Accident Claims Solicitors Rotherham – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Rotherham Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated September 9th 2021. Welcome to this guide covering accident claims solicitors for Rotherham claims. Here, we explain what you need to know about finding personal injury solicitors for Rotherham injury claims.

Accident claims solicitors Rotherham

Accident claims solicitors Rotherham

Our panel of accident claims solicitors covering Rotherham could help you to claim compensation in a variety of different circumstances. No matter whether you live and work in Rotherham, or need to make a claim anywhere else in the country, we could handle your claim. We can also arrange a medical checkup with a doctor from our panel located across the country when you come to conduct your claim.

If you have had an illness or injury or became aware of either of these within the applicable accident claims time limit (2 years for victims of crime and 3 years if making general personal injury claims) and if you could show that another person was liable for your accident, our accident claims solicitors may be able to assist you.

For more information, please carry on reading our guide below on how accident claims solicitors covering Rotherham could help you.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Rotherham?

An accident claims solicitor covering Rotherham is a type of solicitor who specialises in helping people to secure successful personal injury claims and accident claims. Though in this guide we are focusing on accident claims in Rotherham, our panel of accident claims solicitors could assist claimants in other locations. We should note that our accident claims solicitors are not based in this area. They are able to provide excellent accident claims advice and help people navigate the claims process.

In addition to this, our team could help organise your medical examination, collect evidence and could even make sure that you are getting the right treatment for your injuries or illness.

In terms of compensation settlements, the payout amount may be calculated with a personal injury claims calculator to help best estimate what you could be owed for your injuries. They could also factor into your claim any costs you have had to meet and even any income lost.

Our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you to make claims, such as the following:

  • Public liability claims.
  • Road accidents in Rotherham.
  • Work injuries.
  • Slips and falls.

If you have been attacked in Rotherham or suffered abuse you could also claim compensation.

Public Liability Accidents

Accidents could happen in any public space. They include a wide variety of incidents, such as slip or trip in the street or a car park. The ‘public liability’ part of this claim refers to a space that owes you a duty of care as a member of public. All businesses and authorities whom allow members of the public to use their premises must be covered by public liability insurance incase an injury occurs that could have been prevented had the proper health and safety legislation been implemented. This could be anything from a space owned by the local council to a restaurant or a zoo.

Your claim will seek accident compensation from the party who is liable for your injuries. This may be the occupier or owner of a building or outdoor space. Anyone who owns or operates a space where the public can freely enter is legally responsible for the safety of those in said area. They have to ensure that the risk of an accident is minimised at all times.

In our guide you can see examples of public liability claim amounts which you could be able to claim.

Work Accident Claims

In the UK, any employee could have the right to claim compensation if they have been harmed as a result of their employer acting negligently. For example, an act of negligence by an employer could be failing to minimise risks by not issuing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

There are a variety of work accident causes, all of which differ slightly. According to figures by the HSE, in 2019/20 1.6 million people in the UK were suffering from work-related illnesses. A standout figure from the latest release of fatal work accident causes shows that 142 people died in 2020/21 due to workplace accidents. Below you can see the industries involved.

accident claims solicitors Rotherham statistics graph

Whilst your place of work should be safe and you should be able to go about your job free from harm to your physical or mental health, accidents do still happen. They could be caused by you being asked to work in unsafe conditions because other workers are not paying due care and attention, such as when operating heavy machinery.

For work accident claims advice, view our more detailed accident at work guide here and see how a personal injury solicitor could help you.

Rates Of Injuries At Work In Rotherham

To help illustrate how commonly some of these accidents happen, such as accidents in the workplace, we have included the following table.

In this table, we use information which has been reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which is published on an annual basis to show how frequently people are injured in a workplace accident in Rotherham.

Our table includes the number of non-fatal injuries to employees and the self-employed, the number of non-fatal injuries and how many fatal injuries were reported in this area. You can find the full data release here.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Rotherham 274 299 0

Road, Car And Pedestrian Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a road accident in Rotherham which was not your fault, an accident claims solicitor could help you to claim compensation from the party responsible. This is providing you are making the claim within the relevant accident claims time limit of three years.

According to figures published by the Department of Transport, 26,610 road users were either killed or seriously injured on the roads in the UK in 2018. When minor road injuries are also taken into account, 165,100 road users were injured on the roads in Britain during this reporting period.

You could also make a claim if you have been injured in a Rotherham road accident as a driver of a vehicle (such as Rotherham car accidents), as a cyclist or motorcyclist, as a passenger in a private vehicle, on public transport or even as a pedestrian crossing the road at the appropriate crossing.

To make a Rotherham road accident claim, please contact our accident claims solicitors today.

Fall Slip Trip Accidents

According to a report produced by the HSE, a fall, slip or a trip are some of the most common ways in which people are injured in the workplace. They happen in both public and private spaces and are a very frequent reason for people wishing to make public liability claims. A personal injury solicitor could help you to claim compensation if you were injured by a trip or fall in the last three years. These types of claims could be brought against an employer, a leisure facility, a retailer, operator of a shopping centre or even a local authority.

An important part of the slip and fall accident claims process will be to establish evidence that the party whom the claim is being made against was liable for the accident happening and the injuries sustained. Regardless of whether you are sure or not who caused your accident, contact our team today for further help and advice.

Criminal Attacks In Rotherham

While most circumstances we look at in this guide deal with accident claims in Rotherham, some people may find that they. an still make a claim even if they are injured as the victim of a crime. If you have been attacked in Rotherham or been the victim of abuse historically you could be able to claim compensation. In most cases the criminal action against you will need to have happened in the last two years. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as historical cases of sexual assault whereby the victim did not feel comfortable to come forward at the time of the incident taking place. We should note that in order to make a claim, you will need to have to have reported your attack to the police.

You could claim compensation even if the perpetrator of the crime has not been caught. In such instances, your compensation may be paid by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). There are additional rules which affect making criminal injury claims and they can sometimes take longer to pursue. If you do choose to make a claim, you could seek damages both for physical and psychological effects of the attack.

Medical Negligence

Such as with most personal injury claims, a compensation claim for clinical malpractice will require the claimant and their accident claim solicitor to establish that the healthcare professional or body cited in the claim has breached a duty of care which was owed to the claimant. To show this, you will need to show that the care you received fell below standards that you should reasonably expect.

During your initial assessment with a solicitor, they will look at the circumstances surrounding your injuries. Not all instances of harm being suffered as a result of medical care could be claimed for. In some instances, even side effects of necessary treatments could result in some level of harm being caused.

To see if a medical negligence accident solicitor covering Rotherham from our panel could help you, please discuss your case with our team.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Rotherham

At Accident Claims UK, we are happy to be able to offer the majority of those we help the services of a no win no fee solicitor. Such solicitors provide services to claimants through what are called ‘Conditional Fee Agreements’. This is often abbreviated to CFA and colloquially referred to as ‘no win no fee’.

The solicitor will provide all of the same services and the overall accident claims process will be the same. What is means is that:

  • You won’t face upfront charges.
  • If you don’t make a successful claim, no fees are payable to the solicitor.
  • You only pay what is called a ‘success fee’ when a claim is successfully awarded compensation.

Claims through no win no fee solicitors are one of the most common ways in which people make personal injury or accident claims.

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If you have been harmed in an accident which was not your fault and are seeking an accident solicitor covering Rotherham to claim for loss of earnings and pain and suffering, then contact our team for a free initial consultation. To find out if you can and to start your claim, contact Accident Claims UK by:

Our team are here seven days a week to answer your calls and queries and could help get your claim started today.

FAQs About Accident Claims

Before you decide to make an accident claim and to do so with our accident claims solicitors we want you to be certain that you are making an informed decision. Below we answer some of your most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, contact our team.

Am I Eligible To Make A Claim?

You should be eligible to make an accident claim if you suffered an injury or illness are able to meet three simple tests or criteria:

  • Firstly that either you were harmed in the last three years or became aware of how you were harmed (became aware of an injury) in that time.
  • That somebody else caused the accident in which you were injured.
  • That this party did owe you some form or duty of care.

You could claim on a no win no fee basis on behalf of others for fatal accidents too.

Is It Important To Find A Solicitor Near To Me?

No. There are often no specific benefits to using ‘accident claims solicitors near me’. It is unlikely that you will need to meet your solicitor or personal injury lawyer in person if you do not want to. Claims will generally be dealt with through correspondence and your solicitor may contact you over the phone, through the post or via email as is appropriate throughout your claim.

What Are Medical Assessments And Do I Need One?

A personal injury claim requires evidence that shows that the accident in which you claimed to have been injured did happen and that your injuries are both real and resulted from this accident. A key piece of evidence can be your medical report.

Whilst you will no doubt have sought appropriate medical care after being injured and should have been treated additional medical evidence may be needed. Medical examinations look at your overall health, how you were injured, what treatment you have had or will need and what the short/long-term impact may be. The medical report which is produced by an independent doctor will be used to help the accident solicitor to evaluate your claim. This part of the accident claims process helps the solicitor to make sure that they are seeking the right amount of compensation for your injuries.

Will This Medical Checkup Be In My Local Area?

Medical examination could be carried out by a doctor who is part of our nationwide panel. Those doctors covering Rotherham include the following;

David Jackson Bukari Adamah
Clifton Medical Centre,
Doncaster Gate,
S65 1DA

David Adamah
Doncaster Gate,
S65 1DA

What type of clinical negligence claims could accident claims solicitors covering Rotherham help with?

While you might assume a medical negligence or clinical negligence claim would involve a surgical mistake, there are, in fact, lots more situations that could lead to this type of claim. One common cause of medical negligence claims could be misdiagnosis. If you are mis diagnosed with an illness that you do not have you could receive treatment for it that could make you feel worse. You could also end up with the original illness that should have been diagnosed going untreated. This could mean it is harder to treat and causes you more problems. Another example of medical negligence could include a missed fracture, if an x-ray has not been taken when it should have been. Other examples could involve being given the wrong prescription, birth injuries and even being the victim of dentist negligence, for example, if they broke a healthy tooth while extracting a broken or damaged one.

If you’re not sure whether you could claim compensation, or whether your illness or injury would not qualify you to claim, we could help. To find out if you could make a clinical or medical negligence claim, please call our team. We would be glad to assess your case free of charge.

What do I need to look for when picking accident claims solicitors covering Rotherham for my case?

There are lots of different factors that could influence your decision on which law firms or personal injury solicitors covering Rotherham you work with. While it could be prudent to check if they’re authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and are registered in England and Wales, you may have specific preferences. For example:

  • Do you want a solicitor that offers free legal advice and no-obligation eligibility checks?
  • Would you want to check reviews that other claimants had left them?
  • Might you want a solicitor with years of experience?
  • Could you have communication the way you want it (regular updates, video chats, etc)
  • Would they be able to give you information on their success rate?
  • Have they dealt with cases that are similar in nature to yours before?

Whatever your needs, here at Accident Claims UK, we’re sure we could help you. For a free, no-obligation chat with our advisors, please call us. We’d be only too happy to help you get started on claiming the compensation you deserve.

Additional Local Information

Throughout this guide we have included references to additional helpful guides on our site. Below you can find local resources which may be helpful if you have been harmed in an accident in Rotherham.

Reporting Workplace Accidents – If you require information on reporting accidents at work as an employer, you can find resources here.

Road Traffic Collisions In Rotherham – This resource from South Yorkshire Police has information on how to report a collision on the road in Rotherham.

Rotherham Council Highways – Information on how to report defects with pavements and roads In Rotherham.

This marks the end of this guide covering accident claims solicitors for Rotherham accident claims. Now you should know more about finding personal injury solicitors for Rotherham claims.