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Accident claims solicitors Middlesborough

Accident claims solicitors Middlesborough

By Olivia Fender. Last updated 6th September 2021. Have you been injured or become ill due to reasons that were the fault of a third party? If so, this guide can explain how our panel of accident claims solicitors Middlesbrough can help.

This guide gives a basic overview of the claims process and information about many of the key considerations that need to be taken into account when making a claim. But of course, there might be unique things about your own claim that fall outside the scope of this guide. If you do have additional questions, please reach out to a member of our team on 0800 073 8801. They will spend some time answering any questions you may have.

If you are ready to start a claim with our accident claims solicitors covering Middlesbrough please call our advisors today.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Middlesbrough?

If you choose to work with an accident claims solicitor to help you process your claim for compensation, they will provide expert services and ensure that your claim has a high chance of success, as well as trying to get you the maximum level of compensation possible for your case.

On top of this, your solicitor will provide accident claims advice, and arrange for you to undergo an independent medical assessment in order to provide evidence of your injuries and highlight any future treatment that you may require.

Our panel of accident claims solicitors can fill this role, providing you with the legal help you need at a reduced financial risk, as they do not charge a fee until a successful settlement has been reached.

Middlesbrough Workplace Accident Statistics

The table below shows data related to work-related injuries in the Middlesbrough area, for the period 2018/2019.

Location Total – nonfatal injuries (2018/19) Total – nonfatal injuries per 100,000 workers (2018/19) Fatal injuries (2018/19)
Middlesbrough 142 202 0

You can find further detailed information regarding work injury statistics at the following link:

HSE Injury Statistics

Injuries And Accidents When At Work

Your employer is expected to take every measure possible to ensure that you are protected from suffering an accident at work that causes you unnecessary injuries. This is a regulatory requirement that is enforced by multiple levels of legislation and policed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). When a company fails to provide a safe working environment, it can result in accidents such as:

  • Untrained staff suffering a lifting or manual handling accident.
  • Employee slip, trip or fall accidents at work due to foreseen hazards.
  • An employee falling from a great height when using a ladder due to lack of training.
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals or excess noise causing a health issue for an employee when no PPE was provided.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of workplace hazards every employer is expected to highlight and subsequently mitigate. If they do not, and an employee is injured due to the hazard, our accident claim solicitors could help the injured party to claim accident compensation.

Middlesbrough Car Accident Claims

Of all the kinds of accidents that take place in the UK each year, road traffic accidents are, arguably, the most common of all. A traffic incident can result in harm or damage in several ways and may result in a Middlesbrough car accident claim. Those who may be eligible to claim include;

  • The driver of a vehicle.
  • A passenger of a vehicle and this includes private vehicles and public transport.
  • A pedestrian.
  • A cyclist.
  • A motorcyclist.
  • A horse rider.
  • An organisation or homeowner that suffers a loss due to damaged property.

Furthermore, it is not always the driver of a vehicle that causes an accident, it could be:

  • The driver of another vehicle.
  • A passenger who does something that causes an accident.
  • A pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist or horse rider.
  • The owner of an animal, that allows the animal to cause a road hazard, either a farmer or a private individual.
  • An organisation that has created a hazard for road users.

As you can see, despite road traffic accidents being common, the circumstances surrounding them can be complex. So if you have been the victim of injuries as a result of a road traffic accident that was not your fault, speak to one of our advisors to have your claim evaluated today.

Abuse And Assault Criminal Injury Compensation

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), is a special Government organisation, that can act as a surrogate defendant for victims of violent crime, who wish to make a compensation claim for the undue harm they have suffered as a result of criminal behaviour.

The CICA claims process differs from others as it has a 2-year time limit. It does, however, allow exceptions in some circumstances such as cases of historical sexual abuse.

Our accident claims experts can help you to claim through the CICA for abuse or assault compensation. You can also click here to learn more about the CICA claims process.

Medical Negligence Compensation

Visiting your GP, staying in a hospital, even visiting the dentist, should be a safe experience, that aims at improving your health in some way. Unfortunately, despite every medical professional owes a duty of care to their patients, to never cause them harm in an unnecessary manner, clinical negligence can and does happen from time to time.

If you become the victim of medical negligence in Middlesbrough, you may benefit from the help of a solicitor who is well versed in claims for medical negligence to assist you in processing your claim. To be eligible for a medical negligence claim involving both NHS and private practices, the solicitor has to be able to provide proof that negligence took place, and also prove that another medical professional of the same ability would have not caused the unnecessary suffering. Speak to one of our advisors today, to learn how we can help.

Slip And Fall Accident And Injury Claims

A slip, trip or fall, can be a very minor accident, causing only trivial injuries. However, in some cases, it can be far more serious. Consider the elderly, especially those suffering from a condition such as osteoporosis who are at a high risk of critical injuries, even in the most minor of slip, trip or fall accidents injuries could be life-changing. Examples of slip and trip incidents where a claim may be valid include;

  • Visiting a restaurant, a person slips on food that has been spilt on the floor that has not been cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • Using an airport bathroom, a person slips on water that has been spilt in the bathroom with no visible warning signs.
  • Entering a shop, a person trips over a damaged step with no highlighted sign.

If you or a loved one have suffered a slip, trip or fall, please contact one of our claims advisors to discuss your circumstances in greater detail.

Claim For An Injury At A Public Place

When you are walking down the street, visiting a public park, using a public car park, or inside a public building such as a leisure centre, it is the local council that is responsible for maintaining the venue to a safe standard. When hazards arise, due to the local authority not providing adequate maintenance, then it could be possible for the victim to make an accident claim if they have suffered an unavoidable injury as a result.

Furthermore, the same is true for any premises a member of the public is allowed to enter, such as company offices, or a shopping mall. In this case, it would be the private property owner or occupier that is pursued damages for an injury at a public place.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Middlesbrough

Did you know there is a way to have your claim handled, without having to expose yourself to upfront payments? Rather than pay legal fees upfront, you can use a No Win No Fee solicitor. What this means is, that you wouldn’t pay anything to begin your claim, or while your claim is being processed for you.

If your claim is unsuccessful, you still don’t pay your solicitor’s fees. You only pay when the solicitor has received compensation on your behalf as a way of settlement of your claim. Fees are taken automatically before you are given the balance of the money. We can arrange for No Win No Fee solicitors covering Middlesbrough to handle your case, call us today to learn how.

Contact Us To Claim For An Accident

Becoming the victim of an accident is always a traumatic experience, especially if the injuries received are severe. The last thing people want to think about is having to make a claim for the harm that they suffered. We can connect you with one of our accident claims solicitors that can cover the Middlesbrough area.

Call us on 0800 073 8801 to learn more or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Accident claims solicitors Middlesbrough – FAQs

Here are some FAQs about accident claims solicitors Middlesbrough:

How Long Do I Have To Make A Claim?

All personal injury claims are time-limited, meaning you only have a certain period within which you’re eligible to make one. In general, this limitation period is 3 years, which means you must begin your claim no longer than 3 years after your accident. If you fail to act within this time and the time limit expires, you could risk losing out on the compensation that you’re entitled to. If you’re wondering whether there are any exceptions that can be made to this 3-year period, the answer is yes. In some cases where the claimant is unable to make a claim for themselves, the time limit can be frozen until they gain the capacity to claim. Alternatively, they can have a litigation friend act on their behalf, at which point the usual time limit will come into effect.

What Could I Claim For Under Special Damages?

The aim of special damages is to award the claimant any financial losses that they’ve suffered as a result of their injuries. In doing so, this should account for any financial damage that they’ve incurred, whether that’s from paying directly out of pocket for expenses or losing out on income opportunities. Some examples of costs that could be recovered as part of special damages include:

  • Medical expenses for prescription fees and the like
  • Travel fees for injury-related appointments
  • Private treatment not offered by the NHS
  • Adaptation to property to accommodate injuries
  • Domestic help such as a cleaner or babysitter
  • Care costs including gracious care from family and friends

How Could Accident Claims UK Help Me?

If you need to make a claim for injuries you suffered in an accident that was not your fault, we can help. We can provide assistance such as:

  • Explain to you what accident claims time limit applies to your circumstances.
  • Give you a more accurate estimate of how much you could claim.
  • Help you prepare the evidence in support of your claim.
  • Process your claim for you.
  • Aim to get you the maximum level of compensation for your case.

Do you want to know more about how we can help? Then please talk to our team on the number below.

How Can I Contact Accident Claims?

If you’d like to speak with one of our advisors about your situation, they can provide you with a free consultation today. As part of this consultation, you’ll simply have to answer a few questions about what happened to you and how you’ve been affected. Following this, our team can advise you whether you could have grounds to make a claim or not.

If you’d like to proceed with a claim and you’d be interested in getting legal representation, our team can then offer to connect you with our panel of personal injury lawyers. They all work on a No Win No Fee basis, so you can use their services without any financial risk involved. To get in touch today, simply call the number at the top of our guide, fill out a contact form for a call back or use the chat feature at the bottom of your screen now.

Should My Solicitor Be Local?

In the past, before modern technology, it often made sense to use a local legal firm for injury claims. Dealing with a local firm was the simple option back then. These days, we have lots of ways to communicate with a solicitor; finding and communicating with a solicitor is much simpler.

Will I Need A Medical Assessment?

Part of the process of making a claim, is submitting supporting evidence to prove it. Part of this evidence, is a doctor’s report on your injuries and how severe they are. Once you have had a medical examination, your solicitor will be able to work out how much you could be able to claim for your injuries. They’ll also decide whether it is appropriate to claim damages for long-term disability and loss of life quality.

Could I Have A Medical Examination In Middlesbrough?

The simple answer to this question is yes, our solicitors can organise a convenient local medical examination in or close to Middlesbrough, from these doctors from our panel.

Rizwan Shafiq Jury’s Inn Hotel Middlesbrough TS1 1JH
Fry St
TS1 1JH.
Saleh Al-Ali 276 Marton Road Middlesbrough TS4 2NS
Ian Kerss Park View Medical Clinic Middlesbrough TS4 2NS
276 Marton Road

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