Centre Parcs Holiday Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury Claim Against Centre Parcs?

Centre Parcs has become one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations. Whatever the weather, there’s always something to do and for most people, nothing but happy memories are made during their time there. However, if your holiday is marred by a Centre Parcs accident, not only could your holiday be ruined, you might end up suffering well after you return home. Therefore, you might want to consider whether a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer could help you claim compensation for any injuries or illness caused by the negligence of Centre Parcs staff, or the management.

Here at Accident Claims UK, we have a team of specialist advisers who can assess your accident at Centre Parcs free of charge and with no obligation. If the claim has a good chance of being won, they could introduce to a solicitor who could help you make a personal injury claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Therefore, if you’re ready to begin your claim right away, please call 0800 073 8801.

Alternatively, if you’d rather find out more before calling us, please continue reading this helpful guide.

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A Guide To Centre Parcs Holiday Accident Claims

Centre Parcs has become more and more popular since opening its first park in 1987. Its popularity is probably down to the fact that there’s lots to do there, whatever the weather. From riding a water raft down the flumes to a relaxing day in the Aqua Sana. However, while there’s plenty of fun to be had, on occasion, accidents can happen. If you’re unlucky enough to be injured or made ill in a Centre Parcs accident, you could be entitled to claim compensation for your suffering.

In this guide we’ll look at what duty of care Centre Parcs has to guests, the types of accidents that could happen, how much compensation you could be paid, and when you could be entitled to compensation.

Importantly, if you are considering a compensation claim, you’ll need evidence. Therefore, there are some steps you should take. These include:

  • Report the accident. You should do this at the venue where the accident happened at guest services, usually located in the centre of the village
  • Photograph the cause of the accident. It’s important to do this prior to the scene being cleared or repairs being made
  • Ask witnesses for a statement and their details
  • Visit a GP or A&E so your injuries are treated

Although these steps might seem time consuming while you’re on holiday, they could really help your personal injury solicitor win your case. That’s because evidence such as medical records, accident reports and photographs all help prove what happened.

What Is A Centre Parcs Accident?

There are so many different ways in which a Centre Parcs accident could happen that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. That’s true of course, for any holiday village or resort, not just Centre Parcs. You could be involved in an incident in a swimming pool, a mountain bike accident or a Centre Parcs slide accident.

Essentially, to be able to make a claim, you’ll need to have:

  • Been involved in an accident at Centre Parcs
  • That resulted in an injury or illness, and
  • That was caused by negligence of Centre Parcs staff, contractors or management

We’ll cover some of the more common reasons personal injury claims might be made throughout this guide. However, if your accident isn’t covered, don’t worry. So long as your case fits the criteria above, we could help you file a personal injury claim against a negligent third party.

Centre Parcs Locations In The UK

Centre Parcs has locations across the UK and Ireland which includes the following:

  • Centre Parcs Woburn Forest
  • Centre Parcs Longleat Forest
  • Centre Parcs Whinfell Forest
  • Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest
  • Centre Parcs Elveden Forest
  • Centre Parcs Longford Forest (Ireland)

We’re able to help you claim for injuries at any of the parks listed. However, as the new Longford Forest is in Ireland, different legislation might apply. Please call an adviser for free claims advice and to find out if you have a valid personal injury claim against Centre Parcs.

Accidents And Injuries Which Could Happen At Centre Parcs

There are a number of different types of accident that could happen at Centre Parcs. We’ll cover some of the more common in the coming sections of this guide. A number of more serious accidents have made newspaper headlines over the years.

For instance, one Centre Parcs accident at Longleat, left 3 people injured after an inflatable carrying them down a slide flipped over. This resulted in a local council health and safety officer investigating ride safety. Following the Centre Parcs cyclone accident, the adult in the group was taken to hospital with suspected broken ribs and two children suffered head injuries. (Source:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7549267/Center-Parcs-focus-health-safety-probe-Tropical-Cyclone-raft-flips.html)

Therefore, we’ll include a section on swimming pool and Centre Parcs slide accidents shortly. We’ll also look at making a cycling accident claim, accidents caused by climbing and other activities, food poisoning claims and what to do if you suffer a Centre Parcs injury in your accommodation.

If you don’t see a scenario that is similar to your own experience, don’t worry. These are just some examples. We could help with any type of accident if it was caused by the negligence of Centre Parc’s staff/management. Therefore, please call for a free assessment of your claim.

As for the different types of injuries that could occur, the list is endless but here are some examples:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Burns and scalds
  • Head injuries
  • Food poisoning
  • Soft tissue damage

If you’ve suffered any form of injury while staying at Centre Parcs, caused by negligence of the staff/management, please call to see if you could be eligible to claim compensation.

Centre Parcs Duty Of Care To Guests

When you book your holiday with Centre Parcs, you are effectively taking out a contract with them. The contract obviously includes what services they’ll provide for you, but it also places a duty of care on them to keep you, and all members of your party, safe while staying at Centre Parcs.

This means that they need to take steps to reduce any risk. This could mean providing safety equipment during activities, clearing up spillages in the shopping area quickly, or ensuring any damaged furniture in your accommodation is repaired or replaced.

If the duty of care is breached, causing an accident and injuries to occur, you could seek compensation for your suffering.

Claims For Accidents Or Injuries In Accommodation At A Centre Parcs

While many of the lodges or villas at Centre Parcs have been renovated over recent years, accidents can still happen. Centre Parcs’ duty of care includes ensuring a lodge/villa is safe. That’s the case if you’re staying in any type of property at the Centre Parcs hotel and includes executive lodges.

The types of accident which could lead to a claim include:

  • Injuries sustained because of damaged furniture
  • Burns or scalds in the kitchen caused by faulty equipment
  • Illnesses caused by the property not being cleaned properly
  • Burns or scalds caused by a defective thermostat on showers, radiators, Jacuzzis or saunas

If you’re injured in your accommodation at Centre Parcs, we’d recommend that you take photos of what caused the injuries, and also report the accident to staff/management. If possible, you could ask for a copy of the accident report to use as evidence if you go on to make a claim.

Centre Parcs Climbing And Other Activity Accident Claims

The many activities are among the main attractions of a Centre Parcs holidays. There are a massive range of things to do including ten pin bowling, boating and nature walks. There are also a range of activities based in trees such as zip wires, climbing, high ropes and 3G swings.

In any of these activities, you could claim compensation if you’re injured due to:

  • A lack of a risk assessment (usually a paper questionnaire that should be completed prior to an activity)
  • Inadequate or poorly fitted safety equipment. This can include helmets, harnesses and safety ropes
  • Poor supervision or instructions from staff
  • Activities being allowed to take place during adverse weather conditions

If you, or a member of your family was injured while participating in any activity at Centre Parcs, caused by any the above reasons detailed above, we could help you claim. Therefore, please call to discuss your options today.

Centre Parcs Water Activity And Swimming Accident Claims

As we mentioned earlier, there have been some high-profile slide accidents at Centre Parcs. In fact, the same report mentioned earlier went on to say that an accident on the tropical cyclone at Centre Parks Sherwood Forest was just one of 23 reported in the last six months. While that number is small in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of guests who use the tropical cyclone ride each year, it could lead to questions about whether essential slide rules had been followed.

You could be eligible for compensation following a Centre Parcs cyclone injury if:

  • The height restrictions for the ride weren’t applied
  • Your raft was not loaded properly
  • Staff weren’t supervising the ride area properly
  • There were no warning signs explaining the risks or rules for the ride

While we’ve concentrated on Centre Parcs cyclone injuries in this section, you could be eligible for compensation for any injuries sustained in an accident in the pool area if it happened because staff were negligent in any way.

Centre Parcs Cycling Accident Claims

When you arrive at Centre Parcs, you’re only allowed to drive within the village on the first and last day of your holiday, so you can drop off and pick up your luggage. After that, the only way to get around is on foot or by riding a bike. You are allowed to bring your own bike, or Centre Parcs have a very popular bike rental service.

If you’re involved in a Centre Parcs cycling accident, it may mean you’re entitled to compensation. Some examples include:

  • When your accident happens because a bike you hired was faulty or not maintained properly
  • If you’re injured as a pedestrian by a cyclist who was riding in a no cycling area and staff did nothing to stop them
  • You come off your bike because of damage to the road
  • Or if you’re hit by Centre Parcs vehicles that are allowed to drive around the village during the week

Centre Parcs Food Related And Waterborne Illness Claims

As with any restaurant, the establishments serving food in Centre Parcs have a duty of care to ensure food is stored, handled, prepared and cooked properly and that this is done in hygienic kitchens. Also, any allergens contained within the food must be clearly identified. That’s true of food sold in the restaurants as well as pre-packaged or hot food sold in the Parc Market.

If you suspect you’ve suffered food poisoning while staying at Centre Parcs, we recommend that you visit a GP or A&E for treatment. Any medical records can be used to prove that you suffered if you decide to make a claim.

Centre Parcs Accident Personal Injury Claims Calculator

We’re often asked how much compensation is paid in a personal injury claim. The truth is that we can’t really say because every claim is different. We should be able to provide an estimate once we’ve assessed your claim in full though.

For now, the personal injury claims compensation table below shows how much could be paid for certain injuries and illnesses.

InjurySeverityCompensation RangeAdditional Notes
ShoulderMinor£4,080 to £7,410This range covers soft tissue injuries that are fully recovered from within 1-2 years.
PelvisModerate£24,950 to £36,770 This range covers pelvis or hip injuries which can be classed as significant and which results in a permanent (minor) disability.
ArmsModerateup to £11,820This range covers lacerations, simple fractures and also elbow fractures.
NeckMinor£4,080 to £7,410This range covers tissue damage injuries where full recovery takes place between 1 and 2 years.
Back Minor£7,410 to £11,730This range covers injuries where recovery occurs, without the need for surgery, within 2 to 5 years.
HandModerate£5,260 to £12,460This range covers crush injuries or deep lacerations.
LegsSevere£90,320 to £127,530This range covers injuries that mean the leg isn't amputated but the result is the same as if it had been.
FootModestup to £12,900This range coverssimple metarsal fractures and ruptured ligaments.
Food Poisoning£860 to £3,710This range covers stomach cramps, Pain, and diarrhoea that lasts for up to a few weeks.
Food Poisoning£3,710 to £8,950This range covers the symptoms above and could also lead to hosptial admission for a couple of days. Usually the suffering will last a few weeks with full recovery within a year.

Each injury is compensated based on its severity. Therefore, our solicitors use medical records and reports from independent doctors to try and prove how you suffered. By doing so, they hope to ensure you receive a full and fair settlement and the correct amount of compensation for your injuries.

What Other Compensation Could I Claim After An Accident At Centre Parcs?

As well as the compensation listed in the previous section’s table, known as general damages, there are a number of special damages your solicitor could claim for. These include:

  • Travelling Costs
    When you’re injured, you might need to visit the GP, a hospital or physio. Therefore, you could include the fuel costs and parking costs associated with your appointment in your claim. Also, if you’re unable to drive while you recover from your injuries, you could claim for the cost of any alternative travel arrangements
  • Care Costs
    Some injuries might require professional care to help you recover. If that’s the case, you could claim the cost of the carer back
  • Medical Costs
    We’re lucky in the UK because we receive free treatment from the NHS. However, the cost of prescriptions and other medicines can soon build up. Therefore, these could be claimed back too
  • Lost Earnings
    Should you require time off work because you need to visit a GP or to recover, you could claim any lost income. Also, if there is a long-term effect on your working ability, you could claim for future lost earnings too
  • Damage to Personal Property
    If any item of your property is damaged as a result of your accident, you could claim the cost of repairing or replacing it

With any special damage you seek to claim back, we advise that you keep hold of any receipts, wage slips and bank statements which would be required as proof of your expenditure. If you’re worried that you might not be able to include an expense in your claim, check with your solicitor before committing to it.

How Long Do I Have To Claim For An Accident At Centre Parcs?

There is a personal injury claims time limit in the UK which all claims must be made within. The normal period is 3-years from the date of your accident. However, it could also start at a later date if you weren’t aware of your injuries right away and a doctor diagnosed you as suffering from a health issue they can link to the injury you sustained.

Also, cases involving children are different too. An adult can become a ‘litigation friend’ and represent the child at any point before they turn 18. If that doesn’t happen, when the child turns 18, they’ll have a 3-year period to make their own claim which in short, means they have till they are twenty one years old to seek compensation following an accident at Centre Parcs.

No Win No Fee Centre Parcs Holiday Accident Claims

One of the main things that puts people off of making a compensation claim is the cost of hiring a solicitor. Therefore, our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis for all claims they take on. That means, when the solicitor agrees to take on your case, you’ll sign a conditional fee agreement (CFA).

The CFA is a contract between you and your solicitor that makes it clear that you won’t pay solicitor’s fees unless your case is won, and you receive compensation. If that happens, the CFA will explain what ‘success fee’ you’ll pay. The success fee is used to cover the solicitor’s fees and gets deducted from your compensation before it’s paid to you.

We believe that the stress and financial risk involved with a claim is greatly reduced by No Win No Fee services.

How We Could Help You Claim For An Accident At Centre Parcs

When you use Accident Claims UK to file a personal injury compensation claim for a Centre Parcs accident, we’ll start by offering a no obligation assessment of your case. We’ll review the evidence you have to support the claim and if there’s a chance of compensation, we could introduce you to one of our specialist solicitors.

Some of our solicitors have been handling personal injury claims for over 30 years. Whether you’re claiming for a cycling injury, Centre Parcs cyclone injuries or even deaths at Centre Parcs, your solicitor will strive to ensure you receive the right level of compensation for your injuries.

You’ll receive regular updates throughout your claim and also, should you receive a settlement offer, expert advice on your options.

Start Your Centre Parcs Accident Claim

Now you’ve reached the end of our guide, we hope you’re ready to begin your claim with us here at Accident Claims UK. If so, please get in touch using one of the following methods:

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