Accident Claims Solicitors Milton Keynes – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Milton Keynes Area

By Daniel Sisko. Last Updated 29th March 2023. Here, you’ll find our guide to accident claims solicitors for Milton Keynes claims, where we explain what to look for in personal injury solicitors covering Milton Keynes.

Accident claims solicitors Milton Keynes

Accident claims solicitors Milton Keynes

Accidents in Milton Keynes can happen at any time and fortunately, in most cases, they are fairly minor with no long-lasting effects for the victim. Sometimes, however, accidents can be more serious causing the victim to suffer a greater injury which can have many negative implications on their life ranging from a slight temporary disability, for example, to complete life-changing injuries and even death. Although accidents can happen without reason where no-one is to blame, there are instances where accidents are caused by some form of negligence and could have been prevented. When this is the case, the victim may be eligible to file a claim for compensation to support them through their recovery.

Compensation claims can be complicated particularly for those who have no legal expertise and so using an accident claims solicitor covering Milton Keynes can be a great help and potentially advantageous in winning the maximum amount of compensation possible for your case. If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s mistake or negligence and would like to find out more about the no win no fee accident claims process, please contact us at Accident Claims UK and we will be happy to assist.

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Milton Keynes Solicitors – Do I Need To Stay Local?

If you’ve been injured in Milton Keynes, and the accident was caused by the negligence of someone who owed you a duty of care, then you may find it useful to hire a solicitor. If so, it’s important to remember that you are not restricted to solicitors in Milton Keynes. You are free to use any lawyer in the country.

There are factors more important than where a lawyer is physically based. Additionally, most aspects of a claim can now be handled remotely due to email, phone calls, and even videochats.

Get in touch with our advisors today for more information.

Milton Keynes Reported Injuries At Work Statistics

In the table below we look at the number of fatal and non-fatal injuries while at work in the Milton Keynes area, including the number of non-fatal injured workers per 100,000:

Milton Keynes 388 266 0

The data in the table can be found at

Below, you can see the 2020/21 figures for fatal work accidents from the HSE’s statistics.

accident claims solicitors Milton Keynes statistics graph

Claims For Work Accidents

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that the working environment is as safe as possible for their employees. This means that they need to follow the rules and regulations as set out in the Health and Safety Act 1974. It requires them to make regular risk assessments and address any issues, makes sure all machinery and equipment is serviced on a regular basis to ensure fit for use, provide personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary, and so on. If they breach their health and safety responsibilities and it results in work accidents occurring, then they could be held liable and sued for accident compensation by the injured party. If you’d like further information on or about accident at work claims contact Accident Claims UK to speak with an experienced accident claims advisor.

Injuries From Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip, trip and fall accidents are common accidents that could occur anywhere and at any time as a result of third party negligence. They could happen whilst at work, walking along a pavement, even whilst dining in a restaurant for example, but no matter where they happen if it was caused by the negligence of someone else who owed you a duty of care and caused you to become avoidably injured, an accident claim may be made.

As with all claims for compensation, liability has to be proven in order to have a successful outcome. It must be proven that a third party who owed you a duty of care who was responsible for your safety allowed the accident to happen which subsequently caused your injuries.

Criminal Injury Compensation

If you have sustained a criminal injury, whether it is a physical injury or a psychological injury, you could make a claim for compensation. Our team of solicitors covering Milton Keynes can help you to file a successful claim. If you are the victim of a violent crime but the criminal to blame for your injury has not been caught you can still make a claim, criminal injury compensation solicitors can assist you with your claim when claiming through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which is a government-run scheme to help victims of physical or mental assault in England, Wales and Scotland. Contact us at Accident Claims UK and we will be able to advise you on the next steps to take. It may also be helpful to read our criminal injuries guide.

Clinical Negligence Cases

Have you been the victim of a botched surgery, an incorrect medical diagnosis, been prescribed the wrong medication, or fallen foul to other negligent behaviours from the medical profession? If so, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation for the pain and suffering it has caused you. Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals have a duty of care to appropriately look after the patients in their care and give them the correct care, attention and treatment that they need. If the patient suffers due to a negligent error or gross mistake, then a claim may be brought against those to blame. Clinical negligence may result in both physical and psychological damage and claiming compensation can give the victim the financial support they may need to recover from their ordeal. Having an accident claim solicitor for medical negligence in Milton Keynes may give the victim a better chance of having success with their claim as they will have the required expertise and experience to put together a strong case to take to court. If you’d like further information on clinical or medical negligence, please read our clinical negligence guide here.

Milton Keynes Car And Road Accident Claims

Our panel of accident claims solicitors can help you to make an accident claim if you have been a victim of a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault. Road traffic accidents are far too common unfortunately and can be caused by a variety of ways from reckless driving in poor weather conditions, debris left on the road, speeding, not paying due care and attention, and many other ways. Injuries from road traffic accidents can range from being fairly minor such as slight whiplash for example, to very severe injuries resulting in brain damage or even death. If you have sustained an injury after being involved in a road traffic accident and are thinking of starting a personal injury claim, our accident claims solicitors who cover the Milton Keynes area can help you by conducting your claim on your behalf, making sure that all aspects of the case are covered and the correct evidence required is included to ensure the best chance of a successful claim. You will find further helpful information in our guide to road traffic accident claims. Call Accident Claims UK to speak to one of our expert accident claim solicitors.

Compensation For An Accident In A Public Place

A ‘public place’ represents basically anywhere the public can go such as parks, beaches, shopping centres, car parks, public toilets, and many more places. If a member of the public has an accident caused by the negligence of those responsible for the public space such as the local authority for example, then they may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. The most common type of non road accident that we tend to come across in a public setting, is a slip, trip or fall such as tripping over broken or uneven paving slabs on the pavement. Numerous injuries can result from an accident in a public place which can have an effect on the victim’s lifestyle and well-being. The accident claims process can be complex sometimes especially if liability isn’t as obvious and so having a personal injury solicitor can be a great help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Accident Claims UK for further guidance and to consult with our panel of accident solicitors.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Milton Keynes

At Accident Claims UK, we work with personal injury solicitors that cover all over Milton Keynes. All of the solicitors we work with offer a no win no fee service. Using a no win no fee solicitor allows people from any walk of life, no matter their financial position, the opportunity to hire legal representation when making a compensation claim without the worry of hefty legal bills throughout the claiming process. If you have a no win no fee solicitor they will not ask for any money upfront and will only request you pay their legal fees if they have won your claim for you. Their payment is then taken as a small percentage of the final settlement amount paid to you in compensation. If they do not win your case for you however, they will not charge you for their legal work at all.

How To Make An Accident Claim

Making an accident claim couldn’t be simpler when you talk to Accident Claims UK. When you call us we will offer you a free consultancy session whereby we can gather from you all of the details of your potential claim and you can also use the time to ask any questions that you may have. During the consultancy session, we can assess whether or not you have a legitimate claim. If we feel you do not have a valid claim, we will always be honest and inform you of this and the reasons why, if we find that the claim is valid we can talk you through the next steps if you wish to go ahead and start your claim with us by your side. Just call us on 0800 073 8801 and we will endeavour to be of assistance.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Could Accident Claims UK Help Me?
Accident Claims UK has solicitors who have many years of expertise and experience throughout the range of personal injury claims. If you’re looking for a law firm because you’ve been involved in an accident such as car accidents, our personal injury lawyers could assist you under a conditional fee agreement, as long as you’re within the time limit for claiming.

When you hire us as your legal representatives, you can be sure of a first-class experience. Our customer service is second to none and we always have our client’s best interests at the forefront of everything we do. When we conduct a claim on your behalf, we work meticulously and efficiently to make sure that we are aiming for the highest amount of compensation possible for your particular case by building a strong case making sure to include every aspect that has relevance to your injury and circumstances. We will keep you informed every step of the way. We will support you as best as we can whilst going through the claiming process to make it as painless and stress-free for you as possible.

As already mentioned above, all of the accident claims solicitors that we work with offer a no win no fee service. We also offer a free, no-obligation consultation session. You can contact us at any time of day as our claim lines run 24 hours each day and we have a fantastic track record of successful claims and securing the highest amount possible for our clients’ cases.

Contact Accident Claims UK today on 0800 073 8801 and we can get your claim underway.

Do I Need To Find An Accident Claims Solicitor In Milton Keynes?

Quite simply, no you don’t. Thanks to our modern technology these days of emails, skype and mobile phones, you don’t need to have a face to face meetings with your accident claims solicitors for Milton Keynes claims if you do not choose to and therefore can use a solicitor from anywhere within the country. This is so much more beneficial as it gives you greater access to many more solicitors and so gives you the opportunity to work with the best solicitor suitable to your case and your needs rather than settle for a mediocre solicitor, who may have little experience of the personal injury claims industry just because they are close to where you live.

Are Medical Examinations Necessary?

Medical examinations are very important when making a personal injury claim as they are the crucial primary evidence that will report on the severity of your injury. These facts have a bearing on the amount of compensation you could receive. If you decide to make a full claim you will need to see a medical expert so that they can assess you and make a report of their findings. Having a medical examination is nothing to be worried about, it will document the type and severity of your injury and also helps to make sure that you receive the correct treatment required for recovery.

Where Could I Have A Medical For My Claim?

Accident Claims UK work with a panel of doctors who cover Milton Keynes and across the UK that will carry out medical assessments for our clients. These include:

  • Reheela Khand, Fairbourne Drive, Atterbury, Milton Keynes, MK10 9RG
  • Mohammed Ahmad, Central Milton Keynes Medical Centre, 68 Bradwell Common Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK13 8RN
  • Masroor Ahmad, Milton Keynes Business Centre, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6GD
  • Irfan Akhtar, Holiday Inn Express Milton Keynes, Eastlake Park, Tongwell Street, Milton Keynes MK15 0YA
  • Jessica Spaulding, Holiday Inn Milton Keynes, 500 Saxon Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HQ

Could accident claims solicitors covering Milton Keynes help me claim for a low value soft tissue injury?

If you are asking this question, it may be that you have read about the government’s whiplash reforms programme, which came into force at the end of May 2021. The changes to claims for low value road traffic accidents soft tissue injuries, including whiplash, could affect your claim. If your injury is classed at being worth between £1,000 and £5,000 pounds, then you would have to make your claim via a government portal. In addition to this it would be a requirement that you submit medical evidence to back up your claim, as there is a ban on settling claims without it. Furthermore, you would not be able to recoup legal costs from the at fault party. In addition to all this, the compensation you receive would depend on how long you suffered with the injury and would be measured against a government tariff. However, if you have suffered such an injury, you should not be put off claiming compensation. We could assess your case to see if one of our personal injury solicitors covering Milton Keynes could help you on a no win no fee basis. All of our solicitors are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and could fight for the maximum possible for your case. It may be that your claim does not need to go through the government portal because your injury is more severe than you initially thought. One way to find out is to get free legal advice which you can obtain from our team.

Would accident claims solicitors covering Milton Keynes be able to help me for a fatal accident or wrongful death claim?

If you are in the awful position to have lost a family member to a fatal accident that was caused by somebody else, you may be wondering if there’s anything at all you can do about getting compensation. In some cases, it may be possible to claim compensation as a dependant or loved one of somebody who has suffered a wrongful death or fatal accident. While the compensation you could receive as a result would never replace your lost loved one, it could help put you in a better financial position to move forward, especially if they contributed to the household income. The unexpected death of a loved one can not only cause grief and trauma, but it can also have a significant financial impact on the family. Compensation could include help towards funeral costs, and even a bereavement award for dependents left behind. We understand that these cases could be quite traumatic and we will handle your case with sensitivity and care.

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We hope you found our guide to accident claims solicitors for Milton Keynes claims interested. Hopefully, you’ve learned what to look for in personal injury solicitors covering Milton Keynes.