Menorca Holiday Accident Claims Guide How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury In Menorca

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 25th November 2021. Welcome to our guide on claiming for an accident on holiday in Menorca.

Whilst we all spend time planning our holidays and look forward to going away for long weekend, week, or fortnight, it is sad to say that every year of the millions of British people who go on holiday abroad, thousands can and do suffer some form of accident, injury, or holiday illness. The results of this could simply ruin your holiday, or it could have a life changing impact on you. If you have had an accident on holiday in Menorca, get in contact with our team today to find out how we can help you.

Menorca holiday accident accident on holiday in Menorca

Menorca holiday accident

Our panel of personal injury solicitors and lawyers which we work with can help you to pursue your claim, whether for an accident in your hotel, a holiday island crash, or any other form of injury in Menorca.

Our team will always put you, the victim, at the heat of what we do. We understand that you and the circumstances of your accident are individual, and will treat you accordingly.

From when you first get in touch with our team, to the successful end of your claim, we will be with you at every step. Please read our guide below to find out how to claim compensation for your holiday accident, illness, or injury.

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Have You Been Injured Whilst Abroad?

A Guide To Claims For Accidents On Holiday In Menorca

Each year hundreds of thousands of British tourists will visit the Spanish island of Menorca. For most, the trip will be as peaceful and relaxing or exhilarating as they wish it to be. However, for others, their trip will be spoiled or cut short due to an illness or accident which has been caused by someone else.

In this article we look at what you should do if you have suffered harm whilst on holiday, ways in which you could be hurt or made sick by someone else, and finally, how our team can help you to make a successful personal injury claim.

Popular Resorts, Beaches, And Attractions

There are several large towns on the island of Menorca, with the islands largest municipalities including; Ciutadella de Menorca, Ferreries, Es Mercadal, Es Migjorn Gran, Alaior, Port Mahon (Maó), Es Castell, Sant Lluís.

Popular resorts on the island also include;

  1. Binibeca
  2. Es Frau
  3. Cala Galdana
  4. Punta Prima
  5. Son Bou
  6. Arenal d’en Castell

What To Do If You Have An Accident On Holiday

If you do have an accident whilst on holiday there are some steps which you should do in order to give yourself a much better chance of making a claim when back in the UK. These are simple steps which you should take, whether or not you initially intend to make a claim.

  • Accidents should always be reported to the party responsible, your holiday company, a tour rep, and your insurance company. In the event of an road accident, you may also need to inform the local police.
  • Make sure that the accident is accurately recorded.
  • Collect evidence such as contact details for witnesses, photos of the scene of the accident and medical records.
  • Get any medical care you need, and make sure you also kept any receipts for treatment, as well as a copy of your medical report.

Menorca Emergency Phone Numbers

If you have suffered an injury in Menorca, or been in an accident and require emergency assistance, there are several numbers you can call on the island to get help. These are;

The main emergency services number is 112 and you will find operators speak Spanish and English. Other numbers it is helpful to be aware of include the following:

  • Ambulance service – 061
  • National police force – 091
  • Guardia Civil – 062
  • Menorca fire service – 971 35 10 11
  • For rescue at sea – 900 20 22 02
  • Airport Information – 971 15 70 00

Healthcare In Menorca For Tourists

If you have had an accident or injury in Menorca, you may need to access the islands healthcare services for treatment and care. The Spanish public healthcare system is comparable to the UK’s and you should find it to be efficient, clean, and providing a good standard of care.

The islands main hospital is located in Mahon and called the Mateo Orfila hospital. Your town or resort is also likely to have a local medical centre or GP surgery. There are also excellent private healthcare services and facilities across the island and clinical services may be accessible with your health insurance, or by using your own funds. If you do so, keep a receipt to claim back later.

You can find chemists in most resorts and town. During the summer months there is often an emergency 24 hour pharmacy open where you can get medication.

You will need to pay for your medical treatment either through insurance, your own funds, or by producing your Global Health Insurance Card to entitle you to healthcare.

Is There A Time Limit For Making My Claim?

One of the most important things which you need to be aware of if you have had an accident on holiday in Menorca is that your personal injury lawyer will need begin your case within a certain period of time. This is the personal injury claims time limit applicable to the circumstances of your accident and injury.

Personal injury claims time limits in Spain can be different to those in the UK. If you were injured whilst on a package holiday, the usual UK time limit of three years applies. If your accident did not happen on a package holiday you need to act quicker. This is because time limits can be around a year, however they do vary. It is best to talk to our team to find out the most applicable time limit for your claim.

Circumstances in which you were harmed Limitation period
Illness or injury in Spain where a package holiday company in the UK is responsible. 3 years
Non package holiday accidents and injuries 1 year (time limits can vary)
Injury or illness or flights booked to one of the islands international airports 2 years

Balearic Island Holiday Accident Claims Our Team Conducts

These are some of the top ten most common types of accident and injury on holiday in Menorca which our team can conduct;

  1. Pedestrian accidents in Menorca
  2. Scooter or moped accidents
  3. Motorcycle accidents
  4. Car accidents in Menorca
  5. Food poisoning in menorca
  6. Slips, trips, and falls
  7. Bus and coach accidents
  8. Accidents on flights or at the airport
  9. Water sport accidents

We will now look at some of these in more detail.

Accidents And Illness On A Package Holiday

Claiming compensation for an accident on a holiday can sometimes be more difficult than making other types of personal injury claim. You might be making a claim in a foreign country and subject to the laws and time limits of that country when doing so. In some instances, this could affect your right to claim, or how much you could be owed. However, the UK government has put in place regulations to help you bring your holiday accident claim in the UK.

If you were hurt whilst on a package holiday which was booked through a company based or operating in the UK, you could bring your package holiday injury claim here with a UK based solicitor. The most important piece of legislation which can help us make your claim is the Package Travel, Holiday, and Tour Act of 1992. This helps you to make a claim against a UK based package holiday company for an accident which has happened abroad.

Remember, we can also help you to make claims, such as for a holiday island crash, which happened on a non-package holiday. No matter how you booked your trip, your holiday company owes you a duty of care to make sure that you are safe and free from harm.

Accidents And Illness At A Hotel

One of the most common forms of holiday accident claims are those made against a hotel. We can spend a lot of time in our hotel and on grounds which they maintain, such as external areas, privately maintained beaches, and swimming pools, so it is no wonder that many people do suffer an injury whilst on their property. Your hotel and holiday company (if booked as part of a package deal) have a responsibility to ensure that the facilities are well maintained, meet health and safety requirements, and overall that you are kept free from any harm. Failure to do this and your being injured can often be grounds for you to make a holiday accident claim.

To make a claim with our panel of holiday accident solicitors for an injury or illness in your hotel, contact us today.

Accidents Or Food Poisoning At A Restaurant

Cases of food poisoning, accidents and restaurants, and other forms of illness caused by your hotel or a restaurant are not uncommon in Menorca. Whilst the island is small, there are a large number of hotels and resorts. If you need to make a Menorca holiday illness compensation claim, we could help.

Some of the most common causes of holiday illness in Menorca include Salmonella, E. coli, and Shigella. They can be caused you being served food which is undercooked, or which has been otherwise contaminated.

Similar illnesses including gastroenteritis, which can be serious, can be caused by contracting cryptosporidium from a swimming pool at your hotel which is not being, or has not been cleaned properly.

Injuries Caused By Slips And Falls

If you of someone who you were travelling with, such as a family member or a friend, were hurt because of a slip, trip or fall, you may have grounds to make a personal injury claim against the party responsible, such as a restaurant, or your hotel. At times, you may be able to claim compensation for a balcony fall, though you need to clearly show that someone other then the victim was to blame for the accident.

You accident could have been caused by someone not correctly maintaining a footpath, or because a spillage was not cleaned up or signposted. As long as you can show that a party such as your hotel, airline, or holiday company was to blame, you could be able to claim for your Menorca holiday injury.

Watersport And Activity Accident Claims

Spain and the Balearic Islands are a popular destination for British holidaymakers interested in watersports and similar activities. Watersports, such as riding a jet ski or being pulled along on an inflatable donut, are common activities for holidaymakers. They can be both relaxing and fun. Whilst such activities can be a lot of fun, if you are not properly shown how to participate in this type of activity, they can be very dangerous, and could even be fatal.

Similarly, if a beach is not being properly monitored, or if the right flags have not been put out for people to know whether it is safe or not, you may be hurt and have cause to make a compensation claim.

Menorca Road Traffic Accident Claims

The rate of car and road traffic accidents in Spain is around 30% higher than the rate of accidents in the UK. 2017 also saw an overall rise in the number of people killed in road traffic accidents in the Balearic Islands. This follows a trend in which the number of those who were fatally injured in 2016 was also higher than in 2015.

Spain’s motorway network has previously been identified as being more dangerous than those in the UK. British drivers in Spain can be more vulnerable to suffering an accident on the road. Factors such as driving on the opposite side of the road can have a big influence on this.

If you are involved in a holiday island crash, whether in the Balearic Islands, or other islands across Europe, and suffered an injury such as whiplash, we could help you to make a holiday accident and injury claim. Contact our team today to find out if we can help you.

How Our Holiday Accident Experts Can Help You

Can I Make My Holiday Accident Claim In The UK?

If you have had a holiday island crash, suffered a balcony fall which was the fault of your hotel, or been hurt in any other way whilst on holiday, you may feel that you have cause to make a compensation claim with a holiday accident solicitor. One of the most common questions around holiday accident claims abroad is whether or not you need to use a solicitor based in the country in which you were injured?

Whilst it is not always possible to give a definitive answer, what we can say is that for the bulk of accident and injury claims in Spain, you can use a solicitor, personal injury lawyer, or claims management company based in the UK. The legal experts who are part of our panel are experienced at helping people to claim for accidents and injuries abroad. Contact us today to see how they could help you.

Menorca Holiday Accident Claims Compensation Calculator

Injury type Level of seriousness Injury details Awarded settlements
Neck injury Minor – severe Covering a range of different types and levels of injury affecting the neck. £2,150 – £130,060
Knee injury Moderate – Severe Covering a range of different types and levels of injury to one or both knees. Up to £84,360
Back injury Minor – severe Covering a range of different types and levels of injury to the back. £2,150 – £141,150
Hand injury Minor At the high end, this includes the effective loss of both of your hands. £800 – £176,660
Shoulder injury Minor – severe Covering a range of different types and levels of injury to the shoulder. Could also affect the neck. £2,150 – £42,110
Clavicle fracture N/A Settlements are based on the severity of the fracture. £4,520 to £10,730
Arm injury Minor/ moderate – severe Covering a range of different types and levels of injury to the arm, or arms. Up to £114,810
Hip and pelvis injury Lesser – severe Breaks, fractures and even damage to surrounding organs. £3,460 – £114,810
Wrist injury Severity A – F Severity A – F, the more serious the injury, the more compensation awarded. Up to £52,490
Thumb injury Trivial Covering a range of different types and levels of injury to the tumb. Up to £48,080

No Win No Fee Holiday Accident, Injury, And Illness Claims

If you choose to claim compensation for your accident on holiday in Menorca with us, we will discuss with you the different ways you can fund your claim, including through a conditional fee agreement.

More often called a no win, no fee agreement, these types of claim for an injury or illness in Menorca are assessed individually, looking at the circumstances of what happened to you. If you do choose our team, we will be happy to explain exactly how this type of claim works in practice.

Through a no win, no fee agreement, claimants do not assume any financial risks. Any costs are covered by your personal injury solicitor or claims management company during the period in which the case is being conducted. These costs can also be recovered from the other party. If you do not win your case, your solicitor should have insurance in place to cover their expenses, meaning you still won’t be billed.

How To Get Started

If you have been injured or became ill in an accident on holiday in Menorca, our team is here to help you make a holiday accident personal injury claim. The best way to get the process started is to make a no obligation enquiry to our team.

Our initial advice is provided to you free of charge, and by getting in contact with us you are under no obligation to make you claim with our team. We can give you guidance on whether or not you are eligible to make a claim, and if so, how we could help you to do so.

When you make your initial enquiry we can also discuss ways of funding your legal case, including working with a personal injury solicitor under a no win, no fee agreement. If you do choose to work with us, we promise to strive to get you the maximum possible compensation for your injuries or illness.

  1. Get in touch with our team using any of the methods listed below.
  2. We will then start assessing what happened to you, and if you have a valid claim.
  3. If we think you have a valid case, we will discuss how we can help you make your claim.

How To Contact Accident Claims UK

There are several quick and easy ways in which you can get in touch with the holiday accident claims experts at Accident Claims UK. You can contact our team via phone, email, request a call back using the form at the top of this page, or click on the ‘online claims advisor’ feature to the right of this page.

Whichever way you choose to get in touch with our team, we are ready to start work on your claim.

Additional Resources

In this article we have included some of the most important information and addressed the most common forms of accident, injury, and illness which people can suffer whilst on holiday. However, for your reference, we have also included some of our other relevant guides below, as well as details of the main British Embassy in Mallorca (covering the Balearic Islands) as well as NHS health advice for travel to Spain.

Holiday Accident Claims
This is our comprehensive guide to holiday accident personal injury claims.

British Consulate – Balearic Islands
Carrer Convent dels Caputxins, 4
Edificio Orisba B 4ºD
07002 Palma de Mallorca

Enquiry line: +34 93 366 6200

Main British Embassy In Spain
British Embassy Madrid
Torre Espacio
Paseo de la Castellana 259D
28046 Madrid

Telephone enquiries: +34 917 14 64 00

A Guide To Healthcare In Spain
In this NHS guide, you can find information on how to access and pay for healthcare and medical services in Spain as a tourist.

What evidence would I need to claim for an accident on holiday in Menorca?

If you have had an accident on holiday on the island of Menorca you may be wondering what evidence you could put forward to prove your claim. We would advise you to get as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident if you are able to. You could take photographs of the scene, or you could ask someone else to do this for you. You could also draw a diagram, for example of the positions of cars in a road traffic accident. In addition to this, you could take photographs of your injuries too. Other evidence that could support your claim could include witness statements, so it would be a good idea to collect witness details at the scene of the accident. In addition to this if it is a road traffic accident, you would need to take the other motorist details too.


Another piece of vital evidence you would need to claim would be an independent medical report. You’d need to see an independent doctor to collect this evidence. They would need to take a look at your injuries, and may need to review some of your past medical notes. That way they can get the full picture of your injury, and provide a report that evidences it correctly.

Could I claim for an accident on holiday in Menorca on behalf of my child?

It could be possible for a parent to make a claim on behalf of their child if their child was injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. This would involve them registering to be the child’s litigation friend. By doing so, they would be able to make decisions about the case. If you are interested in making a child accident claim, we would be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for us to provide you with a solicitor that could help you.

Thank you for reading this guide on claiming for an accident on holiday in Menorca.