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Accident claims solicitors Ellesmere Port

Accident claims solicitors Ellesmere Port

By Brett Williams. Last updated 26th August 2021. Have you suffered an accident such as a slip and fall, a car accident, a workplace accident or maybe a criminal assault or a health condition that has deteriorated due to medical negligence? If you have suffered an injury or illness due to negligent behaviour by a person or entity responsible for your health and safety you may be considering a personal injury claim.  Accident claims in Ellesmere Port could be complex, which is why it could be a good idea to find accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port to help clarify whether or not your claim is a strong one, and also to help put together a case to maximise your chances of getting accident compensation.

Generally, a few things may need to be true for you to have the basic criteria for an accident claim. These are listed below:

  1. You suffered injuries or an illness. Do bear in mind that this could be physical, or it could be emotional/mental harm (such as PTSD, trauma etc).
  2. The incident could have been avoided if the person at fault did not act in the manner that they did (negligently or dangerously). The person at fault had a responsibility to uphold their duty of care towards you.
  3. You are within the accident claims time limit. While in many cases, this could be three years from the date the incident occurred, some time limits do differ. These could relate to claims made for historical abuse, industrial illnesses that have developed over a period of time, or were not diagnosed until recently, or those relating to CICA claims for criminal injuries, for example. For more clarification on time limits, you could call our accident claims advice line to speak to a personal injury claim expert.

If the above statements apply to your situation, you could look into finding a personal injury solicitor to help handle your accident claim.

In the sections further down the page, we’ll explain all you need to know about the accident claims process, as well as explaining certain types of claims in more detail, including road traffic accident claims in Ellesmere Port, medical negligence claims, slip, trip and fall compensation, a claim for criminal injury and more. We’ll also advise how our panel of accident claims solicitors could assist with accident claims in Ellesmere Port. Although we are not physically based in Ellesmere Port our accident claims solicitors cover the area. If anything is unclear while you go through the guide, or you’d like further information, 0800 073 8801 is the number to call for advice. Otherwise, read on to find out more about accident claims in Ellesmere Port.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Ellesmere Port?

An accident claim solicitor could assist with many different aspects of making an accident claim. They could help to explain whether or not your claim is likely to result in a successful outcome. They could also help to build the case against the liable party and could offer advice on whether any settlement offer for accident compensation would be worth accepting or whether they could fight to get you more compensation.

It could be difficult to decide on a personal injury lawyer, as there are so many out there that could help you. However, our advice is to:

  1. Check that the personal injury solicitor has experience that is relevant to your case. They might have experience in medical negligence, but if your claim is a public liability one, then they might not have dealt with this area of personal injury law. You might wish to ask them to provide examples of cases that they have worked on and check on their success rate.
  2. You might also want to take a look at some reviews on independent sites to see how other people’s experience of your potential accident claim solicitors was.
  3. You could ask about how their legal fees would be settled. We would recommend a no win no fee solicitor, which we explain more about later on in this guide.

Whether you have been injured in a hit and run accident, or you’ve suffered an accident at work due to poorly maintained machinery, our accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port could help you take the first steps to make a claim for compensation. Read on to find out more about the cases that they could assist with.

Accidents Involving Slips, Trips, And Falls

What is a slip and fall claim? Whether you have slipped and fallen in a shop, supermarket, at work or in a park, if someone else was to blame, then you could consider seeking accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port to help you claim for accident compensation for any harm suffered. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may have put some details into a personal injury claims calculator to find out how much you could claim. However, we would recommend you speak to a personal injury lawyer to clarify whether this rough estimate is around what they would expect, as an accident claims calculator would only take into account your actual injury. It might not work out how much in terms of special damages you would get. Special damages are the financial costs directly arising from your accident.

Examples of falls and trips that could lead to accident claims in Ellesmere Port could include:

  • Unsafe scaffolding at work leading to a fall injury.
  • Poorly fixed hotel flooring leading to a trip injury.
  • Ungritted ice on a supermarket car park that has led to a slip injury.

Claims For Accidents At Work In Ellesmere Port

Wherever you go to do your work, be it an office, a restaurant or a building site, your employer must take steps, by law, to protect you from known risks. They must assess the risks that come with the workplace and the job you are doing, and then come up with a plan to reduce those workplace and job risks as much as is reasonably possible. They could do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Regularly checking on lone workers.
  • Maintaining machinery regularly.
  • Providing protective wear.
  • Training you properly.
  • Setting up a workstation in line with health and safety guidelines.
  • And more…

If your employer doesn’t actively seek to reduce risks and you develop a workplace illness or injury, either due to a single accident or unsafe working practices, then you could have cause to launch accident at work claims in Ellesmere Port.

Cheshire West and Chester Injury At Work Statistics

When you take a look below, you will see statistics relating to workplace injuries in Cheshire West and Chester from 2013/14 right through to 2017/18. These are also available on the HSE website.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Cheshire West and Chester 406 262 2

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Whether a GP has negligently misdiagnosed you with an illness you didn’t have, and you suffered further illness because of this, or a surgeon has operated on the wrong side of your body, you could consider accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port to provide compensation advice and help you with claiming medical negligence compensation. This is because healthcare professionals owe you a duty of care, and if they are negligent and this damages your health, you could have cause to seek compensation. You could make a claim against the NHS or a private practice, and your claim could be for negligence by any type of healthcare staff, such as doctors, GPs, nurses, midwives, surgeons, dentists and even care home workers. If you feel you could have a claim, why not call our team today to find out for sure.

Traffic And Road Accident Claims In Ellesmere Port

Whether you’ve been injured on the road because of a road traffic accident in Ellesmere Port involving another car, a cyclist, a pedestrian or a motorbike, if it was someone else’s fault, then you could look into making road traffic accident claims in Ellesmere Port. Accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port could assist with putting an Ellesmere Port no win no fee claim together, but there may be certain things you could do to help get evidence of what’s happened.

Firstly, you might wish to take down the details of the person who caused the accident, including their registration details for their vehicle, if another vehicle is involved, as well as their name and address and perhaps their telephone number. You could do this for potential witnesses too. In addition, it might be a good idea to take some pictures of the scene. Obviously, if you are injured, your health is the first priority, and even if you think it is only whiplash, you really should get checked over, but gathering the above details would also be useful for your claim.

Whatever type of road accident claim you’re looking at making, an accident claim solicitor could assist. This could include claims for:

  • Motorway accidents
  • Bypass accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Taxi accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Passenger accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • And more…

Claim For A Criminal Injury

If you were the victim of assault, then you could consider claiming compensation for your injuries, but what if you were not the intended victim and you still suffered harm? Either of these situations could lead to a claim for criminal injury compensation, and you could also claim if you were emotionally damaged by witnessing a violent act.

Claims in these cases could be made through CICA with the help of a personal injury solicitor. The accident claims time limit in these cases is often 2 years from the incident, but some historical cases could be made years after the events that caused harm. Do call us to check whether this could be the case for you.

Accidents In A Public Place

If you are injured in a public place, by way of a slip and fall or any other accident, you may not know who to direct accident claims in Ellesmere Port against. If you become injured because of unsafe equipment in a public park, the local council could be liable. If you were injured in a shopping centre, it could be the operator or owner of the shopping centre that your claim could be directed to. Accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port could help not only to work out who would be liable but to put together a strong case for compensation. It is important to remember that not all accidents which lead to injuries will qualify for compensation only those accidents that are caused because a person or entity has breached their duty of care.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Ellesmere Port

We mentioned at the start of the guide that a no win no fee solicitor could be a good choice. The way in which claims of this type work is by a conditional fee agreement. Within this agreement, you would assign a percentage of your eventual payout to cover legal fees. If your case is not successful, there would be no fees to your legal team to pay. This could reduce your financial risk and it also means the lawyer you choose would be affected by the amount of your damages. Naturally, they would be working towards the maximum amount possible in order that both you and they benefit from this. All of our panel of accident claims solicitors work to this payment model.

Talking To Our Team

Here at Accident Claims UK, we offer a free advice line in order to help victims of accidents that weren’t their fault with any queries they might have about the process of claiming. You can reach this line on 0800 073 8801. It’s also possible to get in touch with us by emailing office@accidentclaims.co.uk or filling out our contact form. We could offer the advice you need to know on what steps to take next, or we could help provide you with a solicitor with the experience needed to fight your case for you. Call us any time, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Why use our nationwide service rather than accident claims solicitors in Ellesmere Port?

As we’ve shown, if you have an accident that’s not your fault or you suffer because of somebody else’s negligence, it might be possible to seek compensation for your injuries. While you might think it’s a good idea to use accident claims solicitors in Ellesmere Port if that’s where your injuries were sustained, there’s no obligation to do so. While you’ll find many law firms in the area, they might not all offer No Win No Fee services and they may not work exclusively on personal injury claims. Therefore, if you search further afield, you could end up locating a solicitor who specialises in cases like yours or who’s represented a client with similar injuries recently. As we provide a nationwide personal injury claims service, we can help with cases in Ellesmere Port.

Our team of solicitors have decades of experience helping clients seek damages for their injuries and we’re registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We deal with everything on the phone, by email and online so no time is wasted waiting for you to travel to our offices. There’s nothing to lose by contacting us either as we provide free legal advice and a no-obligation case review whether you decide to claim with us or not.

After you’ve spoken to an advisor, we’ll appoint a solicitor if we believe there’s a reasonable chance of winning your case. They will take the time to go through everything with you so that they don’t leave any aspect of your suffering out of the claim. Then they’ll collect the evidence to help prove what happened. Also, so that your injuries are recorded by a medical expert, you’ll be booked in for a local independent medical assessment.

After everything has been prepared, your claim will be sent to the defendant’s representatives. So that you don’t have to answer complex questions from insurers or lawyers, your solicitor will take responsibility for all communication. If any objections or arguments come their way about liability for the accident or your injuries, they’ll try to counter them and supply extra evidence if required.

Something to bear in mind is that we don’t simply accept the first compensation offer we receive. If we believe that a settlement undervalues your level of suffering, your solicitor will try to increase the offer by negotiating on your behalf. If you’d like to know how our accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port could help you claim, please get in touch today.

Questions Frequently Asked About Accident Claims

Below we look at some commonly asked questions about accident claims.

Why Choose A Solicitor From Our Team?

Our panel of personal injury solicitors who cover Ellesmere Port can assist with any personal injury case, which means you could rest assured you have an experienced solicitor working on your claim. In addition, we could also offer free advice to you on whether you’d have a claim.

While you do not absolutely have to claim with a solicitor, we would advise that you consider finding one to help you. Personal injury law could be complex at times, and you may miss something important that could help your claim. Your personal injury solicitor would have the experience needed to make a strong claim for compensation, and using one could make a huge difference to your settlement amount.

Why The Location Of Your Solicitor Doesn’t Matter

Accident Claims UK is a nationwide service that benefits people seeking accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port. Why restrict yourself to ‘solicitors near me’ when you could benefit from someone with more experience through our panel?

Getting Medical Evidence With A Medical Exam

Whether you received medical treatment or not for your injury or illness, you could need another medical assessment. This is because an independent medical report could be required as part of your claim. The doctor in question would examine you and take a look at your medical notes in order to compile an independent report. This could be taken as evidence to support the compensation claim.

Where Will This Examination Be Carried Out?

We are able to provide a medical expert to assess you that could be close to your home or work as we work with a medical expert panel that covers the UK. Examples close to Ellesmere Port are listed below:

Marta  Molinero

Gateway house

Old hall road


CH62 3NX

Gill Dabek

336 Hoylake Road


CH46 6DF

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Thanks for reading our guide on how our accident claims solicitors covering Ellesmere Port could help you claim compensation.

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