Winchester Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Winchester Area

Accident claims solicitors Winchester

Accident claims solicitors Winchester

By Brett Williams. Last updated 31st August 2021. Accident Claims UK has a panel of accident claims solicitors who can give you all the assistance you will need to make an accident claim in Winchester for compensation for an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault. These solicitors may not be based in Winchester, but they can easily cover the Winchester area if you have suffered an accident while driving, while at work, in public, if you have suffered from criminal injury or medical negligence then you can make a no win no fee accident claim with the help of their expertise and years of legal experience. Read the guide below for more information on different types of accident claims you can make through us.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Winchester?

An accident claim solicitor is another word for personal injury lawyer, they will guide you through the accident claim process, giving you their expert accident claims advice, gathering evidence and making all necessary arrangements necessary to prepare for your case. They will represent your case, calculate how much compensation you should be owed and always keep you well informed of how your case is progressing. You should know that our panel of accident solicitors are not based in your area, but this is not a problem, we do have accident solicitors covering Winchester and as we will explain later on in this article they can manage your case via phone correspondence, so don’t worry about the location of your solicitor being an obstacle.

Winchester Workplace Accident Or Injury Claims

Our panel of accident solicitors can help you make a claim for workplace accident compensation. You are entitled to as safe a workplace as possible, your employer has certain obligations to make sure this is the case. There should be risk assessments to make sure everyone at the workplace is aware of potential dangers. Employers must ensure that staff are properly trained in the tasks of their jobs, to ensure there are no accidents as a result of a lack of training, and to ensure that they know what to do in the event of an emergency. Staff need to be provided with a well-lit, well-ventilated workplace with machinery and equipment that is not faulty. Safety equipment such as face masks, hi-viz clothing, gloves and hard hats must be provided. Security needs to be provided to keep staff safe from being assaulted, employers can also be held liable if their employees have suffered from work-related stress. Click here for more information from our guide to workplace injury compensation claims.

Winchester Workplace Injury Statistics

This table shows you the figures for workplace injuries in Winchester, the rate of injuries per 100’000 workers and the number of fatal injuries. Here is the source for this information; it contains figures for all the different localities in the UK so that you can see for yourself how Winchester compares to other parts of the UK in terms of workplace safety.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100’000 workers Fatal injuries
Winchester 127 241 1

Accidents On Winchester Roads

If you have been involved in some way in a Winchester road accident that has resulted in you suffering some form of injury and/or psychological harm that was the fault of another road user then you will likely be entitled to make an accident compensation claim. If you were driving or riding in a vehicle that was involved in a collision with another vehicle or an object, if you were struck by a car while walking or if you have suffered a bike accident then you should contact us to find out whether or not you have a viable claim. Click here to see our website’s guide to road traffic accident claims, our websites guide includes personal injury claims calculators to help you work out how much compensation you could receive for your type of injury, for example here is a personal injury claims calculator for whiplash injuries.

Falling And Tripping Accidents

Tripping and falling may seem at first glance to be a trivial issue to make an accident claim over, but the owner or operator responsible for a property or premises is obliged to keep said premises safe from tripping hazards, and tripping over can lead to very harmful injuries in certain cases. An accident claim could be made if you have been injured from falling over, for example, you slipped and hurt yourself on an icy pavement that had not been treated with salt when it would have been legally required to have been treated. In these circumstances, you could make a claim against the local authorities as they are obliged to ensure that major roadways and pedestrianized areas are gritted in snowy and icy weather to prevent these kinds of accidents.

You could make an accident claim against a private business if you slipped and hurt yourself on a floor that was wet from cleaning and hadn’t been marked out with a warning sign, or if you slipped and fell on a spilt drink that had not been cleared up. Another type of fall injury case that you could make against either the local authority or a private business depending on the location and circumstances would be if you tripped on a pavement that was in a state of disrepair, depending on where exactly the fall took place the pavement may be the responsibility of the local government or the business which owns the property. Click here to see our guide to making an accident claim with our tripping accident solicitors.

Criminal Injury Compensation

Another form of injury compensation that you can make a no win no fee personal injury claim through our panel of accident solicitors is for criminal injury compensation. You may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured and/or left with psychological trauma issues as a result of being the victim of a criminal act, this includes psychological harm as a result of witnessing a violent criminal assault. One example of criminal injury and assault that you could make a compensation claim for would be rape and sexual assault. Click here to read our criminal injury compensation guide for more information about this type of claim. Very often criminal injury compensation claims go through the Governments Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) and the money for your financial compensation comes from the government. A guilty conviction is not required for compensation to be awarded, the only proof that the criminal injury occurred.

Injury In A Public Place Compensation

As the earlier section on trip and fall injury claims notes, the owner or operator of a given property is obliged to ensure that their premises do not contain avoidable risks to the public of tripping and falling, this principle applies more broadly to ensuring that their premises do not provide a risk of preventable harm of all kinds. What this means is that businesses and public authorities must make sure that their staff are trained to ensure that they are able to do their jobs properly without risk of accidentally harming their customers, for example, hairdressers cannot allow customers to receive cuts and burns while getting their hair done. Food and drink served in restaurants or sold in shops must be safe for consumption, businesses can be held liable if customers receive burns or food poisoning from food sold to them that was not fit for consumption. Any furnishings, furniture or equipment meant for public use needs to be properly maintained and correctly labelled to reduce the risk of injury, for example, gym equipment must not be faulty or present risk of injury.  Click here to read our guide to injury in public place compensation claims.

Medical Negligence

You are entitled to healthcare of a high quality that will not endanger your health, whether you are using the NHS for treatment or a private insurance health provider. In a small minority of cases however patients could be harmed by medical negligence if health professionals fail to carry out their responsibilities properly. Examples of medical negligence could include; accidents and mistakes in surgical procedures resulting in organ damage or infection, misdiagnosis of illnesses such as cancer resulting in worsening symptoms from lack of treatment or inappropriate treatment, and neglect of vulnerable people in residential nursing homes resulting in malnutrition, bedsores and injuries in accidents.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Winchester

You can work with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel of accident solicitors. A no win no fee solicitor will take a percentage of the compensation you receive as their payment as opposed to accepting payment from you. The amount that they receive will be negotiated between the two of you prior to beginning your case, the maximum your no win no fee solicitor can receive is 25%. Your solicitor will not expect any payment from you if your case does not succeed. A no win no fee solicitor will be ideal for you as it reduces the financial risk of making a compensation claim.

Speak To Solicitors Covering Winchester

To speak to our advisers about making a personal injury claim with our accident solicitors covering Winchester then call us on 0800 073 8801, our 24/7 phone line or by filling out our websites contact form here and our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

How to choose accident claims solicitors or personal injury solicitors covering Winchester

When you decide that you want to begin a claim, picking the best solicitor to help is essential. As we have demonstrated, you are able to widen your search beyond law firms based locally. The ability to choose solicitors offering nationwide services means you have more choice and could result in you locating a more experienced solicitor or one who has recent experience in a case similar to yours.

Our team of solicitors is experienced in dealing with all sorts of claims. To improve the efficiency of the claims process, you won’t need to visit our offices as everything is managed online or on the phone. That means that your solicitor can start dealing with your claim right away if they decide to represent you.

If you choose one of our personal injury solicitors covering Winchester, they will try to manage everything for you. They’ll start by discussing your case in detail so that they are fully aware of how you’ve been affected. After that, they will arrange to collect evidence to support your claim. You will need to have your injuries assessed by an independent specialist so your solicitor will make an appointment for you locally.

Once everything is in place, the claim will be sent and your solicitor will take control of all communication. This is to prevent you from having to answer difficult medical or legal questions. If any objections come back from the defendant’s insurers or legal team, extra evidence will be provided where possible to try to counter them.

Something that’s really important is that you will be able to contact your solicitor throughout the claims process and ask any questions that crop up. Furthermore, you will be given updates about how your case is progressing regularly.

Even if liability is accepted for both the accident and your injuries, your solicitor won’t necessarily accept the first settlement offer. If they believe that the compensation doesn’t cover your suffering, they’ll go back and fight for more. If you’d like to know more about how our accident claims solicitors covering Winchester could help you, why not call our team today?

Answering Your Accident Claims Questions

Do I Have An Accident Claim?

When you speak to our team of advisors about your claim they will ask you about the circumstances of your accident and they will be able to flag up any issues that would prove an obstacle to making a valid accident compensation claim. One such issue would be the accident claims time limit, if more than three years have passed since the injury took place or its effects manifested and you were over 18 when the injury took place then the accident claims time limit may mean you could no longer make a claim for compensation.

You will be informed if our advisors believe that you will not be able to make a claim. If your claim is deemed valid then you will be passed on to one of our accident solicitors covering Winchester. They will gather evidence to support your case, assess how much compensation you will be entitled to from your injuries, represent your case and keep you informed of the development of your case.

Will I Be Asked To Visit A Solicitor’s Offices?

You will not be asked to visit our solicitor’s offices if you choose to make an accident claim through us. This is because our solicitors are not based in the Winchester area. Don’t be discouraged by this, the location of your solicitor is not especially important to the process of your accident claim. All communication and arrangements in your accident claim can be made by corresponding with your accident solicitor through phone calls, text, email or social media.

Will My Solicitor Ask Me To Visit A Doctor?

Your solicitor will arrange for you to see a doctor. This is necessary for assessing the true extent of your injuries so that your accident solicitor knows what kind of compensation amount to ask for and also to serve as proof to support your case, as without a doctor’s report on your injuries you would essentially be asking for injury compensation on the basis of your word alone that you were injured.

Will This Doctor Be In My Area?

The doctor we ask you to visit will be either in Winchester or in the area near Winchester, we work with a panel of doctors that work all over the country to provide clients with medical examinations that are easily accessible and as close to their homes as possible. We want to try to avoid making the accident claims process inconvenient as much as possible, we know that travelling far outside the Winchester area for a medical exam might be difficult for some of our clients, so here is the name and address of the doctors that we work within your area.

Mark-Linley Adams

Holiday Inn Winchester

Telegraph way


SO21 1HZ

Information For Victims Of Accidents In Winchester

Reporting An Accident At Work

Winchester Local Government

Reporting An Incident To Hampshire Police

Winchester Combined Court Centre 

Thank you for reading our guide on using our accident claims solicitors covering Winchester and our personal injury solicitors.

Article by JY Edited by Mel.