£7,500 Compensation for Laser Hair Removal Burn on Genital Area

If you are thinking of making a compensation claim for laser hair removal burn on genital area, it is a good idea to seek advice and guidance from a reputable personal injury solicitor. Letting them represent you and your case is best to ensure the best chance of having a successful claim as the case study below clearly shows.

A compensation amount of £7,500 was awarded to a claimant that had suffered a laser treatment injury. She was undergoing a laser pubic hair removal treatment when she sustained a burn and small blisters after laser hair removal appeared in the genital area.

Laser hair removal burn

Laser hair removal burn

The laser hair removal process was to be completed over a number of treatments, however, during one of the treatment sessions, the claimant experienced more heat in the genital area after the therapist had turned the settings to a higher setting. She alerted the therapist who then turned them back down and continued with the treatment.

Unfortunately for the claimant, she still felt very uncomfortable in the genital area through the evening following the laser hair removal and noticed that she had started to develop blister from laser treatment where she had been burnt.

The claimant decided to contact a personal injury solicitor to discuss her eligibility for making a laser hair removal burn compensation claim. She found that the salon where she had received the treatment had indeed been negligent in their duty of care to her and so launched a laser hair removal negligence claim. The salon admitted liability and the claimant was awarded 7,500 for her suffering.

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Types of laser hair removal burns on genital area

Laser hair removal is achieved by using intense pulsed light (IPL) in the form of a powerful laser to get rid of unwanted body hair. This intense light is used to heat and destroy the hair follicle in the skin, disrupting hair growth in that area. The most common areas treated are the arms, legs, face, under the arms and in the genital area.

The treatments are usually spread over four to six sessions with each one occurring every four to six weeks or so.

The results aren’t permanent and the client should take care in choosing a reputable salon that has the relevant training in laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal genital area is becoming a more popular cosmetic procedure and like the other types of laser hair removal procedures it does come with a risk of side effects such as:

  • Redness and irritation – The treated area may appear red with a slight rash for up to 24 hours after the treatment. A cool ice pack on the area may help relieve the irritation. Also sun exposure should be kept to a minimum around a week or so after.
  • Crusting of the skin – The skin may become crusted in the affected area which although minor, may be inconvenient. This can occasionally lead to scabbing but if moisturised regularly this should be prevented.
  • Skin colour – Sometimes the laser treatment can cause the skin to lighten or darken in the treated area. Eventually the skin should return to normal but can take several months.
  • Infection – As with any cosmetic procedure that involves the skin, there is always a slight risk of an infection of the skin occurring. After the procedure, the affected area should be treated with care as you would a wound to lessen the likelihood of an infection occurring.
  • Swelling – The body may react to the laser treatment on the skin by swelling for a few days in the treated area.

Unfortunately though, although thankfully rare, more serious injuries can occur during or following a laser hair removal treatment particularly if the treatment isn’t conducted properly.

  • Due to the use of powerful lasers, there is a risk of eye injury, particularly when carrying out laser hair removal on the face. Protective eye equipment should be worn by both the therapist and the client during all types of treatment.
  • Burns and blisters – Laser hair removal blister and burns may occur if the treatment is not carried out correctly or by a fully trained therapist due to the use of high heat lasers. Most therapists will use a cooling spray before beginning the treatment to help prevent these injuries from occurring.
  • Scars – Although not normally a typical side effect of hair removal, if the therapist makes an error when carrying out the treatment, then the client may end up scarred. After care treatment advice should be given as well to prevent any scarring occurring following the procedure.

If you have sustained any Brazilian laser hair removal side effects or laser hair removal burn and blister, and it was because of the negligence of your therapist who performed the cosmetic procedure, then you may be eligible to make a laser hair removal burn compensation claim. Contact our no win no fee solicitors for help and advice on how to start your claim.

Laser hair removal burn on genital area suffered by the claimant

In the personal injury claim case study mentioned earlier in the guide, the claimant had suffered a laser hair removal burn on genital area. This occurred on her sixth treatment having undergone five treatments already without any problems. During the session she experienced an uncomfortable increase in the temperature of the lasers after the therapist had changed the settings. After alerting the therapist, the therapist turned the settings back down and continued, she found the remainder of the treatment time fairly uncomfortable but bearable. It wasn’t until later on that day / evening that the client realise the full extent of what had happened during her treatment when she noticed that she had been burnt and had developed blisters in the genital region. Apart from the physical pain and suffering the claimant experienced, she also felt very self-conscious of her injury which in turn made her feel in a very low mood.

Unfortunately the Brazilian laser hair removal blisters left the claimant with scarring and pigmentation of the skin which is likely to be permanent.

Approaching a reputable personal injury claims firm was the right decision for this lady as they helped her to get some justice for her injury and the pain and suffering she had experienced, and got her the compensation award amount she deserved.

Accident Claims UK is a team of no win no fee personal injury claim solicitors that specialise in cosmetic procedure injuries and will work hard and strive to get you the maximum compensation payout amount that they possibly can for you.

The laser hair removal burn on genital area allegation and settlement

As with all personal injury claims, liability needs to be proven in order to make a successful claim for compensation.

In the case study above, the personal injury solicitor looked into the duty of care to client requirements that all salons should present and uphold, to see if the salon in question had been in breach of their duty of care to the claimant resulting in burn and blister from laser treatment.

In order for the salon to have negligent, they may have done any of the following:

  • Not given the correct and relevant training and supervision to the therapist.
  • Failed to do a health and safety assessment of the laser hair removal procedure and not taken care of their clients safety.
  • Incorrectly carried out the procedure and didn’t stop when the client complained.
  • Put the temperature of the lasers too high and then failed to check before commencing.
  • Not carried out regular maintenance checks on the equipment used for the procedure.

The solicitor contacted the salon and discussed the relevant issues and the salon admitted liability. The case was settled out of court. In fact, most personal injury claims cases are actually settled out of court.

The final payout amount that was awarded in this case would have taken into account both general and special damages.

  • General damages – These take into account the physical aspects of the injury, such as the pain and suffering it has caused and the mental anguish. The severity of the injury and any long term affects will be taken into consideration.
  • Special damages – These cover the financial aspect of the injury. So these include any extra expenses such as medical and prescription fees, counselling costs, travel costs etc that have been as a direct result of the injury sustained. Also any loss of earnings or salary benefits will also be included.

A good personal injury claim solicitor will know what can and should be included in your compensation claim and they will make sure that everything is included to get you the best payout amount that they can.

No Win No Fee laser hair removal genital area burn compensation claims

Accident Claims UK offer a no win no fee service. This basically means that if we are unsuccessful in winning your compensation claim, you are not expected to pay our legal fees. We only require payment if we are successful and we take this as a set percentage of the award amount. We feel that by offering a no win no fee service, everybody, regardless of their financial situation, can start a compensation claim if they have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence. With no win no fee there is no financial gamble whatsoever.

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When we have gathered all the relevant information, with your permission to go forward, we shall begin to work on gathering as much evidence as we can to support your claim and begin to build you a strong case. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to make your claim a success while you can focus on recovering.

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