Slips, Trips and Falls

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Trips and slips are probably the most common of all accident claims that we process and sometimes the most serious.

In order to make a successful claim you have to prove that the trip, slip or fall happened as a direct result of the negligence of someone else. The trip or slip can happen in your home,on the street or at work. You need to consider whether anyone was to blame.

slips and trips accident claims

If you slip or fall on the pavement then was the pavement uneven or broken?

If you fall indoors then was there an obstacle in the way or was the floor uneven or wet and slippy or was the area badly lit?

These are sort of questions which must be asked.


If you have suffered an injury in one of these ways and someone else is proved to be at fault you are able to claim

  1. Damages for personal injuries
  2. Loss of earnings whilst off work
  3. Cost of any treatment
  4. Any other expense or loss which you incur as a direct result of the injury received in the fall.