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By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated August 24th 2021. Welcome to our useful accident claims solicitors covering Batley guide. This guide explains why personal injury solicitors for Batley claims don’t have to be based there.

If you have landed on this guide because you’ve been searching for accident claims solicitors covering Batley, it could be likely that you might have had an accident that was not your fault. Sadly, accidents could happen right across the UK and leave people with any number of different injuries. They might be left unable to work for a period of time, or they might have had to spend a long time in pain. Whether you’ve been the victim of a stabbing in Batley, or you’ve suffered injury in a road traffic accident in Batley, if the accident was not due to your actions, and was the fault of someone else through negligence or deliberateness, then it may be possible that you could make an accident claim for accident compensation.

Accident claims solicitors Batley

Accident claims solicitors Batley

Within the below sections, you’ll find accident claims advice on trip and fall accidents, injuries in public places and medical negligence in Batley claims, amongst others, as well as information on how our accident claims solicitors in Batley or those who can cover the are could help you make a personal injury claim. Once you’ve read what you need to know, you could call 0800 073 8801 to speak to a legal advisor about your case, or if you have any queries about anything written in this accident claims in Batley guide.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Batley?

Accident claims solicitors study for a long time to become experienced and qualified enough to assist with accident claims in Batley and Spen, as well as across the UK. Accident claims solicitors covering Batley do not always have to be based in the area, so searching for solicitors near me when looking to make an accident claim might not be the best idea. You could miss out on finding a really good personal injury solicitor to take on your case if you restrict your search to your own area. But, how do you weed out a good personal injury lawyer from the huge number that you could choose from. Let’s look at what you might consider looking for:

Should you consider a no win no fee solicitor? In our experience, claiming as a no win no fee client could be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, financial risks are reduced, and secondly, you’d be sure your solicitor would be working as hard as possible to try and secure the highest amount of compensation possible for your case. This is because their fees, as a percentage of your settlement, would be higher if they were able to secure you more money.

Should you consider their location? It may not be necessary to choose accident claims solicitors in Batley, as it could be possible that there would be an accident claim solicitor with more relevant experience based outside of Batley and Spen. Our panel of accident claims solicitors can conduct claims no matter where they are in the country and could handle your claim even though they may not be based in the area. Ask the personal injury lawyer you’re looking at using what relevant experience they could bring to your case – they should be able to give you examples of cases they have dealt with before.

Claims For Injuries In Public Places

There are many different areas that could be classed as public spaces in the UK. These could include local parks, shopping centres, leisure centres, streets or even libraries. Basically, any place you can visit as a member of the public could be classed as a public place.

If you have an accident in Batley in a public place, you may be wondering who would be liable for your accident claim. Not all accidents though will result in damages being awarded only ones caused due to the negligence of an entity that owed you a duty of care and caused an avoidable injury or preventable illness. Who may be liable will largely depend on who owns or operates the area which you’re injured in, it could be a private business owner or the local council, for example. This is because they would have a duty of care to ensure your safety in these areas, and if they have failed to make the areas safe for use, then they could be at fault for your accident.

Accident claims solicitors covering Batley would be able to help work out who could be liable and could help you put through a claim against them.

Medical Negligence In Batley

If you’re looking into accident claims in Batley and Spen because you’ve experienced negligent medical care, accident claim solicitors could help here too. Whether a surgeon has operated on the wrong part of the body, or you’ve experienced negligent dental care causing harm to healthy teeth, if your health has worsened because a medical professional has been negligent, you could look into making a claim for clinical negligence compensation.

Abuse And Criminal Compensation Claims

Abuse and criminal compensation claims could work slightly differently to some other accident claims in Batley. This could be because your claim could go to CICA. This agency helps to fund compensation for people who have been the victims of crime and been injured as a result. Not only could intended victims claim CICA, but if you were affected not as an intended victim; for example, you witnessed a violent crime and were mentally affected, you could also have cause to claim.

Some criminal injuries you could claim for could include:

  • Injuries (both mental and physical) as a victim of ABH.
  • Injuries (both mental and physical) as a victim of GBH.
  • Injuries (both mental and physical) as a victim of other physical assault.
  • Injuries (both mental and physical) as a victim of sexual assault.
  • Injuries as a witness to a violent crime
  • Injuries (both mental and physical) as a victim of abuse.

This list is not exhaustive, so if you’re unsure, ask accident claims solicitors covering Batley whether they feel you have a case.

If you’re wondering “how long does a criminal injury claim take?”, this can vary but CICA aims to make a decision on most applications between 12-18 months of an application being received by them. Depending on the complexity of the case, however, this might in some cases take longer. In terms of the accident claims time limit for criminal cases, this is usually 2 years, so it may be a good idea to act quickly.

Claims For Accidents At Work

When you go to work, you could expect that your employer has your safety in mind when it comes to performing work for them. In fact, employers have a legal responsibility to minimise risks to health and safety in the workplace, and if they fail in this duty, and you suffer ill-health or injury, then it could be possible for you to claim accident at work compensation.

There are two types of work injury that could lead to claims, and they include:

Work-related health issues that have developed over time – these include RSI, Vibration White Finger and asbestosis as examples. There are others. If your employer has failed to reduce your risk of developing these conditions, then you might have cause to make a personal injury claim.

The next type of injury at work is when you are injured in a single incident. This could be a slip or fall at work, becoming trapped in machinery, or even being subjected to an assault at work. If negligence on behalf of your employer has led to injury, whether from lack of training, failure to risk assess your job, or an unsafe working environment, you could seek accident claims solicitors covering Batley to put a claim together on your behalf. Always report any accidents and injuries in the accident book within your workplace whatever your accident, as this could serve as evidence for your case. You might also want to take photographs of the scene, as well as getting witness details for your claim.

Reported Injuries At Work In The Borough Of Kirklees

According to the HSE, the following statistics exist when it comes to the number of accidents at work in the Borough of Kirklees. You can find more detail on HSE’s website

LocationTotal - non fatal injuriesTotal - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries

We’ve also included HSE statistics relating to 2019/20 injuries and illnesses related to work below.

Accident claims solicitors Batley statistics graph

Claims For Car And Road Accidents In Batley

Whether you’ve been injured in a Batley car crash as a driver, or in a car accident as a passenger, you could have received any number of injuries. While whiplash could be classed as a common road accident injury, you could have suffered anything from cuts and bruises to severe trauma that might lead to life-changing injuries.

Your compensation payment for an accident on the road that was not your fault would be based on your injuries and how severe or long-lasting your symptoms would be, along with considerations such as whether you’ve needed surgery, whether you would make a full recovery and more. You could put these details into a personal injury claims calculator, but do remember that this would only ever be a rough estimate – and accident claims solicitors covering Batley may be able to give you a closer estimate based on their legal knowledge and experience.

Types of accidents that could lead to accident claims in Batley could include:

  • Head-on crash
  • Motorcyclist knocked off bike
  • Cyclist injured by car
  • Pedestrian claims
  • Passenger claims
  • Motorway accidents
  • Bypass accidents

Simply put, any accident on the road that was someone else’s fault and causes you injury could potentially lead to accident claims in Batley and Spen.

Claims For Trip And Fall Accidents

You could be seeking accident claims solicitors covering Batley if you have been injured due to a fall or slip that was not your fault. Depending on the place you’ve fallen or tripped, your accident claim solicitor could be putting your claim to an employer, to a local authority, or to a private business owner for example. If you have fallen because of someone else’s negligence or dangerous behaviour, why not call our team of experts to assess your claim.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Batley

We briefly touched upon our advice to consider no win no fee as a payment structure for your accident claims in Batley. If you’re not aware of how no win no fee works, then let us explain.

Before you begin your accident claim, you would speak to your personal injury solicitor about the fee applicable to your case. This is usually a percentage of your compensation settlement. You would sign an agreement that this percentage would go to your legal fees once a settlement was reached. This document is often referred to as a CFA. This avoids you having to pay upfront to obtain legal services. It could also reduce financial risk to you. If you would like to know what percentage of your compensation would be retained by accident claims solicitors covering Batley for their fees, just call our experts for advice.

Contact Our Accident Claims Team

Our accident claims team are ready and waiting to speak to you about your accident claims in Batley. 0800 073 8801 would connect you quickly to one of our friendly advisors, who would gladly take you through the process, explaining everything you need to know about making a claim. If you’re ready to begin a claim, they’ll work quickly and efficiently to ensure you have the legal representation you need to help put together a claim for you.

FAQ’s About Accident Claims

Here you can see some common questions regarding personal injury claims and accident claim solicitors.

Why Should I Choose Your Team?

We offer a holistic service that aims to provide victims of accidents that were not their fault with solid legal advice and support they can trust. With our panel of no win no fee expert solicitors, we could offer free advice, consultation on whether you could have a claim, and assistance with making that claim. Our reputation speaks for itself, as do our happy customers. Why not call today to see how we could help with your claim?

Why Don’t I Need A Solicitor From My Area?

Here at Accident claims, we offer a nationwide service that covers the UK. You do not necessarily need to search for solicitors near me to find a solicitor you could work with on your claim. We could help you with accident claims solicitors covering Batley.

Why Are Medical Assessments Carried Out?

Medical assessments are required to serve as evidence of your medical condition, the pain you’ve suffered and the prognosis for recovery. The medical report could be very useful in calculating the amount of accident claim compensation you could be entitled to.

Where Could I Have A Medical Assessment?

Luckily, we are able to connect you with our panel of local medical experts, so you may not need to travel far for an appointment. This experts could include:

Stuart Lloyd

Ash Grove Medical Centre

England Lane


WF11 0JA


Could accident claims solicitors covering Batley help with allergic reaction claims?

If you have had allergic reactions because of a food business’ negligence, we could assist with a claim for allergic reaction compensation. Personal injury solicitors covering Batley could assist with:

  • Claims against food manufacturers who have not included allergen information on their packaging when they should have done
  • Claimants who have suffered an allergic reaction in a restaurant, cafe, or bar due to negligent staff giving incorrect allergen information to them
  • Those who have suffered allergic reactions because they’ve asked for an allergen to be left out of their mail, and staff have ignored their request

If you believe you could have a food allergy compensation claim, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be delighted to offer you a free of charge assessment, to see if you could have a valid claim.

Could accident claim solicitors covering Batley help with claims for data breaches?

A huge number of organisations collect, store or process our personal data. They have a legal responsibility to ensure proper data protection. If they breach GDPR or the data protection act, and your personal data breach causes you to suffer material or non-material harm, you could have a claim for compensation. We would be glad to assess your case to see if you could have a valid claim. Generally, you would need to be able to evidence that the organisation the breached your data acted unlawfully or negligently. This may mean that they have accidentally sent your personal data to the wrong email address. It could also mean they have failed to protect their systems from unauthorised access, for example.

Not only could you claim compensation for any financial harm a data breach causes, but she could also claim for psychological and psychiatric injuries that have resulted from the breach. Some people believe that having their data privacy violated is similar to being burgled. This could cause psychological injuries such as anxiety, depression or distress. We could help you claim compensation for both the financial harm and the emotional harm you suffered. Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

Do I need to make sure that accident claim solicitors covering Batley are registered in England and Wales?

It would be wise to check this, yes. It might also be useful to check whether they are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, to ensure they are one of the reputable law firms in the UK. You might also want to check any reviews left on independent websites relating to the law firms or the solicitors you’re considering choosing.

Local Services And Information

HSE Toolbox – There is a lot of information on health and safety contained within this page. You may find it useful, particularly if you’ve suffered an accident at work.

How to contact local police – This gives you contact information for the local police.

Report it – If you need to report something, you could find useful information here.

Local court –  Details of the local court, should you need them.

Making a whiplash claim – Our guide surrounding this condition, including advice on making claims.

Burns injuries – Details of what to do about burn injuries if they’re not your fault.

Self-employed claims – Details of claiming when you’re self-employed.

Thanks for reading this accident claims solicitors covering Batley guide. We hope we’ve explained why personal injury solicitors for Batley claims don’t have to be based there.