solicitors with the best experience for your case type.

Can I Claim Without Medical Evidence?

Ideally, medical records from a GP surgery, minor injuries unit or hospital should be available to support your claim. However, if you didn’t seek medical advice at the time, that won’t always stop you from claiming.

However, to claim for an injury, you will need to undergo an independent medical assessment. A report will be compiled thereafter which will be used to both prove your claim and determine its value.

Can I Claim If I’m Self-Employed Or A Contractor?

It is possible to make an accident at work if you’re a contractor or self-employed. That’s because any company you work for still has a duty of care to keep the workplace safe. Therefore, if you’re injured because of the company’s negligence, you could be entitled to claim against them.

Could I Be Dismissed For Making A Claim?

So long as your claim against your employer is honest, you cannot be sacked, demoted, treated differently or lose out on training or promotion opportunities. If any of these were to happen because of your claim, you could claim for unfair or constructive dismissal.

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