Burnley Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Guide Covering The Burnley Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated August 25th 2021. Welcome to our guide explaining how accident claims solicitors covering Burnley don’t have to be located there. This guide explains what types of claims personal injury solicitors covering Burnley could assist you with.

Accident claims solicitors Burnley

Accident claims solicitors Burnley

You could be entitled to compensation if you have had an injury or are suffering from psychological harm resulting from an accident in Burnley that was caused by someone else, be it an individual or a private company or public entity which was negligent or in breach of the law where it comes to safety. Accident claims solicitors covering Burnley could assist you if you wanted to make accident claims in Burnley.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Burnley?

Our panel of expert personal injury lawyers can take on claims that have originated from anywhere in the country; although we may not be based in your area we do have accident solicitors covering Burnley. An accident solicitor is a personal injury lawyer who will help you pursue a case for compensation if you have been injured in an accident that was caused by another individual, a private business, your employer or a hospital or other entity, who owed you a duty of care and acted in a negligent way that caused you harm. Read on to find out more about different types of accident compensation claims and how our no win no fee accident solicitors can help you win compensation.

Accident At Work Solicitors Covering Burnley

You can pursue a compensation claim if you have been involved in an accident at work in Burnley that has left you with physical injury or psychological harm and it can be proven that the incident could have been avoided if your employer had followed proper safety procedures. Your employer is obliged to perform risk assessments so that all staff are aware of any potential dangers in their line of work. Your employer is obliged to provide you and your colleague’s with any and all necessary safety training and safety equipment for your tasks. As well as making claims for injuries you have suffered in a negligent accident, you could also make a claim for being injured in an assault at work if the assault could have been prevented had the right security measures been in place. You can look at our guide to read more on our website about how our accident claims solicitors covering Burnley can help you out with making a claim for an accident and injury at work.

Rates Of Injuries In The Workplace In Burnley

To give you an idea of how common it is for people to suffer an injury at work in your area we have included the following chart, containing the figures for the number of reported workplace injuries, the rate of reported workplace injuries and the number of fatal injuries in Burnley for a period of years. You can follow this link here to see the source for these figures and also to compare the amount of workplace injuries in your area to the number of workplace injuries across the rest of the UK.

Location Total- Non fatal injuries Total- non fatal injuries per 100’000 workers Fatal injuries
Burnley 102 272 1

You can see from the graph below the causes of fatal accidents at work in 2020/2021.

accident claims solicitors Burnley statistics graph

Accidents And Injuries In A Public Place Claims

It is possible to make a claim for accident compensation if you have suffered an injury from a preventable accident in a public place when that public place was owned and operated by a private or public entity, such as a shopping centre or a leisure centre. You could receive compensation if you have been injured in a public place and the cause of the accident can be proven to be a safety issue which the entity responsible for the public place had not addressed. Any entity which owns a public space is responsible for making sure it is a safe place for the public. This includes keeping it safe from slipping and tripping hazards, but it also includes things like; making sure that the contents from a dropped drink is cleaned up in a pub or a restaurant. Ensuring that facilities used by the public are safe for use i.e. ensuring that swimming pools and gym equipment are safe to use, ensuring that furnishings are safe to use and so on. If you have been injured in public that could have been prevented and would like to know more about making an accident compensation claim with our personal injury lawyers covering Burnley, then read our guide to find out more about public place accident claims.

Car Accident And Road Accident Claims

If you have been in a Burnley car accident that was caused by another road user and you have suffered an injury and/or psychological harm then you could claim for compensation with our accident solicitors covering Burnley. You can also claim on behalf of a family member who has died in a Burnley crash death. If you want more information about making a claim for compensation for an accident such as a Burnley tunnel accident with our accident claims solicitors, we have guides on our website for those accidents too.

Claim With Trip And Fall Lawyers

Even something that sounds as minor as tripping or slipping and falling could be grounds for an accident claim in which you receive injury compensation. It can be an especially serious matter if the person has suffered a severe injury, such as a fractured bone, and falling can be a much more serious incident if you are frail and elderly. The owner or operator of public premises is obliged to ensure it is safe from trip and slip hazards. Wet patches of floor must be cleaned up as soon as possible and marked out with a wet floor sign in the meantime, steps should be marked out with a watch your step sign and wires should not be left out on the floor in areas that the public will regularly be walking through. If you have been hurt in a trip or fall and you are looking for trip and fall lawyers and you are looking for more information about how our trip and fall lawyers covering Burnley can help you make a claim for compensation we have another guide for you to read on slip trip and fall claims.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

You can claim for injuries that were deliberately inflicted on you in an assault with our accident solicitors covering Burnley as well as injuries you have sustained in an accident. The governments Criminal Injury Compensation Authority can provide you with compensation if you have suffered an injury or psychological harm as a result of a criminal assault. A criminal conviction for the person responsible for attacking you is not required for you to be entitled to receive compensation from the CICA. You are entitled to claim compensation if you have been the victim of sexual abuse or rape and, overlapping with injuries at work claims, you can claim compensation for being assaulted at work as well.

Claim With Medical Negligence Solicitors

Another form of accident claim you can make with our solicitors covering Burnley is a medical negligence claim. Medical negligence is if a patient has suffered harm as a result of a doctor, or other medical professional, failing to uphold their duty of care to their patient and/or failing to follow correct medical procedures which has caused unnecessary harm. Medical negligence claims can be made against hospitals (both NHS trusts and private hospitals), against nursing homes and against dentists practices. Some examples of medical negligence and the harm it could cause include; negligent misdiagnosis of a patients symptoms resulting in ineffective or delayed treatment causing preventable suffering, injuries or infections as a result of negligent surgery, neglect of residents in nursing homes leading to issues such as falls and accidents, infections and malnutrition. If you want more information about medical negligence claims and making a medical negligence claim with our panel of medical accident solicitors read our clinical negligence guide.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Burnley

Our panel of accident solicitors can provide you with a no win no fee solicitor. With a no win no fee agreement you can avoid having to worry about up front financial costs. A no win no fee solicitor will not charge you for their services if you have a valid claim that does not succeed in winning you compensation. If your claim is successful the only payment you will be expected to make will be to pass on a portion of your compensation, to your legal team. The amount that your accident solicitor will receive from your compensation will be negotiated and agreed upon between you and your solicitor prior to the beginning of your accident claim, this agreement is known as a conditional fee agreement.

Talk To An Accident Claims Expert

If you want to talk to our accident claims experts, either because you want to talk about starting a legal claim with our solicitors, or if you just want advice and to ask questions about making a claim such as whether or not your case will be affected by the accident claims time limit, then you can call our 24/7 phone line on 0800 073 8801 or fill out our contact form here and our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

FAQ’s About Accident Claims

How Could A Personal Injury Solicitor Help If I Was Injured?

Our personal injury solicitors will help you through the process of making the claim as well as representing your case. They will give you all the information and legal advice you need, help you to gather evidence and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your legal claim. They will offer all of these services on a no win no fee basis, relieving you of the financial barrier to making a claim. Our accident claims solicitors have up to thirty years of legal experience and are well suited to taking on your case.

Why Don’t I Have To Find A Solicitor In My Area?

You don’t have to use a solicitor in Burnley to cover a claim for an accident in Burnley if you do not want to. Our accident claims solicitors cover most of the entire UK , this includes accident claims in Burnley. You may have been looking for solicitors to work with your clam by typing “solicitors near me” into Google. This is unnecessary, and by limiting your options to just your local area you could be reducing your chances of finding a personal injury solicitor whose experience and level of expertise is best suited for making sure you win your case. Your accident solicitor could manage your claim without ever actually meeting you in real life, all you need is to be able to contact them via email or by phone.

Is It Necessary To See A Medical Expert?

Absolutely, in order to go ahead with your accident claim you must have evidence to support it. In order to be able to present evidence supporting your claim of having been injured, you will need to be examined by a doctor. You will be able to use the doctor’s report as evidence to support your claim for accident compensation.

Where Could I Have A Medical Assessment For My Claim?

You can have your medical examination performed in Burnley locally to you if you so wish. We work with a panel of medical experts that can cover anywhere in the UK for just this purpose; to provide all of our clients with easy access to this important step in preparing for their accident compensation case. We have some of the medical professionals from our panel listed below, with the addresses of their local practice in the list below also.

Riaz Moosa Raza

The consulting rooms, Oakes Hotel

Colne Road


BB10 2LF

Adrian Thompson

Cow Lane (Off St James Street)


B11 iNN

How can I tell whether I’m using quality accident claims solicitors covering Burnley?

As we have already provided guidance that shows you don’t have to use personal injury solicitors covering Burnley claims, you know that the location of your solicitor would not really make a difference to your case. However, the quality of your solicitor might. As well as checking your lawyer is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and they are registered in England and Wales, you might want to consider looking at:

  • How long the solicitor or law firm has been trading?
  • Have they won many cases?
  • What kind of cases could they help with?
  • What about reviews? Are there any reviews of their services on reputable review sites?
  • Have they the ability to take on your claims under no win no fee terms?
  • Do they provide free advice and eligibility checks?

We believe we tick all the boxes when it comes to our service, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’d be happy to provide you with information on what previous claimants have said about our service.


What kind of work accident claims could accident claims solicitors covering Burnley help with?

It does not matter what kind of workplace you’re in, your employer should assess the risks that come with the workplace and your job role, and should take steps to identify and reduce risks to your health and safety. If they do not and you suffer injuries, you could have a compensation claim against them. So what types of accidents could lead to a claim? Claims could include:

Lack of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment may be required and where it is, your employer should provide it. If they don’t, and you are injured, you could be eligible for compensation. You could also claim if the PPE is not fit for use, it doesn’t fit you or you have not been trained to wear it.

Lack of training – If you have to lift or carry as part of your job, you would need to have manual handling training. You should also be trained to use work equipment. If you aren’t and suffer a workplace injury as a result, you could have a claim.

Workplace hazards – loose wires could provide a trip hazard, while poor lighting in a stairwell could cause a person to lose their footing. Whatever the hazards in the workplace, they should be signposted or removed so that there are no undue risks to workers.

This represents just a few examples of incidents that could lead to claims. We could assess your own case to see if you could be eligible to claim too.

Services In This Area

Reporting An Accident At Work To The Government

Reporting Accidents At Work To The Local Government Authority

Reporting Road Accidents To The Police

Burnley Combined Court Center

We hope you enjoyed our guide explaining how accident claims solicitors covering Burnley don’t have to be located there. Now you know what types of claims personal injury solicitors covering Burnley could assist you with.