A Guide To St Mary’s Airport Accident Claims – I Was Injured At St Mary’s Airport Isles Of Scilly, Could I Claim Compensation?

St Mary's airport accident claims guideThankfully, the majority of injuries caused in accidents tend to be minor and soon forgotten about, but sometimes the injuries can be more serious causing the victim to suffer significant pain and discomfort, leading to time off of work, therefore, losing income and sometimes unable to carry on with the lifestyle they had before the accident. Claiming for compensation for a negligent accident which caused an avoidable injury at St Mary’s Airport could help give financial support whilst the victim concentrates on their recovery and can cover the costs they may have already incurred as a result of the injury. Claiming compensation can be a tricky process so it is advisable to have legal help to ensure the claim has the best chance of success.

If you have sustained an avoidable injury in a St Mary’s Airport accident that was not your fault and you wish to make a claim, contact Accident Claims UK for expert legal help and advice on 0800 073 8801.

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A Guide To Claims For Accidents At St Mary’s Airport Isles Of Scilly

St Mary’s Airport is located on the Isles of Scilly situated in the far south-west of England. It is a small airport with just one airline operating from the airport. If you have been injured at St Mary’s Airport caused by third party negligence in an accident that was; a slip, trip or fall, airport bus accident, or an accident in the baggage reclaim area, for example, providing liability can be proven, you may be able to claim for compensation.

Compensation claims are not always straight forward even if it is obvious to you who is to blame. Various types of evidence need to be provided and certain legal requirements need to be met and adhered to, therefore having some knowledge of what is involved when making a claim is essential. Accident Claims UK has produced this guide to give relevant information regarding making a personal injury claim for an accident at St Mary’s Airport. It includes information such as what type of accidents can be claimed for, how compensation award amounts are calculated, what can be included in the claim, how to begin your claim, and we also discuss using a no win no fee solicitor and how they can be beneficial to your case.

After reading through the guide, if you have further questions or would like to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer, call us at Accident Claims UK and we will be happy to assist you.

What Are Accidents In St Mary’s Airport Isles Of Scilly?

An accident at St Mary’s Airport can be an accident that occurs anywhere within the Airport premises such as in the baggage reclaim area, reception area, check-ins section, or whilst embarking or disembarking flights or even in the car park for example. If an accident is the result of negligence, then there’s a good chance you will be able to claim compensation for any injury you have sustained. Regardless of whether you are an employee of the airport, a traveller, or a visitor such as a mail or delivery person, if you have been injured in St Mary’s Airport from an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may have a right to claim compensation. In the UK, employers, and owners or occupiers of premises are legally required to ensure a safe environment for all who attend the premises such as those that work at, or use the premises. Health and safety policies and procedures should be in place relevant to all areas and uses of the airport and be in accordance with government-set guidelines. If they fail in their duty of care of ensuring a safe environment, then they could be found to be in breach of their legal responsibilities and so liable to pay compensation if a claim for personal injury is made against them.

UK Airport And Aviation Industry Safety

Different types of accidents could potentially happen at an airport if rules and regulations aren’t followed correctly, leaving anyone at risk regardless of whether they work at the airport or are there to use the airport.  According to statistics found on the HSE website, 878.2 employees per every 100,000 in the air transport industry, over the five year period from 2009-2014, reported an injury to RIDDOR. Lifting and handling injuries proved to be the most common types of injuries at 39%, with accidents involving a moving vehicle and accidents where someone has fallen from a height being the least common, both at 5%.

Common Accidents Occurring In Airports

Various accidents or incidents could potentially occur at an airport to employees and visitors alike, these may include:

  • Manual handling accidents
  • Accidents involving the baggage trolleys or carousel
  • Burns and scalds caused by an accident in one of the food or drink outlets
  • Food poisoning
  • Slip, trip or fall accidents
  • Accidents involving using the escalators or lifts
  • Accidents whilst embarking or disembarking flights
  • Airport transport accidents such as those involving shuttle buses, luggage transport vehicles, or the smaller electrical vehicles used by the elderly and disabled or cleaning staff
  • Ramp accidents
  • Emergency landings

Lots of different types of injuries could result from such accidents, some minor but also some being more serious. These may include:

  • Bruising
  • Fractures and breaks
  • Cut and lacerations
  • Burns and scalds
  • Dislocations
  • Crush injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Muscle and soft tissue damage
  • Neck and back injuries
  • In thankfully rare cases, death.

Regardless of the type of accident, or the type of injury sustained, if you have suffered due to an accident in St Mary’s Airport that wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible to make a claim.

Airport Passenger Or Staff Trip And Fall Accident

Trip and fall accidents are among the most common types of accidents that we help people make personal injury claims for. A number of causes could be baggage left carelessly in walkways, spillages of food and drink not cleared quickly enough, careless use of luggage trolleys or even damaged stair areas or uneven floors that should have been maintained and attended to. If you have fallen due to a breach in the duty of care owed to you as a passenger or employee in an airport that has caused an injury you may have the basis for a compensation claim.

Passenger And Staff Accidents Caused By Baggage Facilities

If staff or passengers become injured when using baggage facilities such as the carts, trolleys or carousels, they may be able to make a claim for compensation providing the accident that caused their injury was due to third party negligence. This may be due to the equipment being faulty, overloading or incorrect stacking of baggage causing it to fall, or incorrect use of baggage facilities due to unclear instructions or through staff not being given appropriate training for example. However, we must make clear that if an injury occurs due to knowingly using the facilities incorrectly, such as riding on the baggage trolleys or carousel, you would not have a legitimate reason to claim as the accident would be deemed your fault.

Airport Escalator, Elevator And Staircase Accidents

Lifts that are used by employees in the workplace must meet the requirements set out in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), they are subject to meet the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

LOLER does not actually apply to escalators, however, but the guidelines written by the Safety Assessment Association with the HSE, provides significant advice on the responsibilities and duties of those who manufacture them, and supply and install them, those who design where they will be installed, the owners of the premises where they will be installed, and the companies that inspect and examine them. Information for consumer legislation with regards to lifts can be found here.

If you have been injured when using a lift or escalator at St Mary’s Airport through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to make a claim, contact Accident Claims UK to find out how.

Accidents Involving Airport Shuttle Buses

There are a number of different vehicles used at St Mary’s Airport that have a variety of uses. Some are used for transporting passengers to and from the airport hotel, or to and from the aircraft. Some are used for baggage transportation. There are also smaller electrical vehicles that are available for use by the public such as the elderly and disabled who have reduced mobility. Also cleaning staff use smaller vehicles as mobile cleaning stations.

If an accident occurs involving any of these vehicles and you are injured as a result, providing the accident was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim.

Restaurant Or Shop Accidents

Accidents that occur in restaurants or shops such as slip, trip, and fall accidents due to items being left in walkways, or spillages of food or drink left on the floor and not attended to in a reasonable amount of time can cause foreseeable accidents. Also, there is a danger of burns and scalds being caused by hot food and drink, or the cooking equipment in the kitchen. Another possible problem that may happen due to mistakes being made in a restaurant or café is food poisoning. Food poisoning can result from a number of different mistakes such as not cooking the food thoroughly, storing it in the wrong conditions, cross-contamination between cooked and uncooked food, poor hygiene and using out of date goods. Although in the majority of cases symptoms of food poisoning are fairly short-lived, only lasting a day or two, sometimes however it can be more serious and the victim can be left with other on-going and sometimes permanent health problems as a consequence.

If you have been injured or suffered food poisoning at St Mary’s Airport, you may be able to claim compensation, but you would need to prove liability. Speak to one of our expert personal injury solicitors at Accident Claims UK for further help and guidance.

Airport Staff Accident Claims

There are many jobs to be fulfilled in an airport and so employees range from baggage handlers, to check-ins staff, to cleaners, shop and restaurant workers etc. As employees, all members of staff regardless of their position in the airport have a duty of care owed to them by their employer to have a safe working environment and be able to carry out their duties in as safe a way as possible. The things an employer can do to uphold their duty of care to their employees include:

  • Having in place appropriate health and safety rules and regulations, policies and procedures for all areas in the airport, and ensuring all staff are made aware and adhere to them.
  • Ensuring employees are provided and undertake the relevant training needed to carry out their role.
  • Making sure all equipment and machinery are checked and maintained regularly.
  • Making sure to carry out risk assessments where appropriate and address any flagged issues.
  • Providing any protective equipment where necessary.
  • Making sure baggage handling staff are trained properly in the correct techniques for lifting and handling heavy objects.
  • Making sure staff are properly trained in the use of any equipment, machinery or vehicles.
  • Ensuring sufficient breaks are given.

Failing to uphold their duty of care to employees can leave employers at risk of being successfully sued if a member of their staff becomes injured or falls ill as a result of their negligence.

If you have been injured whilst at work at St Mary’s Airport and you believe your employer was at fault and so caused the accident, contact Accident Claims UK to discuss your case and we can establish for you whether or not you have a valid claim.

Baggage Handler Manuel Handling Injuries

Going by the statistics mentioned earlier in the guide, baggage handling employees will probably be the most at risk of being injured in an accident at an airport as lifting and handling injuries are shown to be the most common. Common injuries form lifting and handling accidents may include neck and back injuries and sometimes injuries related to repetitive strain injuries.

Employers should ensure that all members of staff are trained properly in the correct techniques for manual lifting and handling, and should also provide lifting equipment where required. Staff should also be trained on how to use the lifting equipment properly and safely, and the equipment needs to be regularly checked and maintained to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Calculating Compensation Claims

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident at St Mary’s Airport and you believe it was caused by the negligence of a third party, it may be possible for you to make a claim providing you can prove liability of the defendant, and providing that your claim is started within the personal injury claims time limit, which in most cases is three years from the date of injury but can vary depending on the circumstances.

Of course, when making your claim, you will want to know how much compensation you could receive. The final amount of compensation owed to you if your case was successful will be made up of a number of items, but due to the many variables of these items, an exact figure of what you could receive can’t accurately be predicted without knowing the details of what happened.

However, using our personal injury claims calculator and in accordance with the latest Judicial College Guidelines, we can tell you the amounts of injury-only compensation that may be awarded. These amounts will depend on the type and severity of the injury and range between a minimum and maximum amount with the more severe injuries attracting the higher amount of compensation in each award bracket.

Injury Severity AmountComments on severity
Brain InjuryModerately Severe Brain Damage£205,580 to £264,650In this bracket injuries will leave the person very disabled. There will be substantial dependence on others and a need for constant professional and other care. Disabilities may be physical, for example, limb paralysis, or cognitive, with marked impairment of intellect and personality.
Neck Injury Moderate £12,900 to £23,460This can include soft tissue injuries or damage to discs which leads to loss of mobility, permanent pain and stiffness, wrenching-type injury and disc lesion of the more severe type resulting in cervical spondylosis, serious limitation of movement. It can also include pre-existing conditions that have been made worse the injury.
Shoulder Injury Serious£11,980 to £18,020This bracket generally includes rotator cuff injuries that fail to heal after surgery. It also includes dislocations that lead to damage to the brachial plexus, which results in symptoms like pain in the shoulder, neck and elbow, as well as sensory issues in the arm and hand.
Arm injury Severe £90,250 to £122,860In this bracket, there will be injuries that are severe enough to leave the person no better off than if they had lost the entire arm. These injuries will commonly result in the complete loss of use in the arm.
Wrist Injury Very Minor £3,310 to £4,450Injuries here will be simple fractures that are non-displaced or only partially displaced, as well as soft tissue damage which results in the need for immobilisation through a cast or bandage, with a full recovery expected in 12 months.
Back Injury Severe£36,390 to £65,440This bracket covers injuries with fractures to the discs or vertebrae that make up the spine, as well as soft tissue damage which leads to pain, discomfort, impairment to agility, sexual function, as well as depression, alcohol abuse, and damage to employment prospects.
Hip or Pelvis Injury Severe£36,770 to £49,270This bracket commonly covers injuries that require a hip replacement. It can also cover injuries where a hip replacement has taken place but was not successful and is at risk of needing future corrective treatment.
Leg Injury Moderate £26,050 to £36,790Injuries here include those of multiple fractures and crushing injuries to one leg. This award leaves room for variation, and can vary according to severity, how long symptoms take to recover, as well as the risk of needing future surgery after degenerative changes take place.
Knee Injury Severe £24,580 to £40,770This includes damage to the knee which leads to some disability with symptoms like pain, discomfort, loss of mobility, and deformity within the joint, with an increased risk of degenerative changes and future need of surgical intervention.
Food PoisoningModerate £3,710 to £8,950A complete recovery will be made between one and two years. Hospitalisation may have occurred due to significant discomfort a long with pain and alteration to bowel function.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderModerately Severe£21,730 to £56,180The symptoms will cause significant disability for the future and professional help will be needed.

This table is a list of example injuries and their potential compensation awards. If your particular injury is not listed here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t claim compensation for it, we just haven’t included it in the table this time. Call our team at Accident Claims UK to discuss your individual case in more detail.

Special Damages Awarded In Personal Injury Claims

As already mentioned, a number of items make up the final settlement amount of compensation, these include:

General Damages – These are for the actual injury itself. The amount awarded will depend on the type of injury, severity, duration, treatment and recovery time. Any long-lasting effects on health from the injury will also be accounted for. The injury may be either physical or psychological, or both.

Special Damages

  • Medical Expenses – If you have incurred medical expenses because of your injury, you can include these in your claim. They may include private healthcare costs, prescription costs, counselling costs and so on.
  • Travel Expenses – Like with medical expenses, if you have had to pay for travelling costs as a direct outcome from your injury, you can include these in your claim. Travelling costs not only include costs of public transport and petrol/diesel costs but also costs for any vehicle adaptions you may have needed.
  • Loss of Income – Any income lost, or future income lost needs to be considered in your claim.
  • Care Claim – If you have needed help whilst you recover, you can include these costs.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At St Mary’s Airport Isles Of Scilly

Making a compensation claim for a personal injury can often be a complicated process and so hiring an experienced personal injury solicitor is a really good idea if you want your claim to have the best chance of success. However, many people are put off from using a legal team because of the costs of legal fees and the worry of not being able to afford them. By using a no win no fee solicitor, however, they needn’t worry. A no win no fee solicitor does not ask for any upfront payments or charge throughout the claiming process, instead, they will only require payment if the case is successful. Their payment is then made by a set percentage of the compensation amount being taken once awarded, leaving you with the remainder of the award.

Legally, the legal firm can only take a maximum of 25% under English law of the compensation award. If the no win no fee solicitor doesn’t win your case for you however, they will not charge you for their legal fees at all. So as can be seen, a no win no fee solicitor is an affordable way of having the legal help you need.

Why Choose Us For Your Airport Accident Claim?

Accident Claims UK work with no win no fee solicitors that have years of experience in the personal injury claims industry. We have a fantastic track record for very successful claims, often succeeding at getting the maximum amount of compensation possible for our clients.

We offer a great legal service including a no win no fee agreement, a free consultation to initially discuss our client’s case with them and we also provide all personal injury claims clients a local medical as part of gathering evidence for the claim and to make sure our clients are getting the right treatment for their injury.

We are an honest and reliable legal firm that always strives for the best outcome for our clients making sure that they receive the compensation they deserve.

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Call us at Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801 and we will assess your claim to check it is valid, and then if so, put you in touch with one of our expert personal injury lawyers most suited to your case.

With your agreement, they will then start to work on your claim, making sure to build a strong case in order to successfully claim the compensation you are entitled to.

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This leads to information regarding LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) through the HSE website.

HSE.Gov.UK – Air Transport

Health and safety information specifically for the air transport industry.

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