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Accident claims solicitors Grantham

Accident claims solicitors Grantham

By Brett Williams. Last updated 28th August 2021. When you suffer an injury in an accident caused by somebody else, you might want to seek the advice of accident claims solicitors covering Grantham to see if you could claim compensation for your injuries. In this guide, we’re going to explain when that could be possible, the types of accident compensation claims that could be made and what type of evidence you’ll need to support your claim.

Even though we’re not local, we can help with personal injury solicitors in Grantham using our accident claims solicitors and we could help you claim on a no win no fee basis.

If you’d like to discuss beginning a claim today, call us on 0800 073 8801. To find out more about how an accident claim solicitor might help you, please continue reading.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Grantham?

Before looking at how accident claims solicitors covering Grantham could help you, it’s worth checking whether you’re eligible to claim or not. The questions below will be similar to those asked by any solicitor considering your case:

  • Have you been injured in an accident?
  • Was it caused by somebody else?
  • Did they owe you a duty of care (i.e. an employer, a business, another road user)?
  • Did the incident take place within the accident claims time limit?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, you could be eligible to claim. After you’ve read this guide, it’d be worth calling our advisors as you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

If our accident claims solicitors agree that you have a valid claim, they’ll offer to:

  • Help you gather the evidence necessary to support your claim.
  • Arrange a medical assessment.
  • Prepare your compensation claim and submit it to the defendant.
  • Deal with all communication with the defendant as they’ll have the experience and skills to handle any objections.
  • Explain your options if you receive a compensation offer.

It’s really unusual for a claim not to be settled one way or another, but in such cases, your solicitor will represent you in court.

Car And Traffic Accidents

Any road user could seek compensation for injuries caused by other road users’ negligence. It could be a cyclist accident, a car accident, a bus accident or even a pedestrian accident. Any form of Grantham accident could lead to a claim, but you will need the evidence to support the claim.

Unfortunately, some evidence will disappear quite quickly following an RTA. That’s because once vehicles have been recovered, proving what happened can prove more difficult.

Therefore, try to obtain the following evidence as soon as possible:

  • Photographs of the scene before vehicles are recovered. This is because, unless you have other evidence, it could be easy for the other party to deny what’s happened.
  • If there were witnesses, get their details.
  • Get medical treatment from your GP, a walk-in-centre or at Grantham accident and emergency.
  • Report the accident to police. You can do this online or via 101 for non-emergency accidents.
  • Get any dashcam footage if possible as this can be really good evidence.

As we have specialists who can help with RTAs, get in touch with us once you’ve gathered as much evidence as possible. We’ll work out whether you have a valid claim or not.

Slip Down And Fall Accidents

If somebody else’s mistake causes you to slip and fall down, you could seek compensation from them if you were injured in the fall. There are numerous ways in which somebody else could be to blame for your accident including:

  • If you fell because a handrail was broken.
  • When you trip because a hazard was difficult to see as the lighting was inadequate.
  • As warning signs are required if a floor has been cleaned or there’s been a spillage, you could claim if you slip over and they weren’t in use.
  • If you trip on a doormat at the entrance to a building because it was out of its normal place.

If you’re involved in a slip trip or fall, try to photograph the reason. Report the injury and ask for a copy of the accident report and ask for any CCTV footage that covered the area.

Criminal Injury Claims

Not many people realise that, if you’re the victim of a crime, you could seek compensation via a government scheme known as CICA. The Criminal Injuries Claims Authority allows claims to be made for physical, mental or sexual injuries which is great because, in normal circumstances, you probably can’t sue the criminal.

We can help with criminal injury claims to ensure they’re filed correctly. Because the claim is not a standard personal injury claim, it’s important they’re handled correctly to ensure they meet the scheme’s eligibility requirements and time limits.

Accident At Work, Can I Claim?

If you suffer an injury in an accident at work, caused by your employer’s negligence, you are well within your rights to consider making a claim against them. If they treat you differently because of your claim, they could be breaking the law.

Under UK legislation, your employer needs to protect your welfare while at work. This means that they need to take steps, following risk assessments, to reduce any risks.

Your employer should:

  • Maintain and repair all workplace equipment and machinery.
  • Train you adequately in any task they ask you to do.
  • Ensure safety equipment is available where required.
  • Allow you to have sufficient rest breaks.

If you’ve suffered an injury because one of the above didn’t happen, we could help you begin a claim.

South Kesteven Workplace Injury Statistics

We’ve provided the table below as it demonstrates how many workplace accidents were reported in South Kesteven (the region which covers Grantham) between 2013/14 and 2017/18.

Location Total – Non Fatal Injuries Total – Non Fatal Injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal Injuries
South Kesteven 189 323 1

If you’d like to compare the figures with other areas of the UK, you can view the full HSE report here.

Public Place Accident Claims

If you’re involved in an accident in a public place such as a park, footpath, public highway or car park, then you could be entitled to claim compensation if it can be shown the accident was caused by the owner or occupier of the place.

To help demonstrate liability, you should ask witnesses for a statement of what they saw, photograph the cause of the accident and obtain a copy of the accident report book entry which shows the accident happened and how you were injured.

To begin a public place accident claim, please get in touch and explain what happened so that we can assess your chances of seeking compensation.

Clinical Negligence Claims

The final type of claim we’re going to cover is those made for injuries or illnesses caused by medical or clinical negligence. They could be made against any medical professional, who’s treated you poorly and caused you to suffer.

The types of medical professionals a claim could be against include nurses, surgeons, midwives, GPs, care workers, beauty technicians, and hospital staff.

It might be possible to claim for medical negligence if:

  • An incorrect procedure was used, which caused you to suffer.
  • You sustained an injury during cosmetic or medical treatment.
  • Side effects were caused by incorrect medication being used.
  • You weren’t told about the risks associated with the treatment.
  • If the incorrect equipment was used and caused you to suffer.

We’ll happily assess your claim for medical negligence, so please get in touch and let us know what happened.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Grantham

There’s no need to worry about the cost of hiring a personal injury solicitor because our accident claims solicitors all work on a no win no fee basis. That means that the financial risk involved with making a claim is greatly reduced.

When using a no win no fee solicitor, you’ll sign an agreement known as a CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement. It will explain the main terms of making a claim. This includes the fact that a success fee is payable to the solicitor if they win the case. That means a percentage of your compensation (a maximum of 25%) will be used to cover the cost of a solicitor.

The CFA will also explain that, if the case is lost, there’s nothing to pay. Furthermore, it will show that there’s no need to pay an up front fee.

Speaking To Our Accident Claims Team

If you’re ready to begin your claim right away, you can contact us by:

  • Calling 0800 073 8801 and speaking with a specialist advisor.
  • Filling in this claim form to request a callback.
  • Using our live chat feature.

Our phone lines and live chat are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day as we want you to be able to call at a time that’s convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve now reached the end of this guide about accident claims solicitors covering Grantham. We hope you have found it useful. To save you time when you call us, we’ve answered some of the more common questions we’re asked by new clients below.

How Do I Start My Compensation Claim?

To begin your compensation claim, you just need to give us a call. Our friendly team of advisors offer free accident claims advice as well as assessing your claim for free. If they think you’re likely to win compensation, they could connect you to one of our panel of accident claims solicitors who’ll work on a no win no fee basis.

Our accident claims solicitors could have up to 30 years’ experience of making accident compensation claims. Also, the always try as hard as possible to make sure you receive the level of compensation that your injuries warrant.

Do I Claim With A Solicitor Near Me?

Accident claims in Grantham don’t have to be handled by solicitors based in the area because there are accident claims solicitors covering Grantham who are happy to handle claims using email and over the telephone.

Because important documents and evidence can be emailed nowadays, there’s no need for face to face meetings which means you could choose a solicitor based on their experience and their recent case wins rather than their location.

Can I Claim For Psychological Injuries Using Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Grantham?

The first part of a personal injury claim is known as general damages. This is designed to provide compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity that results from your injuries. Importantly, this can be used for both physical and psychological injuries. While long-term problems including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) could be claimed for, you might be surprised to know that less serious psychiatric problems could be too. For example, following a road traffic accident, you could claim for any anxiety that you suffer when driving. Of course, you will need your condition to be diagnosed by a GP or specialist so that you have evidence to support your claim.

How Do I Claim If My Child Is Injured?

As you’d imagine, children are not able to represent themselves in legal matters. Therefore, it’s important that there is a method for them to be compensated if they’re injured in an accident that’s not their fault. While they are able to claim themselves within 3-years of their 18th birthday, waiting for compensation might not be an option. Luckily, there is the litigation friend process. This allows parents to represent their child in personal injury claims.

If you become a litigation friend, you can discuss the claim with courts and lawyers with your child’s interests in mind. Where a compensation payment is offered by the defendant, the court will verify the amount is fair. Then they’ll manage it in a trust fund until your child’s 18th birthday. Where funds are required to help the child, the litigation friend can write to the court and ask for money to be released.

What Are The Time Limits For Personal Injury Claims?

Claims for medical negligence, accidents at work, public place accidents and others resulting in personal injuries have a 3-year time limit. Criminal injury claims through the CICA scheme have a 2-year limitation period. The time limit generally starts from the date of the incident but this can be extended to a later date (the date of knowledge) if your injuries weren’t diagnosed until later.

Importantly, the 3-year time limit does not apply in cases involving children. A litigation friend (parent, guardian or responsible adult) can claim on the child’s behalf at any point before their 18th birthday.

Do I Have A Medical Exam?

A medical assessment is a vital part of a claim because the extent of your injuries forms a large part of the compensation amount. Therefore, your personal injury lawyer will send you for an assessment with an independent doctor.

The doctor will assess your injuries and ask a number of questions. They’ll then write a report which will be sent to your solicitor. It will show how you suffered at the time of the accident, how long recovery has taken and how you might be affected in the future.

Once your solicitor has received the report, they’ll use it to work out how much compensation you could be entitled to.

Do I Have A Medical With A Doctor Near Me?

We always try to ensure medical assessments are carried out locally. We do this by working with a panel of doctors across the UK. For instance, here are some we could use in the Grantham area:

Sumeet Vohra
The Grantham Physiotherapy Practice,
St Catherine Road,
Grantham, NG31 6TS.

Rajeev T Jahagirdar
St Catherine Road,
Grantham, NG31 6TS.

Grantham Area Resources

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide about accident claims solicitors covering Grantham useful. To assist you further, we’ve provided some further guides, links, and other resources below.

Find A Hospital – A useful tool, from the NHS, which allows you to search for a hospital based on your location.

Contact Lincolnshire Police – Advice from the local police force about when you need to contact them following a road traffic accident.

Reporting Workplace Accidents – This article by the HSE explains which accidents need reporting to them.

Whiplash Injuries – A guide that explains how whiplash injuries occur and when you can make an accident claim for them.

Road Traffic Accidents – If you’re involved in an A52 accident, an accident on the A1 in Grantham or any other RTA, this guide will explain how you could claim.

Accident at Work, Can I Claim? A guide that answers any questions you might have about making a personal injury claim following an accident at work.

This is the end of our article showing how our personal injury solicitors and accident claims solicitors covering Grantham could support your claim. For free legal advice on your options, please call today.

Article by BH.

Edited by CK.