London City Airport Accident Claims Guide – I Had An Accident In London City Airport England Can I Claim Compensation For Personal Injury?

London City Airport accident claims guide

London City Airport accident claims guide

By Olivia David. Last updated 17th September 2021. Welcome to our London City airport accident claims guide.

When you go to an airport such as London city airport, whether it be for travel purposes or because you work there, having an accident is probably one of the last things you would think about, but there are all sorts of accidents that could occur in an airport. From slip, trip and fall accidents, airport trolley accidents, lift or escalator accidents to baggage handler accidents, if you sustain an injury due to a London city airport accident which was caused by someone else’s error or negligence, you could be eligible to make a claim.

Making a claim however can be quite complicated and so having a personal injury solicitor could prove invaluable. Accident Claims UK have successfully dealt with many personal injury claims for more than 30 years and could help you to get the compensation you deserve, just call for free on 0800 073 8801 and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced expert personal injury lawyers.

Do I have grounds to make London City Airport accident claims?

You may have visited this guide today to learn what criteria is required in order to make a personal injury claim. If so, its important to say that the best way of establishing your eligibility for compensation is to get in touch with our team at Accident Claims today. However, typically, you must be able to prove that you suffered due to third-party negligence. If you have evidence of this, you could have grounds to claim.

Upon speaking with one of our specialist advisors about your situation and how you’ve been impacted as a result of it, you could see whether you have grounds to make a valid claim. If you do, our advisors can then offer to connect you to our panel of accident claims solicitors covering your area. They all work on a No Win No Fee basis and are able to provide you with regular updates about your claim via telephone, email or even face-to-face meetings. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. In the meantime, please enjoy our guide.

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  1. A Guide To Claims For Accidents At London City Airport
  2. What Are London City Airport Injuries Or Accidents?
  3. London City Airport Aviation, Passenger And Workplace Safety
  4. Common Airport Passenger Or Staff Accidents
  5. Slipping Or Tripping In An Airport
  6. Baggage Cart, Trolley And Carousel Accidents
  7. Airport Accidents On Lifts / Escalators / Stairs
  8. Accidents On Airport Passenger Ground Transport
  9. Accidents In London City Airport Shops And Eateries
  10. Airport Employee Workplace Accidents
  11. Airport Employee Accidents Affecting Baggage Handlers
  12. Calculating Claims For Accidents At London City Airport
  13. Additional Damages Which You Could Claim
  14. No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At London City Airport
  15. Why Select Our Accident Claims Team?
  16. Start Your Claim
  17. Further Information

A Guide To Claims For Accidents At London City Airport

If you are thinking of making a personal injury claim for an injury or illness you have suffered due to an accident at London City Airport, you may be wondering what is involved and how to go about it. We have produced this guide which holds lots of information on making a London city Airport accident claim that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have. The guide includes background information such as what are common airport accidents and look at London City Airport safety information. It also looks at filing a claim as an employee as well as a visitor of the airport.

Using the personal injury claims calculator, we have also included some guidance as to how much compensation you could receive if the claim is successful and look at what type of things can be included within your claim. We also touch briefly on how a personal injury solicitor that offers a no win no fee service can be beneficial to your case. Of course, if you have further questions, or would like us to take a look at your case for you, don’t hesitate to call us at Accident Claims UK and we will endeavour to be of assistance.

What Are London City Airport Injuries Or Accidents?

There are numerous types of accidents or injuries that may occur in London City Airport that could have been prevented had those responsible not acted negligently. Thankfully the majority of accidents are fairly minor and the victim recovers quite quickly with no long-lasting effects, but sometimes injuries caused by a London City Airport incident or accident can be more serious leading to the victim being in a lot of pain and having their lifestyle and well-being negatively affected for some time.

Examples of airport accidents

Accidents such as slipping over a spillage, having luggage fall out of an overhead locker onto you, being hit by an airport trolley or tripping over whilst disembarking your flight for example can all lead to injury. Some people who have been injured may need to take time off from work to recover and therefore will lose some of their income, or they may not be able to carry on with usual daily activities. Certainly for someone who is going on holiday, if they suffer an injury whilst in the airport, it could ruin their holiday or even prevent them from being able to go.

If you have been injured in London City Airport, regardless of whether you are an airport worker, or a passenger, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you may want to consider making a personal injury claim so that you can have financial assistance with your recovery and also recover some of the income you may have lost or any expenses you may have incurred due to your injury.

London City Airport Aviation, Passenger And Workplace Safety

London City Airport has a duty of care to its workforce and passengers to ensure it is a safe environment for all those who visit or work there. By having health and safety policies and procedures in place and effectively-being adhered to, the chance of having an accident should be low. This may include providing appropriate training, regularly servicing equipment, maintaining and servicing airport transporters, making sure policies are in place for all aspects of the airport and so on. However, if the negligence of safety aspects is present and someone is injured as a result, a claim may possibly be made.

Airport accident statistics

Statistics show that accidents occur to both employees and visitors of airports. The HSE website shows that in 2013/14 there were 94 major injuries and 1 fatal injury among employees. The total rate of injuries this particular year was 918 per 100,000 employees excluding air cargo handling. Most of the injuries, 39%, reported to RIDDOR were caused by lifting and handling accidents, followed by slip, trip and fall accidents at a rate of 24%.

Common Airport Passenger Or Staff Accidents

There are many types of accidents that could occur at London City Airport, with many possible resultant injuries even though air travel is considered one of the safest means of travel. Accidents can happen to both passengers and the crew, some examples of accidents that can happen in an airport include:

  • Emergency landings
  • Aeroplane or helicopter crashes
  • Cabin trolley accidents
  • Outbreak of fire
  • Food poisoning
  • Accidents involving hot food or drink
  • Items falling from overhead lockers
  • Slips, trips, falls in the aircraft, airport, or whilst embarking or disembarking the aircraft
  • Baggage handler accidents
  • Luggage trolley accidents
  • Falling from a height
  • Accidents involving airport vehicles
  • Lift and escalator accidents
  • Lifting and handling accidents

Numerous injuries can arise from London City Airport accidents, these may include:

  • Bruising
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Sprains and strains
  • Head injuries
  • Burns and scalds
  • Illness caused by food poisoning
  • Worst case scenario, death

If your injury or illness is because of negligence at London City Airport, you may be able to make a claim, just call Accident Claims UK and we can connect you to an experienced personal injury solicitor to help you with your case.

Slipping Or Tripping In An Airport

Slip, trip and fall accidents are among the most common types of accidents at London City Airport. From someone tripping over a suitcase to slipping on a spillage on the floor, many of these types of accidents are preventable if care is taken. Airports are extremely busy places and so strict health and safety guidelines should be in place in order to try to prevent these accidents from happening. If you have been injured because of a slip, trip or fall that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Baggage Cart, Trolley And Carousel Accidents

Accidents involving using the baggage cart, trolley or carousel are quite common occurrences in the airport. Whether the accident is caused by the cart, trolley or carousel being faulty, baggage falling off from being overloaded or running into you for example, if you are injured and it wasn’t your fault, you may have grounds for a valid personal injury claim. If however, you are injured when using the baggage cart, trolley or carousel yourself through not following the instructions or not using them as they are intended, you would not be able to make a claim as your injury would be seen as being your own fault.

Airport Accidents On Lifts / Escalators / Stairs

A number of different accidents can occur when using the lifts, escalators or stairs in an airport, with slip, trip and falls being the most common. When entering or leaving a lift, if the floor level is not even between the lift itself and the floor you are on, this can cause a trip hazard, or cause you to step awkwardly. When travelling up or down on the stairs or escalators, you should hold on if you can to the rail just in case you were to slip and fall. If you have sustained an injury whilst using the lift, stairs or escalator, and the accident that caused your injury was someone else’s fault, you may be able to start a claim.

Accidents On Airport Passenger Ground Transport

Various transport methods are used in and around London City Airport including hotel shuttles, busses, baggage transporters, shuttles for transporting passengers to and from the aircraft, and electrical vehicles available for use by elderly or disabled passengers within the airport. If you have had a London City Airport crash involving one of the transport vehicles that wasn’t your fault, you can make a claim.

Accidents In London City Airport Shops And Eateries

There are a number of different shops, cafes and restaurants within London City Airport. Some of the shops there include:

  • WH Smiths
  • Boots
  • Aelia Duty-Free
  • Aspinal of London
  • Tumi

Some of the restaurants and cafes that are in the airport include:

If you have eaten food from one of the eateries and suffered food poisoning, you may be able to make a claim providing you can prove the café, restaurant or shop where you bought or consumed the food from was at fault. Food poisoning can vary in the level of severity, most of the time symptoms only last a day or two with a full recovery, but sometimes food poisoning can cause more serious problems as well as causing the victim to feel very unwell for a longer period, and if very severe, leaving them with longer-lasting and sometimes permanent effects such as irritable bowel syndrome. Speak to one of our expert personal injury lawyers to see if you are eligible to make a personal injury claim today.

Airport Employee Workplace Accidents

There are many people who work at London City Airport fulfilling a variety of different roles such as working as check-in staff, baggage handlers, maintenance workers, crew members and so on, and so it might not be surprising that some London City Airport accidents involve a member of the workforce. Having a London city Airport accident at work could result in numerous injuries and if due to negligence, a workplace accident claim may be launched.

Personal injury claims made for an accident at work are in most cases, made against the employer. Employers are required by law to provide a safe place to work. In order to do this, they must have health and safety policies and procedures in place for all areas of work, they should provide relevant training to staff such as how to operate certain machinery or training on lifting and handling techniques. For example, they should provide appropriate protective equipment or clothing where necessary, carry out risk assessments when required, and ensure machinery, vehicles and any equipment is regularly serviced and maintained.

What to do if you’re injured at work

If an employer acts negligently and an employee is injured as a result, the injured employee could sue their employer for negligence. Some people may be worried that if they make a claim against their employer that they may then get into trouble or be sacked, but they really needn’t worry as the employer could get into trouble for doing so, but also, as a standard requirement, all employers legally have to have liability insurance in place and so will be covered if any claims are made against them.

Airport Employee Accidents Affecting Baggage Handlers

Accidents involving the handling of baggage are in fact the most common of accidents to happen in an airport. This can be for a variety of different reasons and although can happen to both workers and passengers alike, airport baggage handlers are the most likely to be injured in an accident involving baggage.

In order to lessen the chances of an accident occurring, all baggage handling employees should receive the correct training in lifting and handling techniques, correct stacking procedures and using the baggage carts, trolleys and carousel. The correct equipment needed for correct baggage handling tasks should also be supplied and regularly maintained by the airport. There is some information on the HSE website regarding baggage handling and the risks of injury.

If you have been injured in a baggage accident at the airport, you may be entitled to make a claim for your injury, just contact Accident Claims UK and we can assist you.

Calculating Claims For Accidents At London City Airport

Personal injury claims for a London City Airport accident if successful, can result in varying amounts of compensation payouts. The main contributing factor when deciding the amount that should be paid is the type of injury and level of severity. Due to there being various factors that make up the overall settlement amount of compensation, we cannot tell you an exact amount of what you could be awarded.

However, we can show the payment amounts that can be given for certain injuries in accordance with the Judicial College Guidelines. The judicial college guidelines are used for deciding how much compensation should be paid. As a guide, we have shown some of the payment amounts for various injuries in the table below:

Type Of Injury Compensation Amount Comments
Minor Brain Or Head Injury £2,070 – £11,980 If there is any brain damage it will be minimal. The compensation award will depend on the severity, the length of recovery and if there are any ongoing health implications such as headaches.
Severe Food Poisoning £8,950 – £49,270 Serious but short lived symptoms that lessen over 2-4 weeks will merit the lower end of the bracket, the higher end will be for severe toxicosis resulting in acute pain, vomiting and diarrhoea, needing hospitalisation, and being left with continuous health problems such as incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome, and a reduced ability to work or enjoy life.
Moderate Food Poisoning £3,710 – £8,950 Significant pain and discomfort, possibly needing short hospital admission, symptoms lasting sometime but full recovery expected eventually.
Minor Food Poisoning £860 – £3,710 Different levels of pain and discomfort, cramps and diarrhoea present for days to weeks.
Severe – Very Severe Neck Injuries £52,540 – £139,210 Fractures or damaged soft tissue or tendons leading to significant disability and chronic conditions, rising to amounts for serious damage to spinal column resulting in paralysis, continuous headaches and loss of movement in the neck.
Moderate Neck Injuries £7,410 – £36,120 Moderate soft tissue injuries where length of recovery is fairly protractive and where there is possibly further trauma possible due to vulnerability. Also pre-existing conditions may be worsened. The higher end of the bracket is for fractures or dislocations that may require surgery and also possibly leave the victim with chronic conditions.
Minor Neck Injuries £2,300 – £7,410 The lower end of the bracket is for injuries where full recovery is expected within three months, the higher end for injuries where it may take up to two years before a full recovery is made.
Severe Back Injuries £36,390 – £151,070 The lower end of the payment bracket is for fractures of disks or disk legions where chronic conditions such as continuous pain, reduced movement, impaired sexual function, depression and unemployment. The higher end for injuries so severe that paralysis is caused.
Moderate Back Injuries £11,730 – £36,390 Ongoing pain and discomfort, risk of further back injuries due to vulnerability, reduced ability to work. Surgery may be necessary.
Minor Back Injuries £2,300 – £11,730 Full recovery expected but length of time may vary with the higher end of the bracket being awarded to those where recovery can take years. The level of award will also depend on whether surgery was needed and quality of life.
Minor Injuries Up to £650 Recovery expected within 7 days.
Minor Injuries £650 – £1,290 Recovery expected within 28 days.
Minor Injuries £1,290 – £2,300 Recovery expected within 3 months.
Mental Anguish Up to £4,380 Fear of impending death or reduction in expectation of life.

Please remember that these amounts are just for the injury itself. Other factors, as mentioned later in the guide, might also be considered in a claim and then together make the overall final settlement amount. If you have any questions regarding the amount you could be owed, call Accident Claims UK.

Additional Damages Which You Could Claim

Although the type of injury you have sustained and its severity will have the main bearing on the award amount you might receive, there are other factors that need to be included also, these factors include:

  • General Damages – These represent the physical and psychological injuries themselves. The severity of the injury and the effect it has had on your lifestyle and well-being will all be considered.
  • Medical Expenses – If you have incurred any medical expenses such as prescription charges, private medical care costs, or counselling costs, for example, these can be included in your claim.
  • Travel Expenses – Any travel expenses you have had to pay due to your injury can be included in the claim. These expenses also include any extra expenses due to the need for a disability car or any vehicle adaptions that you’ve needed because of your injury.
  • Care Claim – If you have needed help around the home, or help with taking care of any dependents, a care claim can be launched.
  • Loss of Earnings – If you have had to take time off from work, or cannot return to work due to your injury, any loss of earnings, or future loss of earnings, need to be included in the claim.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At London City Airport

Making a claim, especially if doing it alone, can be a complicated and stressful process, however, if you were to hire a personal injury solicitor, they could do it on your behalf giving you time to concentrate on your recovery. Many believe that hiring legal help is expensive and often unaffordable, but with a no win no fee solicitor, this isn’t the case. This is because there are no upfront payments to be made and you only pay the solicitor their fees if they successfully win your case.

This payment doesn’t come out of your pocket though, it is paid whereby the solicitor takes a small percentage of the reward amount when paid to you. If your solicitor is unsuccessful, however, they will not charge you for their time. No win no fee personal injury claims are probably financially the safest way to hire legal help.

Why Select Our Accident Claims Team?

Accident Claims UK has been working in the personal injury claims industry for more than 30 years and have successfully dealt with all sorts of claims including airport injury claims. Our team of highly experienced personal injury solicitors specialising in helping people to get the compensation they deserve. We always strive to get the highest amount of compensation that we can and more often than not mostly achieve this.

At Accident Claims, we understand that suffering an injury or illness can be an awful experience and do our best to make the claiming process as quick and stress free as we can, always keeping our clients informed and being honest about what is happening with their claim. We offer fantastic customer service as well as a no win no fee policy and can even arrange a free, local medical on your behalf if we feel it’ll support your claim.

Start Your Claim

If you would like to get your claim started, just contact us at Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801. One of our team will arrange a free consultation with one of our expert solicitors where you can discuss the details of your case and ask any questions you may have. If we feel you have a valid claim, we can then set to work on your claim, gathering evidence and building you a strong case to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Further Information

To conclude our London City airport accident claims guide, we’ll leave you with some links to websites that could provide you with further information:

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