Atherton Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Atherton Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 3rd September 2021. Below, you can see our guide to accident claims solicitors for Atherton claims. In it, we give you guidance on choosing personal injury solicitors for Atherton claims.

Accident claims solicitors Atherton

Accident claims solicitors Atherton

Are you currently looking for an accident claims solicitors covering Atherton? If you have been injured in an accident within the Atherton area that wasn’t directly your fault, a personal injury solicitor could help assist you when making an accident claim. There are a variety of ways in which you may have been harmed that wasn’t your fault. From accidents within the workplace to those on the road, medical negligence can occur to anyone at any given moment if standards in health care are allowed to fall below what is expected. If you believe that someone else was to blame for your accident, someone that owed you a duty of care and subsequently breached it through negligence causing you an avoidable injury then you may be able to make a personal injury claim.

We can often take for granted the safety measures and procedures that are set in place to help prevent accidents and keep us safe. Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan, and there are cases where an accident claim is required. An accident claim will ultimately if successful will aim to put you back in the position you were to begin with before the accident took place. Before a claim is taken on by a personal injury lawyer it will be evaluated on the basis of the evidence presented and also investigations done by the legal team. If you are eligible to claim your lawyer will proceed with the case in hand.

An accident claim solicitor can cover a wide variety of personal injury cases and could assist you in the event of a personal injury claim. These can range from an accident within the workplace, a road traffic accident, medical negligence, slips & trips, or general accidents. When making an accident claim for an injury that was caused by the negligent actions of a third party, a personal injury solicitor will help during the settlement stage of a claim and advise on what may be considered an appropriate amount. A settlement takes the form of accident compensation, which is money that is awarded to someone who has been identified as the victim of mistreatment, suffering, or injury due to a breach in a third party’s duty of care. Our solicitors possess the capability to help you receive the highest possible outcome for your case.   

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Atherton?

The role of an accident claims solicitor is to process a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer will assist the victim of a negligent accident and help them receive damages for not only their pain and suffering but also any financial issues that have arisen due to the incident which could have been avoided. 

Despite not being located within Atherton, our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you make a successful accident claim, as if we were based around the corner due to many advances in telecommunications. We could assist with accident compensation claims for an injury at work, car accident claims, negligence claims and any other type of accident claim you might have. 

Very often we are owed a duty of care by others for example; the council owe a duty of care to provide safe pathways and roads, medical professionals owe us a duty of care not to cause avoidable harm, road users owe each other a duty of care not to cause negligent accidents, if this duty of care is breached and someone is injured as a consequence they may be eligible to claim compensation. To provide the best chance at securing a possible settlement, we would always advise using experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers who could gight for the maximum compensation possible. 

Car and Road Traffic Accident Claims In Atherton

Initially, the accident claims process may appear daunting and intimidating, but do not let that prevent you from progressing. If you have been involved in a car accident in or around Atherton, or injured in an Atherton crash, whether you were the driver, passenger, or a pedestrian, you could be eligible for compensation if you are injured and the accident was the fault of a third party. An accident claims solicitor could help you with your claim and guide you throughout the process. Car accidents could be caused by a variety of factors, such as damaged and defected road conditions, negligent road users, construction work, which could ultimately lead to serious injuries such as brain injuries. If accidents such as this occur, it could result in financial losses, pain, suffering, and bring your life to a grinding halt. With the use of an accident claims solicitor covering Atherton, they could help guide you throughout the entire process, easing your stresses and worries.

Workplace Accident Claims

A personal injury within the workplace could happen if health and safety procedures are not implemented correctly. Examples of causes of personal injury within the workplace could include;

  • Falling Debris.
  • Defective, poorly maintained, or dangerous machinery.
  • Insufficient, poorly executed or improper training.

If a workplace accident occurs, it could have drastic effects on various aspects of your life, such as finances, health, and overall well-being. The workplace may often be the last place people expect an injury to occur, which can make this experience all the more emotional. If you have recently been involved in a workplace accident, it is likely that you may have had to take time off work, or ultimately, you may have to leave your job role due to your injuries. If this happens and it was caused due to negligence of your employer, an accident claims solicitors covering Atherton could help you with your accidents at work claims.

A person’s income could play a vital role within their everyday life, and accidents within the workplace can have varying levels of implications. Our accident claims solicitors covering Atherton could help you with accident claims for workplace accidents. Your employer has a line of duty to provide and upkeep a safe and well-kept working environment. This includes anything from cleanliness and general upkeep to machinery and equipment maintenance. If you feel that your accident in the workplace could have been avoided had the right procedures been in place or you had had the right amount of training then you may be eligible to claim for any suffering as well as any financial losses. Our select panel of accident claims solicitors covering Atherton could help you through the process of your case. To contact one of our accident claims solicitors covering Atherton, please call our advisors on the number given. 

Rates Of Work Injuries Reported In The Greater Manchester Area

There are a variety of reasons why someone may be injured within a work environment. Currently, within the UK there are 1.6 million people suffering from illnesses which are directly related to their place of work. Sometimes, some people may find a table of statistics to be a useful way of painting a clearer picture of their local area. Statistics provided by the HSE depict the rates of accidents within the Greater Manchester region.

Location Non-Fatal Injuries Rate of Reported Non-Fatal Injury Per 100,000 Employees Fatal Injuries
Greater Manchester 2,710 228 1
Wigan 275 300 0

Below, we give some insight into the common causes of 2019/20 workplace injuries, as per the HSE.

accident claims solicitors Atherton statistics graph

Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Slips, trips, and falls are often prevalent to public areas and the workplace and can result in serious repercussions. A slip and fall accident can be because of factors such as trailing cables, wet or slippery surfaces, unkept or improperly cleaned workspaces, unsuitable or uneven flooring. There are extreme cases where accidents could result in fractures, head injuries, back injuries, and much worse.

Unlike a workplace or road traffic claim, a slip & fall claim can be difficult process to navigate. This could be because of factors such as wavering or a lack of evidence, making it harder to determine an overall decision. With a personal injury such as this, a solicitor covering Atherton could further your chances and better your case.

Below are causes of such accidents;


  • Oily/Wet Surfaces
  • Weather Hazards
  • Icy Pavements
  • Spills
  • Loose Mats or Rugs


  • Wrinkled Carpeting
  • Poor Lighting
  • Bottom Drawers Not Closed Properly
  • Potholes
  • Obstructed Views

Criminal Assault and Abuse Claims In Atherton

If you have been the victim of a violent crime or criminal injury (such as a stabbing in Atherton or other form of Atherton attack), you may be entitled to claim compensation. This includes physical injuries, as well as if you have witnessed the crime (or arrived immediately afterwards) which has lead to you suffering such as PTSD, or if you paid the funeral expenses of the person close to you who passed away from a criminal injury. In cases such as these, there are several factors that must be considered prior to your application. The crime must have been reported to the police prior to your application, and you typically have to make the claim within 2 years of the occurrence of the crime. You may also be able to make a claim if you were involved in a crime which was not directed at you but you were injured in the process. If you were involved with what is considered a ‘justified’ risk, this could result in compensation for your preventative actions if injured in anyway. 

The injuries sustained from a criminal accident could include a broke bone or psychological injuries. In circumstances of psychological injuries, such as PTSD, the personal injury claims time limit begins from the moment you were aware of the PTSD or diagnosed with it. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government organisation that provides compensation for blameless victims of violent crimes. 

Accidents In A Public Place Claims

When an accident occurs in a public space, it could be the last thing that you expected to happen. Public areas are supposed to be well kept, clean, and safe. Yet unfortunately, this is not always the case. Accidents can occur at any given moment, such as walking down the street, when dining in a restaurant, or within Atherton shopping centre when browsing in your favourite shop.

After being involved in an accident, the injuries you may have suffered could have an effect on your daily routine. However, it is the responsibility of local authority and the business owners to maintain a health & safety approved environment. Therefore, if you have been injured in a public space which could have been prevented had the right policies and procedures been followed by the responsible party, resulting in pain, injury, or harm, you may have the basis for a successful claim.

Clinical Negligence Solicitors Covering Atherton

Medical negligence, often referred to as clinical negligence, is the term used best to describe any error or mistake made within a medical setting by a health care worker that has caused harm which could have been avoided. This could be a result of a wrongful or delayed diagnosis, improper practice, or negligent treatment.

You may be left with an avoidable injury, preventable illness, or the possibility that an on-going condition could progress. If this is the case, our panel of medical negligence solicitors maybe able to help you. There is an accident claims time limit that covers a three year period from the day you suffered from the negligence of a healthcare professional. There are exceptions to the rule please call our advisors for more information. 

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Atherton

We always advise not only using a specialist personal injury solicitor to deal with your accident claim but also one that works to a No Win No Fee payment structure. As you will not only get a true assessment of your case as they are unlikely to work on a case if they think it is not valid but also their pay will reflect the outcome. No Win No Fee solicitors will only receive their fees if your case is successful. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an array of the most frequently asked questions that people may have asked when making a claim.

How Could Your Solicitors Help Me?

We pride ourselves on knowing that our highly qualified experts are passionate about the work they carry out. Once we have established that you indeed have a case and have outlined the fault of the opposing person or organisation responsible, we shall then proceed and begin assembling your claim. From the moment you connect with a member of our team, you will feel confident that your claim is being handled by the right team available. We will endeavour to help you secure the highest possible settlement for your case.

Do I Need To Claim With A Solicitor In This Area?

You may use a solicitor who is located anywhere in the country. You do not have to use accident claims solicitors in Atherton or choose between “solicitors near me”. In most cases, you shall communicate with your accident claims solicitor via the phone, email, or through the post.

Do I Need To Have My Injury Assessed By A Doctor?

As a part of the evidence collection process to support your claim, you may be asked to undergo a medical examination. This shall produce a report that outlines how the accident and/or injury has affected your health, the treatment required, and information regarding your future prognosis.

Where Will This Examination Take Place?

We work with a great panel of doctors who are located across the country and could carry out your medical examination. 

These are doctors we may use near your area;

Ian Ballin
659 Bolton Road,
Pendlebury, Manchester,
M27 8HP

Riaz Moosa Raza
Grosvenor House Manchester,
20 Barrington Road,
Altrincham, WA14 1HB

Sohaib Yasin
Wigan Peter Harvey Physiotherapy Centre,
28 High Street,
Wigan, WN6 0HL

How do accident claims solicitors covering Atherton process No Win No Fee claims?

If you’re considering making a personal injury claim under a No Win No Fee agreement, there are some things you may need to be aware of. Whether you’re claiming for medical negligence, making an accident claim for an incident at work, or on the road, or even a claim against the council, the process works largely the same.
Initially, personal injury solicitors covering Atherton would send you a Conditional Fee Agreement. In this document would be mention of a success fee. This is the small, legally capped proportion of your compensation due to your lawyer if they get you a settlement.
When you’ve received and signed the agreement, and sent it back to your lawyer, they’d be able to begin processing your claim. They could approach the liable party and ask them for compensation, providing all the evidence needed to prove your claim. They would try to negotiate the maximum settlement possible for your claim. If the liable party didn’t accept your claim, your lawyer could go on and help you fight through court for your compensation.
Once a settlement was agreed, or an award was given by the court, the success fee would be deducted. You’d then benefit from the rest of the payout.

What happens if accident claims solicitors covering Atherton don’t get me any compensation?

Should your claim fail, your solicitor wouldn’t be able to ask for the success fee. They would not be able to make you pay for their costs either.

What do I need to look for in No Win No Fee solicitors covering Atherton?

Not all solicitors give you the same level of service. Aside from checking they’re authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are based in England and Wales, you might want to look into the following:
• Do they offer legal advice free of charge and without obligation for you to make a claim with them?
• Could they provide you with references from other clients, or point you towards independent reviews of their services?
• Do they have many years of experience in assisting with claims like yours?
• Have they had success with previous claimants?
• How would they go about keeping you updated about the progress of your claim?
If you were to ask the team at Accident Claims UK these questions, our expert advisors would be happy to give you the answers you need for your own peace of mind.

Resources For Atherton

This guide will have outlined and provided you with the initial information about a variety of circumstances in relation to accident claims in Atherton. Below, we have provided some additional resources which may be of use to those who have had an accident in Atherton.

Atherton Police – Helpful information relating to Atherton Police services. 

Manchester County and Family Courts – Where to find local courts.

Whiplash Claims – How much compensation could you claim? Find out with our personal injury claims calculator.

Slip, Trips, and Falls – How much could you claim? Find out with the slip and fall accident claims advice guide.

Wet Floor Accidents – Are you eligible for compensation?

We hope you found our guide to accident claims solicitors for Atherton claims helpful. Now you’ll be aware of what to consider when choosing personal injury solicitors for Atherton claims.