£75,000 Compensation Payout For A Fractured Femur At Work – Accident At Work Settlement Amounts

In this case study, we look at a claim involving a young woman, who was successfully able to claim for broken femur compensation, after she suffered a fractured femur at work. Her solicitor was required to follow certain claim protocols, including submitting medical evidence to support the claim, that make the case an interesting claim to take a look at, and one that resulted in a five-figure compensation settlement being awarded. The case is of specific interest, due to the complications that the solicitor had to overcome while they were processing the claim. These are explained in the sections below.

How Many Workers Are Injured Because Of Trips And Falls?

Fractured femur statistics

Fractured femur statistics

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common of all reasons a person in the UK makes a personal injury claim. This includes workplace accidents, as was the case in the claim that is being discussed. The graph above, shows just how prolific this type of accident is in the workplace. A slip, trip or fall can happen anywhere, either inside a building, or outside in a parking area or yard, and even on a public street. In this case, the claimant was working behind a shop counter.

In the UK each year, there are over 110,000 slip, trip and fall accidents reported in the workplace. Furthermore, some 80% of all of these slip, trip and fall accidents at work, resulted in the employee taking more than 7 days away from work because of their injuries. These statistics are taken from UK Government sources, and show just how much of a problem slip, trip and fall accidents are for employers in the UK. Despite following Health & Safety guidelines, employees are still often injured in this kind of accident.

Fractured Femur Injuries

Fractured femur compensation

Fractured femur compensation

This case is interesting for several reasons, one of them being the severity of the injury that the tripping accident resulted in; a fractured femur. Most usually, it is only the elderly that suffer such traumatic bone injuries due to slips, trips or falls. Where broken femur injury compensation claims would not be out of place in a person over 60, who has tripped over. It is quite uncommon for a person of working age to suffer such a bad injury from a simple trip.

Recovering from a broken femur can take many months, with much of this period spent being immobile. Furthermore, if surgery is used to position the bones before they can heal properly, the risk of complication is quite high. The NHS has published some excellent information on leg injuries here:

NHS info on leg injuries

In this specific claim, it was the complications which caused the major problems. A broken femur is at risk of infection if surgery is required, and also compartment syndrome. However, in this case, the complications were much more serious, as explained below.

Details Of The Case And The Payout Received

Taking a deeper look at the claim that this case study is based on, we find the following. The shop assistant was working in Morrisons, behind the deli counter. During her normal work tasks, her feet became snagged in a loose wire that was running across the floor behind the counter. This caused her to trip. This was the accident that her personal injury solicitor claimed fractured femur workers compensation for.

The claimant was taken to hospital after the accident, in severe pain. Upon examination, it was found that she had broken her femur. Unfortunately, the bone needed to be pinned in place using surgical pins, so that it could begin knitting back together. This meant that a surgical procedure was needed to insert the pins. It also meant that once the cast was put on, she would need to stay off her feet for up to three months, while the bone set.

However, things went wrong with her recovery. The bone did not set properly, and before it was fully healed, she had to undergo further surgery. The complications were very serious, so serious that she had to undergo a total hip replacement. So, what started as a broken femur, evolved into a broken femur with complications, that resulted in her hip being damaged so severely, it had to be replaced with a prosthetic.

Of course, the recuperation period was painful, as was the surgery, and the final resolution of a hip replacement. Furthermore, during the entire period, from the accident happening, until her hip replacement has been done and she had recovered from it, she was totally incapacitated. Not only unable to work, but also missing out on much of her life, with a significantly lowered life quality.

Her solicitor submitted medical evidence to support her claim. The defendant, Morrisons, came back with an out of court settlement offer. Here we find the final surprise in this case study. The claimant turned down the out of court settlement, stating that she did not believe it was a high enough amount to compensate her for her pain and suffering, and also the loss of life quality.

The solicitor processing her claim, then went into negotiation with the defendant, and eventually, a suitable figure was agreed, that was in the five-figure range.

This has been an interesting case to examine for several reasons. Firstly, due to the fact that the injury was so severe, considering the actual accident that caused it. Secondly, that what should have been a simple and straightforward course of treatment and subsequent recovery, went so dramatically wrong. And thirdly, that the initial out of court settlement that the defendant proposed, was turned down by the claimant.

This case is a good example of how what would usually be a pretty straightforward claim, can soon snowball into some much more complex, due to a change in the circumstances of the claim.

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