Accident Claims Solicitors Kingswood – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Kingswood Area

Accident claims solicitors Kingswood

Accident claims solicitors Kingswood

If you have suffered an injury that you believe was not your fault, at work, in public or on the road, if you have been assaulted or suffered from substandard medical care, then you could have grounds to make a no win no fee personal injury claim with our panel of accident claims solicitors. Our accident solicitors covering Kingswood could help you receive compensation for your injury. This article will explain how, as well as explaining the variety of different kinds of personal injury claims our solicitors can handle for you. If you are interested, call 0800 073 8801, or fill in a contact form here.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Kingswood, Bristol?

Our panel of accident claims solicitors are not based in Gloustershire. However our panel of accident claims solicitors can cover much of the country when it comes to personal injury claims, rest assured that the location of your solicitor does not matter. We have accident solicitors covering Gloustershire accident claims who have up to 30 years experience within personal injury law; gathering evidence, calculating how much compensation you are owed and representing your case. Due to constant advances in communication methods there is no longer that need to meet with your solicitor if you do not want to most things that can be handled via email and the telephone.

Work Accident And Injury Compensation

You could be eligible for work accident and injury compensation if you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident at work that you believe was not your fault. Specifically if you feel that the accident should have been prevented by measures that your employer should have taken. Measures such as providing safety training, safety equipment such as breathing masks, protective gloves and boots and safety goggles and ensuring that workplaces are well lit, well ventilated, free from tripping and slipping hazards and, where necessary, furnished with CCTV cameras for security protection. Other issues besides preventable injuries that you could claim for include; long term occupational health issues such as HAVS, bakers lung and back injuries, work related stress and being assaulted while at work if your employer did not take the necessary precautions to prevent these from happening.

Kingswood, Bristol Workplace Injury Statistics

These are the figures for workplace injuries in Kingswood, Bristol. The source for these statistics is the RIDDOR report on the number and rate of reported non-fatal injuries and the number of fatal workplace injuries. You can see for yourself how Kingswood compares to other parts of the country in terms of workplace safety.

LocationTotal - Non fatal injuries 2018/19Total - non fatal injuries per 100'00 workers 2018/19Fatal injuries 2018/19
City of Bristol5011520

Compensation For Road Traffic And Car Accidents In Kingswood

You could make a no win no fee personal injury claim for any injuries you might have sustained in a road accident in Kingswood if they are due to third party negligence through our accident claim solicitors covering Kingswood, Gloustershire. If you have been in a car accident in Kingswood in which you were a driver or passenger, and that accident was caused by the negligent actions of another road user, then you could make a claim for road traffic accident compensation for any injuries suffered along with any financial implications. You can read more about claims for road traffic accident compensation here, and our personal injury claims calculator for whiplash injuries here.

Slip, Trip And Fall Compensation Claims

Our accident solicitors covering Kingswood can cover slip trip and fall claims. Slip and trips may seem like a trivial accident at first glance, but they could lead to some very serious injuries. Any organisation or business which owns a premises that is open for public use has an obligation to ensure that any foreseeable hazards are mitigated. Local councils must ensure that main roads and major walkways are kept gritted during icy weather to prevent people slipping on ice, local authorities which operate streets and pavements must ensure they are well maintained and not in a state of disrepair where loose or uneven sections of paving could present a tripping hazard. Indoors the owner of a premises must not allow spillages or other wet sections of flooring to go without being cleaned up or at least marked out with a wet floor sign, wires cannot be left out without being tidied away where they could present a tripping hazard. Read more about slip, trip and fall claims in this guide.

Compensation As A Victim Of Crime

As well as claims for avoidable injuries for preventable accidents our personal injury solicitors can also help you in making a clam for criminal injury compensation. Criminal injury compensation is financial compensation that can be awarded to those who have been injured in a criminal assault or as the victim of a violent crime; this includes symptoms of PTSD as a result of being the victim of a crime and from witnessing a violent crime. You can also claim for criminal injury compensation if you have been the victim of rape or sexual assault. The person or people responsible for the assault do not have to have been convicted of the offense for you to be entitled to make a claim for and receive compensation. Click here to see the .gov website for CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority for more information about criminal injury compensation.

Public Place Accident Compensation

As mentioned above, businesses and local authorities have a duty to ensure that their properties do not contain tripping or slipping hazards, this principle applies more generally to ensuring that there is as little danger as possible to the public and guests. Local authorities and businesses could potentially be liable for a range of public place accidents that befall members of the public in their property or using their services if they have breached the duty of care they owe to members of the public. For example; restaurants could have a claim made against them if a customer comes down with food poisoning, parents could make a claim if their child is injured in a park accident due to disrepair playground furniture, the owner or operator of a gym could have a claim made against them if a guest injures themselves while using faulty or mislabelled equipment. Read more information about public place accidents on our website here.

Clinical Malpractice Compensation

The vast majority of people who receive healthcare either from the NHS or a private medical provider will receive some of the finest healthcare available, however in relatively rare circumstances patients may be avoidably harmed as a result of the medical care they receive falling below acceptable standards. This is what’s known as clinical malpractice, or alternatively as medical negligence. Instances such as this can be grounds for medical negligence compensation. To give some examples of medical negligence that you could make a claim for either for yourself or on someone else’s behalf; a dentist performing a procedure incorrectly resulting in the loss of or damage to healthy teeth or infection of teeth or gums, errors in surgical procedures resulting in organ damage or infection, misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment of illnesses resulting in worsening symptoms and neglect of elderly or disabled people in residential nursing care homes. For more information about claiming for medical negligence compensation, read this page on our website, it includes a personal injury claims calculator to let you have an idea of how much compensation you may be owed for your injury (note that viewing a personal injury claims calculator is not a substitute for the expert assessment of a solicitor.)

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Kingswood, Bristol

Our accident claims solicitors can offer you a no win no fee accident claim. With a no win no fee solicitor you don’t have to pay for the accident claims process with your own money, the fee will come from your compensation sum. You will discuss with your accident solicitor how much of the compensation you are prepared to pay them, you will not be asked to exceed 25%. If your claim does not result in compensation being granted your personal injury solicitor will not charge you any payment.

Contact A Specialist Accident Claims Team

If you want to start a no win no fee personal injury claim with our accident solicitors right away then you can talk to our solicitors any time you like on our 24/7 phone line 0800 073 8801, or you can fill in a contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as they can. You can also contact us if you have more questions and our team can give you free no obligation expert accident claims advice.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Make A Compensation Claim?

You can find out if you are unsure about whether you have grounds to make an accident claim by ringing us or filling out a start a claim form to speak to our team of advisors. They will inform you if you will be able to go ahead with your accident claim. Bear in mind that there are certain restrictions on making accident claims. If it has been more than three years since the effects of the injuries from the accident manifested and you were over the age of 18 at the time of the accident then the accident claims time limit may prevent you from making a valid accident claim. However there are exceptions to the rule. If there are no obvious reasons why your claim should not go forward then our team will offer to put you in touch with one of our accident claims solicitors covering Kingswood.

Do I Have To Limit Myself To Local Solicitors?

You don’t have to, nor should you. By limiting your options for local accident solicitors to manage your claim you could be missing out on other potential accident solicitors who are better suited through their expertise and experience for your case. You can work with a solicitor outside the Kingswood area without having to arrange to travel and meet with them. All discussions that you need to have with your personal injury lawyer could be done by phone, text or email, any documents that need to signed or exchanged can be sent in the post or by email, you could well find this easier than working with a local solicitor who might expect you to come and see them in their office. Our accident solicitors are not based in Kingswood, but they can cover all accident claims in Gloustershire and this is most likely how your claim would be carried out if you were to work with them.

Why Do I Need To See A Doctor?

Being examined by a doctor is crucial to your accident claim outcome. This doctors report will outline the full extent of your injuries thus allowing your accident solicitor to accurately assess how much compensation your claim will ask for.

Where Could I See This Doctor?

We work with a panel of doctors who can cover medical examinations for our clients in many different areas of the country. We do this to ensure that no one is discouraged from going through the accident claims process by the potentially daunting prospect of having to travel long distances to see a doctor when they are dealing with an injury and a loss of earnings from being unable to work. You could see a doctor in Bristol for your medical examination. Below is a few of the several doctors that we work with in the Bristol area.

Geoff hogg

The medical unit 3, The square

Temple Quay



Alan Jones

Shirehampton Health center, Pembroke road


BS11 9SB

Local Area Resources

Reporting An Accident At Work

Bristol Civil And Family Justice Centre

Reporting An Incident To Avon And Somerset Police

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