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By Brett Williams. Last updated 23rd August 2021. If you’re injured, it could have a significant effect on your life, but when you are injured in an accident that could have be avoided, this could be extremely frustrating and difficult to come to terms with.

In some circumstances, receiving an injury could not only have an effect on your health but also on your finances. This could make it a very stressful time indeed.

If you were injured because of someone else’s behaviour or negligence, then it may interest you to know that in some cases, you could have cause to launch a compensation claim with accident claims solicitors covering Hastings. While this would not ease your physical pain, it could well help you financially.

Within the below sections of our accident claims in Hastings guide, we explore what you might need to know about personal injury claims solicitors in Hastings. This will include information on claiming for an accident at work, assault compensation payouts, making a medical negligence claim, and even information on accidents in a public place. If you’re considering making an accident claim, we’ll also introduce you to our accident claims solicitors, and explain how they are able to cover the Hastings area.

Accident claims solicitors Hastings

Accident claims solicitors Hastings

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Claiming For An Accident At Work In Hastings

Accident compensation could be sought from your employer if their negligent action or inaction has led to you suffering an injury at work. Whether the employer in question has failed to give you manual handling training, and you have injured your back when lifting, or they have not given you the required protective equipment, or PPE, for the job you were undertaking which caused you a preventable injury, you could consider calling our accident claims solicitors to see if you could have a claim for an accident in work in Hastings.

Some employees may fear that they would suffer mistreatment at work for speaking out about an accident at work, but not only should their employer be covered by insurance for instances such as this, they are also required by legislation not to treat any employee differently for making a claim. Besides, speaking out may avoid the same things happening to another employee.

Numbers Of Reported Injuries At Work In Hastings

When it comes to injuries at work in the Hastings area, it might be of interest to look at the below statistics, provided by HSE. You can view the full report here.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
East Sussex 94 310 1

Slip, Trip Or Fall Claims

Slip trip fall prevention is big business these days. There are a number of anti-slip products on the market, and the HSE provides advice on helping land, business and property owners and operators to reduce such a risk to people using their property or land suffering this type of accident. This is because many property/land owners or business owners have a duty to keep their property as safe as possible for those that use the areas. Slip, trip or fall incidents could arise from supermarket spillages that caused slips because they weren’t cleared up or clearly signposted, or if someone has tripped on a poorly fitted carpet. These are just a few examples of how this type of claim could occur. Our accident claims solicitors could assist with claims of this nature.

Bus, Bike, Car And Road Traffic Accidents In Hastings

Whether it’s a Hastings bike accident or a Hastings bypass accident, or even a head-on collision on a minor road, if you suffered an injury in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, there may be a chance you could make an accident claim with accident claims solicitors.

Road users have a duty to abide by the rules of the road, and if they act negligently or dangerously at the wheel and cause you an injury, you could be in a position to make a claim. Common injuries from car accidents could include anything from cuts and bruises to broken bones and whiplash. In severe cases, death could even be caused by a road accident, or life-changing injuries. If you have lost a loved one in a car accident that was not their fault, or you have suffered injuries in a car crash that was the fault of another road user, it could be that you have cause to make a claim.

Accident In A Public Place

Whether you’re injured in the park due to faulty park equipment, or you’ve tripped on a broken pavement that is badly defected and caused you an avoidable injury, it could be that you are able to make accident claims in Hastings with a personal injury lawyer. Responsibility for such areas can fall on different companies or authorities however if they fail to keep those areas well-maintained and in a good state of repair, and you suffer injury because of this, they could be seen as being at fault for your accident.

Criminal Injury And Assault Compensation

Criminal activity could lead to a person, whether the intended victim or not, becoming injured. One of the first things we may think of when it comes to criminal activity could be assault. This would obviously likely cause injury. However, if you are injured when, for example, a criminal is making a getaway and you are in their path, then this could potentially lead to you making a compensation claim for criminal injury. This could be slightly different from the standard accident claim as you could be claiming with CICA. If you’d like some information on making an accident claim in Hastings because of criminal injury, it could be a good idea to call us for advice.

Medical Negligence Claims

Finally, our non-exhaustive list of common accident claims leads us to medical negligence. Many of us may presume that the medical professionals handling our care could never make a mistake, but this may not always be the case. Medical negligence claims occur if a medical professional fails in some manner which could have been avoided when providing care to us, and this results in our illness or injury becoming worse, or even a new injury or illness being caused. There are a huge number of different types of medical negligence that could occur. From surgical errors requiring a person to go through further surgery to correct the problem, to mistakes made by midwives during childbirth, to incorrect tooth extractions by a dentist, there could be a wide range of claims that could occur in the Hastings area.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Hastings

It may be the case that you already know what a no win no fee solicitor means, but if you don’t, this section could be enlightening. If you choose accident claims solicitors covering Hastings that work on this basis it could mean you have less risk financially if your case was not successful. Any compensation paid from the claim would have a percentage set aside to cover legal bills. With no win no fee, if there is no compensation, there should not be any legal bill to pay your legal team. If you would like to know more about this method of payment and the percentages our panel of accident claims solicitors would agree to, then do not hesitate to give us a call.

How are nationwide law firms different to accident claims solicitors in Hastings?

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may decide to look for accident claims solicitors in Hastings. While you will find law firms in Wellington Square, Havelock Road and Albert road, you don’t need to limit your search by only considering local solicitors. That’s because companies that offer nationwide services, like us, can also help. We process personal injury claims over the phone, email and online. That means our office location doesn’t really matter. However, what does matter is that our team of solicitors have been handling accident claims for decades.

If you choose to look outside of the Hastings area, it’s possible you will find a solicitor who specialises in injuries like yours or one with experience in a recent case that was similar to yours. Importantly, you’ve got nothing to lose by enquiring as we offer free legal advice and a no-obligation assessment for all claims.

We aim to achieve the maximum amount of compensation in all cases that we take on. To do this we’ll appoint a specialist solicitor to your claim if it is taken on. Before they start to work on trying to secure compensation for you, they’ll discuss your case in detail with you. This is to make certain they understand how you’ve been affected and that no part of your suffering is left out of the claim.

After that, evidence will be secured to support your claim and you’ll be booked in for a local medical assessment. This is so that the extent of your injuries is assessed independently and so that your prognosis is recorded.

Once the claim is ready, it will be sent to the defendant or their insurer. Your solicitor will handle any queries or objections they raise to prevent you from having to answer technical, legal or medical questions. If this happens, additional evidence will be sent and your solicitor will use their legal training to try and counter any arguments. Should a compensation offer be made, your solicitor will review it to ensure it’s fair. If it is, the claim will be settled and you’ll be compensated. If it doesn’t cover your suffering in full, your solicitor will discuss the offer with you and try to negotiate a better amount if necessary.

For a free review of your case and to see if our personal injury solicitors covering Hasting could help you, please call today.

Talk To Accident Claims UK

Whether you’re interested in finding out more about the personal injury claims time limit, or you’d like to go ahead and begin a claim, you can talk to us. Our freephone line – 0800 073 8801  – connects you to one of our trained advisors who would be only too happy to help answer any questions you have and get you the help you may need to make a claim.

Answers To FAQs

What Services Could A Solicitor Provide?

Your chosen accident claims solicitor could assist with accident claims advice, all the way through to collating evidence and putting it together to form a strong claim. Accident claims solicitors study for years to become solicitors, and they could use former examples of previously settled claims to show how your claim should attract a certain level of compensation.

Do I Need A Local Solicitor?

You do not necessarily need to search for accident claims solicitors in Hastings to take on your claim. A lot of communication these days is done digitally and via the phone, so you have the whole of the UK to look at when choosing a solicitor to handle accident claims in Hastings.

Is It Important To See A Doctor?

As part of your claim, you would be asked to see an independent medical expert who would assess your state of health and review your medical notes if you have already seen a doctor in most cases. This evidence, along with your examination would form an important part of your claim.

Where Will I See The Doctor?

We have a panel of doctors that cover Hastings, so you could potentially see an independent medical expert close to where you are located. This is regardless of where the solicitor you choose is based. Local medical experts on the panel could include:

Laura Sanchez Pallares
455 Old London Road
TN35 5BH

Mirella Radici
7-11 Carlisle Parade
TN34 1JG

Local Resources And Services

Report to Sussex Police – If the incident you’ve been injured in involves a road accident or criminal behaviour, then you might need this link.

Hastings court – If you are in need of court information you can find that here.

Elbow injuries – These could, in some cases, be very complex. Read more about this type of injury claim here.

Whiplash – If you would like to know about the condition or claims relating to whiplash, then do read our guide here.

Have you been injured in a taxi? – Our guide explains the steps you might want to take if you have.

Thanks for reading our guide about personal injury solicitors in Hastings and accident claims solicitors in Hastings. Should you need any additional advice, please feel free to call.

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