Wembley Football Stadium Accident Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Personal Injury?

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 21st September 2021. Welcome to this guide on Wembley stadium accident claims.

A trip to Wembley stadium is often associated with outstanding events that provide family fun and create memories to cherish. These events can range from sports matches to concerts featuring many famous bands and performers. Although the arena is often incredibly hectic during these busy times, one of the last things you might expect is to be injured at Wembley stadium due to the negligence of another party?

Wembley stadium accident claims guideThis online guide provides information on how an accident at Wembley stadium could happen, and what impact an injury you sustain could have on your life. The guide also covers how the negligence of another party could cause an accident at Wembley stadium and discusses how our panel of solicitors, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority could be of service to you should you want to seek compensation.

If you would like to discuss Wembley stadium accident claims with a member of our team, please contact us today. A member of our team of advisers is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and would provide free legal advice and assistance with no win no fee claims.

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A Guide To Claims For Accidents At Wembley Football Stadium

With a standing capacity of 15,000 and 75 to 90,000 thousand seats, Wembley stadium is a well-renowned venue that holds significant events. It is also a beloved London tourist attraction. Most known for its extravagant concerts and world-famous football matches, millions of people attend the venue each and every year for a variety of occasions.

When visiting large venues like Wembley stadium, it is fair to state that an accident is never an expected turn of events. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where the negligence of a third party could cause an incident, inflicting injury, and harm to innocent visitors. If you were harmed or injured at Wembley stadium due to the negligence of another party, you might be searching for a solicitor who could handle your claim. This online guide aims to outline and discuss the ways our panel of solicitors could be of assistance should you wish to claim compensation from a negligent third party.

The guide covers critical questions such as the following:

  • What is a personal injury claim?
  • How are accidents at Wembley stadium caused?
  • Could I claim against Wembley stadium?
  • What is the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA)?

If you were injured at Wembley stadium and wish to make a claim, there are some factors to consider which are as follows:

There is a time limit for a personal injury claim which is three years – this means if you were injured through the negligence of a third party, you have three years to begin Wembley stadium accident claims. The time limit comes into action the moment of the event, or it could come into action once the effects of an accident (such as PTSD) have been officially diagnosed, or it could start when you turn 18 if you suffered an injury before this date. As such, you have up till your 21st birthday to seek compensation.

For more information, please speak with a member of our team.

What Is Sports Stadium Accident?

You might be wondering what is a sports stadium accident, can they be serious, and how are they caused? In simple terms, an accident at a venue like Wembley stadium, could be caused by a variety of factors. In some cases, there are circumstances where the negligence of another could cause an incident. Whether you are an employee or a visitor, if you are injured or harmed due to the negligence of a third party at Wembley Stadium, you may have grounds to seek compensation.

Some of the most common causes of an accident at a stadium might include the following:

Considerations For Health And Safety In A Sports Stadiums

As a spectator at a sporting event, you might be wondering if the stadium has a duty of care towards you when it comes to your safety and well-being? The 1957 Occupiers Liability Act states that event organisers which includes Wembley Stadium, must follow legislation that places accountability and responsibility in their hands. Therefore, venues like Wembley have a level of responsibility towards those in attendance.

The Occupiers Liability Act 1957, the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 also outlines that employers owe a duty of care towards their employees. This point was echoed by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who claim that an employer should perform preventive measures to ensure the workplace is hazard-free and safe for employees to work in.

Examples of preventive measures might include the following:

  • Risk assessments
  • Routine inspections
  • Regular housekeeping
  • Providing appropriate training on an ongoing basis
  • Providing personal protective equipment when necessary

Workplace accidents could happen for a variety of reasons, the most common of which in 2019/20 are illustrated below.

Wembley Stadium accident claims statistics graph

Steps You Could Take If Injured In A Football Stadium Accident

In the event you have been affected by the negligence of a third party when attending an event at Wembley Stadium, you might be wondering what steps you could take, and whether or not you could file a personal injury claim?

If you were injured at Wembley stadium due to the negligence of another party, there are steps you should take and Citizen’s Advice recommend that you do the following:

  • Take photographic evidence
  • Seek medical attention
  • Swap contact details with those who witnessed the incident
  • Make detailed notes of the incident

You should also keep a detailed and well-documented record of any expenses you incurred after an accident. This includes receipts, train tickets, medical expenses, or any other cost linked to the injuries sustained in the accident.

Accidents In Sporting And Football Stadiums

Larger brands and club owners who operate spaces like Wembley stadium box offices, have a duty of care towards their staff and the sportspersons who use the facilities. If for some particular reason a member of staff, a sports person, or a visitor to the box office, is injured or falls ill due to the club’s negligence, this could make them liable for the accident. In the event that a football association has breached their duty of care, and has inflicted an injury or illness on you, Accident Claims UK could potentially assist you in filing a personal injury claim.

We could introduce you to a personal injury solicitor from our panel who has the necessary legal expertise to handle a claim against the football association.

Claims For Accidents When Working At Wembley Stadium

When visiting venues like the Wembley Stadium, both management and employees have a duty to ensure the environment is safe. For example, one of the requirements is to keep visitors safe from hazards. However, in order to fulfil this duty, members of staff must be provided with the correct tools, training, and the safest working environment. For example, the HSE states that employers must provide employees with the correct and well-maintained equipment so they can carry out their jobs safely while at the same time keeping visitors safe from harm and injury.

Following these measures helps reduce the risk of harm and injury and ensures a safe environment that protects both the visitors in attendance and employees from hazardous incidents. However, a failure to comply with these measures could result in a serious, if not fatal outcome.  If you were involved in a Wembley stadium accident that was caused by the negligence of an employer, you could have grounds to make a claim for compensation.

Food Related Illnesses Or Allergic Reactions

When visiting venues like Wembley Stadium, it is extremely common to purchase food and drink to enjoy alongside the event you are attending. Much like any other dining establishment, the restaurants and cafes in Wembley stadium are required to uphold a high food hygiene standard as required by law. This ensures that incidents of a serious nature like food poisoning or allergic reactions are averted. However, if a third party fails to uphold its obligation to health and safety, it could cause a serious, if not fatal incident.

According to allergy.org, up to 20% of patients with allergies struggle in their daily life, and they have genuine concerns about their health and well-being when eating at an establishment. Whilst in many cases, an allergic reaction can vary from relatively mild to severe, there are precautionary measures that a business like Wembley Stadium should perform to avert incidents from happening. For example, if a company sells unpackaged, pre-packaged, or freshly prepared food, The Food Standard Agency (FSA) states that they should be fully aware of the 14 common food allergens.

The FSA also claims that those who sell food should properly label their items accordingly, as this prevents allergic reactions and is extremely important. A failure to uphold these obligations outlined by the FSA could result in a customer having an allergic reaction and could entitle them to seek compensation by filing Wembley stadium accident claims.

Falls, Slips And Trips In A Sports Stadium

A slip and trip-related incident could be caused by a variety of reasons, and in some scenarios, it could be caused by the negligence of another party. According to the HSE, slips and trips are some of the most common causes of a workplace accident, as they cause 40% of all reported major injuries. It was also published by the HSE that a slip and trip accident is caused by one of three factors, which includes the following:

  • Walkways
  • Housekeeping
  • Design, and maintenance

To prevent an accident of this nature from affecting both visitors and employees, there are health and safety measures that should be set in place which includes the following:

  • Risk assessments
  • Routine inspections
  • Good housekeeping practices

If a venue like Wembley Stadium fails to uphold its obligation to the duty of care towards visitors and employees, it could result in a slip and trip-related incident that could have been avoided. If you were involved in a slip and trip-related incident at Wembley Stadium that wasn’t your fault, please contact a member of our team today.

Stadium Seat Accident Claims

Stadium seating could cause an accident if not correctly installed or adequately maintained. Due to the high numbers of people who use stadium seating on a regular basis, venues like Wembley stadium have an obligation to perform maintenance and regular checks. This is to ensure stadium seat accidents are prevented to the best of the venue’s ability. However, if venues like the Wembley stadium fail to uphold this obligation, it could cause a stadium seat related accident. The result is visitors fall off of their seats and could sustain head injuries, back injuries, broken limbs, and soft tissue injuries.

Accidents Caused By A Lack Of Maintenance

A lack of maintenance could cause a variety of different accidents and injuries at locations like Wembley stadium. Examples that could cause an accident might include the following:

  • Football stadium wall collapsed due to poor maintenance
  • Football stadium roof collapsed due to poor maintenance
  • Loose railings and handrails causing a slip and fall
  • Damage to the stairs could cause a fall

If you have been injured due to a lack of maintenance at Wembley Stadium, please consult with an adviser from our team. They can discuss your potential claim in greater length and assess whether you have a strong case against a negligent third party.

Criminal Injury, Assault And Attacks In Public Places

If you have been the victim of an act of violence or assault that has inflicted damage or harm, you could have been left with severe health issues. Should this be the case, you might be wondering whether or not you have grounds to make a claim for compensation?

Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government-funded organisation that specialises in assisting those that have been affected by violent crime. If you or a loved one has been affected by a violent crime, then you might be able to make a claim through the CICA.

To make a claim under CICA, there are some measures to consider. Firstly, you must have reported the incident to the police.  Secondly, the personal injury claims time limit will differ, as you will have two years of the crime to begin your claim or it could be ‘time barred’.

Spectators Injured By Events On The Pitch

As a spectator of a sporting event or concert, there is equipment like footballs and pyrotechnics that could fall outside a designated area and which could cause an injury.  For example, if a football were to leave the pitch, it could hit an audience member and cause personal harm. This is because the audience member might not have seen the football nor had enough time to react, which as a consequence resulted in an injury. Unfortunately, scenarios of this nature are very difficult to make a claim against, as there is small print in the tickets that disclaim this type of incident.

However, that is not to say Accident Claims UK could not be of assistance. Please speak with a member of our team to disclose how our panel of solicitors could be of service.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator For Accidents At Wembley Stadium – Updated September 2021

Some individuals pursuing a claim against a negligent party might use a personal injury calculator to get an idea of how much compensation they could receive. The table below provides information on the level of personal injury compensation you could be entitled to receive with the amounts being based on the Judicial College Guidelines.

It is worth remembering that your potential claim and the compensation that could be awarded, may differ to the amounts provided below. If you have any questions about the figures within this table or personal injury claims calculators, please contact a member of our team.

InjurySeverityCompensation AwardedInjury Description
Neck InjuryMinor£4,080 to £7,410A minor neck injury is often expected to display signs of mild pain. However, it will make a full recovery within a one to two year time frame.
Neck InjurySevereIn the region of £139,210An injury of this level is often associated with paraplegia or life-altering repercussions. The affected individual is expected to suffer from headaches, and have little to no movement.
Shoulder InjuryMinor£4,080 to £7,410An injury of this level is often associated with paraplegia or life-altering repercussions. The affected individual is expected to suffer from headaches, and have little to no movement.
Shoulder InjurySevere£18,020 to £45,070An injury of this nature is associated with neck injuries It could cause serious bronchial plexus and significant disability.
Pelvis and Hip InjuryMinor£3,710 to £11,820Minor injuries of this nature are expected to display little to no residual disability. A full recovery is often expected within one to two years.
Pelvis and Hip InjurySevere£73,580 to £122,860A severe injury of this nature is often expected to cause fractures, lower back pain, the loss of sexual function, and life-altering implications.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderMinor£3,710 to £7,680Minor PTSD is often expected to make a full recovery within one to two years, but symptoms could prevail longer than that.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderSevere£56,180 to £94,470Severe cases of PTSD could result in life-altering affects. The affected individual could be left unable to work, stressed, depressed, and anxious.
Mental trauma-£4,380Fear of impending death

Special Damages Awarded For Accidents In Stadiums

Some people may think that a claim for compensation is limited to physical injury cases, which isn’t entirely the case. The claims process was designed to ensure that those who have been affected by third party negligence were compensated for the suffering they endured through no fault of their own.

Personal injury compensation is divided in two parts, general damages and special damages.

General Damages – general damages are awarded for physical and psychological anguish. For example, if an accident were to inflict mental pain, physical suffering, the loss of companionship, or cause lower quality of life, these would be factored into the level of general damages awarded

Special Damage – special damages take into consideration the financial expenses incurred and are awarded to reimburse medical expenses, travel cost, loss of earnings and future earning, care costs and all other expenses that can be linked to injuries sustained.

If you suffered any sort of injury after an accident that hasn’t been listed above, please contact a member of our team to discuss your potential claim in greater length.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Against Wembley Football Stadium

If you were injured in Wembley Stadium due to the negligence of a third party, you might be searching for a solicitor that could represent your claim? At Accident Claims UK, our panel of solicitors could offer to handle claims that are valid under a No Win No Fee Contract. Claims of this nature are specifically offered to those with a valid case and may also be referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

No Win No Fee agreements were designed to reduce the threat to the claimant’s finances and eliminate upfront costs. In the event the personal injury solicitor attains a settlement, the claimant will be required to pay a success fee for the services that have been provided. For more information, please speak to a member of our team.

How We Could Help Victims Of Sports Stadium Accidents

Accident Claims UK works with a distinguished panel of solicitors who are well versed in personal injury law. With over 30 years of experience helping those that have been injured by negligence, our panel of solicitors could provide support and legal guidance when making a claim for compensation. If you suffered an injury or were harmed at Wembley Stadium due to the fault of another party, contact a member of our team to begin a claim for compensation.

Start Your Claim For An Accident In Wembley Stadium

To begin a claim with a personal injury solicitor, we would recommend that you contact an adviser from our team.  Our expert and friendly advisers can offer free legal advice of no obligation and discuss your potential claim in greater length.

If you wish to speak with an adviser, please call 0800 073 8801. Our phone lines are free to call and our advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition to our phone line, you could enquire online through our online form.

Could I make Wembley Stadium accident claims on behalf of a child?

It is not only adults that visit Wembley Stadium. If you are visiting as a family, or you have taken your child to watch a concert or sporting event, and they suffer illness or injury, this could turn what would have been a good day out into a nightmare. You could make a claim on behalf of your child for an incident in which they are injured or fall ill, if you can prove third party negligence. There is another option, however. Your child could make their own claim once they turn 18 years old. As a parent, making a decision on behalf of a child you’re responsible for it could be quite difficult to decide whether to wait or to claim for them. We would be happy to talk you through the process in more detail, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. If you require us to take a claim forward on your child’s behalf, you would have to register as their litigation friend in order to make decisions about their case for them. Then, our specialist solicitors who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority could fight for the maximum compensation possible for your child’s case.

Could I make Wembley Stadium accident claims for an incident in the car park?

Depending on the type of injury and accident you had in Wembley Stadium car park, and who was responsible, you could make an injury claim against a variety of parties. For example, if you were injured due to a faulty car park barrier, your claim may be against the car park owner or operator. Or, if you are injured as an employee working in the car park, you could make a claim against your employer. You could make a claim against another motorist if they were driving negligently and crashed into you in a car park. We could help you with any of these types of claims.

Sports Stadium References

If you have been injured at Wembley stadium, then we genuinely hope that this online guide has successfully outlined how our panel of solicitors could assist you. In connection with the theme of the guide, we have provided some additional materials we believe could be of use.

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Gov.uk – Football Spectators Act 1989

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Thank you for reading this Wembley stadium accident claims guide.