Sexual abuse compensation calculator – 2020 Update Abuse and Assault Claims

Unfortunately it is a sad fact that being sexually abused or assaulted is not a rare occurrence in the UK. Anyone can be a victim of this crime including both men and women, small children, teenagers and adults. If you have been unlucky enough to experience sexual assault you could be eligible to claim compensation.

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Our guide – pursuing sexual abuse claims

Sexual Abuse Claims Calculator

Sexual Abuse Claims Calculator

This guide is intended to provide you with enough information to allow you to file a claim for sexual abuse, should you need to. We will explain the different ways that sexual abuse or assault can occur. This is not a crime that happens to women exclusively, men can be victims as well. You should also be aware that sexual abuse is not only physical, it can also cause psychological damage. You will learn more as you read on.

If you or someone that you know have been a victim of sexual assault then you may have a lot of questions to ask. This guide attempts to answer these questions. We are frequently asked questions such as ‘can I claim compensation after being sexually assaulted?’and ‘can I claim compensation for historical abuse?’ We understand that it is hard to face up to what has happened and you may find it difficult to ask the important questions. Our commitment to you is that we will do our best to deal with this topic as sensitively as we can. We are aware that the psychological injury can take much longer to recover from than any physical injury.

After reading this guide if you are still unsure whether to file an abuse compensation claim, or you have any other questions then please contact one of our expert representatives who can help you come to a decision about the best course of action. You will find our contact details at the bottom of the page.

What constitutes sexual abuse?

If someone makes a sexual advance to you that is unwanted than this is known as sexual abuse. If that person applies force then it becomes sexual assault.

There are different categories of sexual assault, these are:

Contact abuse. This involves physical contact between the abuser and the victim. This can include the unwanted sexual touch of somebody’s body, even if they are fully dressed.

  • Penetration or rape which is the act of putting a sex organ or other object in another person’s vagina, anus or mouth.
  • Using force to make another person take part in a sex act.
  • Forcing someone to undress.

Non contact abuse. This does not require any physical touching to take place but does include the exploitation or grooming of a person. Non contact abuse can include

  • Insisting that an individual listens to, or observes sexual acts.
  • Insisting that an individual views pornography.

Don’t forget that sexual assault and sexual abuse do not discriminate between ages or genders, it can happen to anybody. The majority of victims are females and minors but men who have been victims of abuse are equally entitled to claim compensation. That compensation can be payable for both psychological and physical injury.

Sexual abuse causing physical injury can I claim?

The feelings that a person experiences following physical injury caused by sexual abuse can be overwhelming. The compensation you are eligible to claim will vary depending on where the abuse or assault has taken place. It may have been in a work environment or in a public place. You may feel more able to work through your feelings if you know that you are going to receive payment to compensate you for the injury you have suffered.

If the injury was sustained at work then the business or employer would be responsible for victims compensation payouts. We will explain more about this later in the guide.

Psychological injuries following sexual abuse – can I claim?

It is very hard to provide evidence of any psychological injury that you have received. If you decide to file a compensation claim for psychological injuries we suggest that you talk to a member of our team who can advise you of the best steps to take.

Under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) it won’t matter whether or not the attacker has been arrested or imprisoned. You simply need to prove that you have been a victim and you will be eligible to receive compensation. CICA compensation amounts will usually depend on the severity of your injuries.

The more information and evidence you can gather together, the smoother and less time consuming the process. Filing a claim can be complex but we are here to help.

What is CICA – and why do I need to know?

CICA stands for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. This is a UK agency that offers compensation schemes to victims who have sustained injuries as a result of a violent attack, including compensation for victims of sexual assault.

How does CICA work for sexual abuse claims?

Individuals who have suffered injuries following an incident of abuse will need to follow these steps in order to pursue their sexual abuse claim.

  • You will need a reference number from the police
  • You will be required to have a medical examination. This examination is to enable a doctor to verify in detail the injuries you have received.
  • Speak to a solicitor either via the CICA or by finding a solicitor yourself who has expertise in this area

If for any reason you are unable to complete any of these steps then the claims process could take much longer.

What is the time limit for sexual abuse claims?

Abuse compensation claims are subject to a time limit. This is around two years from when the assault happened or from when you reported the assault to the police. However, because many people find it difficult to talk about this sensitive issue at the time of the attack, exceptions can be made and the limit can be extended to 10 or even 20 years later for historical abuse claims depending on the facts of the case.

Statistics and facts on sexual abuse

Sexual abuse, particularly with the involvement of children is not uncommon in the UK

  • 5% of children in the UK have experienced sexual abuse
  • There are approximately 473,000 cases of adult sexual abuse annually. 404,000 of these cases involve women.
  • 9 out of 10 sexual abuse victims knew their attacker.

No one deserves to become a sexual abuse victim. We can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve after being subjected to a crime like this.

Domestic sexual abuse

As stated above, 90% of victims knew their attacker and this is because a large proportion of sexual abuse is perpetrated by a partner or spouse in a domestic setting. If you have suffered domestic abuse, compensation can still be payable. You are still a victim, even if you live or are married to your abuser.

As a victim of domestic sexual abuse you may feel particularly vulnerable. Please call our team and talk to one of our expert advisors about how we can help you.

How mental and physical damage is assessed in sexual abuse claims

In order to make an assessment of the level of mental and physical damage caused by sexual abuse, you will need to meet with a medical professional. You will be asked to be examined in order to provide proof of the injuries you have suffered and the severity of those injuries. This information will inform your claim for compensation.

In addition to a physical examination, victims of sexual abuse will usually be asked to see a therapist as well in order to assess the mental impact. The psychological impact is often more long-lasting than any physical injuries.

If you have not already received a medical examination it can often be organised for you at a clinic local to you. Having evidence detailing how severe your injuries are will have a huge impact on the sexual abuse compensation that you will eventually receive. Medical evidence helps to maximise the final award and ensure that you get all the help you need following a proper diagnosis.

Long-term damage – how psychological and physical injuries can be ongoing after sexual abuse

Unfortunately victims of sexual abuse can suffer symptoms for a long time after the incident took place. The effects that are felt long term can have a devastating effect on the person and a significant impact on their claim for compensation. Anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions are not uncommon in those who have suffered sexual abuse.

Often these types of illnesses will require medication and therapy but the remedy will vary person to person. Although medicine can help to control symptoms of mental illness and pain from the physical injuries, the psychological damage may take many years to resolve and in fact may never go away entirely. It is important to get a clear picture of the potential long term effects in order to enable you to claim compensation that will sustain you over a long time period.

Seeing a psychologist following an assault is important in order to be able to ascertain your psychological state of mind. Our team can offer you further information about this, please call us if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

Sexual abuse and the workplace

Your employer has a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to safeguard your welfare in the workplace. The employer’s obligations are:

  • Safeguard the welfare, safety and health of individuals at work
  • Protect the health and safety of individuals other than employees

The act requires that employers ensure that the workplace is safe for employees. If they don’t follow the regulations, then a breach might make them liable to pay compensation.

If you have experienced sexual abuse in the workplace, including comments or inappropriate  touching then you may be eligible to claim a sexual abuse victims compensation payout.

Making sexual abuse claims – What is involved?

Sexual Abuse Claims Guide

Sexual Abuse Claims Guide

If you have been sexually abused and you need to make a claim then there are a few things you should do. First and foremost you need to have a medical examination. It is also helpful to do the following:

  • Gather evidence. Take photographs of the location in which you were assaulted. If you can get photographs of your abuser then this is helpful. If anybody was witness to the attack or perhaps the time just before or just after then attempt to get a statement from them.
  • Tell your HR department. If the sexual assault happened at work then you must let your manager know as well as the HR dept. Make it very clear that the sexual assault was not your fault.
  • Inform the police. A police report is important if you decide to make a claim for compensation.
  • See a medical professional. After you’ve gathered your evidence, arrange for a medical examination. We can organise this for you if you haven’t managed to do it.
  • Keep a record of financial loss. You might incur costs on visits to see a doctor or a therapist. You will be able to claim expenses for travel assuming that you have kept records of your expenditure.

Collecting all of this information together will make the claims process go much more smoothly for you at a difficult time.

What can be claimed for in sexual abuse claims?

There are a number of things that will be taken into account in the sexual abuse calculator to establish how much compensation you will receive. These include:

  • Damages to cover the sexual assault as well as the emotional, mental and psychological distress you are sure to be feeling.
  • Expenses for medical treatment including surgery, equipment, medication or health care from a private provider.
  • Expenses for travel. You may have needed to travel some distance to see a medical professional with a particular area of expertise.
  • Loss of earnings whilst recovering. If you were unable to work whilst you were recuperating then you may be able to receive reimbursement for your loss of earnings during this time.
  • If you required a carer to help in your home then you can recoup the costs for this. Many people who have been sexually abused require assistance following the incident.

Don’t forget to keep as much information and evidence as you can in order to claim back the maximum amount of expenses when you file your claim.

Sexual abuse claims – No win No fee – can I really start a claim for free?

Yes you can. We have a no win, no fee policy also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which means that we will not take a penny from you unless you win your settlement.

We understand that paying fees would just add to your worries in an already difficult situation. When we work for clients to claim compensation for victims of abuse we protect their financial security by agreeing that the amount payable for our work will be taken out of the final compensation payout, and not before. If for any reason your claim is unsuccessful, we will not require you to pay anything.

Typical payouts for sexual abuse claims?

The amount that you will receive in compensation largely depends on how severe your injuries are. The sexual abuse compensation calculator below suggests average payouts for particular injuries. The compensation calculator for sexual abuse victims is based on past settlements and is in no way a guarantee. If you are unsure about anything contained in this table then please call us to chat to one of our experts who can try and answer your queries.

InjuryLevel of severitySettlement amountDetails
Sexual Assault and rapeMinor to Severe£11,000 to £44,000Compensation depends on how severe the assault was deemed to be, and the ongoing effects suffered psychologically. Additional compensation could be payable if the sexual assault causes physical injury.
Injuries causing psychiatric illnessMinor to Severe£3,000 to £88,000This component of compensation is payable if the victim is likely to suffer psychological damage long term following the assault.
Injury to ToeMinor to SevereUp to £42,600Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to FootMinor -Very SevereUp to £153,200Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to Achilles TendonMinor to SevereUp to £29,200Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to AnkleMild to Very SevereUp to £53,000Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to KneeModerate to Severe£19,900 to £73,125Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to LegModerate to Severe£21,100 to £214, 350Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to ArmModerate to Severe£14,600 to £99,500Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to ShoulderMinor to SevereUp to £36,500Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to NeckMinor to SevereUp to £112,750Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to BackMinor to SevereUp to £122,350Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury causing damage to BrainMild to Very SevereUp to £307,000Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to EyeMild to PermanentUp to £136,700Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.
Injury to ChestMinor to SevereUp to £114,100Compensation for physical damage caused by the sexual assault.

Getting started with sexual abuse claims

After you have completed your evidence gathering and have organised a medical examination you are ready to file your case. It can be tricky to know which solicitor to choose to help you with your case as there appear to be so many options available. Here at Accident Claims we invite you to have a complimentary consultation to talk about the best course of action. There is no obligation beyond this initial consultation and you may find it helpful to talk to somebody who can familiarise you with the legal process.

If you decide that you would like us to work with you to get the maximum compensation available, then we will be very happy to do so. We will look after the bulk of work needed for your claim. Give us a call and we can tell you the best way to start moving forward.

Accident Helpline – why should you choose us for sexual abuse claims?

As a victim of sexual abuse you are eligible to receive compensation. Here at Accident Claims we can offer our clients many benefits including a no obligation, free consultation, and of course our no win no fee promise is available to you. Our team are experts in their field and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. You will find that our solicitors are friendly and work hard to build good relationships with their clients. They always maintain the highest level of integrity.

Our level of success is excellent and we will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the compensation you need. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our service. We look forward to hearing from you and beginning work on your claim.

Ready to begin sexual abuse claims – what to do?

If you are ready to begin your claim then call us today on 0800 073 8801 or chat to us online via live web chat or our online contact form. We cannot take back what has happened to you, but we can help you move forward with a brighter future.

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