£5,000 Compensation Payout For A Broken Tooth – Settlement Amounts

In this case study, we are going to take a look at how a personal injury lawyer, was successfully able to process a claim on behalf of a client for a broken tooth. Below, we go over this claim, and look how the case proceeded, before the broken tooth compensation was awarded.

Broken tooth compensation

Broken tooth compensation

In this particular case, the victim was eating a bag of crisps. After opening the bag, they didn’t bother looking inside the bag, who does? They simply dipped into the bag and pulled out what they thought was a crisp, and popped it into their mouth. When they bit down, what they found was that it was not a crisp they were eating, whatever it was, broke their tooth. Taking the offending item out of their mouth, they found it to be a piece of hard plastic. This turned out to be a piece of a conveyer belt from the factory the crisps were manufactured in.

The victim made a complaint to the manufacturer, and was offered a £50 voucher. This would not even cover the cost of dental treatment for the injury. They decided it was time to contact a solicitor to make a proper compensation claim. After a period of negotiation, the claimant was offered an out of court settlement of £5,000.

In this case study, we take a look at how serious the injury was, and the damage it caused to the victim’s tooth and mouth. We also look at how the claim was made, and also the compensation that was paid; why it was paid and what for.

How Serious Is A Broken Tooth?

The amount of compensation for loss of teeth that a personal injury solicitor will be able to win on behalf of a client, is dependant on how serious the injury is. A tooth injury can be very serious, causing extreme pain and discomfort, as well as making it difficult to eat.

There are a number of different treatments that a dentist will use to treat a broken or cracked tooth, and these are:

  • Using glue to stick the broken fragment of the tooth back in place (often a temporary fix).
  • Filling the tooth of the hole is small, or cutting the tooth back and then fitting a crown.
  • In extreme cases, the dentist will perform a root canal, and remove the entire tooth as week as the roots.

It is unclear which type of treatment the victim underwent in this case. However, considering the amount of compensation paid, it is likely they had a crown fitted.

What Damage Was Caused To The Claimants Tooth?

As mentioned above, when making a broken tooth claim, dental compensation amounts depend on how serious the injury was. In this case, the injury was severe; the tooth had been entirely broken. The victim also suffered some bad cuts on the inside of their mouth as well. This would have been very painful, and made it very difficult for them to drink and eat.

The victim’s solicitor went ahead and processed a claim for them, aiming to win compensation to make up for this pain and suffering.

What Allegations Were Made

As part of this compensation claim for pain and suffering for broken tooth, the solicitor had to present the facts, and pursue the manufacturer for damages. The defendant initially offered the claimant a £50 voucher. The solicitor believed this was a ludicrous offer, as it would not even cover the cost of dental treatment needed to fix the tooth.

The solicitor attempted to negotiate a settlement that would fully cover the cost of private dental treatment, to fix the claimant’s tooth. This would cost far more than the value of a £50 voucher that had been offered. Eventually, the defendant offered an out of court settlement of £5,000. The claimant was happy to accept this amount.

How Did The Case Conclude?

The solicitor that was representing the claimant, attempted to negotiate an out of court settlement for personal injury compensation. They were successful in this, and the claimant was offered £5,000 by the defendant. This was accepted.

The compensation was paid to the claimant for the pain and suffering of the injury, and also to cover the cost of private dental treatment to have their broken tooth fixed.

This case is a good example of how a straightforward claim should proceed. The defendant was clearly at fault, as the foreign object in the crisp bag that broke the claimant’s tooth, clearly came from a conveyer belt on their own production line. Furthermore, there was no doubt that the foreign object had been the direct cause of the injury. Despite the defendant offering a £50 voucher, the solicitor processing the claim new that the chances of winning the claim if it went to court, was high. The defendant also clearly understood this, and required little pressure to come up with a £5,000 out of court settlement offer.

No Win No Fee Broken Tooth Compensation Claims

You may believe that if you need to make a personal injury claim, for something like a broken tooth as in the case above, that you need to pay your solicitor to process the claim at the start. This is simply not true. Accident Claims UK can offer you a much better option. We can act as your team of No Win No Fee solicitors, and process a claim on your behalf. What this means, is that you do not pay anything at all, unless you win compensation.

We offer a No Win No Fee national claims service to all residents of the UK, as the simplest, risk-free way to make a claim. When you ask us to handle your claim, there is no charge at all. As we process your claim, and in some cases this could take many months, we still don’t charge any fees. If we fail to win any compensation for you, then we still charge nothing at all. However, if and when we do receive a compensation payment for you, this is the time that we expect to be paid. What happens, is that we will deduct the percentage we agreed as our fee from the money we received. We will then send the remaining money to you.

So, as you can see, when you use the Accident Claims UK national claims service to process your claim, there really is no financial risk to you. As you don’t pay anything at all until we have received a compensation payment for you.

How To Contact Our Team

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