Accident Claims Solicitors Livingston – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Livingston Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated September 15th 2021.  Here you can read our guide on accident claims solicitors covering Livingston claims. We explain what you may need to know about personal injury solicitors for Livingston claims.

Accident claims solicitors Livingston

Accident claims solicitors Livingston

This guide is about how to make an accident claim in Livingston if you have suffered due to a breach in the duty of care that was owed to you. Although we are not based in the Livingston area we have a panel of accident claims solicitors who could cover the area to conduct many different types of personal injury claims.

Your accident and injury could be caused by an accident at work, a slip trip or fall, a medical negligence injury, a road traffic accident that caused whiplash, regardless of your type of accident our panel of solicitors are here to help you be awarded the damages you maybe entitled to.

The fact is that accidents do happen across the country each and every day. Accidents can be just that events that no one had control over, unexpected incidents that cause harm. Then there are accidents that could have been prevented and happen due to negligence. If you have been involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault you could be able to make an accident claim for any suffering as well as financial losses. Our panel of accident claims solicitors will treat each and every claim with care and professionalism, keeping you informed through the claims process to make sure you are satisfied with the service you receive.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Livingston?

Accident claims solicitors covering Livingston are legal professionals working in the field of personal injury claims that can cover the Livingston area.

Personal injury claims are dealt with under a part of civil law called torts. Such cases are brought to secure the victim of the accident compensation for the injuries which they sustained. Whilst money (also known as damages) can not restore your health, the purpose of compensation is to (as best possible) place the victim in the position they would have been had they not been injured.

The reasons for making a personal injury claim may vary significantly. They may include making a whiplash claim after a car accident or claiming compensation for a work injury. There are also more specialised areas of personal injury claims, such as medical negligence claims, or claims for compensation as a victim of a crime.

If you have been involved in a negligent accident causing avoidable injuries or are victim of crime and have sustained physical and or mental injuries, a skilled personal injury solicitor may be able to help you to claim compensation.

Accident At Work Compensation Claim

Whether you work indoors in an office or shop, or outside on a building site, work-related injuries are a possibility if there are lapses in the duty of care owed to your health and well being. There are specific laws in place to keep employees safe while carry out work tasks. Providing a safe and healthy environment for employees to conduct work practices in is a vital part of an employers duty of care.

Health and safety legislation has been put in place to protect you whilst in the workplace. Your employer may have a duty to:

  • Provide you with a safe system for going about your work and carrying out duties.
  • Provide you with a workplace in which steps have been reasonably taken to mitigate accidents and injuries.
  • Provide you with equipment designed to keep you safe.
  • Provide you with reasonable instruction in your job and appropriate training.

If your employer has been in breach of these duties (or others) and you were harmed due to this breach, you could seek accident at work compensation from them for harm suffered.

Work Injury Statistics For West Lothian, Scotland

Here we look at how many work injuries have been reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the area of West Lothian in Scotland, including Livingston.

This information does not indicate the number of people who either were entitled to or who subsequently made work accident claims.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
West Lothian (including Livingston) 244 346 0

Data source.

You could also claim for a work-related illness. To see the statistics relating to illness in the workplace in 2019/20, please take a look at the graph below.

accident claims solicitors Livingston statistics graph

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

If you were a passenger or even the driver in a vehicle involved in an accident on the road and you suffered an injury as a result of this as long as another road user or third party are at fault, you could have valid grounds to make a road traffic accident compensation claim.

The circumstances for which vehicle and car accident claims in Scotland are made may vary. Your vehicle could have been hit by another road user, you could have been travelling on public transport or could have been the victim of an accident on a motorbike and need to make a motorcycle accident claim.

You may benefit from professional accident claims advice to make sure that you are fully and properly informed of how to go about making a successful claim. Our panel of accident claims solicitors is highly adept at handling this type of claim. They have years of working in the field of personal injury claims and could advise you of your claim’s chances of success.

Slip And Fall Compensation Settlements

Our panel of accident claim solicitors could help you secure a slip and fall compensation settlement if you were injured by slipping, tripping or falling over when another party was to blame.

Examples of scenarios for slip and fall settlements may include:

  • Accidents caused by neglecting hazard management practices (e.g. inadequate or insufficient signage).
  • Where someone failed to act on the potential for a hazard, for example by failing to repair a damaged surface.
  • Where someone acted in a negligent or careless way by leaving debris or other obstacles to cause you to fall.

In our slip, trip and fall injury claim guide you could learn more about claiming compensation for this type of accident leading to an injury.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

If you are injured in a criminal assault you could be able to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The CICA have a criteria which needs to be met in order for a victim of criminal injuries to be able to make a claim.

Being the victim of a violent crime could leave you with physical injuries and/or psychological harm. You can view our dedicated criminal injuries guide here which also includes a criminal injury victim personal injury claims calculator.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors will be able to assess whether you are likely to be able to successfully claim compensation for your injuries (the criteria for being able to claim may differ from other more general types of accident compensation claims). The relevant accident claims time limit in the case of criminal injuries is just two years (variable) from the date of the incident. If the victim was a child at the time of the incident, the two year period will start on the child’s 18th birthday. In some instances involving childhood abuse the accident claims time limit may be different.

Public Injury Compensation Claims

Injuries sustained as a result of third party negligence in public areas may also provide valid grounds for a compensation claim. For instance, when an owner or operator of a public area  – such as a gym, supermarket, library or park are negligent in maintaining equipment, facilities or walkways and injuries occur due to this failure to maintain a safe area then damages may be awarded for the harm suffered.

One reason why people may need to make a public injury compensation claim is for those caused by tripping over and falling over a damaged pavement. The council have a strict criterion when it comes to claiming for pavements and pot hole injuries. You may need various pieces of evidence to prove their liability. For more information on what maybe needed please call our advisors.

Clinical And Medical Negligence Claims

If you are being treated by the NHS or private healthcare providers in the UK, you can generally rely on being provided with a very high level of care. If the standard was to drop and a patient to suffer unnecessarily this may be deemed negligent medical care. Medical negligence happens if treatment provided is substandard and leads to the patient suffering an unnecessary injury or illness.

Clinical negligence can take different forms. Examples of different types of medical negligence may include;

  • Avoidable birth injuries.
  • Dentistry and oral surgery negligence.
  • Negligent hospital care.
  • Misdiagnosis of an illness or of an injury.
  • Care home  negligence.

Making a medical negligence claim may be more complicated than other types of compensation claims. Having an experienced solicitor handle your case on your behalf may prove to be advantageous.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Livingston

Our expert panel of no win no fee solicitors will work hard to secure you a compensation settlement for your injuries.

If you are offered a no win no fee solicitor for your claim, you will then only need to pay a fee to them if you do receive a settlement. If they are able to offer you their services under a no win no fee agreement, then in the event the claim is not successful you will not have to pay for their fees. How much you will need to pay to your solicitor will be set out in your conditional fee agreement with them.

You can learn more about how no win no fee claims work by speaking to a member of our accident claims team.

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.You can request a consultation from our team by filling in the form to ‘Request A Call Back’ at the top right hand side of this page and clicking ‘Call Me Back’. You could also phone us yourself by dialing 0800 073 8801.

Alternatively, you could also send an email with information related to your claim to

Common Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about accident claims.

Q: Could Your Team Help Me?

A: When you first contact our accident claims team we will start to look at what has happened to you and whether you could be eligible to seek compensation from the parties responsible. Our team could also look at whether or not you could make a no win no fee compensation claim.

If it is established that you could claim compensation for your accident our panel of accident claims solicitors could start to work on your claim.

Q: Should I Use A Local Accident Claims Solicitor?

A: Just because you are making an accident claim in Livingston does not mean that you have to limit your search to a solicitor who has offices in this area. Whilst ‘solicitors near me’ is a commonly used search term, the best solicitor for your claim may not be one who is situated here.

Instead, focus on looking for solicitors who are experienced in personal injury claims and even for those who have relevant experience in claims similar to your own. For example, if you suffered a whiplash injury, search for solicitors who know how to successfully help people make this type of claim.

Our panel of solicitors are not located in your area but they are experienced in accident claims and as you may not need to meet them in person if you do not want to they could handle your claim.

Q: Do I Have To Visit A Doctor?

A: Once liability has been admitted your solicitor will arrange for you to have an impartial medical assessment. This is to secure a greater degree of medical evidence which can be sent to solicitors acting on behalf of the defendant.

You will see a doctor, surgeon, dentist or other medical professional who is applicable for your injuries so that the report will be as expert and relevant as possible. The assessment may include being asked a number of questions as well as having a physical examination of your injuries if necessary. The doctor will subsequently create a medical report.

Q: Where Could This Doctor Be Located?

A:Your solicitor will always try to get a medical appointment for you as close to your residence as possible. The following medical experts could conduct the assessment;

Mark Innes Burgin
Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery,
187 Dalkeith Road,
EH16 5DS

Sumeet Vohra
187 Dalkeith Road,
EH16 5DS

Mohammed Ahmad
Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery,
187 Dalkeith Road,
EH16 5DS

Could accident claims solicitors covering Livingston help me if I’ve been a victim of a data breach?

If you have had your personal data security or privacy breached, this could cause all sorts of unwanted consequences. You may have been the victim of identity fraud or theft, and she may even have lost sleep, or suffered anxiety and depression because of the breach. After all, sometimes, having your data privacy breach could significantly affect you mentally.

In order to make a claim for data breach compensation you would not only have to prove that the organisation that collected, stored or processed your personal information had acted wrongly, and breached GDPR or the Data Protection Act 2018. You would also have to prove that you had suffered some kind of non material or material harm as a result of the breach. This harm could involve the theft of money from your bank account, for example. Or, it may be reputational damage, or data breach distress. The type of breach that could lead to a claim could include:

  • Your healthcare provider sending your medical records to an authorised third party, for example sending them to your old address when you had informed them of your new one
  • An employer who disclosed your sick record to an unauthorised colleague
  • The failure of a credit card company to secure customer data held online come out leading to unauthorised access
  • A university sending your grades and bereavement details to the rest of your class

These are just a few examples. To find out whether you could have a claim, why not contact our team for free legal advice? Our panel of specialist solicitors with years of experience are all authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They could help you get the data breach compensation you deserve.

Would accident claims solicitors covering Livingston help me if I suffered injuries in a hit and run?

Personal injury solicitors covering Livingstone could help you if you are the innocent victim of a hit and run accident. Whether you were a pedestrian at the time of the accident, or you were in another vehicle, if someone fled the scene and could not be traced, we could still assist with your claim. You could make a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau, which is an organisation that helps to reduce uninsured driving, as well as compensate victims of uninsured or untraceable driving. Please call for further information.

Livingston Area Information

Below you can find information related to both legal services (such as the courts), local area services, like the police and council and additional accident claims advice guides from across our site which are related to accidents discussed in this article.

Health And Safety Executive – Risk Management
Information and resources for managing health and safety in the workplace as produced and recommended by the Health and Safety Executive.

Livingston Sheriff Courts
Money claims in this area may be heard at Livingston Sheriff Courts and Justice of the Peace Court if the defendant does not admit liability or disputes the settlement.

Lothians And Scottish Borders Police
At Police Scotland you can find details of police services, such as police stations, in the West Lothian and Border areas.

West Lothian Council
This is the local authority which may be responsible for maintaining certain public spaces or facilities in Livingston, such as pavements.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims
This is our guide on how to make road traffic and vehicle accident compensation claims with a solicitor.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading our guide on accident claims solicitors covering Livingston claims. We’ve now explained what you may need to know about personal injury solicitors for Livingston claims