£300,000 Compensation Payout For A Sternum Fracture – Settlements Amounts

This case study shows how a 59-year-old-man had to seek a compensation payout for a sternum fracture following a motor vehicle collision, in which the other driver was to blame and uninsured, and tragically died.

Sternum fracture compensation

Sternum fracture compensation

We are using this sternum fracture claims case as it is a very good example of how claims can proceed even when the other party sadly dies and there is no insurance available to claim a compensation payout for a sternum fracture or other associated injuries. We offer a no win no fee service and can help with cases just like these, so get in touch today if you’re in a similar situation and wish to make a claim.

Following the car crash the police concluded that the other driver was to blame but when the injured party tried to claim for a compensation payout for a sternum fracture he had suffered it soon became apparent that the other driver was not insured. The claimant employed a personal injury solicitor who began a case against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and eventually secured a compensation payment of over £300,000 to cover pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

The motorist’s injuries led to a 4-night stay in hospital and resulted in a fractured sternum, a soft tissue injury of the wrist and fractured ribs which, as you will read later in this article, had a huge impact on the man’s day to day life as well as his employment – all of which had to be taken into account when the solicitor involved prepared evidence to back up the amount of compensation claimed.

Accident Claims UK are available to take on similar compensation claims for a sternum fracture, read on to find out how we can help.

Claims Involving The Motor Insurance Bureau

You may wonder how it’s possible to request a compensation payout for a sternum fracture when the other party isn’t actually insured but it is something that is possible thanks to the MIB scheme.

When people take out insurance a small amount from each premium goes to the MIB fund for cases just like this. When it is identified that the driver doesn’t have insurance then your personal injury solicitor can lodge a claim with the MIB to seek compensation for personal injuries such as a chest injury, sternum injury or broken ribs as was the situation in this claim.

People often complain that the cost of insurance is too high but the MIB is an effective solution when you’re seeking compensation against an uninsured driver. If this scheme wasn’t in place insurance policies would be a little cheaper but if you were involved in a serious road traffic accident, then there would be no way to claim compensation for your losses.

As we’ll see later in this case study, the impact on the victim was so severe that if he couldn’t have made a claim for a compensation payout for his sternum fracture then the results on his life would’ve been devastating.

What Impact Did The Sternum Fracture Have On The Claimant?

The claimant in this case was a self-employed electrical contractor so while he was in hospital and while in recovery he was unable to work. This meant that he had little choice but to claim for a compensation payout for a sternum fracture otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to pay his essential bills like rent and bills while recovering.

The sternum is also known as the breastbone and it is the bone down the center of the chest that the ribs connect to. A compensation payout for a sternum fracture would be easier to obtain if there is evidence, such as an x-ray, of the nature of the fracture. A personal injury solicitor will usually gather evidence from any GP or surgeon involved in the assessment or treatment of a claimant.

After recovering as much as he was going to he did attempt to return to work, part-time initially, but it was a very physical role and his injuries meant he struggled with pain all of the time and it was impossible for him to carry out any heavy lifting, an essential part of his job.

Establishing Liability For The Crash And Conducting The Claim

The liability for the crash was determined by the police investigation which found the other driver was to blame. It may seem a horrible thing to have to do, i.e make a claim for compensation for a sternum fracture against somebody who has died but it is often necessary, as was the case for the claimant involved in this accident, to cover financial losses that the accident has caused.

The Motor Insurers Bureau didn’t contest the liability when the claimant’s solicitor lodged a claim, but the amount of compensation required did have to be decided by a judge in this case.

It’s quite rare, in our experience, for a personal injury claim to ever get to court as mostly insurers want to get claims settled without their own legal costs spiralling but this case was more complex and required a judges decision on the actual amount of compensation that should be awarded.

What Sternum Fracture Payout Was Offered To The Claimant?

The judge decided that there were two parts to the compensation claim for a sternum fracture to take into account. The first part was for pain and suffering which resulted in £19000, then the second part of the claim was for over £280,000 which took into account the loss of earnings and future loss of earnings because the claimant was unable to work as an electrical contractor following the accident.

Following the judge’s decision, the MIB fulfilled the compensation payout for a sternum fracture that had been sought and the client’s claim was settled in full.

We have a specialist team of no win no fee solicitors on hand who’ve got a vast knowledge of gaining insurance settlements for fractured sternum injuries and are available today to commence a claim for you.

No Win No Fee Claims For A Fractured Sternum

You may be wondering if it’s worth trying to claim a compensation payout for a sternum fracture when you consider how much a decent legal team can cost. Some solicitors charge an hourly rate, which can run into thousands of pounds, even if they don’t actually win the case and get you any compensation.

At Accident Claims UK, we believe it is only fair that you should only pay us if we win your case which is why, if we take on your compensation payout for a sternum fracture claim, we’ll do so on a no win no fee basis.

When we take your case on we won’t charge up-front fees, hourly fees or charge anything if we don’t win compensation. We offer a free consultation where you can tell us why you want to claim compensation for a sternum fracture and if we agree you should claim then we’ll offer to proceed with your case.

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