Health Spa Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation If Injured At A Health Spa

Health spa accident claims guide

Health spa injury claims guide

By Brett Williams. Last updated 5th August 2021. According to Statista, the UK health and wellness market has significantly increased in recent years, from 20.5 billion Euros in 2015 to nearly 23 billion in 2018. It would appear from these statistics that more people are looking to relax and experience a bit of luxury in UK health spa havens. But what if the experience you have leaves you with an illness or injury? If you have been injured at a beauty spa and it was not your fault, the spa or salon could be held responsible if they have been negligent or acted irresponsibly. But how would you know if you’d be eligible to make health spa accident claims?

This guide has been created to help you if you have been injured at a health spa and talks you through what could happen if the health spa had caused your injury, or even an illness. From a beauty spa accident that leads to chemical burns, or an allergic reaction to a treatment at a health spa, we’ll talk you through a number of different situations that might lead to a claim, along with talking in general terms about making personal injury claims, how you could prove that a health spa was liable and the amount of compensation you could be looking to receive. If anything isn’t clear or you have questions about the content of this guide, or you would like to begin a claim, you could ring our Accident Claims UK helpline on 0800 073 8801. We would advise you to read on, however, so that you could learn more about this kind of claim.

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A Guide To Health Spa Injury Claims

Have you been injured at a health spa by products you were allergic to, or have you suffered a burn injury because chemicals were left on your skin for too long? Have you suffered a slip, trip or fall and been injured at a beauty spa and could your injuries have been prevented if the health spa or salon acted responsibly towards your health and safety. If so, these scenarios and more could lead to you being able to make a claim for compensation with a personal injury solicitor.

Within a beauty salon or health spa, there are lots of risks to the public and to spa employees if things are not done in the correct manner, and if these risks are not managed by the people in charge of the salon they could be held liable for a beauty spa or health spa injury that is suffered by a member of the public or a member of staff.

This guide aims to explain some of the scenarios that could lead to a beauty salon accident, or a spa injury, and we’ll aim to give you the information you need to know to decide whether or not you’d like to go ahead and make a claim with a personal injury lawyer. We’ll cover details of how health spa injury claims could arise from:

  • Allergic reaction to beauty treatment products
  • Chemical burn injury
  • Slip and fall injury
  • Illness from poor hygiene
  • Waxing injury
  • Legionella
  • And more…

We will also cover general claims information, providing a table that provides a good alternative to a personal injury claims calculator so you could quickly get an idea of approximately how much compensation your claim could attract, details of how to make a no win no fee claim and how Accident Claims UK could help you. We hope you find the information below useful.

What Is A Health Spa Injury?

A health spa injury is anything that happens at a health spa or salon that leads to you suffering some kind of harm. This could be mental or physical harm and could be as a result of illness or injury. There are many ways in which you could be injured at a health spa. These could include:

  • Illnesses that happen because of poor sanitation, e.g. caused by bacteria
  • Illnesses that occur because of allergies (where allergies had been notified to the spa previously and allergens used in treatments, or where a patch test was not carried out where required)
  • Injuries to employees handling hazardous chemicals, where Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations were not followed
  • Injuries to members of the public because COSHH regulations were not followed
  • And more…

When it comes to chemicals that are handled at a health spa, it is important for those using such chemicals to be aware of how they should be handled, used and disposed of, and what protection may be needed for staff and customers to avoid a beauty salon accident. If proper care is not taken to adhere to the COSHH regulations, and someone is injured, it may be possible for the injured party (whether staff or customers) to sue a health spa for injuries they have encountered because of this negligence. For free legal advice on health spa accident claims, please call our team today.

What Is A Health Spa Infection?

Treatments between different beauty spas could differ vastly, with some offering massages, pedicures, facial treatments, waxing, laser hair removal, and more. Some health spas contain hot tubs and swimming pools, while others have restaurants on site. This could lead to a whole host of different types of infection if proper hygiene standards are not kept up. Infections that could be contracted from a health spa may include:

  • Legionella
  • Fungal infections
  • Skin and soft tissue infections
  • And more…

If you have picked up an infection from a health spa and are wondering if you could make a no win no fee personal injury claim, then we may be able to assess your case and provide you with support and guidance.

Control Of Hazardous Substances Which Could Cause Injury Or Illness

According to the HSE, some of the ingredients found in cleaning and beauty products could irritate the skin, which could lead to dermatitis. This could include, for example, nail varnish removers that contain solvents.

In addition to this, other products could cause asthma or skin allergies, dust from acrylic nails could cause breathing problems and chest tightness, while the fumes could cause nausea and dizziness, as well as headaches. As well as this, if piercings and tattoos are offered as treatments, blood and tissue residue could lead to infection. This is why it is deemed important that certain controls are put in place to reduce the exposure of staff/clients to illness.

These measures could include:

  • Using a well-ventilated space
  • Minimise the contact of substances that could be classed as harmful
  • Minimise leaks and spillages where possible
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Practice good hand care in terms of moisturising, cleansing and drying hands regularly
  • Putting in place extractor hoods for work where there may be residue (e.g. dust from nails)
  • Giving staff PPE where required
  • And more

The relevant COSHH controls a health spa or beauty salon would need would largely depend on their treatments and the services they offer. Tips on the storage of chemicals could be found here, while a brief guide to general COSHH requirements may be found here.

If the correct controls are not adhered to and you are injured at a beauty spa or health spa, then you may be able to claim compensation. We provide a free review of health spa accident claims so why not get in touch today?

Risk Assessments And Possible Causes Of Injury At Health Spas’

There are a number of risks of being injured at a health spa and those running such establishments should take care to assess the risks and take actions to minimise them. If they do not do so, and you are injured at a health spa because of this negligence then you may be able to make a compensation claim.

Some risks could include:

Soft tissue damage – If a therapist did not act correctly when giving massages, this could cause damage to the soft tissues within the body

Burn injuries – These could occur if hazardous chemicals aren’t used correctly or appropriately

Falls, slips, trips – These could occur if spillages are not cleared up or signposted, or if trip hazards are left out

Infections – As mentioned before, infections because of poor hygiene standards could cause illness to staff or clients.

Swimming Pool / Hot Tub Burn Injuries And Infections

If you were injured at a health spa in a swimming pool of hot tub that was too hot, it could cause you to suffer burns. Temperature levels should be clearly shown, and it is important that temperatures are checked regularly and adjusted if it becomes necessary to do so. As well as this, there are other ways in which a hot tub or heated swimming pool could cause you harm. Because heat breaks down disinfectants and chemicals like chlorine quickly, it is essential for chemical levels to be checked and maintained in order to avoid infections.

We are able to help with all types of health spa accident claims. Therefore, why not give us a call to discuss your case today?

Can You Get Legionnaires From A Hot Tub?

One of the infections that could be caused by a lack of good maintenance of hot tub chemicals is Legionnaires. This could be contracted by coming into contact with Legionella and could cause severe pneumonia if you inhale contaminated steam from a hot tub. And if you’re wondering can you get Legionnaires disease from swimming pools, then the risk does exist, particularly in heated pools.

How Do You Prevent Legionella In a Hot Tub?

There is only one way to reduce the risk of Legionella in a hot tub, and that is to clean and disinfect it regularly and make sure that the chlorine and other chemicals in the water are checked and topped up when levels get too low.

Other Hot Tub Infections

There are other hot tub infections that could be contracted if good hygiene standards are not kept, and these could include:

  • Hot tub rash
  • Shigellosis
  • Coli
  • Crypto
  • And more…

If poor hot tub or swimming pool maintenance has led to you suffering an illness, infection or injury at a health spa, you may be able to claim compensation for your suffering.

Gym Accident Causing Injury At Spa

Some spas offer gym facilities, and these also carry a risk of injury. In order to prove liability if you are injured in a health spa gym, you would need to show that the equipment was faulty, badly maintained, or you were not given adequate instruction on how to use the equipment, and this caused you to suffer an injury.

You would not be able to make a claim if you injured yourself by pushing your body too hard on the equipment, but if a weights machine failed, for example, resulting in injury, or you slipped on flooring that was not properly fitted properly then you could consider making a claim for compensation. Please call today for more information on health spa accident claims.

Infections And Illnesses Caused By A Lack Of Hygiene

High standards should be maintained within health spas and beauty salons to avoid illness and infection. There could be any number of ways in which germs, viruses and bacteria could be spread within a health spa, from the swimming pool, hot tub, treatment rooms and more. It is vital that treatment rooms are sanitised between clients to avoid the risk of contamination. If you are injured at a health spa by way of contracting an infection or illness from a treatment room that was not properly sanitised, then you may be able to claim compensation for this.

In addition, you might wish to look into making a claim for food poisoning if food hygiene standards are not adhered to in a health spa’s restaurant and you have contracted food poisoning as a result.

However you have suffered illness because of poor hygiene in a health spa, why not speak to us to see if you could claim compensation?

Trip, Slip Or Fall Accidents

Did you trip over a trailing wire from a piece of equipment, or slip in a changing room because the floormats were loose? If so, and it was someone else’s fault, you may be able to launch a claim for compensation. If you are injured in a health spa because of a slip, trip or fall, you would need to prove that:

  1. You obtained injuries because of the accident
  2. The accident could have been avoided if the liable party has acted responsibly
  3. The liable party had some sort of responsibility to you (e.g. to look after your health and safety as a member of the public or as a member of staff)

If you’re unsure as to whether you could blame the health spa or salon for your accident, why not call us and tell us what has happened. We could help work it out for you.

Soft Tissue Injuries

If you have been injured in a health spa and suffered soft tissue injuries because of a massage or other treatment that applies pressure to your body, there could be a chance that you may be able to make a compensation claim. If staff are inexperienced in providing massages, or do not ask about any pre-existing conditions you have before beginning a massage, they may put undue pressure on parts of your body and this could lead to soft tissue injuries. It is the responsibility of the operator of the health spa to ensure that all staff are competent in their work and that they provide a safe service. If they do not, and you are harmed, you could make a claim for compensation.

Health Spa Injuries Caused By General Negligence

As we mentioned, it is a health spa operator’s duty to ensure that all treatments and services provided do not cause harm to the health of clients and staff who use the premises. This means all staff that perform treatments and services must be competent, qualified and able to do their job safely. If the person providing treatment is not qualified or competent and you are injured at a health spa because of this, then a compensation claim could be a viable option.

Injuries caused by therapists could include:

Allergic reaction – If allergy tests are not carried out before treatments are applied, or allergens were not asked about/you were given something you had a known allergy to, you may be able to claim.

Chemical injuries/burns – Some chemicals used in treatments could cause burns if they are not applied in the correct manner or left on too long. If this causes injury, then you may be able to make a claim.

Waxing – If the wax is at too high a temperature when applied, it could cause burns to skin, and if it is not applied correctly to skin it could also cause injuries when removed.

Soft tissue injuries – As mentioned above, if. A therapist puts too much pressure on you when massaging you it could cause you to become injured.

This list is by no. means exhaustive. If you were injured in a health spa because of general negligence, then you might wish to speak to us to see if you could make a claim.

What Could You Claim If Injured At A Health Spa?

You may think a payout for a health spa or beauty salon incident would just result in a payment for the injury or illness you’ve suffered. However, some claims include other types of award. While the injury itself would be covered under general damages, you could also claim for special damages, which is an amount that is meant to compensate you for financial costs of your health spa injury.

This could include the likes of:

  • Income losses (both actual and future perceived losses)
  • Medical costs (if you have paid for prescriptions, corrective treatment etc)
  • Travel costs (if you have travelled to medical appointments and had to pay to get there or to park)
  • Care costs (if your children have had to be cared for while you sought treatment or recovered or you needed daily care at home, for example)
  • And more…

If you have encountered a cost because you’ve been injured at a health spa, and you’re unsure as to whether it could be classed as one of the special damages you could claim, then why not call our team for clarification?

Health Spa Injury And Illness Personal Injury Claims Calculator

Do you want to know how much you’d receive for a claim against a health spa before you begin one? You would not be able to get an accurate answer from either a personal injury claims calculator or an advisor simply because your claim would not be valued until you were going through the claims process. However, what we can offer you is a snapshot of the guidelines for specific injuries that we believe relate to some common health spa injury types. These are compiled from the Judicial College’s guidelines and could give you a ballpark idea of how much you could receive for a successful claim.

Your Injury Payout Bracket Notes
Facial disfigurement £27,940 to £91,350 Very Severe – Usually patients between teenage years and early 30s. Severe disfigurement and psychological effects.
Facial disfigurement £16,860 to £45,440 Less Severe – Significant scarring and psychological effects.
Facial disfigurement £8,550 to £28,240 Significant -The most severe effects reduced by plastic surgery but some cosmetic evidence remains – psychological effects have reduced to minor
Facial disfigurement £3,710 to £12,900 Less Significant – One scar that could be hidden or many small scars
Scarring £2,220 to £75,30 Several smaller scars or one noticeable one to arms legs or hands
Non traumatic illness/damage £36,060 to £49,270 Acute pain, vomiting, fever, diarrhoea requiring admission to hospital and impacting claimants long term. (Toxicosis)

If you cannot see the specific injury you’ve suffered above, then one call to our team could help clarify matters, as we could go through your injury with you and give an idea of what bracket it could be included in.

How Our Team Could Help Those Injured At A Health Spa

At Accident Claims, we have lots of experience in helping claimants who have had an injury at a health spa. Whether you’ve suffered burns from hazardous chemicals, a slip, trip or fall, or have been exposed to allergens when you informed the staff of your allergies before they served you food, we’ll help answer all your questions if you’re looking to sue a health spa for an injury or illness that was not your fault. Even if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to go ahead with a claim, we’ll take some details and give you advice on your options. Whatever your decision, our advice is free, and we’d never push you into making a claim. If you did decide that you wanted to make a claim, however, we could offer to provide a personal injury lawyer to help you with your health spa accident.

Start Your Health Spa Accident Claim

At Accident Claims UK, we make it as easy as possible for you to make a claim. You can get in touch with us in a variety of ways, including via phone (0800 073 8801), via email ( or through our live chat or contact form.

We’re ready to listen to what has happened to you if you’ve been injured at a health spa, and we could help provide a no win no fee solicitor to help you with your claim. Our friendly, professional advisors are ready to help you, whatever your health spa injury.

Health spa accident claims FAQs

We have listed some common answers to questions that are often asked about health spa accident claims below:

Can you sue if you’re injured at a health spa?

If staff in a health spa are negligent, and you are made ill or sustain an injury as a result, you could seek compensation for any suffering. Negligence could that could lead to a claim include s damaged furniture, spilling hot drinks on you, using damaged equipment and food poisoning.

What can be included in a personal injury claim?

Generally, claims are split into two elements. The first, general damages, covers any pain, suffering and loss of amenity and is based on the severity of your injuries. Special damages could also be claimed if you’ve incurred any costs or lost any money as a result of the accident.

How long do you have to make spa accident claims?

As with other forms of personal injury compensation, you’ll have 3-years to begin your claim. This will usually start from the date you were injured.

How long does the claims process take?

There’s no set duration for a personal injury claim. If the defendant admits liability for your injuries and the accident, an amicable claim can be settled in a matter of months. Where part or all of the claim is contested, the process can take up to or over a year.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our health spa accident claims guide.

Article by Jenny.