A Guide To Palma de Mallorca Airport Accident Claims – How To Claim For An Accident At Palma de Mallorca Airport

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 22nd September 2021. Welcome to this guide on Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims.

Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims guide

Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims guide

Have you been involved in an accident at Palma de Mallorca airport? Was the cause of this accident a breach in the duty of care owed to you as a passenger? If you suffered an injury or illness as a result of this which could have been prevented, you could be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim.

This guide will explain what makes a claim valid, how long a person has to make a claim and why the assistance of a personal injury lawyer could be the difference between an awarded settlement and a missed opportunity for compensation.

If you are unsure about any of the information provided in this guide or you would like to discuss your circumstances with an advisor, call us today on 0800 073 8801. With up to thirty years’ experience, our panel of solicitors are well-versed in personal injury law and more than happy to provide you with free legal advice on making no win no fee Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims.

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A Guide To Claims For Accidents At Palma de Mallorca Airport

At their busiest points, airports can become crowded and congested with holidaymakers, staff, ground crews, etc. Therefore, in order to avoid an injury at an airport, it is important for the health and safety standards of the space in question to be upheld at all times to minimise any risks and hazards.

While an airport injury could be a stressful experience in itself it could also lead to further, unnecessary consequences for those involved, such as missing a flight entirely or being forced to cancel a holiday as a result. Accidents at airports can happen and be the fault of no one while on the other hand some accidents could be prevented had the right policies and procedures been adhered to. In this article we aim to explain what accidents which have caused an injury would allow the victim to go on and make a claim for compensation.

If you are unsure if your accident at Palma de Mallorca airport would qualify you for personal injury compensation please call our advisors for advice on your eligibility to make Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims.

What Is An Accident At Palma de Mallorca Airport?

In order to better your understanding of what may be sufficient grounds for valid Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims, we will begin by providing some examples.

All airports are legally required to, at all times, provide a duty of care to those who use their premises, though these regulations may vary in different countries, depending on the legislation that applies to the airport in question. However, if an airport does not meet these legal standards, they could increase the chances of an accident occurring. For example, if areas of an airport are not regularly cleaned to the appropriate standard or the airport itself is not sufficiently maintained.

Examples of potential accidents or incidents at an airport could include;

  • Food Poisoning – if food hygiene is not adhered to cross contamination of food could cause food poisoning.
  • Baggage Accidents – baggage facilities such as trolleys and baggage carousels should be maintained regularly so not to caused injury due to disrepair.
  • Slip, trip or fall accidents – due to spillages that have either not been cleaned up or warning signs used.
  • Airport Transport Accidents – ill maintained transport vehicles, untrained staff and third party negligence could all contribute to accidents.
  • Runway Accidents – apron accidents could have if vehicles all moving in different directions collide with one another.

The list above is only a handful of accidents that could potentially take please. While your circumstances may not have been mentioned above, if you are unsure if you could make a personal injury claim please call our advisors.

Air Transport Passenger Safety In Spain

As a precaution for the safety of all passengers, staff, ground crew and other parties, there are various safety measures in place for those flying from an EU airport. It is therefore important to keep in mind what restricted items are prohibited from luggage. This includes:

Hold baggage: There are certain rules which dictate what can and can’t be included in your check-in luggage, including:

  • Flammable liquids
  • Poisons
  • Matches or lighters (except on your person)
  • Bleach
  • Incapacitating sprays
  • Explosives
  • Acids
  • Party poppers

According to the IATA and ACETA, the objective of these strategies is to contribute to the safety of passengers who fly in Spanish airspaces. This includes the protection of luggage for passengers.

As identified by Citizens Advice the issue of problematic flights was the number one causes for consumers to visit their website for advice. They, therefore, advise travellers to check their legal rights and eligibility to accommodation after a delayed flight on their website, which you can find here on the CAB website.

You can find more information about the list of prohibited items in your cabin baggage read the EC guidance.

Potential Hazards And Accident Risks At Airports

Accidents can happen for different reasons, some accidents can happen and no matter how much health and safety policies were applied the incident could not have been prevented and some incidents happen due to the general failure to comply with health and safety. Below is a list of some general accidents that could happen and in some cases could be prevented just by following legislative guidelines.

Slip And Fall Accidents At An Airport

In the UK, one of the most common causes of workplace injuries are slip, trip and fall accidents. However, these accidents could occur in any setting when hazards are not properly mitigated. By simply putting out a warning sign to alert those who pass a wet floor or securing cables so they are not trailing across the floor can simply reduce a hazards.

Below are some examples of how a slip, trip or fall accident could arise. It would be virtually impossible to list every potential cause but we have tried to list some common causes. It may not always be clear if your slip trip or fall accident could have been avoided so if you are unsure please ring our advisors.


  • Weather hazards
  • Lose mats/rugs
  • A surface covered with slippery substances (i.e. oil, water, cleaning products, etc.)
  • Icy pavements
  • Ill-maintained spillages


  • Loose cables
  • Poor lighting
  • Obstructed pathways
  • Unattended luggage
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Irregular housekeeping of public spaces
  • Potholes
  • Improperly signposted hazard
  • Defective steps from a shuttle bus


If the above causations occur, the risk of a fall could be heightened. As a result, a person may sustain an injury. However, these hazards are not the only cause of slips, trips, and falls. In some instances, a trip could result from an airport escalator accident. If the accident occurs while boarding a flight or as an aircraft is disembarking, the claim could be brought under the Montreal Convention.

In our guide to Spanish slip, trip, and fall accidents, we describe this element of personal injury in greater detail.

Accidents In Shops Or Restaurants At Mallorca Airport

In any major airport, you are likely to find a large range of shops, restaurants, and cafes both before and after being security checked. As such, a personal injury compensation Spanish airport claim could be made for an injury or illness sustained as a result of the negligent actions of an operator of a shop or cafe. This could be for a severe case of food poisoning suffered from cross-contaminated food or a fracture resulting from a slip accident in a restaurant that could have been avoided.

When we are discussing accidents and incidents that could happen at a cafe or restaurant we are not limited to issues regarding food, accidents could also involve injuries that could be caused by faulty furniture in disrepair, equipment such as plates and glasses that are chipped and could cause lacerations, slip trip and fall injuries due to food and drink spillages. Accidents could also be caused by food and drinks served  far too hot for consumption, plate and cutlery served at a high temperature causing burns. It is vital that restaurants and cafes adhere to legislative health and safety so not to cause unnecessary suffering. Accidents at restaurants, shops and cafes that have caused injuries that could have been avoided may lead to the liable party paying compensation for injuries caused through negligence.

Luggage Or Luggage Carousel Accidents

It is vital that when staff are putting luggage onto a luggage and baggage carousel it is done so in a way not to cause injury to either themselves or passengers awaiting their luggage at the opposite side. To prevent accidents happening here training baggage handler staff is key as if they are trained accordingly not only will this prevent them from being hurt in an accident in the workplace but it will also reduce any hazards that could cause passenger accidents.

If you have been injured due to a faulty carousel, a luggage trolley in disrepair or from falling luggage off a luggage cart call our advisors and they can tell you through a free consultation if you have the right to make a claim.

Accidents Moving Around An Airport

Have you experienced an accident at Palma de Mallorca airport arrivals? Did you sustain an injury while you waiting in a departure lounge? If you have never been involved in an accident that was caused through negligence you may have no idea whether you would have the right to claim or not.

While travelling around an airport you may use different modes of travel such as escalators or lifts when moving between floors, travellators when moving from one terminal to another, shuttle buses from the terminal to the airplane. All this modes of transport must be serviced regularly to ensure there are no faults or hazards that could cause a member of staff or passenger to become injured unnecessarily.

Airport Transport Accidents

As one of the main airports in Spain, Palma de Mallorca airport is a sizeable space that incorporates multiple buildings and runways. This means that some holidaymakers may opt to use a mode of transport to travel from one side of the airport to another; especially if they are pressed for time between flights or are handling heavy luggage. A variety of vehicles, such as shuttle buses, passenger carts, aircraft service stairs, ground power units, maybe used to transport passengers around. If maintenance is poor or the driver is not properly trained or they operate the vehicle carelessly then those using the transport could become injured due to no fault of their own.

Will My Spanish Airport Accident Claim Work Differently?

Generally speaking, the personal injury claims time limit, settlement amounts, and claims process tend to vary from country to country. An injury or illness suffered on a privately booked holiday (i.e. Not booked as a package holiday) could hold a 1-year limitation period for personal injury claims made in Spain. Whereas a compensation claim for a Spanish holiday injury or illness that was booked as a package holiday through a UK-based tour operator could hold a 3-year personal injury claims time limit if the injury occurred on an element booked as part of the package deal. This is because the claim would be made under UK law against the tour provider.

Spanish claims will usually be calculated using the Baremo system that was primarily set up to put the victim back into a similar position that they were in before the accident took place.

Our expert advisors can explain this to you in greater length, call us today for more information.

Do I Have To Claim With A Solicitor In Spain?

If you have been injured at Palma de Mallorca airport or contracted an illness as a result of third party negligence, you could be seeking legal assistance to secure a settlement amount. If you are making a claim under Spanish law your solicitor maybe be based in Spain. Accident Claims UK have a panel of solicitors who may be able to help with your Spanish personal injury claim.

Here at Accident Claims UK, we can help victims of third-party negligence receive compensation for their injury/illness in a range of circumstances, such as if their suffering was sustained on an entity included in package holiday booked through a British tour operator.

Accident Claims Calculator – Updated September 2021

While an online personal injury claims calculator can provide you with a rough estimate of your potential damages, you could receive a more centralised estimation of your monetary amount by speaking with an advisor from our legal team.

The table below demonstrates compensation amounts for various injuries based on JC Guidelines. It is important to note, however, that these amounts are guidelines for English-based personal injury claims. Therefore, compensation amounts for an accident claim conducted outside of English law may differ.

Injury Severity Amount Information
Shoulder injury Severe £18,020 to £45,070 An injury which reflects serious brachial plexus injuries, that as a result, causes significant symptoms in the neck and/or arm regions will often be included within this bracket.
Serious £11,980 to £18,020 A case of shoulder dislocation, with damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus, that causes pain in the neck/shoulder/elbow/sensory symptoms will likely qualify for this bracket. In addition to this, cases of rotator cuff injuries with persistent symptoms will also be considered.
Moderate £7,410 to £11,980 An moderate shoulder injury will leave the victim with limited movement and discomfort following, for example, a frozen shoulder. These symptoms will persist for around two years. Further from this, an injury to the soft tissue with more than minimal symptoms which, again, persist over two years but are not permanent will also qualify.
Illness/damage from non-traumatic injury (e.g. Food poisoning) Severe £32,780 to £44,790 An individual will experience symptoms of acute pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever induced by illness from a non-traumatic injury (i.e. food poisoning). For recovery, the victim will require hospital admission for several days/weeks.
Serious but short-lived £8,140 to £16,380 While the same symptoms (i.e. acute pain, vomiting, etc.) will cause moderate disrupt to a person’s bowel function and persist over some number of time, the symptoms will diminish over a 2-4 week period.
Significant discomfort £3,370 to £8,140 The result of this non-traumatic injury will leave a person with significant discomfort in the form of cramps, altered bowel movements and fatigue. Hospital admission may be required for a few days, however a full recovery will be made within a year.
Back injuries Severe £85,470 to £137,330 The top of this bracket will look towards severe damage to the spinal cord and/or nerve roots. The result of which will require a combination of surgeries, such as spinal fusion, in order to somewhat recover. However, the consequences of such an injury will be generally unheard of in common back injury cases.
Moderate £26,050 to £33,080 A wide variety of injuries are included in this bracket, some of which will include compression/crush injuries to the lumbar vertebrae.
Minor £7,410 to £10,670 A full recovery could be made without surgery (or at least recovery to a nuisance level) in a 2-5 year period. However, a short-term acceleration and/or exacerbation will also be part of this bracket. These injuries will, again, fully recovery in a 2-5 year period.

Special Damages You Could Claim

There are some number of damages which can be awarded in a personal injury claim. However, an English-based claim will be evaluated under two main categories: ‘General Damages’ and ‘Special Damages’. The criteria for each is explained below:

General Damages: As this category looks to aspects of your claim which cannot be quantified, your injury itself will be included in this category. This is why a medical assessment is such a vital aspect of the accident claims process as it can provide your solicitor with details related to your suffering, recovery period and future prognosis; all of which will contribute to the final settlement amount.

Special Damages: This category looks to evaluate the areas of your compensation claim which can be quantified, e.g. travel expenses, medical costs, loss of earnings, etc. All of these costs can be claimed back as expenses if it can be proved they were necessary during your recovery period.

Why Choose Accident Claims UK To Handle Your Claim?

At Accident Claims UK, our panel of solicitors have up to thirty years’ experience in representing victims of third-party negligence. Even if we are not based in your local area, we can provide our services nationwide and even arrange your independent medical assessment for you in your local area. It is possible for us to communicate with you via telephone or email.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At Mallorca Airport

We offer No Win No Fee agreements to the majority of our claimants. This a form of financial agreement that states that the client will not be held accountable for their solicitor’s fees if the claim is unsuccessful in securing a settlement amount. However, if the solicitor is able to claim compensation on their client’s behalf, then their legal fees will be settled with what is known as a ‘success fee’.

This is a beneficial way to claim compensation as a no win no fee agreement is seen to reduce the financial risks of a personal injury claim. In addition to this, you will not have to pay any upfront fees to start a claim. Before you begin your Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims, however, the terms and conditions will be discussed with you in great lengths by one of our advisors.

Start Your Palma de Mallorca Airport Accident Claim

Your claim for an accident at Palma de Mallorca Airport is just a few steps away. There are several ways in which you can contact us to begin your claim, as listed below:

Could I make Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims if I suffer an allergic reaction?

If you have eaten food at a restaurant in Palma de Mallorca airport, and it contains that allergen you were not made aware of, you could make a claim for allergic reaction compensation. You would need to be able to prove that, as an allergy sufferer, you had attempted to find out what allergens were in your food. You may have checked the allergy menu of the restaurant, or you may have a serving staff for a list of allergens contained in their menu. You would need to demonstrate that the information given to you was incorrect, which led to you unknowingly consuming an allergen. No matter whether you have a peanut allergy, dairy allergy or suffer reactions to any of the 14 specified allergens that should be communicated to you, if restaurant negligence leads to an allergic reaction, you could claim compensation.

Our specialist solicitors, who are all authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, could help to assess your case to see if you could make an Owen no fee claim. Whether your allergic reaction was minor, causing uncomfortable symptoms, or life-threatening, such as anaphylaxis, we could help you get the compensation you deserve.

How do I prove my injuries for Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims?

While it would be helpful to get medical advice and attention as soon as you suffer an injury while at Palma de Mallorca airport, this would not usually be sufficient evidence to make a claim for compensation. When you make Palma de Mallorca airport accident claims, you would need to submit an independent medical report, which you would get by going to see an independent medical professional. They would assess your injuries and write a report that details their professional opinion of your prognosis and injuries. This could be used to value your claim.

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