Hand Injury Compensation Claim Calculator

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 1st October 2021. Welcome to our hand injury claims calculator guide where we will discuss hand injury claims in length. Throughout the duration of this guide, we going to provide free legal advice and address critical questions, such as “should I use a hand injury compensation calculator?”

Hand injuries are common occurrences that often result in time off work and disruption your day-to-day life. Mild hand injuries make life difficult. Severe injuries can prevent you from working. A hand injury compensation calculator makes filing a case easier.

Could you make hand injury claims?

hand injury claims calculator

hand injury claims

You may think you cannot make a hand injury compensation claim, but in truth, many incidents occur through negligence or carelessness of work colleagues or other people. The accident may have happened whilst you were shopping, causing an injury to your hand. If so, the council or shop owner may be held responsible. A hand injury can negatively impact your day-to-day life, and there is no reason you should have to cope with any extra financial burdens due to being injured through no fault of your own.

If you have suffered an injury to your hand, we can offer you the right sort of advice on whether you would be entitled to claim compensation no matter where the incident occurred, whether at work, whilst shopping or in a car. Our hand injury compensation guide makes the process a much easier experience all-round.

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A guide to hand injury compensation claims

A hand injury leads to more people seeking medical attention in Accident and Emergency than you may first imagine. Statistics show that this type of injury accounts for about 10% of the total number of visits to A&E.

If you suffer a hand injury caused by someone else which negatively impacts your ability to grasp and hold onto objects properly or your hand is injured in such a way that the damage prevents you from using it normally, you could be entitled to claim compensation whether the hand injury is deemed temporary or more permanent.

Certain criteria are typically factored into a hand injury compensation claim. This includes any pain and suffering you have to deal with and loss of hand function with cosmetic factors also being taken into account. However, where the accident occurred is not something a court would need to know. They just need to know other crucial information to determine a value that a hand injury claims calculator could estimate. A court would only need to know the following ahead of any hand injury claims:

  • The severity of your hand injury
  • How the damage has negatively impacted your life
  • How much out of pocket expenses you incurred as a direct result of your injury which you sustained through no fault of your own

What is a hand injury?

There are several types of hand injuries covered under personal injuries for which you can claim compensation. These are detailed below:

  • Hand strains, tears and sprains – this type of injury might seem minor. However, they can negatively impact the tendons, muscles and ligaments found in your hand making it harder to grab and hold onto objects. They can disrupt the way you do everyday things you normally take in your stride. It could even mean you cannot carry out the work you normally do and could cause you to end your job permanently.
  • Crushed and/or fractured bones in your hand – your hand has many small bones contained in it, and it is all too easy to damage any of them. A hand injury of this type can be exhausting and painful, making it impossible to do the simplest of tasks at work or around the home. You may have to employ someone 24/7 to assist you until your hand heals. It could even mean you have to take time off work, or it leads to permanently quitting your job.
  • Injured nerve fibres in your hand – there are many nerve endings in your fingertips, allowing you to have an acute sense of touch. When any of these nerves are damaged, it can negatively impact your sense of touch, making it that much harder to carry out a simple task using your hands. Having a reduced sense of touch can also lead to serious burns because you would not feel when something is hot or very cold.

We know that a hand injury can negatively impact the quality of your everyday life and could leave you seriously out of pocket due to loss of earnings and extra medical expenses incurred. We can provide you with the right legal advice using our wrist injury compensation calculator to ensure you get the right amount of money for your injury. Speak to us to find out more about using our hand injury compensation calculator.

What hand injuries can I make a compensation claim for?

There are many hand injuries, which means the damage could be slight or a lot more severe. Slight injuries typically resolved themselves relatively quickly, whereas something more serious would need longer to heal and may even need to be surgically treated to resolve the problem. A hand injury can involve more cosmetic damage or damaged blood vessels, but the more common types of hand injury are either fractures or damaged tendons. The hand injuries you can file a compensation claim for are as follows:

  • Broken hand compensation
  • Loss of use of your hand compensation
  • Wrist injury compensation
  • Hand/finger amputation compensation
  • Hand crush injury compensation

No matter what damage has been caused to your hand, we can provide the right sort of advice even if an injury to your wrist is slight by using our wrist injury compensation calculator.

What should you do if you have suffered a hand injury?

Should you have been involved in an accident that resulted in a hand injury, you must take certain steps and follow a specific procedure to ensure you have a good case for making a compensation claim. And it pays to use a hand injury claims calculator to know what you could potentially receive. The steps you should take to make hand injury claims are as follows:

  • Seek medical attention straight away – any sort of hand injury should be examined by a doctor who would recommend an appropriate treatment and carry this out as soon as possible. You would have a medical report of your injuries which strengthens your claim and could be factored into the amount of compensation you are awarded. We can assist you when it comes to arranging the medical attention you need
  • Get witness contact information – it is imperative to get contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident because witness statements may be required when making a claim
  • Record how the incident happened – it is essential to write down how the accident happened which includes writing down as many details of the incident as possible and this needs to be done straight away before any details are forgotten
  • Record and keep all expenses incurred – it is essential to keep all receipts of expenses incurred due to the accident. The reason being that you may be entitled to claim them back as “special damages”. Our hand injury compensation calculator explains what special damages figures may come to.

Hand injury statistics

Studies show that hand injuries are more common than you may think. Incidents occur in the workplace, in car accidents, or out shopping and slip and fall. Around 40% of workplace injuries involve some form of hand injury resulting in a person not being able to work. Lost working days in a single year can add up due to work-related hand injuries.

hand injury statistics

Personal injury statistics causing time off work

Let’s take a look at some more workplace accident statistics by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in length:

  • 65,427 Non-fatal injuries to employees.
  • 111 Fatal injuries to workers in 2019/20.
  • 0.5 million Work-related musculoskeletal disorder cases.
  • 1.6 million Work-related ill health cases (new or long-standing).
  • 828,000 Workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety

The most common causes of a hand injury

There are several common types of hand injuries although it would be fair to say that no two are the same with the most common causes being as follows:

  • Hand caught in a car door.
  • Hand trapped in machinery.
  • An object dropped on a hand.
  • A slip and fall.
  • Hand through a window.
  • Car accident whilst driving or as passenger.
  • Road traffic accident as a pedestrian.
  • Hand injured in military exercise.
  • Hand injured in combat

Just because a hand injury is not listed above, does not mean you would not be entitled to file any hand injury claims. We are here to offer you advice regarding making your case and assess whether the accident was caused through negligence or carelessness by another party. The choice is yours as to whether you act on our advice because we are here to provide the help needed when you need it most without obligation. Our hand injury compensation calculator makes it that much easier to understand the amount you could be awarded for your hand injury.

Claim for a hand injury at work

We can help you file a claim should you have suffered an accident at work that resulted in a hand injury through no fault of your own. Employers have a duty of care to ensure you are safe in a work environment. Failure to have the correct health and safety procedures in place could result in your employer being liable to pay compensation to you. Employers, by law, must carry out risk assessments but accidents do happen which means you could file a compensation claim and we would be happy to walk you through the correct process right from the word go. This includes making good use of a hand injury claims calculator.

Claim for a hand injury caused by a slip, trip, or fall

If you have slipped and fallen which resulted in a hand injury whether at work or public place, you could be entitled to file for compensation due to negligence on the part of the council or business owner. The Council and business and property owners have a duty of care to ensure their premises are kept in good condition and safe to walk on. Should they have been negligent which causes you to slip and fall, they could be held responsible and we would be in the best position to offer you advice on whether you have a case.

Claim for a hand injury suffered in a public place

Should you have suffered a hand injury as a result of an accident in a public place, very often the local council can be held responsible through their negligence to maintain an area safe for the public to use. It could be that you suffered a soft tissue injury to your hand through a fall or other accident and we would be happy to assess your hand injury claims and advise you as to whether you have a case to file for compensation. You can use our hand injury compensation calculator to see what you might receive via a successful case.

Claim for a hand injury caused by a road traffic accident

Should you have been involved in a road traffic accident whether as a driver, passenger, cyclist, pedestrian or bystander and it resulted in you sustaining a hand injury, you could be entitled to file a compensation claim for your injuries. We can offer the right kind of advice after assessing the incident and advising you as to whether you have a strong case to file a compensation claim.

Establishing liability for your hand injury

To achieve a successful broken hand compensation claim, you must provide solid evidence that a third party caused your injury due to their carelessness, negligence or a mistake.

Should your hand injury have been sustained at work, you would need to show that the incident occurred due to the following reasons:

  • Using faulty machinery/equipment
  • You were not given the correct training/instructions
  • The correct protective wear was not provided
  • Negligence on behalf of your employer, workmates, colleagues or other persons

Should you have sustained a hand injury in a road traffic accident on a motorcycle or bike, driving a car or as a passenger or whether as a pedestrian, you would need to offer solid proof that the incident occurred because of another party.

Should you have slipped and fallen because of a wet, cluttered or damaged pavement/surface which caused you to fall over and damage your hand, the person responsible/liable might depend on how the incident occurred.

Should you have had an accident indoors, the property owner could be held responsible for your injuries and would therefore be liable to pay you compensation.

Should the incident have happened in a public place, the area’s local authority would be liable for the accident.

If you slipped and fell in the workplace, your employer could be liable to pay all compensation for the hand injury you sustained. Use a hand injury claims calculator to see what is a feasible compensation estimate to claim for.

Evidence to support a hand injury compensation claim

Before using a hand injury claims calculator, you should concentrate on gathering evidence to support your case. This is vital in winning your claim and should show that your injuries were caused in an accident that happened due to somebody else’s negligence. Therefore, at the time of your accident, you should:

  • Capture the accident scene in a photograph or video. If possible, always attempt to photograph the root cause before it is repaired or removed from the scene.
  • Ask anybody who witnessed the accident for their details. They may be contacted at a later date by your solicitor to provide a witness statement.
  • Always seek medical treatment for your injuries. Rather than relying on first aid, we’d suggest you seek professional care at A&E or from your GP. By doing so, you could request a copy of medical records to show the initial extent of your injuries.
  • Report the accident where possible. By doing so, you could request a copy of the accident log to help confirm that the accident took place.

When making a personal injury compensation claim, the more evidence you have available, the better. It will make things a lot easier if you act quickly to record as many details as possible after you’ve been injured. After that, you could call our team to discuss your options or use our hand injuries compensation calculator table below to review what your claim might be worth.

Calculating hand injury compensation claim amounts

Hand injury compensation amounts vary from case to case. As such, there isn’t one specific amount that you might be able to claim. Courts award compensation in relation to the severity and nature of a hand injury and factor in any financial losses incurred as a direct result. However, we can provide you with an average amount that you may receive when making any hand injury claims. And this estimate comes courtesy of our hand injury compensation calculator.

Typical payouts for a personal injury to the hand – Updated October 2021

Typical payouts for personal injury are detailed below bearing in mind there are certain things you would need to underpin your hand injury compensation claim which includes the following:

  • A medical report from a medical expert detailing your injury, the treatment needed, and whether your hand’s damage is expected to take a long time to heal or even permanent. This could also include the impact of any medical negligence towards your injury. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with a medical expert in your area which is a service we offer you free of charge.
  • When filing your claim, a court would not need to know the circumstances of how your injury occurred. In short, the compensation you would be awarded remains the same no matter where the accident occurred. The only criteria that a court considers when awarding a hand injury compensation claim are the severity and type of the injury incurred together with your medical expenses and your loss of earnings.

The following items would be taken into account when calculating hand injury compensation:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatment expenses and costs
  • Cost of rehabilitation which includes physiotherapy
  • Related expenses like travelling costs to receive treatment
  • Loss of earnings and employment perks which covers bonuses or promotions
  • Anxiety caused by your accident which would have an impact on the compensation awarded

Typical payouts for a personal injury can vary depending on the severity of the injury, the type of accident and how it impacts your everyday life and all the out of pocket expenses you incur as a direct result of having been injured. However, typical payouts for personal injury to a hand are shown below:

Injury TypeSeverityAmount
Hand InjuriesTotal or Effective Loss of Both Hands£132,040 to £189,110
Hand InjuriesSerious Damage to Both Hands£52,310 to £79,360
Hand Injuries Total or Effective Loss of One Hand£90,250 to £102,890
Hand InjuriesSerious Hand Injuries£27,220 to £58,100
Hand InjuriesLess Serious Hand Injury£13,570 to £27,220
Hand InjuriesModerate Hand Injury£5,260 to £12,460

For a more accurate estimate in your case, please get in touch.

Can you make a claim yourself? Or why you should use a solicitor

Within this section of our hand injury claims calculator guide, we’re going to address how to make hand injury claims. You could file a hand injury claim yourself believing it to be a straightforward process. However, because of all the legal jargon and pitfalls associated with this type of claim, not knowing the correct procedure can quickly turn into a nightmare. Personal injury claims are intricate and you could lose a case because of a legal technicality you were not aware of. Seeking our expert legal advice in the first instance ensures this does not happen, bearing in mind that you would have nothing to pay upfront for the expert advice we provide.

Our team of personal injury solicitors have years of experience in making claims for clients ensuring they get the level of compensation they deserve having sustained a hand injury through no fault of their own. We offer free consultations at which time one of our solicitors would listen to how the accident occurred. We will assess your claim and if we find your case is strong, we would suggest helping you through the process of filing your claim without the need for you to pay anything upfront or other payments throughout the entire claims process. You would only have to pay once your case has been won and you have been awarded compensation for the hand injury you sustained. Our No Win, No Fee or Conditional Fee Agreement as it is sometimes referred to, ensures you aren’t put under any financial stress when making a compensation claim for a hand injury.

With so much to gain by using our services and profiting from our free legal advice, you would be able to rest assured that any compensation claim we assess for you would be dealt with promptly and efficiently making the whole process that much easier than if you attempted to file the claim yourself. We work hard to make sure hand injury settlements are achieved with the minimum amount of fuss. And you can use our hand injury compensation calculator to discover what you may be entitled to. Begin the process of starting your claim by contacting us today.

No win no fee compensation claims for hand injuries

If you have suffered a hand injury as a result of someone else’s fault, you are entitled to file an accident claim for compensation. Although the process might first appear to be simple, the cost of seeking legal advice is often too expensive for many people which puts them off seeking the compensation they rightly deserve.

A No Win, No Fee structure was introduced as a way of solving this problem. The structure allows everyone who has suffered an injury the chance to seek the level of compensation they could be entitled to receive. Many solicitors are willing to take up a case on a No Win, No Fee basis. In short, solicitors take on the risk involved of filing your case and in return, you only pay when your claim is successful. If unsuccessful, you would not pay the solicitor anything.

Costs are recovered by a solicitor directly from the amount of compensation you receive. These costs are typically agreed in advance and are a percentage of the money awarded. A document is drawn up at the outset detailing the percentages which is called a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA. The agreement is a legally binding document between you and your solicitor of choice.

Many people ask the question “how can I find a no win no fee solicitor near me”. The answer is that we can make this easier for you to do with the minimum amount of fuss. It is also worth noting that the majority of personal injury and hand injury claims which includes hand injury settlements have time limits that currently stands at 3 years. However, in some instances, it can be less.

Why make hand injury claims with Accident Claims UK

We make it easier for you to be awarded the right level of compensation with our no win no fee hand injury at work claim structure. And this is especially true if you use our hand injury claims calculator/hand injury compensation calculator.

We operate 24-hour claim service and are open for business 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plus we are nationally recognised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as well as The Law Society.

We offer an unrivalled level of service when it comes to whiplash injury claims with Trust and Transparency being of paramount importance to us from the start of your whiplash claim right through to when you receive the level of compensation you deserve having suffered a whiplash injury through no fault of your own.

Thanks to our modern approach, our UK-based hand injury claims team provides top class advice to all our customers making us the “go to” law firm and when it comes to using our whiplash compensation calculator, the process of filing a hand injury compensation claim is made that much easier all round.

Talk to us today about hand injury claims

We recommend you call us directly free of charge for the quickest response to your inquiry about a whiplash injury claim. You can also email us if more convenient.

Call us on 0800 073 8801, our hand injury claims advice line is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Email us at office@accidentclaims.co.uk – we always endeavour to answer all emails we receive within 3 hours, Mon-Fri.

If you prefer to write to us regarding how to use a hand injury compensation calculator, please use the details below. Please use the address provided on any paperwork that you receive for all communication with one of our hand injury claims handlers.

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Hand Injury Claims FAQs

How do you know if a hand injury is serious?

If you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault,  then you could endure a plethora of damages. For instance, your hand injury would be considered severe if you experience:

  • Bleeding.
  • Numbness
  • Loss of motion & strength
  • Pain
  • Infection.
  • Swelling.

What are common hand injuries?

  • Sprains. Sprains are damage to ligaments.
  • Injuries to the Bone.
  • Hand Fractures.
  • Wrist Fractures
  • Thumb Sprains.
  • Wrist Sprains.

How do you treat a hand injury?

Naturally, you may question if there are ways to treat a hand injury. To treat a hand injury, you should:

  • Use ice
  • Compress the injury.
  • Keep the injury elevated.
  • Rest.

What if the hand injury is serious?

If your injury is serious and requires medical attention, you should visit your local A&E department.

Can I get disability for a hand injury?

Yes, you could qualify for disability benefits if the hand injury is significant.

Is having one hand a disability?

The loss itself is not considered a disability as the victim is able to adapt to their condition to continue living their life.

What qualifies as a permanent disability?

This is anything which, either physically or psychologically, greatly impacts the victim’s ability to live their life.

Is losing a finger a disability?

An amputation is considered a disability due to it occurring following an accident or a trauma.

How common are road traffic accidents leading to hand injury claims?

While we cannot give you definitive figures on the number of hand injury claims resulting from road traffic accidents, we can give you some figures relating to the number of injuries on UK roads in 2020.

The Department of Transport has released provisional figures for road traffic accident casualties, as you can see below.

hand injury claims statistics graph

You could claim compensation for hand injuries from a car accident, or if you were injured as a cyclist, pedestrian or other user. You would need to be able to prove that the accident was caused by someone else. However, if you are partially responsible for the accident and blame could be apportioned to someone else too, you could still claim. However, in these cases, you could receive a reduced amount of compensation to reflect your portion of the blame. Having a solicitor who is experienced on handling such claims could significantly impact your claim, so we would advise you to choose with care.

Could a hand injury affect my writing?

Depending on the hand injury you’ve received and whether it was on your writing hand, it could impact your ability to hold a pen and to write. In some cases, this might be transient, and when your recovery progresses this may improve. However, in some cases, with more serious injuries, you may have to learn to write with your non-dominant hand. In some cases, where both hands are injured, you may have to go some time without the ability to write at all.

Thank you for reading our hand injury claims calculator guide on hand injury claims. We hope you have learned a lot about how to use a hand injury compensation calculator.