Plymouth Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Guide Covering The Plymouth Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated August 23rd 2021. We hope you find our guide to accident claims solicitors Plymouth and personal injury claims solicitors Plymouth helpful.

Accident claims solicitors Plymouth

Accident claims solicitors Plymouth

Have you been the victim of an accident in Plymouth which was not your fault in which you were harmed? If you have, you may wish to claim accident compensation from the party responsible. Using accident claims solicitors covering Plymouth could help you to get the settlement which you deserve. You could have been assaulted, affected by medical negligence, been injured in a car accident or hurt in a work accident. No matter the circumstances in which you were harmed, find out if you could make a claim with accident claims solicitors.

Whilst our offices or panel of accident claim solicitors are not based in Plymouth, this will in no way affect your case and we could help you make successful accident claims in Plymouth. This guide looks at what accident claims solicitors are, some of the circumstances in which people could be harmed and how a solicitor could help you. At the end of this guide we all look at some common questions and answers related to personal injury claims. We could also offer a free eligibility check after an initial enquiry, and could provide you with accident claims solicitors who offer a No Win No Fee basis service should you with to pursue a claim.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Plymouth?

Whether you are a resident of Plymouth, work here or were injured whilst visiting the town, you could have ground to make an accident claim if harmed in an accident caused by someone else. In order to make any type of personal injury claim and get the best possible settlement we think that you should work with a personal injury solicitor who can carry out your claim.

An accident claims solicitor (who may also be known as a personal injury solicitor) is one who helps people to claim compensation when they have been injured due to the negligent actions or inaction of another person. For them to be able to help you, they will need to establish a few simple areas. These are,

  1. That the person who caused you harm owed you a duty of care. This may be that they were a doctor treating you.
  2. That this person through negligence breached their duty of care.
  3. That you sustained some form of illness or injury as a result of this (negligent) action that could have been avoided.

We’d be happy to check your eligibility free of charge for a wide range of legal cases. For other information on making accident claims, read on.

Plymouth Reported Work Accident Statistics

One of the most common reasons for which people either look for accident claims advice or want to make a personal injury claim, is for accidents in the workplace. Accidents could happen in any workplace and could be caused in a variety of different ways. Each year in the UK over 71,000 people suffer some form of accident at work. You can see a table highlighting the common causes in 2019/20 of such accidents here.

Accident claims solicitors covering Plymouth statistics graph

Not all accidents which result in injuries while at work will lead to a compensation claims. The statistics that we have included do not differentiate against accidents that have been caused through negligence and accidents that are the fault of no one.

In order to highlight how many people have been injured in the workplace we have taken statistics from the RIDDOR to create the following table.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Plymouth 281 224 1

You can find information for other regions of the UK in this PDF guide from the Health and Safety Executive.

Work Accident Claims In Plymouth

Any workplace could be home to a variety of different hazards and risks for those who are using or working in the workplace. Employers have a duty of care to make sure that they put in place precautions to mitigate or eliminate those risks. Injuries to an employee could range in severity. For some, an accident at work may be a minor cut or laceration. For others, the injury may include a broken bone or a burn injury. In the most serious instances, employees could even sustain a fatal injury at work. If you have been injured due to a lack of care on the part of your employer (because they have not provided you with the right working environment or personal protective equipment), you could make an accident claim.

Remember, your employer has a duty of care in law to ensure that your safety and your health are ensured wherever possible whilst you are at work. If you have been harmed due to a breach in an employer’s duty of care please contact our specialist accident claims team who could help you.

Accident Claims For Slip, Trips And Falls

Slips, trips and falls are a very common type of accident which happen to people up and down the country on a daily basis. They could happen to people in the workplace or they could happen in common public places. The level of seriousness of the accident and the effects that this could have on you may differ substantially. They could range between relatively simple accidents with low levels of injuries up to fatal accidents. Slips, trips and falls could lead to injuries to the knees, legs, the back or the skull/ head to name but a few.

This type of claim may be more difficult to make than for a car accident or other type of accident. Collecting evidence in a slip or fall case could be difficult. It could also be harder to establish who is responsible for the (potentially) damaged flooring or paving which caused your accident. Slips and falls may be caused by a broken or damaged floor, or due to spillages and wet floors. A slip or fall claim may be made against a public body such as a council or a private occupier, such as a shop owner.

Medical Negligence

In the UK most medical care or healthcare which people receive will meet a very high standard. This is true whether the care is provided within the private sector or through the NHS. Healthcare staff are generally highly trained professionals and dedicated to patient care. However, doctors, nurses and other staff will often work under pressure and to tight deadlines. Due to this and possibly even due to budget constraints, mistakes which could have been avoided maybe made. Clinical negligence is a breach in the duty of care which should have been provided to a patient which has caused them to suffer unnecessarily.

Medical negligence could manifest in many different ways. It could include harm such as a birth injury (like palsy’s) or head injuries, brain damage, or even the misdiagnosis of an illness. The most severe cases of medical negligence may well lead to a patient suffering fatal effects.

If you have been affected by medical negligence in Plymouth or any other part of the UK, please contact our team today.

Accidents On The Road And In A Car

Have you been harmed due to an accident on the road? Are you searching for ‘car accident solicitors near me’? If you are searching for car accident solicitors covering Plymouth, our team could help you to seek the compensation that you may deserve or be entitled to. Whatever type of road accident you were involved in, either as a pedestrian, driver or passenger in a car, cyclist, motorbike rider, or any other road user, we could help you.

Car accidents in Plymouth could involve collisions on the road between different vehicles, or a collision with an animal or even an object. The effects may be damage to your vehicle, injury to yourself and in the most serious instances – death.

Whilst accidents on the road could happen in many different ways, common causes may be a distracted driver, someone who is speeding or driving recklessly, or even tiredness. To learn more about the car accident claims process and how to make a Plymouth road accident claim, talk to our team today.

Claims For Injuries Caused By Criminal Assaults

In the other circumstances, we look at in this guide injuries or illnesses will have been caused due to someone acting in a negligent way. This could be by making a mistake whilst providing medical care or whilst driving on the road. Cases where injury has been caused by a criminal act, such as by you being assaulted are different in that the harm caused is a deliberate act.

Criminal injuries could lead to either psychological harm, physical injuries, or it could lead to the victim suffering both. As a victim, you may be able to seek compensation for the physical injuries (such as a fracture) or for the later psychological trauma (such as suffering PTSD). Remember that whilst there is an accident claims time limit, this starts when you are aware of the harm caused. In the case of PTSD this may manifest after the assault itself.

Claims for criminal injuries may have compensation awarded through the CICA. You can see this criminal injury compensation page here.

Claims For Injuries Caused By Public Place Accidents

Having an accident in a public place or public space in England and Wales can be quite common. They could happen in the street, in a park, a shop, or in any other public space. They may sometimes be known as ‘public liability claims’. The term public liability is one which refers to circumstances in which a public party (such as a company, a public body, or some other organisation) is responsible for the accident taking place. They may have failed to maintain a building properly and allowed disrepair to happen and cause the accident. The party responsible for the accident may be,

  • Either the occupier or the owner of a place where the accident happened.
  • Someone who is liable for your safety and your injury.

There is a legal duty for the owner or operator of a public place to make sure that any space where the public may go is safe for them to do so.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Plymouth

For accident claims advice, talk to the experts at Accident Claims UK. We can provide initial advice about whether you have grounds to claim accident compensation. At this point, if you could make a personal injury claim, you could be wondering what the best way to fund your claim is. Our panel of accident claims solicitors are generally able to offer people what are called no win no fee agreements.

No win no fee solicitors will agree to take on a case and work on your claim without you needing to make any payments to them at the start of a claim. It will also mean that there are no fees due whilst the solicitor or personal injury lawyer is working on the claim. In fact, a no win no fee solicitor will only charge for their services if you win your case and are awarded a settlement. If not, there is nothing to be paid to them at all. Generally, the amount which you would pay no win no fee accident claims solicitors Plymouth (or elsewhere) is an agreed upon percentage of the settlement you received. This is set out in the no win no fee agreement.

How To File A Suit For Compensation

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident which was not your fault, such as a Plymouth road accident, our team could help you to make an accident claim in Plymouth. You can contact our specialist team today to find out more about how accident claims work, the process of making your personal injury claim and how much you could claim for (by using a personal injury claims calculator).

Contact us by using either the phone number at the top of this page or by clicking on the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page.

Common Questions And Answers

If you are considering whether or not to file a suit for your injuries you may still have a variety of different questions which you need answering. You may wish to know how long you have in which to make a claim (in general there is an accident claims time limit) or wonder how much you could be eligible to claim (see our personal injury claims calculator). See these questions and answers below.

How Could Your Team Help Me?

Our accident claims solicitors covering the Plymouth area have helped many people to claim compensation in a variety of different circumstances, such as those harmed in public place accidents and slips, trips and falls. They have a good record of winning such claims and could help you. They could help to ensure that you have a medical examination and that all relevant evidence is collected and properly presented, giving you the strongest case possible.

Do I Need A Local Accident Claims Solicitor?

People may often think that they need to use accident claims solicitors Plymouth if they either live in or were injured in the area. However, today there is often no specific advantage to using local solicitors for accident claims in Plymouth. Most claimants may not need to meet their solicitor in person and can correspond with them via post, email and phone.

What Are Medical Assessments?

An important part of any accident claims process (such as the car accident claims process) is to establish appropriate evidence of both the accident or incident happening and proving the harm sustained. To do this, your case needs to obtain proper medical evidence. In order to do so, you may be sent for a medical examination by an impartial physician who is part of our panel of doctors. They will provide a report which will be used in your case to show what injury you sustained and what the effect of this has been on you.

Where Will I Have A Medical Checkup?

Our panel of accident claims solicitors work with a subsequent panel of doctors from across the UK. Whether you need a medical examination after a car accident or because of criminal damage they could assess your injuries. We always recommend that you also see your own GP, dentist or visit a hospital for care as applicable. Doctors in the Plymouth area include,

Mihaela Coman
4th Floor Salt Quay House,
6 North East Quay Sutton

Mike Glassborow
Stoke Physiotherapy,
129 Devonport Road,

Laura Sanchez Pallares
Darklake Lane,

Could Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Plymouth Help With Allergy Claims?

If you suffer an allergic reaction, and it’s someone else’s fault, you could be eligible for allergy compensation. Personal injury solicitors covering Plymouth allergy claims could assist with claims against:

  • Restaurants – if a restaurant has not listed allergens on its menu, or their allergy information is incorrect, you could be eligible to claim for the resulting allergic reaction. You could also claim if you asked a server to prepare your meal without an allergen and they ignore your instruction or do not tell you they couldn’t do it.
  • A manufacturer – if you have pre-packaged food and the manufacturer has not provided allergy labelling on the package for the 14 major allergens, you could sustain an allergic reaction. You could hold the manufacturer liable in such cases.

If you believe you could have allergic reaction compensation claims that our accident claims solicitors covering Plymouth could assist with, why not get in touch. We’d be happy to help with your claim.

I have a data breach claim – could personal injury solicitors covering Plymouth help with this?

If you have a data breach claim, you might be aware that you could receive compensation for the financial effects of a data breach by an organisation such as an employer, healthcare provider or a retailer. However, accident claims solicitors covering Plymouth could also help you achieve a settlement for data breach distress, which could include anxiety, depression and other psychological injuries caused by a data protection breach.

Could Accident Claims Solicitors Help Plymouth Claimants claim on behalf of someone else?

When it comes to making accident claims on behalf of others our personal injury solicitors could help Plymouth claimants with such claims. Whether you’re intending on making a child accident claim for a child who was injured in an accident that was not their fault or a fatal accident claim for the loss of a loved one, we could assist. When making a claim for a child, whether they were injured at school, in a road traffic accident or a public place, we could help you register as a litigation friend, meaning you could make decisions on your child’s case on their behalf. Should you wish to make a fatal accident or wrongful death claim, we could help you achieve a payout to cover funeral expenses, and we could even help you claim a bereavement award which could help you and your family after your loved one’s passing.

Other Information

Our accident claims solicitors could help you to claim compensation for an accident which was not your fault in Plymouth. We have looked at some of the circumstances in which accident claims solicitors covering Plymouth could help you. Here we also provide other information and resources for victims of accidents.

Reporting an accident in the workplace – Information on how employers should document work accidents.

Safety advice for leisure centres – How public place accidents can be prevented by reducing risks to the public.

Report car accidents in Plymouth – This is the Devon and Cornwall Police resource for reporting car accidents in Plymouth.

Plymouth Combined Court – Find information on the Plymouth Combined Court Centre here.

We hope you’ve found our guide to accident claims solicitors Plymouth and personal injury claims solicitors Plymouth helpful.