Tunisia Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury On Holiday In Tunisia

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 26th November 2021. Welcome to this guide to making a claim for an accident on holiday in Tunisia.

Tunisia holiday accident accident on holiday in Tunisia

Tunisia holiday accident

On this web page, you will read a guide that provides information if you have suffered an injury or illness while on holiday in Tunisia through negligence or error. The guide will cover examples of potential accidents causing injury or illness that a UK holidaymaker could face. It also goes over specific facts relating to the claim procedure, such as eligibility and liability, as well as financial aspects.

When you finish reading this guide, you may have additional questions that you would like answering. If you do, then please take the time to call our No Win No Fee claims team, they will be able to get you the answers that you need. You can contact them on 0800 073 8801.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For An Accident On Holiday In Tunisia

This guide provides information if you are considering making a holiday accident claim when you return to the UK for an injury or illness suffered while on holiday in Tunisia. This guide begins with what steps could be taken shortly after an accident on holiday if you are considering the possibility of pursuing a holiday claim. The guide continues with popular tourist places to visits and emergency numbers that are good to have in the case of an accident. Having holiday insurance or travel and health insurance is vital and we explain why. We have also included the all important time limits that you may need to adhere to if you decide to make a holiday accident claim as well as how claiming holiday illness or injury is different if claiming against a package tour operator.

The next part of this guide, presents examples of the types accidents that could potentially affect a UK holidaymaker.  Each of these are covered in their own section, showing how a third party may be liable and what could make you eligible for compensation.

The final part of the guide covers information related to the actual process of making a compensation claim. We explain why using a UK based legal firm is generally the preferred option. We have also provided a table that shows UK compensation ranges, for injuries and illnesses published by the Judicial College. Finally, we explain how we can help, and introduce our simple to use claims service.  If you have any questions about the contents of this guide, or simply need some help and advice, please speak to one of our claims team, who will be able to advise you.

Popular Places To Stay In Tunisia

Tunisia is an emerging tourist destination for UK holidaymakers. Offering a different take on summer sun holidays to established destinations such as Spain. Tunisia is popular for locations such as:

  • Tunis
  • Djerba
  • Sousse
  • Hammamet
  • Sidi Bou Said
  • Monastir
  • Tozeur
  • El Jem
  • Kairouan
  • Matmata

What Should I Do If Injured On Holiday?

The steps outlined below, will help UK holidaymakers to gather evidence if they have been injured while abroad through negligence or error from a third party that owes them a duty of care if they are considering making a holiday accident claim.

  • Be sure to visit a hospital or clinic to get treatment, even if your injuries seem trivial.
  • If you are involved in a serious accident, or a violent crime, be sure to get the police involved.
  • If you are on a package holiday, ensure that the local representative of your travel firm has been informed of the incident.
  • Contact your travel or health insurance provider, to make sure you can claim for the cost of medical care.
  • Gather evidence such as photographs of the scene of the incident, and also contact details for any witnesses.
  • Begin to document all financial and other losses that you suffer due to the incident, such as loss of earnings.

Tunisia Emergency Numbers And Assistance

If you become suffer an accident on holiday in Tunisia, you will need to know how to contact the emergency services. Unfortunately, there is no single, unified emergency number in the country. You will have to contact the individual emergency services on the following numbers:

  • 197 for the police.
  • 190 for an ambulance.
  • 198 for the fire brigade.

Accessing And Paying For Healthcare In Tunisia

If you suffer a holiday accident in Tunisia, and you need to receive medical attention, then you must understand that there is no free healthcare in the country. All medical treatment must be paid for, in full, at the time the treatment is administered. There are only two options here:

  1. You have a health insurance or travel insurance policy that will cover the total cost of treatment.
  2. You pay the medical fees, in full, out of your own pocket.

In the latter case, if you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of a third party, provided that liability can be proven and you make a successful claim you may be able to claim back any financial losses that are directly associated with the incident in question.

How Long Do You Have To Make A Tunisian Holiday Accident Claim?

There will be a personal injury claims time limit, that you must begin your claim within. This time limit varies depending on the circumstances of your claim, such as the examples in the table below. Speak to one of our claims team to find out which time limit applies in your own case.

Circumstances of Claim Applicable Time Limit
If you booked your holiday via a UK based travel vendor, as a single price, package holiday. 3 years may vary
Illness or injury on a privately booked flight using the Montreal Convention. 2 years may vary.
Injury or illness on a privately booked trip. Please call Accident Claims UK and they can advise what time limits you must adhere to.

How To Claim Compensation For An Accident On A Tunisian Package Holiday

The UK Package Travel Regulations 2018 protect the rights of British holidaymakers who are injured in an accident on a package holiday booked through a UK tour operator in the UK. In order to make a package holiday accident claim based on these regulations, your holiday must have been sold to you by a UK based travel firm, and it must have included two or more features in a single fixed price package, such as:

  • Accommodation such as a hotel, guest house or resort.
  • Transportation such as a plane, train or coach.
  • Inclusive food, such as half board, full board or all inclusive.

If you sustain an injury or illness on a UK booked package holiday that is the responsibility through negligence of one of the operators booked as part of the package then your claim would be against the tour operator.

I Suffered An Injury At My Hotel, Can I Claim?

If you have suffered a holiday hotel accident leading to an injury or illness while on holiday in Tunisia due to the error, omission or negligence of the hotel you may be able to pursue a claim for a hotel accident. You will need to be able to prove that the hotel operator was liable in some way for the harm you suffered and your injury or illness could have been prevented had the right health and safety precautions been taken. For example:

  • The hotel pool was contaminated, causing illness due to it not being correctly monitored and cleaned.
  • Room facilities were dangerous, such as a faulty light switch causing electrocution due to the fact that maintenance and health and safety procedures had not been carried out.
  • Inadequate maintenance and cleanings, such as dirty or wet floors without no warning signs caused a slip hazard.
  • Faulty facilities, such as exercise equipment in the hotel gym not being correctly maintained or replaced or repaired when damaged causing a preventable injury.

Food Related Holiday Illness

Food related illnesses can be contracted in the event food is served that is unsafe to consume. If food is not correctly stored in the right temperatures it could cause bacteria to form which could lead to a person suffering food poisoning symptoms. Cooked food also needs to be kept away from other uncooked foods so that contamination does not occur. Buffet food should not be left out too long as with high temperatures food can go off and flies may contaminate the food causing stomach illnesses.

Injuries Caused By Slipping Or Falling

There is no denying that slip, trip and fall accidents are common. Such incidents are common as they could happen due to many different causes and could actually happen almost anywhere. However not all accidents that are the result of a slip trip and fall will qualify for compensation damages. In order to be able to pursue a compensation claim a third party must be responsible for the accident which directly lead to the injury and liability must be proven to make an accident victim eligible to claim.

Examples of causes of potential slip, trip and falls accidents may include:

  • Water or food spilt and left uncleaned on a restaurant floor.
  • Torn or frayed carpets in a hotel room that could cause a trip accident.
  • Damaged or badly laid paving slabs in a public outside areas that could cause a trip accident
  • Wet or freshly cleaned floors without no warning signs causing a slip hazard.

If you have suffered a slip, trip or fall injury while being on holiday in Tunisia and you feel it was due to negligence on the part of a third party that could have prevented your accident had the right procedures been put in place then a call Accident Claims UK and they can advise you on what you next steps could be.

Activity And Excursion Accidents

Operator of excursions and activities, have a duty of care towards holidaymakers to provide them with a safe experience. This means that all required safety equipment must be supplied, and be in good repair. It also means that all required safety procedures are followed, and that all staff are trained in these procedures. If you have been injured while taking part in any type of holiday activity or holiday excursion due to a breach in health and safety protocols call Accident Claims UK and they can advise who may be liable for any harm that you have suffered.

Tourist Holiday Road Traffic Accident Claims

If you are involved in a road traffic accident while abroad on holiday, as the driver of a vehicle, a passenger or even a pedestrian, you may be able to claim for damages if a third party has caused the incident. You would need to be able to demonstrate that a third party caused the incident in which you where involved in, and that you have suffered a physical injury such as whiplash, for which you want to claim damages for. The liable third party could be another driver, the driver of the vehicle you was in, or it could be another kind of third party that caused a non-vehicular hazard, such as workmen leaving construction materials in the road.

Do I Need To Use A Solicitor Based In Tunisia?

There is no compelling reason to use an overseas legal firm to pursue a personal injury compensation claims for an accident causing an injury or illness while on holiday in Tunisia. A UK based legal team who deal with personal injury claims that have happened to a UK resident while holidaying in Tunisia will be able to process your claim, as would a solicitor based in Tunisia. Furthermore, communicating with a UK legal firm would be far simpler. If you would like to know how we can help you to make an overseas claim, please speak to one of our claim advisors.

Tunisian Holiday Accident Claims Calculator

You could use a personal injury claims calculator to get a rough estimate of how much you might be able to claim for any injury or illness suffered due to negligence. You could also use this table below, and look up your injury or illness, to see the range of compensation that may apply to it. Please note that these figures are used in UK compensation claims, if your claim is filed in Tunisia the compensation amounts maybe entirely different.

What injury did you suffer? How may your claim be worth? Additional information
A minor neck injury £2,150 to £3,810 Recovery should be between 3 months and a year. Usually associated with a soft tissue injury.
A (more) minor neck injury Up to £2,150 Recovery should be expected within 3 months. Also concerned with soft tissue injuries.
A serious shoulder injury £11,200 to £16,830 Shoulder injuries which will restrict the joints movement and its usefulness. Possible weakness of grip or a fractured humerus leading to restricted shoulder movement.
A moderate shoulder injury £6,920 to £11,200 Injuries which are similar to frozen shoulder or discomfort with restricted movement possibly recovery in 2 years.
A minor brain/ head injury £1,940 to £11,200 Minor head injuries or minor brain injuries. Brackets concerned with recovery time.
A less severe injury to the wrist £11,040 to £21,480 Some level of permanent disability is expected.
A Severe pelvic injury £68,740 to £114,810 Severe pelvic injuries which could leave you with substantial residual level or degree of disability, extensive fractures of the pelvis involving, for example, dislocation of a low back joint.
An amputation of the little finger £7,580 to £10,730 Where you are aware of the loss of the finger.
A wrist fracture Rarely exceed £8,970 When recovery from fracture or soft tissue injury takes longer but is complete.
A jaw fracture(s) – severe Up to £39,940 Three levels of severity (i), (ii) and (iii). The top end damages could be awarded to multiple fractures of the jaw followed by prolonged treatment and disability.
Food Poisoning £3,460 to £8,360 Food poisoning causing significant discomfort, stomach pain and alteration to the bowel function, complete recovery 1-2 years.

For a much more accurate estimate of the value of your claim, speak to one of our claims team, who will be able to help you.

No Win No Fee Claims For An Accident On Holiday In Tunisia

Our No Win No Fee claims service, provides a way for holidaymakers to have their claim processed without the need to worry about up front fees. When we first take your claim on, we charge nothing at all. As we process your claim, we won’t ask you to pay ongoing fees. If we fail to get you any compensation, you still pay us nothing at all. When we are successful, and receive a compensation payment for you, we take out our fee from the money received, and then forward the rest to you.

How To Claim Compensation With Accident Claims UK

The process of starting a personal injury claim for a holiday accident is very straightforward. Just pick up the phone and speak to one of our expert claim advisors on the number below. They will walk you through our new claim process, and explain how we can help you to claim in an entirely risk-free way. Just follow the three steps below:

Use the phone, web chat or email to reach out to our team. A claim advisor will evaluate whether you have a valid claim. If your claim is valid, we will be able to get your claim underway for you.

Contact Us

Have you suffered an injury or illness while you were on holiday overseas? Do you think a third party was to blame, and that you have a valid claim? If so, please call our claims team on 0800 073 8801. They will go over your case with you, and once they know a little bit about your claim, they will offer you some free legal advice on how best to move forward.

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What damages could I claim for an accident on holiday in Tunisia?

Have you been injured in a holiday accident in Tunisia that was not your fault? If so, and you are considering claiming compensation, there are different types of damages you could receive.

These include both general and special damages. Let us explain more below.

  • Special damages are meant to compensate a victim of personal injury for financial or pecuniary costs and losses that arise because of their injury or accident. They could include, but may not be limited to loss of earnings, including future loss of earnings in some cases. They could also include the costs of care at home if you have not been able to perform daily tasks by yourself. In addition to this you could claim for medical and travel expenses.
  • General damages are designed to compensate a victim of personal injury for their pain and suffering. They also compensate victims for loss of amenity. The injuries you could claim for could be both psychological and physical. To work out how much compensation could be appropriate for general damages, you would need to submit an independent medical report with your claim. This would give an independent opinion on your prognosis and the level of severity of your injury.

If you’re not sure what damages you could claim for, please do not hesitate to talk to our team. We would be happy to advise you.

Could I claim for an accident on holiday in Tunisia if it was my child that was injured?

If you are responsible for a child that was injured in a holiday accident in Tunisia, we could help you. You would need to be able to prove that the accident that caused your child’s injuries was not their faults, and someone else could be held liable. Our specialist solicitors, who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, could help you make a claim on behalf of your child as their litigation friend.

We hope that this guide to making a claim for an accident on holiday in Tunisia has been useful to you.