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By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated September 1st 2021. Welcome to this accident claims solicitors for Coatbridge claims guide. Here, we show you why you don’t need to use local personal injury solicitors for Coatbridge claims.

Accident claims solicitors Coatbridge

Accident claims solicitors Coatbridge

Accidents at work, car accidents on the road, medical negligence in Coatbridge, slips trips or falls, there are so many different reasons that you could be looking at making accident claims in Coatbridge. Whether you’ve been injured because of an employer’s negligence, a doctor’s negligence or anyone else, if they had some sort of responsibility to you, then it could be possible for accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge to fight for accident compensation on your behalf. But, how could you tell if someone was liable for your injuries or illness?

Within the sections of the guide below, we cover a range of different accidents that could happen in Coatbridge, from a beauty treatment gone wrong to a road traffic accident that could lead to a personal injury claim. Here at Accident Claims UK, we provide free accident claims advice that leaves you under no obligation to use our services. We like to ensure that claimants – or potential claimants – know their rights, and we work hard to provide informative guides so that you could see if you might have an accident claim, and how to go about making one with assistance from solicitors and lawyers. You can learn more about our services by calling 0800 073 8801 but do take a look at the information provided below to learn all about claims that you could make and how a personal injury solicitor could help.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Coatbridge?

Making an accident claim could be complicated, but a personal injury lawyer could make it much easier. With years of training to become qualified, accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge know all about Lanarkshire accident law and could have handled many cases just like yours before. This means not only would they have the legal knowledge to know how best to fight your claim, but they could also draw on similar cases to use what has worked before to ensure they do all that they can to maximise your compensation. But what kind of claims could they work on for you? Here are some examples of the sort of claim an accident claim solicitor could assist with:

  • Public place accident claims
  • Medical/clinical negligence claims
  • Workplace accident claims
  • Industrial illness claims
  • Slips and falls claims
  • Criminal injury claims
  • And many more…

Generally speaking, if someone had some responsibility towards your health and/or safety, and they were negligent or reckless in this responsibility, then you could speak to accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge to see if they could assist with your claim for avoidable injuries suffered as a consequence.

Below, we look at some of these types of personal injury claims in more detail, as well as going on to explain about different factors that could affect accident claims in Coatbridge, such as the accident claims time limit, the no win no fee approach, and how our panel of accident claims solicitors could help with accident claims in Coatbridge.

Road Accidents And Car Crash Claims In Coatbridge

When learning to drive, your instructor would have advised you on the rules of the road that should be adhered to, but if you are involved in a car accident in Coatbridge whether on the motorway, bypass or a residential road by someone that is not adhering to those rules, then you could have cause to claim compensation with accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge if you suffer an injury.

It isn’t just motorists that could make a claim for compensation for a car crash in Coatbridge. Any person on the road that was injured as a result of someone else’s reckless or negligent behaviour could potentially look into making accident claims in Coatbridge. Whether you are a pedestrian knocked over by a driver that failed to stop, or you’ve suffered whiplash as a passenger in a car, taxi, bus or other vehicle accident, or you’ve been injured as a motorcyclist, or while on a push bike, you would need to be within the personal injury claims time limit to make a claim. This, in general, is 3 years from the accident date, but in some cases, exceptions could be made. If you’re unsure whether you’re too late to make compensation claims, then our team of advisors could help to clarify this, so do give us a call.

Compensation After Assaults And Violent Crimes

If you were injured because of a criminal act, such as an assault, then you could consider looking into claiming compensation after an assault from the CICA. This is an agency set up by the government to ensure that victims of crime could claim compensation for their injuries. Whether you have suffered broken bones, cuts, sprains or strains you could look into having accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge make a claim for compensation through the CICA. But it is not just physical injuries you could claim for. You might have suffered mental injuries such as trauma or PTSD too – even as a witness to a violent crime. These types of injuries could also be claimed for. Some incidents you could claim for could include:

  • A Coatbridge killing
  • A Coatbridge stabbing
  • Sexual assault in Coatbridge
  • A fatal road crash caused by a criminal behaviour
  • Witnessing a violent criminal event in Coatbridge
  • And more..

What we must make you aware of, however, is that there is often a shorter accident claims time limit for these claims. Instead of the standard 3-year limit, CICA claims usually have a 2-year limit. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so do call us if you wish to query this.

Work Injury Claim Solicitors

Whether you work in an office or on a building site, there could be risks to your health and safety. And if your employer does not take steps to make the risks as low as could be considered reasonably possible, then they could be held liable for accident at work claims in Coatbridge for workplace injuries. Whether an employer has not risk assessed a task you were undertaking in order to devise a safe way for you to perform that task, or they have not trained you in how to operate a piece of equipment and you have been injured as a result, you could claim compensation not only for the injury itself, but also for any financial costs you have suffered, from medical and travel costs relating to your injury, to loss of wages if you’ve had to take time off work to recover.

It is not only one-off accidents you could claim for either. If you have developed a condition such as RSI over time because of poor working practices, and this was a foreseeable risk, then this could also lead to compensation claims for workplace injuries. If you’d like to know more about conditions that could be caused over time in the workplace, this link from the HSE could help.

Below, you can find 2019/20 statistics from the HSE on such conditions.

accident claims solicitors Coatbridge statistics graph

Whatever type of accident or injury at work you’ve suffered as long as it has been caused by a breach in the duty of care your employer owes to you we could provide accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge to help build a strong case against your employer.

North Lanarkshire Work Injury Statistics

Workplace injury statistics for the local area covering 2014/15-2019/20 can be seen below. These have been obtained from the HSE.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
North Lanarkshire (inc. Coatbridge) 364 342 0

Trip And Slip Injury Claims

Slipping or tripping could happen for a number of different reasons. You might have slipped because of ice or snow, or because your shoes were slippery against some polished flooring, or you might have tripped over your shoelaces or a trailing wire. What differentiates a slip and fall that leads to a claim from a slip and fall that does not, is third-party liability. This would mean that someone else had some form of responsibility for the area you were in and its upkeep, and by failing to make the area safe for you, they shirked this responsibility, and this led to you suffering your injury.

Liability depends where you were when you fell and who had responsibility. For example, if you fell because of a trip hazard at work, your employer could be liable, whereas if it was in a shop, the shop owner could be held liable. Your accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge could help work out who could be to blame for your accident and then they could launch a claim against the liable party.

Public Injury And Accident Claims

The definition of a public place is anywhere people could visit as a member of the public, whether they pay to go there or not. This could be a theme park, library, public park, shopping centre, supermarket, restaurant etc. In order to be able to claim for a public space accident the person who is responsible for the space in question will have needed to fail in their duty of care towards you which lead to your accident taking place. They should also have public liability insurance to pay for accident claims in Coatbridge. If you were injured in a public place due to negligence, accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge could help you work out who could be liable, whether the local council or a business owner.

Claim With Medical Negligence Lawyers Covering Coatbridge

Negligence could also take place in a medical setting. If it does, then you might have cause to seek help from medical negligence lawyers covering Coatbridge to claim compensation. Whether a surgeon has left something in the surgical area, and you have had to undergo another operation to remove it, or poor sanitation in a hospital has led you to contract an infection/further illness while on a ward you could be in a position to claim for this suffering. But claiming medical negligence against a hospital is not the only type of claim that could be made. You could look into dental negligence claims if your dentist has provided negligent advice, damaged a healthy tooth or been negligent in another way and your oral health suffers as a result. You could consider care home negligence claims if you or a loved one’s health has been detrimentally affected by things like negligent treatment of bedsores, or failure to distribute medication. You could also look at potentially claiming against your GP if they have failed to diagnose you correctly because of negligence causing you to suffer unnecessarily or against your midwife if negligent care has led to harm to you or your baby. Our panel of accident claims solicitors could bring years of experience and legal knowledge to push for the maximum compensation possible for your claim.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Coatbridge

We often advise claimants to consider a no win no fee solicitor for accident claims in Coatbridge as we feel this offers maximum benefit for claimants. The way no win no fee works is by pre-determining a percentage of your compensation that would be paid to your accident claim solicitors upon successful settlement of your claim. If your claim was not successful, there would be no fee to pay your legal team. This method does not require an upfront payment to begin your case, and you would have peace of mind that your injury claim solicitor would do all that they could to maximise your compensation payout. This is because this would benefit both you and your lawyer as you’d both receive more money. All of our panel of solicitors work on this method. We’d be happy to explain this in more detail if you’d like to call us.

Speak To An Accident Claims Expert

You can reach an accident claims expert from our team in many different ways, whether you’re looking for more accident claims advice or wish to be provided with an experienced accident claim solicitor covering Coatbridge to fight for compensation for you.

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We’re happy to speak to you about any aspect of making accident claims in Coatbridge, so do get in touch at any time.

Answering Your Questions About Compensation Claims

Still have questions about accident claims in Coatbridge? We’ve answered some common questions below.

Do I Have An Eligible Accident Claim?

If someone is liable for your injury (they were responsible for your safety or health and were negligent or reckless with this responsibility), and you are within the accident claims time limit, then you could look into whether accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge feel that you could have a strong enough claim to claim for compensation. Accident Claims UK could assess this for you and let you know whether we feel your claim would result in compensation. We could also work out a rough estimate of compensation for you, using a personal injury claims calculator.

Will I Claim With A Solicitor Near Me?

You may be missing out on the most appropriate solicitor for you by searching ‘solicitors near me’, or solicitors North Lanarkshire, or lawyer in Coatbridge. Accident Claims UK are a nationwide service and we carefully vet solicitors on our panel, so you could know you’d have good legal representation with one of our panel of solicitors.

What Happens At A Medical Exam?

You could require another medical exam as part of your claim. The independent medic you see should go over your notes, talk to you about your injury and examine you, then write a report that would serve as medical evidence in your claim.

Where Could I See This Doctor?

Accident Claims UK work with medical experts on a panel that spans the UK. You could see someone close to you such as:

Mohammed Ahmad

170 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow

G12 9HZ

Could accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge help with a claim for a data breach?

One of the more common questions we are asked these days is whether we can help with data breach claims. A huge number of organisations may hold some of your personal data. This could include your employer, a credit card company, another financial institute or even your school or university. All of these organisations could be considered data controllers, and as such would have to abide by the Data Protection Act 2018. They would also have to protect your data security and privacy as per GDPR. If you are able to prove wrongdoing on the organisation’s part led to your personal data being breached you could claim compensation. You would be able to claim for both material (financial), and non-material damages. This could include not only the cost of identity fraud or theft but also any emotional distress you have experienced because of the breach. After all, having your data privacy breached could cause you to suffer anxiety, stress or depression.

Our personal injury solicitors covering Coatbridge could assist with a claim for a data breach. Please do not hesitate to call us for a free, no obligation data breach claim check. If we believe your claim is valid, we could then help you start a claim on a no win no fee basis.

What questions should I be asking accident claims solicitors covering Coatbridge?

We’ve already covered the fact that you don’t need to use local personal injury solicitors for Coatbridge claims, but there are other considerations to take into account. There are so many law firms and solicitors out there, that differentiating between them all could be tricky. Therefore it could be a good idea to have some questions in mind to help you make your choice. Some considerations may be:

  • How many years experience in providing injury claim services does the firm have?
  • Do their solicitors operate under a nowin no fee agreement?
  • Could they provide specialist legal advice, and would this be free of charge?
  • Do they check your eligibility to claim for free?
  • What kind of claims have they dealt with before and what is their success rate for such claims?
  • Are they registered in England and Wales to practice law, and are they authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority (SRA)?

We’d be happy to speak to you if you want to ask any of these questions. We can show you reviews from previous claimants that will give you peace of mind you’re making a good choice when you use our services.

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Thank you for reading our guide exploring accident claims solicitors for Coatbridge claims. Now you know why you don’t need local personal injury solicitors for Coatbridge injury claims.