Sprained Ankle Accident Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 11th October 2021. Welcome to our guide on sprained ankle injury compensation claims. Have you been the victim of an accident that resulted in a sprained ankle? Was the accident the fault of another party? Do you believe you might have a valid reason to make a sprained ankle injury claim and claim ankle injury compensation? If this sounds like you, then this guide will be an invaluable resource for you. It contains all the information and advice you need on sprained ankle injury claims.

Sprained ankle injury claims and Sprained ankle injury compensation

sprained ankle injury claims

A sprained ankle is one of the most common types of injuries in the UK every year. Primary, caused by slip, trip or fall accidents. Accident Claims UK has over 30-years of experience in claiming compensation for clients who have suffered a personal injury through an accident that was caused by a third party.

The guide below will educate you in the process of claiming for a sprained ankle and give you some advice on how best to go about claiming sprained ankle injury compensation. If you would prefer to skip this guide entirely and move straight on to making a claim, you should call Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801 today. We will talk you through our No Win No Fee national personal injury claims service, and start the ball rolling on your own sprained ankle claim.

Select a Section:

  1. A guide to sprained ankle compensation claims
  2. What are sprained ankle injuries?
  3. Why are sprained ankles so prevalent?
  4. What should you do if you suffer a sprained ankle?
  5. How to start a compensation claim for a sprained ankle
  6. What can I claim for after suffering a sprained ankle?
  7. Common causes of sprained ankles
  8. Making a sprained ankle claim against an employer
  9. Making a sprained ankle claim for an injury in a public place
  10. How much compensation can I claim for a sprained ankle? – Updated October 2021
  11. No win no fee compensation claims for a sprained ankle
  12. Why make your sprained ankle injury compensation claim with Accident Claims UK?
  13. Talk to us today about claiming sprained ankle injury compensation
  14. Useful links relating to sprained ankle injury compensation
  15. Sprained ankle injury compensation- FAQs

A Guide to Sprained Ankle Compensation Claims

On this page, you will find a full and detailed guide to making a compensation claim for an ankle sprain or strain injury. It describes the process of making a successful claim, and aims to answer questions such as how much sprained ankle injury compensation could I be owed? Amongst others. Within this guide, you will find information and advice such as:

  • What is a sprained ankle? How it is defined medically, and what the typical symptoms and treatment are.
  • Why are sprained ankle injuries so common? How sprained ankles are most commonly caused, and the reasons for the injury.
  • What to do if you have suffered a sprained ankle injury? Specifically, the steps you should take to ensure that you have the very best chance possible of making a successful compensation claim for an accident that caused a sprained ankle.
  • What can you claim for in damages for a sprained ankle? Covering both general damages and special damages in depth.
  • How are sprained ankles commonly caused? A description of the most common types of accidents that can result in a sprained ankle.
  • How to claim for a sprained ankle at work? Information on claiming compensation from your employer for an accident at work that caused a sprained ankle.
  • How to claim for a sprained ankle in a public place? Information for claiming compensation that happened on a public pavement, or in publicly accessible business premises.
  • How much can you claim in damages for a sprained ankle? Some general information on pay-outs and a table that lists typical compensation awards for a sprained ankle.
  • Why choose Accident Claims UK to make your sprained ankle claim? Including an introduction to our No Win No fee national personal injury claims service.
  • A section that contains a number of useful links that will be of interest to people who have suffered an accident that has resulted in a sprained ankle.

Once you have read this guide, if you have any additional questions about sprained ankle injury claims, you can call us on the number at the bottom of this page, and we will do our best to answer them for you.

What Are Sprained Ankle Injuries?

Before you can claim compensation for ankle ligament damage, you will need to have your injury treated at the hospital. A doctor will diagnose the condition. For your own information, a sprained ankle happens when you turn or twist your ankle too far, farther than the normal range of movement. This can lead to the ligaments of the ankle being torn or stretched. These ligaments provide strength to your ankle, allowing it to flex within its normal movement range. Statistically, most sprained ankles damage the outer ligaments rather than the inner ones.

Depending on how severe the sprain is, treatment will be different. For a mildly sprained ankle simply taking over the counter painkillers will be enough. For more serious sprains, the ankle will need to be made immobile in a sprained ankle support, similar to a fracture, until the ligaments have healed. The very worst sprained ankle injuries can take several months to heal fully and will require the victim to undergo a course of physiotherapy to get them back on their feet again.

A seriously sprained ankle can also result in permanent nerve damage. This can leave the victim with a loss of feeling, or numbness in their foot or toes either in the long-term or in the worst cases, permanently. As can be seen from the graph below, a sprain is by far the most common ankle injury:

Sprained ankle statistics graph

Sprained ankle statistics graph

If you have been diagnosed with a sprained ankle that was caused by an accident that a third party was responsible for, you could be able to claim compensation. Call Accident Claims UK on the number at the top or bottom of this page to find out how we can help you do this.

We can talk through your claim with you and give you an indication of the typical ankle injury settlement amounts you might be able to claim in sprained ankle injury compensation.

Why Are Sprained Ankles So Prevalent?

More than a million people each year in the UK visit the hospital with a sprained ankle. This is primarily due to the fact that a sprained ankle is often caused by a slip, trip or fall accident. These are the most common type of accidents in the world.

Our ankles carry all the weight of our body as we stand, walk and run. Yet they are only supported by the flexible ligaments of the ankle itself. Therefore, it takes very little to actually injure the ankle. Even a slight trip, if your foot lands wrongly, can result in a sprained ankle. Even walking on an uneven surface, causing your foot to flex unnaturally can cause this injury.

Accident Claims UK can help you to get the compensation you are entitled to if you have suffered an accident that has caused a sprained ankle injury. Call us at the number at the top or bottom of this page to learn how we can help you and answer any questions you have around sprained ankle accident compensation claims.

What Should You Do If You Suffer A Sprained Ankle?

In order to have the best chance to win the maximum possible amount of sprained ankle injury compensation, there are some steps you can take both at the time of your accident, and also shortly afterwards, to increase this chance. If you can, follow the steps below:

  1. Take photographs of the cause of the accident. For example, if you tripped on a torn carpet, take a photograph of the carpet, including the torn part.
  2. If there were any witnesses to your accident, collect their names and contact details so that you can call on their testimony later if you need to.
  3. If the accident happened in a building operated by an organisation such as a supermarket, restaurant, public library, etc. then make sure you report the accident to the building owner. Every company has to, by law, maintain an accident book, and your accident needs to be recorded in it.
  4. Make sure that you visit the Accident & Emergency Department at your local hospital to get the injury treated. This will mean that the National Health Service has a record of the injury and its cause. This could be useful later on if you need to claim for damages across the long term.
  5. Try to write down the timeline of your accident, what events lead up to it, and how it happened. This will make sure you have all the facts straight, even if your memory fails you later on.

Once you have followed these steps above, you can begin making a claim. Contact Accident Claims UK at the number at the bottom of this page so we can help you begin your sprained ankle compensation claim.

How to Start a Compensation Claim for a Sprained Ankle

If you are ready to make your claim for sprained ankle injury compensation and hopefully receive a sprained ankle compensation payout, then the process of starting your claim is actually pretty simple.

All you need to do is contact us here at Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page. When you do, we will spend some time going through the circumstances of your accident with you, and once we know all of the information we need to, we will offer you some free legal advice on what to do next.

For most people, this will be to take advantage of our main service offering, a No Win No Fee personal accident claims service that is available to people all across the UK.

If you need to have a local medical examination to produce an expert medical opinion to support your claim, we can arrange this. And if you would prefer to speak to somebody face to face about sprained ankle accident compensation claims, rather than on the telephone, we can arrange for one of our legal team to visit your home.

What Can I Claim for After Suffering A Sprained Ankle?

If we think you have a viable reason to claim compensation for a sprained ankle injury, sustained in an accident that was the responsibility of a third party, we will advise you on the damages we believe you can claim. Damages fall into two basic categories, general damages and special damages. These can be defined as:

  • General damages – this covers all of the physical aspects of your injury like the pain and hardship of the initial accident.
  • Special damages – this covers all of the non-physical aspects of your injury, such as loss of earnings both present and future, medical fees, travel costs, and any other out of pocket expenses.

For more information about the type of damages you can claim for your sprained ankle, contact Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page, and we can give you an indication of the types of damages we believe you can claim.

Common Causes of Sprained Ankles

If we look at sprained ankle NHS statistics, regarding sprained ankle care, we find that the single most common cause of a sprained ankle, is some form of slip, trip or fall accident. The most common causes of a sprained ankle are:

  • Slips, trips and falls – such as slipping on a wet or dirty floor, tripping on a torn or damaged carpet, or falling down a badly lit stairway.
  • Road traffic accidents – the second most common type of accident after slips, trips and falls are road traffic accidents. As the ankle is so easy to damage, they are often caused by a car crash.
  • Accidents at work – workplace accidents are a common cause of a sprained ankle, especially in industries that require workers to carry or move heavy loads.

No matter how your sprained ankle was caused, Accident Claims UK can help you to claim the compensation you are entitled to. All you need to do is call us on the number at the bottom of this page, so we can begin to make a sprained ankle injury compensation claim on your behalf.

If you’d like to know more about sprained ankle injury claims against your workplace or employer, please read on to the next section.

Making A Sprained Ankle Claim Against an Employer

Every company in the UK is legally required under legislation laid down by the Health & Safety Executive, to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for its workforce at all times.

If the company fails to maintain Health & Safety standards, for example, failing to clean a dirty floor or to signpost the danger clearly, it can lead to an accident that causes a sprained ankle for one of its employees. In this case, the employer will be liable to pay compensation to the employee, as the accident will be deemed to be the company’s responsibility.

Accident Claims UK can help you claim compensation for an accident that has happened at work. To begin your claim, call us on the number at the bottom of this page, so that we can claim for you the sprained ankle workers compensation that you deserve. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the sprained ankle accident compensation claims process we’ll be happy to answer them.

Making a Sprained Ankle Claim for An Injury in a Public Place

Just as every company in the UK is legally required to keep all walkways safe, the local council is also required to keep public pavements safe. Additionally, any company which allows the public onto its premises, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets are also legally required to maintain safe public access at all times.

Therefore, if you suffer from a sprained ankle due to an accident in a public place, if it can be proved that a third party has failed in its duty to maintain safe public access, a reason to claim compensation will exist.

For example, if you trip on a damaged or badly laid paving slab in the street, then the local council will be liable to pay you compensation.

If you need help making a sprained ankle injury compensation claim, contact Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Sprained Ankle? – Updated  October 2021

You could use an online ankle injury compensation calculator to get a rough idea of how much you might be owed in Sprained ankle injury claims. We have also produced this table below, to give you an indication of the average settlement for sprained ankles of specific types:

Type of InjuryCommentsAmmount
Minor Ankle InjuryNo joint damage, and minor tissue damage such as torn ligaments.Up to £12,900
Moderate Ankle InjuryMedium-term injury due to injuries such as ligament and tendon damage.£12,900 to £24,950
Severe Ankle InjuryLong-term injury due to injuries such as ligament and tendon damage.£29,380 to £46,980
Very Severe Ankle InjuryLong-term injuries which will take some time to heal, such as entirely torn ligaments.£46,980 to £65,420
Psychiatric damage- less severe In these instances, the award will be based on the period of time that the injured person was disabled and the extent to which daily activities were affected.£3,710 to £7,680
Psychiatric damage- moderate In these cases the injured person will have largely recovered and any continuing effects will not be grossly disabling.£7,680 to £21,730
Psychiatric damage- moderately severe In these cases, although there will be a better prognosis than in more serious cases, there will still likely be significant disability for the foreseeable future.£21,730 to £56,180
Psychiatric damage- severe In these cases, the injured person will be left with permanent effects which will stop them from functioning at a pre-trauma level. £56,180 to £94,470
Minor injuries Injuries where there is a complete recovery within seven days.A few hundred pounds to £650
Minor injuries Injuries where there is a complete recovery within 28 days.£650 to £1,290
Minor injuries Injuries where there is a complete recovery within three months.£1,290 to £2,300

Every compensation claim is unique, as are the circumstances of the accident that has caused them. You will need to call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page, to get a more accurate indication of just how much compensation you might be able to claim for your sprained ankle.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims for a Sprained Ankle

Making a sprained ankle injury compensation claim can be an expensive proposition, especially if the claim takes some time to resolve. If you lose your claim, you also lose everything you paid in legal fees paid to personal injury solicitors.

Accident Claims UK has a much better option available to people all across the UK. We offer our No Win No Fee personal injury claims service as the most effective and simple way to make a claim. We don’t charge you anything at all to start your claim, and we don’t charge anything while your claim is being processed. If we fail to win your claim, we won’t charge you anything either. In fact, the only time you need to pay our fee is when you receive a compensation pay-out. This makes our No Win No Fee claims service a 100% financially risk-free way to make Sprained ankle injury claims.

Why Make Your Sprained Ankle Injury Compensation Claim with Accident Claims UK?

Accident Claims UK provides a simple to understand process for making compensation claims for accidents that have caused injuries such as a sprained ankle. We understand that our clients won’t usually have much legal experience, so we always make sure to explain everything we do for you in very simple terms. We don’t use legal jargon, just plain English.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about your claim, and we will always keep you updated on the status of your claim, and what we have been doing for you. We aim to get you the most compensation possible, as quickly as possible.

How our solicitors could help you with sprained ankle injury claims

When making sprained ankle injury claims, you’ll usually claim against the defendant’s insurance policy. For example, that could be a motor insurance policy if your claim is against a driver or a public liability policy if you were injured in a shop.

Insurers will only pay compensation where evidence shows that the injures you sustained were caused by their client. Without such evidence, they could turn your claim down. We believe that working with a personal injury solicitor will make this process easier. That’s because they will have the skills and experience to be able to try to counter any queries or objections raised by the insurance company.

Our belief is that our specialist solicitors provide you with the best opportunity to win your case. Furthermore, we believe that their work could increase the amount of compensation you receive. If you claim compensation for an ankle injury through us, we will manage all aspects of the case for you. That will begin with evidence gathering and filing of the claim. Throughout the case, you won’t need to speak with the defendant or their insurer as we’ll field all calls on your behalf.

In all sprained ankle injury claims, our solicitors will always try to make sure that you receive the highest amount of compensation possible in your case. Please contact one of our specially trained advisors today if you’d like to start the ball rolling.

Talk to Us Today About Claiming Sprained Ankle Injury Compensation

Are you ready to make a sprained ankle injury compensation claim? If you are, then you should call Accident Claims UK right now on 0800 073 8801. Once we understand a little about your accident and your injury, we will offer you some free legal advice on what we think you should do next. We have years of experience in helping people make claims for compensation. For many people, this advice will be to use our national No Win No Fee personal injury claims service to get you the compensation you are eligible for. This is an entirely financially risk-free way to make a claim.

Useful Links Relating To Sprained Ankle Injury Compensation

The link below will take you to the HSE website, where you can find information on health and safety in the workplace.

Information on Health and Safety at Work

At the link below, you will find information about sprain and strain injuries that has been published by the National Health Service. It covers all similar injuries, including a sprained ankle.

National Health Service information on sprain and strain injuries

Follow the link below for more information about claiming compensation after an accident in a car park.

Claiming compensation for a car park accident. 

The link below will guide you through the process of making a claim for a leg injury.

How much compensation for a leg injury? 

At the link below, you will find a website that is operated by the UK Government which helps people to make a claim for an injury caused by a faulty pavement.

UK Government website to help with claiming for pavement accidents

Sprained ankle injury compensation- FAQs

What is the average recovery time for a sprained ankle?

The amount of time it takes your ankle to heal will depend on the severity of the sprain. Usually, a sprain or strain will have improved after 2 weeks. It’s advised that you don’t undertake any strenuous activities like running for up to 8 weeks to prevent any further damage. This might mean that you need to take time off work, which can be included in your claim. More serious sprains and strains can take months to get back to normal and are comparable to other types of ankle injuries, such as a broken ankle.

Is it OK to walk on a sprained ankle? 

Walking on your sprained ankle might be painful at first for long periods of time. But bearing weight on a sprained ankle early in your recovery has proven to help people heal more quickly. For the first couple of days, you should walk less than usual but still exercise your ankle to prevent stiffness. When you feel you’re able to, you should try and walk normally, first striking the floor with your heel and then rolling forward onto your toes.

What helps a sprained ankle heal faster?

If you’ve sprained your ankle, you may find that it’s sore and swollen. You might even notice some bruising. Using an ice pack can help reduce the swelling in your ankle, and your pain can be managed by over-the-counter painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen. Swelling can also be managed by elevating your ankle above hip level for the first few days after your injury.

How much can I receive in a personal injury claim?

This depends on a number of factors, for instance extremely painful sprained ankles which see the injured person unable to walk for a while will attract larger compensation amounts than minor sprains. It depends on what the medical reports reveal.

What will a personal injury compensation claim cover?

When you make a personal injury compensation claim, it will be made up of two heads of claim. General damages will cover you for the pain and suffering that your injuries have caused you, whereas special damages will cover your financial loss. Financial losses might include medical expenses for treatments not on the NHS, or a loss of wages for time taken off work.

Can I make a claim for a sprained ankle if I’m under 18?

If you’re under 18, then you can be claimed for by a litigation friend until you turn 18. If, by the time you turn 18, a claim hasn’t been made for you, then you can claim yourself up until your 21st birthday.

How long do I have to make a claim for a sprained ankle?

The time limit for making a personal injury claim for a sprained ankle is three years from the date of the accident.

What can I do to strengthen my sprained ankle compensation claim?

In order to maximise the compensation you receive in your claim, you should collect as much evidence as possible regarding the accident and seek medical advice so your injuries are recorded.

Could I claim for a sprained ankle incurred in a pedestrian accident

You can see from the statistics below, that in 2020, there were a number of pedestrians injured in road traffic accidents.

sprained ankle injury compensation statistics graph

If someone has been driving dangerously or erratically, or was negligent on the road and you were injured as a result you might be wondering whether you could claim compensation. Should somebody have sped at you and you had to jump out of the way, for example, spraining your ankle, you might wonder whether there would be a route to compensation for you. If the at fault driver stopped at the scene, you could make a claim against their insurance company. As a low value soft tissue injury, you would likely need to make your claim under the Whiplash Reforms Programme. While this means that you would have to claim through a government portal, you would need to submit medical evidence of your injury to claim.

What happens if I get a sprained ankle in a hit and run accident?

If a motorist does not stop at the scene of the accident that caused personal injury or property damage, you may assume that you wouldn’t be able to claim. However, if a driver fled the scene and you were caused injury as a pedestrian, you could claim compensation through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. we could help you with such claims. Our solicitors, who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, could help you make a claim through the miv to get the maximum compensation possible for your claim. Please do not hesitate to call us, to see if we could help you on a no win no fee basis.

Thank you for reading our guide on sprained ankle injury claims for sprained ankle injury compensation.