Barbados Accident Claims Guide | How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury On Holiday In Barbados

If you have had an accident on holiday in Barbados, it is not an exaggeration to say that it could  ruin your trip. From watersport accidents to road traffic incidents, there are different types of accidents that could happen while in Barbados. Here at Accident Claims UK, we could help you to pursue a holiday accident claim if you are injured abroad through negligence. We have helped many people to claim for accidents on holidays. You can give us a call for more information, at 0800 073 8801 but first, continue reading as you may find the information you are looking for.

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A Guide To Claims For Accidents On Holiday In Barbados

Barbados holiday accident

Barbados holiday accident

If you have experienced a Caribbean holiday injury, this Barbados personal injury claims guide may be just for you. A lot of people have an amazing holiday while in Barbados. However, this does not mean that accidents do not happen. So, in this guide, we shall look at the different types of accidents that could happen in Barbados, as well as providing you with details on the claims process and the emergency contact information you may need for this part of the world. We will also talk you through our service and how we can help you to build a successful claim. If you still have any queries at the end of this guide, please do not hesitate to call us.

Popular Destinations In Barbados

It does not matter whether you have been injured in one of the popular resorts in Barbados or not, you could still be able to make a claim if you have a valid claim. Nonetheless, some of the most popular spots in Barbados are as follows:

  • Oistins – Known for the beaches, nightlife, and fishing
  • Bathsheba – Known for the beaches, gardens, and surfing
  • Holetown – Known for the beaches and shopping
  • Bridgetown – Known for the luxurious harbour

There are lots of great resorts in Barbados too. Some of the most popular are as follows…

  • Fairmont Royal Pavilion
  • Waves Hotel & Spa By Elegant Hotels
  • The Crane Resort
  • Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels
  • Crystal Cove by Elegant Hotels
  • Bougainvillea Barbados
  • Sugar Bay Barbados
  • Mango Bay All Inclusive
  • Cobblers Cove
  • Accra Beach Hotel & Spa
  • Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados

What You Should Do After An Accident On Holiday

Have you been injured in a car crash that was not your fault while in Barbados? Maybe you have been injured because of a damaged electrical product in the hotel? Whatever the situation may be, if you were not responsible for the incident, you may be entitled to compensation through Barbados republic accident claims. Nevertheless, in order to get this compensation, you will want to construct a strong case. Read on to discover what evidence will work well and, therefore, what you should do to after you have been injured…

Medical report – Following an injury it is important that you get to see a GP/doctor. The doctor will make a record of your injuries and the treatment you require. This is vital when making a Barbados holiday accident claim, as it will be used to work out how much money you will get.

Witness statements – It is always a good idea to get the contact details of anyone that witnessed the event. If they provide your solicitor with a statement this will really help to strengthen your Barbados compensation claims.

Photographs – Sometimes it is a good idea to take a photograph of the injuries you have suffered. Photos can also be really helpful when it comes to road traffic accidents in particular. You can take photos of the damage done to your car and also what you think may have caused the accident this could serve as excellent proof for Barbados holiday accident claims.

Proof of expenses – Last of all, you can in many cases also get a payout for the money you have spent from your own pocket, such as travel expenses, care costs, loss of income and medical expenses. However, you will need proof of this.

Now you know about the four main types of evidence required by accident lawyers. In addition to this, your personal injury solicitor will probably check to see that there has been some sort of record of the incident. This is why it is critical to report the accident to the relevant parties, for example, the tour operator you booked your package holiday through. You should also call your travel insurance firm at the earliest opportunity to tell them about the accident.

All of the accident lawyers we can match you with work on a No Win, No Fee basis and have plenty of experience in the industry. This is to ensure you build a strong case and have the best chance of compensation.

Barbados Emergency Telephone Numbers

Before you go on holiday, it is always wise to write down the emergency telephone numbers that you may need. You can find the details below. You will also find information for the British Embassy at the end of the guide.

  • Call 211 for the police
  • Call 311 for the fire brigade
  • Call 511 for the ambulance
  • Call 246 427 8819 for the Barbados Coast Guard

Healthcare Information For Visitors To Barbados

Do I need vaccinations to visit Barbados? Is there Zika virus in Barbados? These are just some of the questions you may have about your trip. You can find useful health information for traveling to Barbados on the NHS and UK Gov websites. You are advised to visit a health professional at least four to six weeks before you travel. Your health professional will determine whether any preventive measures like vaccinations are required.

Barbados Holiday Accident Claim Time Limits

Many people do not realise that there is a personal injury claims time limit on all cases. You can use the table below for more information on this but do call us to clarify as there are exceptions and all time limits may vary.

Claim type Time limit
Illness or injury suffered while on a package holiday booked through a UK tour Operator in the UK, may include, flight, transport, hotel, excursions etc 3 years from the date of the accident – most cases
Privately booked flights, transport, hotel and excursions. Please call Accident Claims UK for information on time limit.

Package Holiday Accidents On Holiday In Barbados

If you have been injured, made ill or had an accident while on a UK booked package holiday, that was the fault of a third party booked through the UK tour operator you may be able to make a claim against the tour operator. You can find out about the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 legislation online. Below, you can find information for some of the popular tour operators offering package holidays to Barbados.

Tour operator
Virgin Holidays
British Airways
First Choice
Thomas Cook

Accidents At A Hotel In Barbados

There are different reasons why you could find yourself needing holiday accident claims solicitors for an accident that has happened in Barbados. You could have gotten ill because of something you ate in the hotel restaurant. You may have suffered sickness because the pool was not maintained properly and there was a chemical imbalance. You may have injured yourself in the hotel gym because the equipment was not maintained properly. The scenarios differ dramatically. No matter what has happened, you could call us for more information on personal injury claims if the accident was not your fault.

Food Poisoning And Illness Claims

It can’t be denied that food poisoning is among common reasons for requiring a holiday illness claims solicitors. There are numerous ways food poisoning could happen. Some examples include…

  • Food not being stored properly
  • Contamination due to raw meat being prepared next to vegetables or cooked meat
  • Food that is past its sell-by-date
  • Food that has been left on the buffet for too long
  • Food that is still raw when served because it has not been cooked for long enough

This is just a handful of the different ways you could suffer a food and drink holiday illness while in Barbados. While most people tend to make a quick recovery from food poisoning, there is no denying that this could ruin your vacation.

Slip And Fall Holiday Injuries

From the airport to the hotel, slip, trip and fall accidents could happen anywhere. From potholes to slips on the floor, there are so many different ways they could happen too!

Excursion, Watersport, And Other Activity Accidents

When visiting Barbados, a lot of people like to enjoy the various activities and excursions that are available. Watersports in Barbados are very popular. However, it is imperative that these activities are provided by a reputable supplier that is covered by your insurance. If your injury happened because of poor quality instructions or equipment, call us today to see if you can make a claim for damages due to an injury.

Claims For Car Accidents In Barbados

You could also look into making a claim if you’ve been involved and injured in a road traffic accident while in Barbados. From motorbike accidents to coach crashes, there are many different ways such incidents could occur. If the road traffic accident was the fault of a third party and you became injured call us to see if you have a valid claim.

A whiplash injury is unfortunately not uncommon when it comes to road traffic accidents. This is one of the most common types of injuries suffered in a road incident. The majority of individuals that are involved in a car crash, no matter how major or minor, may end up suffering some form of whiplash. This is because their head quickly jolts forward and then back. This can result in a whole host of symptoms, including the likes of sickness, pain in the neck, back pain, nausea, shoulder pain, loss of movement, poor vision, and more. Luckily, these symptoms only tend to last a few weeks or months at the very most, yet there are instances whereby whiplash can be severe.

If you have experienced a whiplash injury because of a road traffic Caribbean holiday accident that was not your fault you may be eligible for compensation. As mentioned, a whiplash injury will tend to be a minor injury. Because of this, a lot of people feel they do not need to see a doctor, and that they can cope with the injury themselves. This is ill-advised for several reasons. To begin with, it is imperative to be treated, you do not know how bad your injury could be if you do not receive the proper attention and treatment. It is also advisable as if you do not see a medic there may be no record of the injuries suffered.

Do I Have To Use A Solicitor In Barbados?

A lot of people assume that their only option is to use a solicitor in Barbados. This is not the case. You could make a personal injury claim with a UK-based solicitor, and you will probably find this a lot easier.

No Win No Fee Claims For An Accident On Holiday In Barbados

Finding a No Win, No Fee solicitor is something that is very much recommended. After all, if they happen to lose your holiday accident compensation claim then you will not have lost anything. You won’t pay any money and so you will be no worse off than you were to begin. This means that you only have everything to gain and nothing to lose. After all, if you were to opt for a traditional solicitor then you may find yourself investing a lot of money and then your case not succeeding.

Why Make A Holiday Accident Claim With Our Experts?

If you have experienced an accident on holiday in Barbados that was not your fault, call us to see if you have a valid claim, we offer all potential clients a free legal consultation with no obligation. A lot of people deter from making a claim because they find the process so confusing and they don’t know where to start. Nevertheless, if you find a great solicitor then all you have to do is sit back and let them do all of the hard work. But, how do you find a good solicitor? Below, we will reveal what you should be looking for and how Accident Claims UK can help you tick these boxes.

Firstly, one thing we pride ourselves on is making the process as easy as possible, which you can see below:

Contact our team by email, phone, or post. Our team will assess your claim. Once you are ready, we can then start your claim.


It is of the utmost importance that you seek to discover the reputation and the history of the solicitor that you are considering. Take the time and effort to read over what people have to say about our business, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. You have to remember that those people who have written the comments were in your position at one time and so what they have to say may prove to be extremely useful to you. You should be very wary if the company only has a select number of reviews – such as three or four.

Success rate

When you seek to hire a solicitor you should always ask for their success rate. After all, you have to ensure that they have a reliable reputation. Make certain that you seek to discover their success rates in personal injuries specifically. You may find a solicitor has a fantastic reputation but that they rarely deal with road traffic accidents and therefore this may make you want to seek someone else to handle your claim as it is different. Here at Accident Claims UK, we will match you to a solicitor with years of specialist experience.

How much of the money do you get?

From the offset find out how much the law firm retain for their fees.

Contact Our Holiday Accident Claims Team Today

If you want to make a claim, we are ready to help you. All you need to do is call 0800 073 8801 to take your case further or to ask any queries you may have. There are plenty of other ways to get in touch too. For example, you can enter your details and we will call you back, or you can send an email or use our live chat feature.

Advice And Guides

We have assembled a number of useful guides and contact information for you.

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British High Commission, Bridgetown

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Telephone:+ 1 246 430 7800

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British High Commission St Lucia, Castries

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British Embassy:

NHS guide to healthcare  or medical services – This guide might be quite useful for travellers.

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